Wolf's Rain Fan Fiction / InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ I found bliss ❯ a wolf bite ( Chapter 3 )

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When she came home she ran into gii-chan. He was pacing back and forth mumbling something about stupid animals.

"Gii-chan, what's wrong?"

"Some kind of animal broke into the storage shed and shredded my book!" He said with distraut.

"What book grandpa?"

"That book we had of old legends."

Kagome nodded and went into the storage shed. The cover lay on the floor the pages ripped out and dispersed like confeity about the room. She started picking up the pieces. One piece of paper had the title still intact on it.

"Of the forbidden bloods" Kagome whispered.

She shrugged it off and continued cleaning the room. She took the time to look through the rest of the room to see if anything else had been damaged. Nothing else was touched. It was strange. If an animal came in here, why would it rip apart only that book. Animals did not have the logic humans possesed.

"It had to be something else." She murmered.

That brought the thought of sealing the well back into her mind. She grabbed a candle, ward paper, and a caligraphy pen. She went into the well house. She slid two boards in place over the mouth of the well. She lit the candle and poured its wax in the cracks. She wrote spell on the paper. Chanting, She placed them over the well. With a short prayer the well was sealed. Now nothing from 500 years ago could get her. She sat in front of the well. Souta came in and sat on the steps.

"What's up sis?"


"Did you seal the well?"

"Yes." She looked to her brother. "Why?"

"That means you won't get to see InuYasha again, aren't you sad?"

He eyes hardened at the thought of him. She grabbed the reings of her temper be for it got away and let loose on her brother.

"Well I never really belonged in that time and I sealed it so no other demons could get through." She explained with out any sadness.

He brother accepted the answer with a nod and left Kagome. Kagome hurried into the house and grabbed her things for school.


She made it just as the bell rang. her friends were a little surprised to see her. Hojo came up to her, leaning casually on the desk with a package in his hands.

"Hey Higurashi. Glad to see you up and about."

Kagome smiled at him while thinking of what 'sickness' she had this time.

"Yes. I've started exercising more and the doctors said that I shouldn't be getting sick to often anymore."

Hojo smiled in return and put the package on her desk. It was some health drinks along with a few different kinds of fruit. She gratefully ate the fruit since she didn't have time for breakfast this morning. The teacher came into the room and greeted the class. Today was going to be a boring day, she could just tell. The teacher started rambling off math equations. Though she took notes, her mind wasn't fully on her studies. It would take time to get back into the swing of school. The classes went by and lunch soon came. She went out back and decieded to eat at the edge of the forest. Her thoughts drifted back and forth from the book this morning to memories of her old friends. Her three friends spotted her and walked up.

"Come on Kagome you are going to be late for class." The shouted in unison.

Before she knew it Kagome was being dragged away to her class. The last class of the day was history and she almost fell a sleep in it. If it wasn't for her friend's incessant poking she would have. School let out and she along with her friends went to a place where they could get some more to eat.

"So what's up with your boyfriend." Yuka inquired.

The other two leaned in closely as if what she had to say would save the world. Kagome sighed.

"It didn't work out and he dumped me. When he tried to appologize for it, I yelled at him and left."

"Why did he dump you."

"He found another girl." Kagome spat as she bit off a piece of hamburger.

"Who? The one he two-timed you with?"

Kagome nodded the bitterness showing in her eyes. She finished her food quickly and left before they could ask any more questions that she did not feel like dealing with right now.


The shrine was empty when she arrived. Souta was at school, her mom was probably doing shopping, but it was odd for her grand father to leave. He rarely left the shrine since it was the family buisness and always needed to be open. Kagome kept walking not even glancing at the Goshinboku as she passed it. Blood. The thought came to her head. 'That was strange. Where did that come from.' She thought and shrugged it off as one of her random moments. Kagome went into the house and up to her room. She had a load of homework to do. She threw her bookbag to the floor and sat on her bed thinking which subject she sould start first. She decided math and immediatly got to work. Ther was a tapping noise.

Kagome looked up and glanced around. It stopped as if she was making it. She turned back to her work and feriously began to scribble the equations down. The tapping noise came back. It sounded closer now. The steps creaked. Kagome stood and locked her door. 'Why am I so paranoid. It's probably Souta trying to scare me.' Kagome cracked the door open. Black fur caught her attention. It looked like a large dog had found it's way inside. Slowly she slid the door closed again and gentely turned the lock. She could her the dog brush against the door and scratching trying to get in. Then without warning, the dog threw its weight into the door. It started to crack a little. Kagome opened her window and looked out. She couldn't jump, she was on the second story.

The tree was within range if she jumped far enough. Another slam convinced her to try it. She leaped out the window and landed on the branch, clutching it for dear life. She quickly shimmied her way over to the trunk and slid down. Kagome could still hear the dog at the door. With a resounding crack she knew the dog had gotted though and she bolted into the woods. She made her way in deeper than she had ever been before. Kagome couldn't even see the god tree from where she was. She kept walking though and stumbled her way into a clearing. Pink flowers were blooming over the field. They seemed to highlight the whole area and put it in a beautiful glow. There probably weren't to many places like this left in her time.

She looked on in wonder at the natural beauty of this place. It was stunning. Her eyes fell on the stream that snaked it's way through the clearing. Kagome walked over and peered in. The steam was a crystaline blue water. Perfectly clear and looked untainted. She looked for a way over the stream without getting wet. There wasn't any so she sat on the ground taking in it's beauty. It was just like the warring states era. Even though this place was great she still decided that she had to get up and find out where she was. She walked in the same direction as she was going in before. Kagome heard a slight rythmic beat behind her. An aura was getting claser to her. An evil one. She through her self into a fit of panic and fled. The sound was getting closer and she could hear the panting of the animal.

Kagome looked over her shoulder. Black fur. Eyes like blood. The eyes from her dream. Adrenaline went faster through her veins. Her body pushed itself to the limit as she ran. The animal also gained a boost of speed. The beast jumped and Kagome fell to the ground. She rolled over on her back preparing to defend her self. The animal merely sat on her stomach looking down at her with malice in it's crimson gaze.

"What do you want?" She whimpered not expecting and answer and closeing her eyes waiting for a fatal bit.

"You my precious miko."

She looked up again and was surprised to see a boy a little older than her stradeling her waist. Though he was no longer an animal he still held the same evil in his now dark purple eyes. He had jet black hair a couple inches long and spiked up. He had a leather trench coat on along with black leather pants, boots, and a red shirt.

"Who are you?"

"Syn with a "y" instead of an "i"."

He slid off of her and sat next to her. Kagome sat up slowly. She gasped at the boy wrapped an arm around her waist. He pulled her close and sunk his fangs into her neck. She cried out in pain as her started to draw blood. Syn quickly pulled away and left her on the forest floor. Kagome grabbed her neck as a burning sensation surounded the wound. It slowly spread over her whole body. She fell over in pain and rolled into a tight ball. Convultions rung all over her body. The pain was becoming to much to bear and she passed out.


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