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Kagome convulsed some more. She was still 'dead to the world' so to speak. She rolled over the forest floor. Her body trying to find a way to cool itself. Her eyes slowly opened. The world was a blend of colors. Kagome clutched herself in pain. It ran all through her body. Like there were hundreds of knives being dug into her skin. She tried standing. A scream flew past her lips and she sat back down. She tried crawling to the water she had seen earlier, hoping it would help her. It was night, meaning she had been gone for quiet a while, but hopefully it was the same day. It was a full moon. Her eyes drifted up to it. She felt like singing to it. The words, she didn't know, and she didn't care. She just felt like if she sung it would mean some thing.

No time for that though, not when this pain was coming over her body. Kagome didn't feel as hot any more. Now, it was just pain, like she was feeding off of herself. She made it to the stream. Glowing eyes stared back. Eyes that belonged to a wolf. The reflection, was indeed that of a wolf. A deer stood a little down stream. She licked her lips as she crept towards it. Intent on getting it. Her mind was telling her not to, that she was human and when she got back home she could eat. No. She wanted to hunt this creature. To dig her teeth into it and drag it down. When she was five feet away she lunged, ignoring her body's protest to the action. The deer fled and she gave chase. She stayed a little off to the side to avoid the kicks it was giving. Kagome came up on its side and went under it and knocked its front legs out. The deer fell. It strugled to get up.

She was upon it in an instant. Kagome grabbed its throat and crushed the windpipe. The deer flailed for a while longer then fell limp. Kagome started eating. The pain subsiding as she ate more. Her hunger was soon sated and she tried to find her way home. The forest was dense and had an strange feel to it. She felt at home there. She looked at her hands. Yes, people hands were there. If that was the case, then whose reflection did she see. And those eyes, brilliant gold. Young but held a knowing, a hidden wisdom. Not to mention the fact that she just ate a deer. She shivered and put that thought out of her mind. She trudged along. She started running. The breeze felt good. She saw lights. Knowing she was close to home made her smile. She burst past the edge of the woods. There was her home. She ran into the door. Her mother quickly took her into an embrace.

"Kagome. Where have you been?"

"I got lost in the woods."

She tried remembering why she was in the woods in the first place. Nothing came to her. She shrugged it off for now, just happy to be home. She went upstairs to take a bath. Going into her room, she gathered clothes. Kagome lazed in the hot water. Her muscles relaxed. She shampooed her hair and massaged it down to the scalp. She looked down at the water. It was tinged pink. Quickly she pushed herself against the bath wall. She looked at her clothes she had on for some sign. None. She quickly looked herself over. And winced when her hand hit her neck. A quick look in the mirror told her it was a bit mark. 'Who bit me? Why would they? Why can't I remember it.' It was healing quickly. It didn't look like it would scar either.

"Tomorrow. I will go back in time. I will see if there are any old tales that didn't survive over 500 years." She whispered to herself. "Wait. The seal. I hope I can break it."

Kagome got out of the tub and sponged the water off of herself. She got dressed into pajamas and went to her room. A paper was sitting on her desk, folded neatly, and her name was on it. She unfolded the paper and read it aloud.

"On every half moon you will need to feed. Just like you did today. If you don't the pain from the blood lust will kill you. Don't go back to the warring states era either. The forbidden are not welcome among any kind. Remeber who your master is little girl. I will be watching."

Kagome looked all over her room. She looked out the window to the ground. No one. She went down stairs. Her mother and Souta were sitting on the couch watching the news. Her mother looked up at her.

"What is it Kagome?"

"Did you put this in my room?" Kagome asked flashing the note.

"Yes a boy with purple eyes and black hair dropped it off. He told me to give it to you. Why is something wrong?"

"No, I just wanted to know who left it."

She went into the kitchen. Looking in the reflection that the window gave off she noticed that the bite mark was completely gone. With a quick brush of her hand she felt just to make sure. No pain. No slight hole in the skin. It was like it never even happened. 'I don't care what some guy says I will break the seal and I will go back to the feudal era.'


Syn was sitting in a tree with perfect view of the kitchen. He dove into her mind and saw the thoughts she had.

"I warned you my little forbidded creature. If you break the seal, then some one will pay the price." He whispered to the wind.

Her eyes shot out the window. Kagome knew she had sensed something. She grabbed a piece of pizza that was left over from a few nights ago and sat on the couch watching the news. Domes had been consturcted over the city a few months ago as the weather outside got increasingly worse. A reporter was standing outside the city and reporting how bad the weather was. She was bundled tightly and only her eyes were showing. The news cut off to a comercial and Kagome and Souta were ushered to bed. She hugged her mother goodnight and went to sleep. Her dreams were anything but easy.


She breathed heavily as she fell over a tree root. She heard growling not to far away. She scrambled to her feet and continued running. She wished someone would help her. Kagome cried out for help. A howl was heard in a return to her cry. Shifting her direction, she went towards the thing that sounded like it may help her. The pawing of the creature behind her grew louder. With fear as an incentive, her adreanaline got a huge boost. He feet went faster across the ground. The sun started rising as she came to the edge of a forest. Four shadows stood. She ran towards them faster, hopeing that they would help. Again she tripped. She rolled over just in time to see a shadowed figure come at her. Just as its teeth connected with her arm. It all went black.


She shot up in bed, wiping the sweat from her brow. She put her hand to her chest trying to slow her breathing. When her breathing slowed she lay back down. After about an hour she was able to go to sleep without any dreams. Syn kept a watchful eye on his little miko. He could see her dreams. He knew that they were more than just dreams too. That becuase she was a new breed of animal that she had preminitions. He could block most of them, but felt no harm in letting her have just of few. Being unsure of what she was worked to his advantage. She would play right into his hands.

He smiled as he disappeared into the shadows. The next morning was relatively slow as saturdays were. When she got up she threw on some black pants, a black tank-top that said 'little kitten' with horns and some combat boots. She went into the well house and foud another note on top of the wooden hatch. She picked it up.

"It you should break the seal. Some one will pay the price for your actions. It will rain crimson, dear Kagome."

She quickly crumsbled the note in her hand. She sat on her knees before the well. 'If that guy thinks I'm just gonna back down he's got another thing coming.' She started chanting. The seal started to glow. As she touched it, it burst into a pink light and disintigrated. The wax melted away and the wood flew off. She jumped in and was enveloped by the familiar blue light.


Familiar smells asaulted her as she passed to the other side. She jumped for the vine that hung low. Instead she jumped up over it, and out of the well. The smell of clay and dirt hit her like a ton of bricks. She covered her nose with her hand as Kykio drew closer. She came into view. She drew her bow and notched an arrow.

"What are you doing back?" Kykio hissed.

"Nothing that concerns you, clay pot."

Kagome pushed past her. Kykio whipped around and fired. Kagome dodged and turned on Kykio.

"Get new skill, your marksmanship won't kill me."

Rapid footsteps could be heard coming toward them. InuYasha came over the small hill. His eyes locked with Kagome's.


She kept walking. When she made it into the village she went straight for Keade's hut. The old woman was making soup for lunch. She was surprised to see Kagome.

"Kagome child. I did not expect to see ye back."

"I came to learn of any old legend or prophicies."

"Like what Kagome?"

"Ones that have to do with blood."

"Alright. There is one that I know. A pristess will be followed by the eyes of blood. The eyes will capture her and take her blood. Changing in to a forbidden being. She was shunned by all around her. Told to look for paradise where she could be happy, she traveled. She was supposed to be the one who ended the world. I don't know the details child. But InuYasha thinks that it has to do with Kykio, and will protect her at all costs."

"To bad it wasn't her." Kagome practically growled.


"Nothing, I shall take my leave now. Goodbye Keade."

"Child, will you not see Shippou and the others before you go?"

Kagome paused a moment and nodded.

"They be in the demon slayer village."

Kagome nodded again. She walked in the direction of the demon slayers village. Night was fast approaching and she decided to set up camp for the night. The fire burned brightly. Her head turned up as she heard a shrill cry for help. Kagome ran in the direction of the cry. She saw Rin lying on the ground screaming at the giant weasle demon. Kagome delt the weasle a high jump kick to the jaw. The weasle stumbled back. It hissed at Kagome and lunged at her. Kagome let her miko powers eminate from her hand and the weasle ran away with burns all over it's body.

"Are you okay Rin?"

"How does lady know Rin's name."

"Kagome knows Rin's name because she knows Sesshoumaru Sama. Would you like something to eat."

Rin nodded happily and followed Kagome to her makeshift camp. Kagome had brought a little food with her, but just a few snacks. She gave one to Rin who happily ate it. She could sense Sesshoumaru's arua draw near. He came into the dimly lit area. Rin jumped up and ran to him.

"Sesshoumaru Sama Kagome saved Rin!"

Sesshoumaru looked down at Rin then up to Kagome.

"Forbidden child, why are you here?"

"Because I want to be."

"Leave my lands."

"If I refuse?"

"I'll kill you."

Kagome smirked at him and took a fighting stance.

"Are you not InuYasha's wench? Where is he?"

"He likes dead things, now are we going to fight or not."


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