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/..../ unheard comunication between animals.
Telepathic communication

Walking. Every day, every night. The blizzards had gotten worse, and the towns were becoming trashy as well. The last one she was in, was so run down, even her wolf form couldn't survive long there. The past three years were a hellish nightmare. An older man and his half dog were constantly on her trail. Kagome limped through the snow, her mind flickering on memories. Every thing was gone. The first day she had left she ran into the old man. His dog hesitantly barked at her. The man she came to know as Quent, then drew his gun. She did the only thing she could, she ran.

Kagome was coming up on another city. The snow started to slow down, now becoming a slight drift. She was thin. Extremely thin. Kagome hadn't gotten a any thing to eat since an old couple took her in.

~Flash Back~

She darted in between the trees, dodging the constant bullets. The half dog, Blue, was mimicking her every move. Quent finally got a lucky shot of and hit her front leg. Kagome yelped in pain. The pain caused her to fall. Blue was upon her in an instant. Kagome glared at the beast and growled. Blue returned the growl. Quent came closer, and aimed his rifle at her head. Kagome quickly flipped onto her feet. She bit Quent's arm and fled. The dog didn't dare persue. She wanted to stay by her master. Kagome finally came to the edge of the woods. Her eyes scanned over the area for a place she could rest and heal. A pile of garbage caught her eye. She limped over and buried herself underneath it. She began licking the wound and trying to work the bullet out. After her work was done she went into a dreamless sleep.

Her ears perked up at the sound a footsteps. It was an old woman. She smiled at Kagome and petted her head.

"Would you like to come home with me? You look cold and hungry."

Kagome wiggled herself from under the trash. The woman gave a slight gasp as she saw Kagome's wound. She rubbed beind her ears and started to walk. Kagome followed quietly. They were soon in view of the cabin the old woman lived in. He husband came out.

"Alice, what have you brough home this time?" He laughed.

"William, it's a hurt dog. Will you pull out the medical kit."

He nodded and went back inside. Alice held the door open for Kagome. Kagome stopped at she looked in. There were birds, cats, and small dogs every where. The woman laughed.

"We help a lot of animals, you are the first we've had this big. You are welcome to stay, all of the other animals have."

Kagome walked further in and sat next to the fire. William came over to her with the medical kit. Kagome lifted up her paw to make it easier for him to wrap it.

"I think you got a smart one here Alice."

Both laughed. After he finished wrapping it she was given some food. Kagome practicly inhaled it. A raven that sat in the corner caught her eye. She walked over to it.

/A wolf, I haven't seen one in such a long time/ the raven said.

/Raven, how is it you know what I am/

/All of the creatures here except the humans know what you are./

/I see/

/Wolf, why do you travel alone. You are supposed to travel in a pack/

/I am meant to be alone for the rest of my life. That's just the way it is./

/Then go look for the wolf's paradise./


/It is the only place you will find happiness./

~end flash back~

The raven had been her friend during her short stay. Kagome panted as she cut off her run. She just realized that she ran the rest of the way to the city. It was almost completely empty. Kagome went into an alley and took her human form. She had stayed to dark colors ever since her family died. She had on black jeans, and a black happy bunny long sleeved shirt that said 'make the stupid people shut up' with it covering its ears. She tied a lace on her combat boot that had come loose. She pulled her hair into a pony tail and strung it though a base ball cap. She was used to these types of cities, thats why she was armed with a pair of 9mm and each of her sides and a sword across her back. She went onto the street. Immediatly she felt eyes on her. A man with a torn coat came off a porch.

"It's not safe for a girl to wander around these streets."

"I think I can handle myself." She said pulling one of her hand guns out.

The guy backed off. She wandered aimlessly down the streets. That was normal too. Even though she was supposed to be looking for paradise, and that it would make her happy, she didn't want too. Fate had screwed her over. She walked past another man. He was dressed in a trench coat. He wrapped on hand around her waist holding her arms, the other wrapped around her throat.

"Kagome. How long has it been, three years?" The familiar voice purred in her ear.

"Syn." She whispered.

"I'm glad you didn't forget me. I was hoping to meet with you soon."

She shivered under his touch.

"You haven't forgotten the last time we met, have you?"

He took the hand from around her neck and carresed her cheek. He nuzzled into her neck and brushed his wolf fangs against her thoat. Kagome pulled away and turned to face him.

"You remembered that first time to? I was hoping to play a little longer."

She growled animalisticaly at him. He simply smile and walked away.

worry Kagome. I will see you again soon. I just have to attend to some buisness.

She shivered again. Only a few times before had he ever been in her mind. Kagome wondered if all of her mind was open to him. That thought caused her to shiver again. She shook herself and continued walking, looking for any thing that was edibale. There was a hotdog stand on the corner a few streets down. After lifting a couple she got ready to leave the city. Normally she would have stayed a few days to recuperate, but since Syn was in the city she was going to move on to the next town. Quickly. Another forest could be seen from the edge of city. Frankly, she was getting sick of traveling in the dead forest. She took her wolf form and started off.


The familiar sound of the dog Blue was closing in on her. This forest had more brush present, making her speed pointless if she fell. Night didn't help her sight. It was just a bad day turned into a bad bad night. Kagome panted heavily. Mal nurishment had been taking a toll on her body. He vision blurred over and she tripped over a tree root. Blue's growling wasn't to far away. She scrambled to her feet and continued on. The memory came to her. This was just like a dream she had. Almost exactly the same. Decieding to wing it she howled. When a howl was given in reply she bolted in the direction. 'Hey don't I trip up here. I don't need another wound, please Kami, don't let me trip.' She pleaded in her mind. As in her dream, the four figures were there. And just as in her dream, she tripped. Blue closed the distance. She was about to bite into Kagome's arm when a white wolf knock her aside. The light brown and dark red brown wolf helped her up and they quickly fled.

"Are you okay?" Asked the little pup.

After they were far enough away they stopped to rest. Kiba joined the group.

"Who are you guys?"

"I'm Toboe, he's Tsume, Hige, and Kiba." He said pointing to the people as he called their name. "Who are you."

"I'm Kagome."

"Why were you traveling alone?" Kiba asked.

"Haven't had anybody to travel with for three years. I guess since I'm moving against my fate I don't need any one."

"What fate?" Tsume piped up, almost angry sounding.

Kagome growled at his tone.

"I wouldn't tell you if my life depended on it."

It was Tsume's turn to growl. Kagome stood.

"I'll be leaving now."

"Why?" Hige asked.

"Any one who....never mind."

"Aren't you trying to go to paradise?" Toboe came in.

"No, I'm trying to stay away from it."

Kiba looked up at her. His eyes seemed to dig into her soul.


"Why should I trust you?"

"No reason."

"Please come with us." Toboe pleaded.

"Yeah, we could use a pretty face around."

"I...I guess I just may. I've been running for three years against it, why not try to go with it?"

"Great another piece of bagage." Tsume snapped.

"Listen, you insolent little whelp, aparently no one other that you has a problem with it. And if you want to deal with it then lets deal with it like the animals we are." She growled.


Both took their wolf forms. Kagome readied herself on her haunches. Tsume launched himself at her. She sprung out of the way. Twisting her body, she flipped over him. Kagome was fast for practically starving. She grabbed the scruff of his neck and threw him into the snow. He recoverd quickly. He bit into her front leg and flipped her over. She went straight for his thoat. He tumbled over and bit into her stomach. She howled in pain and thrashed about. She scratched his face and he released his hold. Her fur stood on end and there was blood thirsty look in her eye. Kagome stepped out of her attack. Taking a quick glance around she sprinted away. She ran as fast as she could away. Kiba sped off after her. He caught up quickly.

"Why are you running?"

"Nothing you need to know." She snapped and ran faster.


She pulled away. Kiba tried to keep up but couldn't match her speed. Kagome leaped into the air over a revine. She landed gracefully on the other side watching the four wolves carefully. None of them dared to take the jump. Again she was off. She darted in between the rocks. The night was quickly approaching. Tonight was a half moon.
'I almost killed him for the blood. Maybe it is stronger since I haven't eaten.' A rabbit sprang across her path. Kagome quickly gave chase. A few minutes later the rabbits bones were laying on the ground, her still trying to swallow a piece of meet. Her thoughts drifted to the group of wolves that she met earlier.

"That white one, he is different from the others. He seems to hold a knowing of something." She whispered.

Drifting off to sleep to dream the dreams that could and may come true, yet she still did not know this.


Snow white fur bathing in the light of the moon. The wind blew slightly causing the wolf to shift. He was sitting in a field of white flowers. He turned. His face was covered in blood. He snarreled and lunged. A howl broke the silence before he could reach the unseen target. The wolf rose his head towards the sound. There was a yelp shortly after. He burst off in the direction. Fields turned to ice, then white to red. Wolven bodies littered the ground with blood and inners. In the middle of it all she saw herself. She was covered in head to toe in the blood. Syn came up next to her.

"Look at the way he looks at you. I told you I would be the only one to love you."

Another wolf, all black, every part, down to his eyes came out of the snow. He jumped at Syn. Syn jumped away. He stood between him and Kagome.

"Kagome, follow the white wolf. No matter what, stay and trust him. Never believe this sadistic beast and his lies. Now wake!" He yelled.


She woke, a fresh layer of sweat on her forehead. The temperature dropped over the night. The sun was rising slowly. She sighed. 'A strange dream, I wonder who that all black wolf was.' Paws could be heard hitting the ground. There were quiet a few set of them from what her ears picked up. They were at least an hour away though. She got on to her feet and looked around. No towns seemed to be close. Choosing to go in the same direction as yesterday, she was off again. Kagome came to a bridge. It looked to be and old highway that lead over a lake. The ice was frozen and snow was piled in mounds on it. She ran down the highway, hoping that it would lead to another city with food and shelter.


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