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A red light engulfed the well and shot Kagome back out. She flew out and landed straight on her butt. For a few moments she sat there shocked, then she started growling feriously. Again she tried. Again the red light pushed her out. She heard laughter from the doorway of the well house. It was Syn.
"That won't work. The well refuses you passage."
"What did you do?"
"I did nothing, some one must have put a seal on from the other side."
"Who are you?" Shippou asked.
"Syn, a pleasure to meet you fox. We rarely get to meet full blooded youkia any more."
"Your the one that changed Kagome!"
He nodded and walked in and stood next to Kagome. His arm snaked around her waist. Quickly she pushed him away. Not realizing how close to the edge of the well she was, she fell back in it. The red light turned purple and Kagome disappeared.
"What?" Syn hissed.
Another chuckled was heard from the entrance.
"What's the matter Syn, your pet get away?" He laughed again.
"Amari." He growled. "What did you do?"
"Simply allowed her passage through time one last time."
"For what?"
"Her wings." He disappeared after that.
Syn growled viciously and took off out the door. Shippou watched him leave and sat down by the well. Kagome may be there for a while, at least he was in no hurry.
Kagome looked up from the bottom of the well to the sky. She jumped out and looked around to the forest. The beautiful serene forest with the naturistic noises echoing nonstop between the wood. The sound of children's laughter could be heard coming from the village. She ran to the village and looked around. A woman was sitting on a rock watching two children playing a game.
"Excuse me but i'm looking for the demon slayer Sango."
The woman turned around slowly.
"I'm Sango. And you are?"
With out an answer she immediatly pulled her friend into a hug.
"Who are you?"
"Sango chan it's Kagome!"
"Kagome chan?"
Sango hugged her back, holding as if life depended on it. Both started crying.
"Sango I sense a demon!" Miroku yelled.
Kagome's eyes widened. They didn't know. Miroku drew closer, staff in hand. Sango stepped in front of Kagome.
"Kagome is no demon."
Miroku stopped.
He ran closer, a joyus grin on his face.
"Actually, I am a demon."
Miroku stopped dead in his tracks, and Sango turned to face Kagome. The looks on their face would have been funny if not for the situation. The children's laughter ceased, as they stood and watched their parents silently.
"Where's Keade baba."
Miroku and Sango looked down at the now interesting ground. Kagome's face fell.
"Keade passed away last year." Sango said just above a whisper.
After standing a few minutes in silence they went into the village.
"The children, what are their names?"
"Kikari and Ayume. Shino is the oldest, he's at the hut, watching his little sister Reiki."
"Four kids. Wow! Congrats!"
Sango smiled.
"Now Kagome, about you being a demon..." Miroku said.
"Well not full demon,only part. I'm part demon, part miko, part human, and part wolf."
"Strange. How did this come about?"
"Well, I'd rather not talk about that. Where's Shippou and Kirara?"
"Kirara is out hunting and no one's seen Shippou for the past couple of days. He comes and goes."
Kagome held her chin in thought. Shippou never told her he never stayed with Sango and Miroku. Kagome could sense demons just outside the village boundry. Kagome quickly took leave towards the demons with Miroku following. It was a pack of demon wolves.
"These wolves again."
"They don't kill anyone, but they take food."
Kagome took her wolf form and charged at the threating creatures. Soon all the wolves were engaged in the fight. It was a flurry of fur, claws, and teeth. Kagome sunk her teeth into one and two others bit in to her. She flailed wildly and shook the wolves off. Soon she was straight back in the fight. All of the wolves were covered in blood but not all their own. Kagme was bleeding badly and panting heavily. The wolves all sprang at once. Kagome dove at them, jaws snapping. She managed to take down one by the throat. He must have been the leader,because all of the other wolves stopped their attack. Then she noticed they were looking behind her. So, she turned. There stood the great demon lord of the west, Sesshoumaru. Sesshoumaru looked down at Kagome with the same emotionless look he had years ago. Kagome stood there waiting for him to say something. She took her human form making a few of her wounds more visible.
"Hello Sesshoumaru."
"Seems you've gainned control of most of you abilities."
"Except your demon half."
Kagome nodded. She turned back to where the wolves once stood, only to find out they had gotten away. She grumbled slightly but turned back to Sesshoumaru.
"Well, may I ask why you came?"
"I sensed your precense."
"I need to speak with you."
He waved his hand, signaling for her to follow. She did.
They were deep in the forest. Sesshoumaru turned to Kagome.
"I meant to tell you this sooner, but you disappeared."
"You've changed."
He stopped and looked at her quizically.
"What do you mean?"
"You are more open. Sorry for interupting, please continue."
"Before you left my castle, I had the seer look into your future. Nothing to major back then, but when I confronted the seer again, she said there was something different. The prophecy change. Some one who was supposed to die didn't, and now seeks to kill you. Now, as for the entire prophecy, I'm not sure if the outcome changed, but,good luck."
"Thank you. Oh! Sesshoumaru...will you...teach me my demon abilities. As you said, I have yet to learn my powers, or even the kind of demon I am."
"I'm not sure what kind of demon you are. There for you abilities, are unknown to me."
Kagome nodded slowly. Sesshoumaru nodded as well and disappeared between the trees. Kagome headed back to where she left Miroku and Sango. After meeting up with them, they proceeded back to the hut. Night was soon upon her. Kagome left the hut and the sleeping beings inside. The bloodlust was starting to get to her, and if she didn't get away soon, she'd kill some one she'd regret. Slipping into the forest in her wolf form she started to hunt down a kill. Following a scent trail, she came upon a wild boar. It was in a light sleep, but as Kagome drew closer, the boar woke and looked around. She burst from the bushes and the chase began.
They weaved in between the trees, the branches slaping against fur, and paws beating on the ground. Kagome put on a burst of speed. She jumped and landed on the back of the boar. After tearing at the boar with her claws for a few minutes, her jaws snapped shut around its throat, cutting off air supply. She ate and rested for an hour then found her way to a stream to wash the blood off. After cleaning up she snuck back into the hut. Dawn was approaching and Sango would be waking soon. At least that's the way it was when she had been here. But times change as do people. Kagome stretched out and went into a light sleep. She heard Sango as she woke but didn't move. Miroku woke with her.
"Miroku..." She hesitated.
"Yes Sango?"
"Well...I...I'm worried about Kagome. Not that she's weak or anything, but she's different."
"Sango, I don't know what to tell you. I'm worried about the way she is acting as well, but it is nice to have her back. With time people change, look how much you and I have changed. Maybe some thing is gong on in her time, causing her personality shift. All we can do is accept and adapt."
Sango nodded. Kagome was deep in thought. She had no idea that her friends were worried about the way she was acting. She'd have to remember to work on that. The day passed on mostly uneventful. Only a small lizard demon attacked. Other than that she performed a few chores and healed some wounds. The sun was setting and Kagome was sitting under a tree on a hill that over looked the village. She looked the the hues of pink, orange, and amber. Looking back down to the village she jumped in the tree and fell asleep.
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