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Kagome woke out of her dream and in surprise she fell out of the tree. It was late in the afternoon and the sun was sitting high in the sky. To say she felt different was an understatement. She felt like a power that was laying dormant with in her suddenly woke up and changed everything. Her demon blood was running more freely in her body and she could feel it. A young village girl, no more then fifteen, walked by. She stopped when she spotted Kagome. Her eyes widened in awe at the sight of Kagome.
"You look like an angel." The girl breathed.
Kagome looked around only to find no one else there.
"An angel I am far from."
"Then a Hime. The kimono matches you eyes."
'Kimono? I wear no kimono' She looked down. The thing was, she was in a kimono. An elegant black and white kimono. Half and half. The colors swirled majesticaly with each other. But the girl said the kimono matched her eyes. She sprinted to the stream and peered in to her reflection. One eye a pale silver, almost white, the other, pitch black. Giving the kimono another once over she noticed it was a battle kimono. Slits were running up both sides to mid thigh, allowing for easy movement. And shorts were hidden underneath
There were also no sleeves but the same cloth ran over her arms keeping her arms warm from the cold. Midoriko told her to seek Sesshoumaru, and seek him she would. She looked to the sky wishing she had the wings that were in her dreams. Sudden pain ripped through her back as silver wings tore away her flesh. She fell to her knees, clutching the ground, and gasping for breath. But she didn't bleed. A few feathers fell stray from their abrupt entrance into the world. Kagome looked to the southwest knowing the exact location of Sesshoumaru's castle. With a powerful beat from her wings, she was air born.
The sun was gleaming down from the sky on to the forest and Kagome's form flying over it. Her wing beats were steady and echoed of the woods below. Her pace slowed when the castle came into view. It only took a couple of hours and she wasn't even tired. After conceling her wings, she walked to the front gate. Two sentries stood with large spears in hand and one katana each. She could also see the achers on the towers. Kagome walked right up to the sentries at the gate. They held there spears at the ready.
"Honestly, if I was an enemy would I be using the front gate?"
"You may not pass." One guard spoke gruffly.
His arua said bear. The other was a bear as well but a different kind.
"Lord Sesshoumaru trusts bears to guard his palace? I wouldn't even have to break a sweat to beat you. Bear youkia are incompetent fools."
"You indignant little-"
"Quiet! Sesshoumaru sama is on his way."
The bear nodded and held his tounge. Kagome looked back towards the gate to see Sesshoumaru approaching. He raised an eyebrow when he saw her.
"Miko why do you come to my castle."
She paused for a moment to think how she should handle the comment. No words came to mind so she ignored him. He glared at her.
"I refuse to repeat myself." He hissed.
"Oh! You were talking to me? I didn't know because my names not miko, it's Kagome." She smiled brightly.
His glare darkened and the bear youkia stared wide eyed at her.
"Let her pass."
The bears nodded still surprised that the arrogant creature that was before them was not slain for her insolence. The gates slowly opened and Kagome followed Sesshoumaru.
"Why have you come here?"
"I need help with my powers."
"I told you unless I know what youkia you are, I can't help."
"In a dream I met Midoriko, the ancient miko, who gave me the wings of the moon phoenix. And I used them to fly here."
"Show me."
Kagome nodded and took a step back. Chanting a short incantation and with a wave of her hand the spell dropped showing her wings.
"I need to make you revert into full demon form to be sure of your powers."
"How do you do that?"
He smirked at her.
"Wait! I can't have a full youkia form. I am part human after all."
"Yes, but think of it this way... because you are of forbidden blood, you are all youkia. Basicly, its like having three people in one host body, none of them loosing any of their powers. That's how you can go into a full wolf form and pass as a real wolf, scent and all. But I suppose you can't go full human seeing as it is the host body."
"I see."
"Follow me."
"Where are we going?"
"You ask questions that could be answered with patience."
"How do I know that you won't throw me in the dungeon?"
"Does this look like a dungeon?"
She looked at the dojo he was pointing at.
"A lot of guards." She whispered absent mindedly.
She followed him into the dojo. The room they came into was about the size of a human's training dojo. He kept walking across the floor and to the door on the opposite side of the room. He went inside and Kagome quickly followed. The next room was definently a demon dojo. It could fit quiet a few demons in full demon form. She noticed the weapon rack and walked over to it.
"No weapons."
Kagome nodded in understanding. They both went into the middle of the dojo and fell into there own fighting stances. Kagome charged first.Sesshoumaru gracefully dodged and attacked from behind. She fell to the floor and rolled away from Sesshoumaru. When she tried to stand she was thrown back into the wall. She growled viciously at him, the edges of her eyes starting to bleed red. Sesshoumaru smirked and made his onslaught even more ferocious. Soon her eyes were covered in red and her form slowly started to shift.
Kagome's face slowly started to shift. A thick black mist enveloped the room. Though Sesshoumaru had demon senses, he was left blind until the mist cleared. He stood perfectly still waiting for any sound or sign of where she would becoming. A low growl eminated of the walls of the dojo. A light flapping could be heard over head. Sesshoumaru barely managed to avoid the flames. The mist cleared. He looked about the room and was lifted off the floor by the back of his shirt. Kagome threw him into the wall.
He growled and morphed into his own form and started sizing up Kagome. Her wings were indeed that of a phoenix but the rest of her was not. The face of a fox, body of a wolf, and the tail of a dragon. She was a chimera. A moon chimera demon. Interesting. He grabbed her by the back of the neck. She flailed in his iron grip the went limp. She started whimpering and transformed back. Sesshoumaru also changed back. He looked to Kagome, she was unconcious. Not surprising. Any first transformation is exausting.
Kagome woke a short time later in the middle of a large bed. She tried to sit up but failed miserably and fell back to the bed. Her body was sore and tired and her mind was swimming with questions. And the questions weren't helping her throbing headache. Groaning in pain as the light hit her face full on she tried to turn away, once again failing. The only reprieve from the light were her eye lids which didn't help much.
"Head hurt?"
Kagome could clearly hear the amusement in his voice. She could picture him with one of his famous smirks on his face. Oh how she wanted to wipe that smirck off. Just beat his pompous face into the ground, kick him, then walk away. She smiled slightly at the thought.
"What do you find so amusing?"
"Thoughts." She said as her smile grew ever wider.
"We'll be starting your training today."
"What kind of demon am I?"
"You don't remember transforming do you?" Silence was his answer so he continued. "Not surprising. We'll have to work on your contol as well. A chimera demon of the moon is what you are."
"Is there anyone who I missed the last time I was here?"
"Didn't, you know, get rid of?"
'Why would she ask that? Unless some one told her some thing? How interesting.' He shook his head.
"Not that I'm aware of." He lied.
"I see."
"Get up. I'll meet you in the dojo."
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