Wolf's Rain Fan Fiction / Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction ❯ QUOTENESS!!!!!!!!!!!! ❯ Quotes ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
1.On the outside, I look sympathetic...but on the inside, I'm laughing

2.I'm only in a 64 years old and in a psychiatric ward!


4.BITE ME!!!


6.The kiss of immortal death has begun...
7.If anyone has a noble plan to stop me, I suggest you write up your

8.Your a real team player, a save the day super hero...... I hate
people like you.-Hiei to Yusuke

9.And all this time we've been thinking you were a brilliant stratigist
but, really, you're just a lucky fool.-Kurama to Yusuke

10.There is no mam who does not carry scars on his heart, if there were
someone like that in the world, he would be a shallow soul.-Hiei to Kurama

11.Bingo!-Botan to just about everyone
12."That is the true nature of these pathetic beasts known as humans.
They're all are selfish, arrogant, insolent, grossly imperfect
organisms. They make me sick to my stomach."-Knives about humans

13."These are our new siblings, and this one will be yours.
We will use these guns to dispose of mankind."-Knives to Vash

14.We shouldn't have to die in this sensless act!-Yoko Kurama

15.My adoring fans...-Shishiwakamaru
16.You cannot kill me! For I am the shadows and the shadows never
die!-Yami Bakura

17.I'm just here to chew bubble gum and kick ass... and I'm outta
bubble gum.-Kaiba
18.Where are my enimies?!?

19.I won't permit you to die until you've killed me.
20."Don't look away. I know you're not foolish enough to stay
ignorant of the feelings of the people your life was built on."
- Vash to that rich girl in ep 4

21."You were always smiling, real friendly like, but the way
you smiled was so empty it hurt to watch you."
- Wolfwood to Vash

22."Why doesn't anything NICE ever follow you?!"
"It's a real drag, isn't it?"
- Meryl and Vash

23."Now I know why the short haired girl is so pissed off at you all
the time!"
- Wolfwood to Vash after falling into a pit in the middle of a desert.

24."You got us into this, do something!!"
"You fell in all by yourself!"
"You're the outlaw!"
"What's that got to do with anything!?"
- Same pit, but now they're being chased by a flock of angry robots.
(Wolfwood began)

25."I'd much rather lead an uneventful life if I could."
"You couldn't if you tried."
- Vash and Wolfwood

26."That's cute! Vash is being put in strangleholds by the kids again!"
- Milly, with a bright and happy smile on her face

27."My only savior is that she doesn't know how smart she really is!"
- Vash concerning Milly

28."I'm saying we all have to make a few sacrifices!"
"And I'm one of the few!?"
- Wolfwood to Vash during the quickdraw contest

29."Yeah, I'd advise against it, she's really bitchy!"
- Vash after this dweeby kid tries to hit on Meryl (dub version only,
but it's such a great line)

30."Whenever I look at you, I'm reminded about everything I hate about
myself. It hurts."
- Wolfwood to Vash.

31."There I go again. It's stupid, isn't it? I still keep thinking how
I'd like to show it to you...even though that's no longer possible."
- Vash talking to one of his Rem hallucinations

32."And to think I could kill every man, woman, and child here if I
wanted to.
The power of death is intoxicating."
- Legato talking to Vash. That last part was in the dub only,
but it's really good!

33."It's true what I have been told about this guy! ...
He's a complete chicken shit!"
- Monev talking about Vash.

34."Everyone who has become involved with him, has somehow gained
an emotion they had once lost."
-Meryl talking about Vash.

35."He's not my boyfriend!! Stop it, I don't even LIKE him!"
- Meryl. I just thought it was funny because this was said in episode
14, and we know at this point she's falling all over him.

36."He's almost horrifyingly handsome."
- Gang member concerning Legato.

36."Playing cool, are you? You've got some rocks, mister! Say
something, you show-off!"
"...May I have another fork?"
- Gang member and Legato's response.

37."Don't be hasty, now. I intend to obliterate every last trace of
mankind eventually... so why must you rush the inevitable?"
- Legato, sounding a bit corny, but we forgive him.

38."Why do you think I killed only half of you? This way, you can
see to the bodies of your friends. I'm doing this to teach you the
pain of living."
- There was more to this little scpheil of Legato's, but I condensed

39."If I was so inclined, I could have killed you three times."
- Dominique. How wicked is that?

40."Well, if I was so inclined, during this conversation...
I could have groped you five times!"
- Vash.

41."You're unpredictable. I like unpredictable men."
"Me, unpredictable?? I'm not the one teleporting all over the damned
- Dominique and Vash.

42."It would please me if you wore a dress next time."
- Vash about Dominique

43."Legato, this time it's my turn to hunt you."
- Vash, of course.

44."Good God, I have to fight HIM!!!!"
- Vash, holding his head and screaming like a baby, freaking about
having to face Legato.

45."My name is VASH THE STAMPEDE!! Forgive the lack of warning,
but it's time for my daily massacre! If you do not believe I am the
real thing, take a good look at me and start freaking out!!"
- Vash

46."Losers don't get to go home. They go to Hell."
- E.G. Mine, the 5th Gung-Ho Gun

47."Now is that any way for a grown man to behave in front of
innocent children?"
- Knives as a kid. Sure Knives, "innocent" we believe ya.

48."Normally when you buy an old, used bike, you're supposed to
repair it before riding it!"
"Are you dissing my beautiful shiny Angelina II?!?"
"I'm dissing YOU, not your stupid broken bike!"
- Vash and Wolfwood, how we love thee

49."We're not God. Not only are our powers limited, we sometimes are
driven to become the devil himself."
- Wolfwood

50."Knives... You aren't human!"
"Damn straight, I'm not! Don't even compare me to those worthless
- Young Vash and Knives

51."First you're cryin your eyes out like an abandoned baby, and
then you run around jumping off cliffs! What the hell's the matter
with you?!"
- Wolfwood about Vash

52."Well Vash, this must be your girlfriend. You are one lucky devil."
"Whas da matter? Did I embarrass youuu?"
- Wolfwood and Vash about Jessica

53."Since you fired that weapon, doesn't it make you more destructive
than Knives?!"
"....That's right. I suppose it does."
- Brad and Vash

54."Doesn't anyone trust the word of a priest anymore?!"
- Wolfwood, this one is priceless

55."You are the man who rings the black funeral bell."
- Leonev about Wolfwood.

56."However, I do know one guy who whines, cries, and throws tantrums
but still mangages to save everyone. He's a crazy man who's not afraid of anything.
Even though he's been scarred from head to toe, hell always be there."
- Wolfwood

57."In the language of the flower, red geraniums represent '
- Rem

58."Did you really think the Gung-Ho Guns only come to call one at a
- Leonev

59."Hey! Apparently, you're from the outside world! We're peaceful
people, and we don't want any trou--" *MASSACRE*
- Stupid guy on board the Project Seed ship. That was helpful.
Grey always listens to the words of innocent defenseless people.

60."You know what? Now that I actually stop to think about it, this
is kind of.... SCARY!!!"
- Vash when he makes shortcuts by shooting himself down through 6

61."I get it! You're Grey the Ninelives. Can't exactly say I'm
happy to meet you."
- Wolfwood

62."Shit. Why'd you have to do that?"
- Wolfwood, after Grey blew a hole through the floor

63."The ones who live outside of time. It really is amazing.
My hands grew this big in 13 years. But you haven't changed a bit.
You're exactly as I remember."
- Brad

64."Every one who touches me dies."
- Vash

65."I know everything about you, honey."
"Forget it, sextuplets are out of the question, dear."
- Wolfwood and Milly (good lord!)

66."Can't I kill those either?!?"
- Wolfwood referring to the giant fanged worms Vash wouldn't let him

67."Life is like an incessant series of problems, all difficult, with
brutal choices, and a time limit. The worst thing you can do is to
make no choice, waiting for the ideal conclusion to present itself."
- Chapel the Evergreen

68."Please... Please don't look at me like that."
- Wolfwood about Milly's pouty face after he shot Zazie. *remember
him? the worst Gung-Ho Gun?*

69."Every moment hesitated is a moment gone from life."
- Chapel

70."Even at such an impossible situation, he kept saying that no one
had to die. How can he believe that?!"
- Wolfwood

71."When this is over and I'm dead, don't ever shoot anyone again."
- Vash to Wolfwood

72."May you go with God's protection. Oh yeah, thanks for the apple."
- Wolfwood

73."The cornered mouse will attack the cat!"
"But the cat is wise to the mouse's game. The mouse seeks death in
order to escape the pain."
- Chapel and Knives
75."You've got guts, but that's just plain arrogant. (raising his sword) The world
doesnít need two Battousais! The name should belong to me!! "

76."Damn you! Lemme go, you hag! "

77."Iím not a child! Iím the son of a Tokyo samurai, Myoujin Yahiko!
I havenít sunk so low that I need pity from strangers! I was just making fun
of you cause youíre wearing a sword! Donít get me wrong, you idiot!! "

78."Wait a minute!! Are you telling me to learn kenjutsu??!
From that hag??!! "

79.Iím here because I want to be strong. No one said anything about fighting
with a little girl!

80.Kenshin, you told me I could be strong. You teach me to fight!
Kenshin: I have no desire to pass the Hiten Mitsurugi school on the future
generations. Iím only a judge. Youíre of the Kamiya Kasshin school . . .
youíll become strong as a practitioner of the sword that protects life. But youíre
not listening.

81.Kenshinís counting on you. You should be more responsible!

82. Youíre looking better all the time. I havenít seen your friends before.
(pointing at Kenshin) Is that your sweetheart?

83. He's not just stronger than me. Heís on a completely different level.
I canít beat him...

84.Hey, captain. We're all going to be equal in the new age right? I can have
a real last name even though Iím just a farmer's kid? Then my name's going to
be Sagara! (Child Sano talking to Sagara Souzou, his mentor)

85. Feh. My business is getting beat up. This is nothing.

86. Oh yeah, one more thing. Iím not Zanza anymore. I donít have the
zanbatou, and I stopped being a street fighter. Now Iím just the fighting idiot
Sagara Sanosuke. Like youíre not Hitokiri Battousai. So don't go off
wandering without checking with me first. Got that, Kenshin?

87.Itís no good at all. Girl, youíve got to take some cooking lessons.
I could teach you to do better than this. How do you take this day after day,

88. I too have heard rumors. A patriot from Choushuu, using the old style of
kenjutsu called Hiten Mitsurugi. The legendary man bearing a large
cross-shaped scar on his left cheek, Hitokiri Himura Battousai!

89. Iíve seen you, Iíve seen you, Battousai! Iíve seen that this girl is your
woman! Get angry, get angry! Angry like you were last night when I broke that
roosterís arm! Return to the way you were ten years ago! Like you were when
you could have killed me, the matchless, strongest, cold-hearted Hitokiri.
(flicking a letter to him) Wait for me here, Battousai!

90.Oh, I have no intentions of going home. (picking him the dazed Kenshin)
I like this man very much. I wouldnít want to leave his side for a moment.

91. Oh, when I said I didnít want to leave his side, I meant it. Even though
heís fantastically strong, he's a good man. If heís nearby, even if Kanryuu's
men attack, I'm sure he'll protect me. Himura Kenshin . . . you're the man
I want for my bodyguard.
92."What in the nine regions of hell is going on out here?"

93."Sorry, I don't have time to be arrested."

94."Show's you don't know me very well... All my life I've been living on borrowed

95."The hue of your soul will cease to matter because you will not be judged
when you die. You will no longer exist.

96."Life is like a nightmare sometimes.. that you just can't wake up from, cause
it's reality and you're living in it.."

97."Life can shatter easily, like a glass window. Once shattered, it cannot be
replaced. So fragile... one cut can make you bleed, can make your life bleed...."

98."Death.. Blood.. Suicide.. It doesn't matter, right?"