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Chapter 11 Moon Song
Cher was really starting to feel claustrophobic now, the needles of the chair meant to discourage her from moving from its metallic embrace felt as if they were boring closer and closer to her clammy skin as the moments passed. Darcia and that white wolf hadn't returned yet, leaving the poor woman to her own thoughts. A woman dressed in black robes and had pined up pigtails in her hair had brought her food and water, even took her to use the restroom, but she was still placed in that damned chair once more to await the `Lord's' wishes. Cher WISHED she could repay that goddamned man for all he was putting her through! He hadn't really done anything to her but wait and that's exactly what she hated him for at the moment.
`Where is he?' she thought once more as she tried to move her head as much as the restriction of the chair would allow her to.
She stilled as she heard paws gently pad down the hallway from where the door was cracked open just slightly. She held her breath, wandering if it was a good or bad sign. She could hear small in takes of air through nostrils behind the door a few times before the padding walk stopped just out side the door and the said door was being nudged open. Blue and green eyes looked up at her as a white furry head poked through the opening curiously.
“You again!” Cher sighed with relief, “What are you doing here?”
The white wolf let its self in and then backed up against the door to close it. He then made his way toward where Cher was being restricted. half way there he morphed to his human from so she could understand him. Cher's eyes widened at the handsome young man that stood there where the impressive white wolf once was. His eyes were still different colors though.
“Don't you recognize me?” he sounded mock hurt, “Though, true, you knew my sister better than you ever knew myself, I thought you'd at least remember my name”
“Akira…..?” she breathed while she started to catch on to who it was.
The young man nodded, “You're getting warmer,” he encouraged while he took a look at the chair that restrained her and started to mentally go over how to get her out of it while he distracted her.
“You're that young male with Sasuke; his son, aren't you? Jazz?” she asked wandering what was going on.
“Bingo!” he replied as she got his name and he found out how to get her free. His green-blue eyes darted back from the chair to her own bright blue eyes that were so restricted by that head rack, “You seem kinda tangled.”
“Darcia put me here. He said I had wandered around too much for his liking.” Cher told him, “Did he send you to watch over me?”
“No, he sent me after my sister and the flower maiden to keep track on them. But they're with in his scanners from here now so I came back. Lord Orchem was just over thrown by Lady Jagura's troops and I suspect that sooner or later, they'll come here. That'll be the right time for you to escape.” He told her.
“Why are you helping me? I thought you work for Darcia?”
“Not all of us work for our superiors because we're loyal to them.” Jazz said softly.
A sharp pain surged through his skull, making him convulse away from her in pain, “GAAAH!” he hissed out as his hands fisted into his hair.
“What's wrong?!!” she cried out surprised.
“Darcia!” he gritted, “He's summoning me! Grrah!” he snarled as he tried to stand again. The pain came again in a new wave impatiently as Darcia's voice boomed inside his head, telling him what his master required, “FUCKIN SHIT!!! I SAID I'M COMING YOU DAMNED BASTARAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!” Jazz fell to the ground, “OKAAY!” he shouted. The pain eased up a bit, “I'm on my way!.....”
“Jazz….?” He stopped and looked over his shoulder to the woman that called his name.
“He is going after Cheza tonight, on the full moon. He wants her before Jagura is able to get to her. I'll be going as well, I'll try to keep at least Akira from him. I'll be back for you with Cheza, don't worry” he sounded deeply wounded, but he had no outer injuries as he limped off down the hall to his master. He gritted his teeth through the pain as he morphed once again to his wolf form.
A far off voice alerted him out of his pain. It was so familiar to him that it made Jazz stop a moment and look out the window. Tomorrow was the full moon, but he heard a singing voice tonight. One he knew was probably a memory of the past since it was none other than his mother's song….
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“How are ya doing?” Heart asked.
Akira looked down where the black wolf stood in the sand in her human form. The young red wolf had been sitting in her own human form with her legs dangling off the side of the over turned truck staring up at the pre-full moon while the others rested underneath the truck soundly. Heart was still a bit worried over the young girl.
Akira shrugged, “Just thinking”
“Oh?” Heart took an easy leap up and landed on one knee beside Akira. Luckily Akira was used to the she wolfs quick way of getting around, “Thinking of what?”
“Just…. Thinking about things and how it's all changed” Akira sighed looking back up to the moon.
“You mean like things between you and…. Kiba?” Heart hesitated.
Akira's eye twitched, “Why do you people think my every peaceful or deep thought revolves around him” she practically snapped softly while stubbornly turning her head away from the older wolf and gritted her teeth aggravated.
Now it was Heart's turn to sigh, but she let Akira have her silence while she looked up at the moon and Akira chose to glare at the vast deserted landscape away from Heart.
“You know,” Heart started off after a while, “We all know that he over stepped himself, but he was really worried, Akira.”
“Spare me” Akira huffed.
“Alright, you don't have to be all bitchy about it!” Heart grumbled as she started to loose her patience, “It's not like you're the first girl to ever have to go through this with some possessive guy, ya know.”
“What makes you say otherwise?” Akira defended, knowing she probably was being more naïve than normal, but she's had to put aside her emotions until now, and right now the one that wanted out the most was anger and frustration.
Heart smirked, “I have been mated before, you know. You think Kiba's bad? Wait till ya mate some bastard.” She snorted.
Akira stiffened, `That's right…..' she thought guiltily as she glanced at Heart through the corner of her eye, `Heart lost her mate….'
“Did you…. uh, I mean, did you ever…..?” she was fumbling again for the right word.
“Ever conceive our mating; Yes.” Heart answered, “Ever have pups; No” she seemed a little sad, “I hadn't gotten pregnant before he died.”
“Did you plan on having them?”
“What girl doesn't? Sure I want a family someday, but… this world doesn't seem like a place for pups. This world doesn't have that kind of future”
“You're wrong” Akira whispered. Heart's eyes narrowed slightly as she turned to her companion. Both were facing each other now, “Shura was going to give birth to 3 pups…. And I've seen a few pregnant women on the streets in the towns we visit. Life is still able to continue regardless of all this pain we're in. so long as life is able to be lived, then there's a life here worth molding for the future.”
“What about paradise?” Heart asked in awe.
“Paradise?” Akira thought then smiled, “Papa said that paradise is the heaven for wolves. It is our holy land, but we were placed here, and now this is our home. If paradise can create mother earth, then I believe that paradise is calling us to reopen it so that we may heal it. Life here will not simply end like every one's so afraid of, but….” Akira's eyes darted downward before they were drawn to the moon, “It will simply begin again anew. And next time, it will be able to start again with a fresh slate.”
“You really think that's what paradise does?” Heart was still in awe at the wisdom coming from the young wolf. She was far wiser beyond her years at times. Akira nodded, “Your father must have been some wolf. He seems really…. Wise and kind”
“Yeah…. He was” Akira agreed.
The two let silence drag in between them peacefully. The tension of Akira's frustrated anger was dissolving as time passed. She finally sighed.
“I understand why Kiba was worried, but I still haven't heard it from his own lips that he regrets saying it. Even Tsume has taken a crack at apologizing for him today” Akira smiled a bit at the memory of the usually hardened wolf trying to cheer her up in his gruff like way earlier.
“Is that what he was doing?” Heart's eyes widened in surprise before she let out a giggle and quickly hid it behind her hand incase she woke the others under the overturned car beneath them.
The giggles were contagious tonight it seemed. Akira's smile grew wider before she was stifling her own giggles. The two of them let their laughter out a little louder together under the moon. Akira didn't feel so down as before since Heart had come to comfort her and for that, she was grateful.
“Akira….?” The girls' giggles subsided when they heard a new voice. Looking down at the sandy ground, they saw Kiba looking up at them; he seemed a little shy about something.
Akira's mood started to darken again, just because she was usually easy going didn't mean she couldn't still be pissed at someone, “Kiba” she replied tightly.
He seemed to flinch at her tone, “Err…. Uh”
“You know what? I think someone should go survey the perimeter around our little camp before we all bed down for the night, what do you think?” Heart helped while she jumped down and patted his shoulder enthusiastically with a wide smile, “I'll go tell the others you and Akira are patrolling”
“Patrolling?” Kiba blinked, but the black she wolf was already gone. Kiba looked back up at Akira confused, but Akira just shrugged.
“We might as well do as she says. You know how demanding she can get” she sighed, sliding down near him and starting to walk off, leaving him to follow her.
Kiba knew he was in for it, but damn it, this needed to end some how! He gritted his teeth and jogged after her.
“Didn't we already go through introductions back there?” she cut off sarcastically.
“I know you're hurt because of how I yelled at you,” he continued, resolving in just plowing through this.
“Really? I was hurt? However could you tell through spiting at me?” she glared back at him before whipping around to stomp off again.
“Akira,” he admonished while his patience was thinning out quickly with her stubborn sarcasm.
“LA-la-la, I cant here you!” she sung out loudly in a very childish way.
“DAMN IT THAT'S IT!” he snarled and quickly caught her arm and yanked her back.
“Alight then!” she snapped back and tried to snap her arm out of his grasp, but Kiba wasn't letting go so she huffed and glared up at him, “You have the floor. Oh noble one.” She mock bowed her head.
“Don't call me a noble, it's more of a harsh insult then sarcastic remark here” he reprimanded.
“Good point” she momentarily broke character as she agreed.
“Look, I know what I said to you was far out of line to you back there,” he sighed.
“An understatement,” she started, but with the blue glare he issued her she quickly smiled nervously, “But please continue,”
“You're not just some… bitch in heat or anything and I know that it wasn't your fault he was a horny bastard that couldn't keep his paws to himself,” he was rambling now….
“Speaking of paws…” Akira started and looked at the hand that gripped her arm tightly still pointedly.
“Sorry” Kiba let up his hold, only to sit down on the soft sand and drag her down with him, making sure she ended up in his lap so he could catch her quicker if she tried to flee again, “and I want to apologize for making you hurt like that. I was only snapping out of my anger that I let you go so easily into his clutches, and you could have…. You were almost…,”
Akira was blushing redder than her hair! She was in his lap and he was apologizing to her. Her orange eyes darted away from him nervously, “The thing is that he DIDN'T get that far” she reassured while looking away from him.
Kiba tugged her chin so she was facing him again. His intense blue eyes shown with an emotion that she rarely saw anymore but knew that it was something that was starting to deep root with in him, “The thing is that he almost did, and if I hadn't come when I did…. And if Jagura's damned airship hadn't shown up, though I could have done with out that” he added as an after thought, “You would have been claimed and raped against your will. And the thought that I let you get that close to something like that when I swore to Zali…. To you that I wouldn't let anything happen to you, it made my blood both boil and run cold and I was just…. Venting. Just venting”
Akira let that sink in and once again tried to hide her gaze away from his intense one, but he wasn't letting up on his hold under her chin. Her orange eyes searched his while his blue eyes also seemed to be gauging her own reaction.
“I forgive you then, if that is what you're asking of me” she finally nodded.
He sighed with relief and let out a breath he forgot he was holding, “So are you okay now?”
“Heart cheered me up before you came along” Akira smirked, “I don't have to rely on you for everything you know” she joked.
“That wouldn't be such a bad thing” he said softly while his blue eyes were suddenly transfixed to her lips.
Akira felt something stir in reaction, but what she didn't know just yet. Her own orange eyes strayed to his pale lips as well while he started to draw closer and lean his head to a tilt. Her eyes closed instinctively when she felt his light breath crease her suddenly dry lips. Her tongue darted out to wet them and he took the opportunity to snatch it with his lips. Pressing his lips against hers and gently creasing her tongue with them.
Akira's eyes shot open while she gasped in surprised and her tongue retreated immediately. Kiba's tongue followed suit and ran along her now closed lips, asking her to come back again and join him. Akira's eyes relaxed slowly once again and she moaned into his mouth and started to lean against him while opening her mouth to him once more creasing her tongue against him. Kiba growled in approval and he started to deepen the kiss by pushing his tongue pass her lips and teeth to explore her inner crevices. He started to lean back into her and slowly lowered her to lay down on her back into the sand, breaking the kiss only to gasp for air before he was on her again, loving the new taste he had found locked inside her.
This was all knew sensations for Akira, the large male wolf before didn't kiss her, he had humped her, and at first she had fleetingly imagined what she would have done if it were Kiba doing that to her. At first she was uncomfortable with that thought, but if he chose to woe her like this…. She didn't think she'd mind too much.
“AKIIIIIIRA!” Toboe called out.
Akira stilled under Kiba, but the boy above her didn't seem to heed Toboe's call. Kiba was passionately licking and nibbling along her jaw line and made his way toward her neck.
“Wasn't that Toboe?” she gasped out of breath.
“Hmn?” Didn't she know he was busy at the moment?
“AKIIIIRA? HEY ARE YOU OUT HERE?” Toboe called again.
“Leav'em alone, Pup, Kiba's with her where ever they are so you know she's not gonna be hurt” This time it was Hige, and he sounded close….
“And isn't that Hige too? What if they find us like this?” she started to get nervous just thinking about that embarrassment.
“Your point?” Kiba grumbled when she kept shrugging away from him. He let his elongated canine scrape her neck in retribution for interrupting.
“Kiba…..” she warned.
“AKI-,” Toboe's voice suddenly stopped when he spotted Kiba and Akira lying down below the bluff he had just peaked. Kiba was draped over the girl in a very compromising position and Akira's face was bright red while the elder blue eyed boy mildly glared at Toboe, “Oh…. There you are.”
“Did you find them Runt?” Hige asked coming up next to him. His eyes widened when he saw Kiba and Akira and he whistled lowly, “You're really making it up to her aren't you, Kiba? And you guys call me a horny pervert!”
“You'll be a neutered fag if you keep it up,” Kiba threatened calmly. The fact that they had just caught him and Akira didn't seem to be that big a deal other than the fact that he refused to move off her to let them see her better. His blue eyes were mildly glaring but Hige and Toboe felt a chill down their spines telling them not to approach if they wished to remain male.
“I uh…. Take it that the coast is clear?” Hige sweat dropped while he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.
“Ye- Yeah!” Akira gulped, suddenly shoving Kiba off her with a burst of strength.
Kiba yelped as he was shoved back to his haunches and Akira was up at her feet before he could even blink. She readjusted her clothing and cleared her throat, still blushing like mad.
“I thought Heart told you Kiba and I were on patrol?” she started.
“Yeah, but the runt got antsy since you were pissed at Kiba and he was afraid you'd guys get into a fight so he came out here to find you guys and then Heart and Tsume got mad at me for not stopping him, even though they were closer to him then I was at the time…” he mumbled the last part.
“Apparently….” Toboe smiled good naturedly, “You two weren't fighting and you made up?”
“Uh….” Akira's blush was back full force.
Kiba rested his hand on her crown, his thumb lightly brushing her hair that tangled around it, “That's true. We're no longer fighting. Quite opposite really.” He smirked.
“KIBA!” Akira snapped.
“So how long until we have little Kiba's howling at the moon?” Hige teased.
He got 3 bonks on the head from each of the other 3 wolves around him.
“I WAS JUST JOKING!” he whined.
Jazz sniffed the ground over the wastelands sandy dunes. His nostrils filled irritated with sand and he promptly snorted it out with a sneer on his wolf lips that curled back to flash his fangs aggravated.
“Follow them, the bastard says!” he quoted what his `Human bond brother' ordered him to do, “He wants me to follow them and attack when I see him in danger? The hell is that supposed to mean?!” he snarled. The spell bond was pushing him faster to find the prey Darcia had sent him for. He had to find and follow them before the full moon that night was high in the sky and the path to paradise would show it's self.
“Darcia plans to take her back tonight…,” Jasper narrowed his eyes. He knew what that meant; Darcia knew how to open the Noble's paradise and was going to try and use Cheza to do it.
But where did that leave Akira? Darcia knew the legend as well as anybody else with the knowledge of it and as such knew that she was required in terms of the `Red-Moon'. … … Unless the human DIDN'T in fact figure that little detail out truly and was just screwing with him so he'd behave.
“Some how I doubt that fairytale is the case” he sighed wistfully and took another whiff of his surroundings. This time, he chose to scent the air instead of the ground. His nose twitched when the familiar scent of lunar flowers and wolf graced his sensitive nostrils. His two colored eyes opened again toward the western direction; away from the rising sun behind him. That was where they were- West.
“That didn't take long” Jazz rolled his eyes and paced off toward his assignment.
The town wasn't deserted, but it was rather…. Rough looking. Shady characters seemed to be everywhere and were each giving the passing human disguised wolves their own death glare. One could tell this was another of those towns where tourism is a thing meant for books and not reality. Trash littered the streets that weren't even paved, but a dusty dirt road.
“I know this is a bad place to feel this way, but I feel so restless and excited, I can't help but smile!” Toboe exclaimed with a huge grin.
“You can say that again.” Akira agreed with her own grin that faltered slightly when a roguish thug with slicked back hair winked at her. She started crowding closer to Heart who was glaring at the guy from the other side of Akira.
It was Kiba that confronted the man before Heart had a chance to.
“She's not interested” He smirked putting an arm around her shoulders.
Akira blushed and wished the ground would just swallow her up while the other humans as well as the rest of the pack stared astonished at his attitude at the other male.
“Is that so?” the human man said doubtfully.
“I suggest you go on and head to where ever you're headed.” Kiba's blue eyes pierced a deadly promise through the man. The human shivered and nodded gruffly.
“Just passing by, Man, no need to bite my head off!” he grumbled as he shoved pass them.
“Someone's a bit cocky today.” Hige said with raised brows at Kiba who still had an arm slung around Akira's shoulders.
Kiba shrugged and started to lead on with Akira protectively tucked under his arm.
Hige sighed, “He's sure been smug since he got hot and heavy with Akira last night.” He groused half jealous, “Wasn't it just yesterday that they were avoiding each other?”
“Just Can-it” Heart snorted while she passed him and Tsume with Toboe following her closely to follow Kiba, Akira, and a brightly grinning Cheza who seemed to beam at Kiba's attitude with Akira rather than question it like the others.
“Touchy…,” Hige grinned. He couldn't help it! Tonight was the full moon! Even Heart and Tsume seemed to be a bit more energetic and happily excited today. Cheza was absolutely glowing with delight and energy as she skipped with her wolf escorts through the rough looking town.
“It makes me happy inside to see Cheza like this. Just look at her!” Akira smiled warmly.
“I know we're all hyped up because we get our strength from the full moon, but why's Cheza acting like this?” Toboe cocked his head to the side.
“On the night of the full moon, the lunar flowers will bloom and direct the way for wolves to paradise” Kiba recalled.
“You mean that Paradise is coming tonight?” Tsume seemed to perk up.
“I heard it in a legend once.” Kiba admitted.
“It makes sense with her being a lunar flower and all, plus a full moon as healthy as the one tonight's supposed to be” Heart agreed.
“Wait a second, you guys are telling me that Cheza's supposed to actually bloom tonight?” Hige asked doubtfully.
“She's supposed to do what??” Toboe had just popped back in the conversation and was confused.
“It's possible.” Akira sighed as she watched Cheza dance ahead of them.
Jasper stood on the tall bluff looking over the rundown town below. His two colored eyes narrowed on it while the wind drifted to him bringing the scent of the flower and his sister. He knew that they were down there and it was only a matter of time before…
Have you found them, my brother?
Speak of the devil….
`I have located their current location, yes' he replied with an edge in his voice of distaste.
Very good. Stay with them until I have made my appearance. You'll know what to do from there when the time is right.
`Yes, oh mighty Bastard from hell' Jazz rolled his eyes and started trotting down the slope. A dark chuckle haunted his mind.
Your humor still amuses me, my dear wolf brethren. Darcia's voice chuckled.
Jasper had never wanted to shoot himself in the head as much as he did at that point in time, yet he knew that the spell wouldn't allow him to do such a thing.
“Can you feel it?!” Heart exclaimed excitedly “I feel so ALIVE!”
The she wolf tossed her head and let her short shaggy hair blow in the breeze of the twilight sky above them. The moon was about to come out and they were all gathered near a fountain just on the deserted side of town.
Akira's eyes flashed in excitement as well as she felt her blood run hot with anticipation for the moon, “I've never really been able to get out while it was a full moon outside, but I always felt a high on a full moon. Yet this is ridiculously ….. Good feeling!” she sighed languidly.
“I mean sure, we've all seen a full moon before, but since Cheza's here it feels different, ya know?” Toboe chimed in happily from Akira's side with a happy grin plastered on.
As the Twilight faded in the horizon and the sky darkened to night with the silvery moon rising above them, Tsume bunched up his muscles before stretching out in the air to find some sort of release for his energy that suddenly burst through him like the others while the moon came out fully.
Kiba grinned at the pack he had come to be apart of and helped Cheza into the water at her request. He noticed the secretive grin on the maidens face, “Something big's about to happen” he said cryptically.
All the wolves watched Cheza while she made her way to the middle of the medium sized pool of water. Her ruby eyes were closed in pleasure while she soaked up the water and the moonlight at the same time. She seemed to glow in happiness. They all waited excitedly for what they knew was about to happen.
Cheza straightened her back so she was looking up to the sky and opened her ruby eyes to the moon. Her arms out stretched and palms upward as if she were praising it. She slowly started to twist around in a tight circle, laughing. She was dancing.
Akira couldn't contain herself any longer. She morphed wolf and started to lope around her happily while the flower maiden danced around in the water. The others caught on and followed Akira, all five of them happily running around the dancing maiden while Cheza laughed into the night. The moon's power fused through their veins.
Kiba slowed to a stop and threw back his head to let lose a tenor howl to the moon. Heart followed in suit on the other side of Cheza with her own soprano howl. Tsume and Hige let loose a low bass and baritone howl while Toboe and Akira were complimenting Altos. Cheza stopped her spinning and let loose her own cry to the moon with joy. They all sang their joy to the silver moon above them in a chorus of wolf songs.
White ears twitched from where the anxious white wolf lay on the roof of a building not far off. His blue and green eyes spied his charges below and far off out of scent range, as he carefully chose a spot downwind of them, his eyes softened at the wolf songs to the silvery moon above. His own blood riled up in response, yearning to join in. pushing himself up to a sitting stance, Jasper looked sadly up at the moon. He leaned back and let his soft voice carry through the wind to the deserts behind him as he let loose a singing howl of his own to his beloved moon.
A single tear of sorrow streaked down his downy fur under his eye as he sang his song of sorrow to the ever knowing moon above.
Green eyes lift up from their sleepy loll while Diya lifted her head and her blackened ears pointed forward curiously alert toward the large window to the far side of the suite. A beautiful sound creased her velvet ears, but it sounded so far off. Wanting to hear it more clearly, the female fox wolf yawned and slowly pushed herself up from her relaxed position strewn over her many pillows made of different firmness's her mistress Jagura had hand made for her. Looking toward the window once more before deciding to approach it, Diya only got as close to it till the light of the full moon touched her face, illuminating her bright green eyes to a haunting glow. She gazed up at it almost longingly while the soft whispered song still flittered to her, yet strengthened since she had come into the moonlight.
She was no fool, she knew what that sound was. The beauty of those voices praising the moon were her brethren and she longed to let loose her own voice to join them, but it wasn't meant for her anymore.
“My dear, sweet Diya” Jagura's sultry voice gently called to her from behind her, “What ales you so? I can sense great sorrow about you”
The wolf fox looked over her shoulder and her green eyes met with her mistress's own lavender. With out a second thought, the wolf reverted to her silver haired human form, still turned toward her mistress wistfully.
“I was….. thinking, Mistress” her melodious voice replied uncertainly.
“About what my dear?”
“My brethren” Diya said quietly.
“Oh Diya…” Jagura gracefully walked toward the pained woman and put her hands on both shoulders so Diya would look at her, “Your brethren had betrayed you. Don't you remember what they did?” she sounded sympathetic, but Diya felt the blade that had been stabbed inside her emotionally had been twisted painfully.
“I remember, my mistress” she admitted still soft as ever.
“It does you no good to go thinking of what could have been and about them. We're at this very moment seeking justice that they deserve for hurting you and so many others. These humans that pollute out earth will very soon perish with this soiled and dirtied earth. Once we open paradise, my beloved sister, we will open a new world just for us.” Jagura cupped the woman's' cheek tenderly, “I will reunite with my love and you… You will reunite with the way things used to be.”
Diya smiled a small smile to her mistress as Jagura let her hands fall from her. Diya looked up toward the moon, “After all this time, that cursed moon still calls to my blood…”
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The wolves and Cheza were silently gazing up at the moon now. Each wolf sat straight in a circle around Cheza as they all seemed to bask in the light of the moon, waiting with anticipation for what will happen next. They could all feel something was coming in the very pits of their red blood. Cheza's closed eyes opened suddenly, letting the moon reflect in her ruby eyes that saw no light of day. A shock vibrated pleasantly through all of them and Cheza smiled.
“It's time to go home, that it is” she whispered.
The wolves opened their eyes when an overwhelming floral scent came over them. One by one they took in their surroundings in amazement. Excitement and joy that was indescribable came over them when they grasped exactly what it was they were looking at; flowers.
Hundreds…. Thousands, MILLIONS of white petal lunar flowers were all around them. They seemed to create a path too!
The wolves followed slowly in awe as the path of lunar flowers stretched on to the heavens above like a staircase to heaven. Truth be known, that was exactly what it was. In the horizon, a golden light that seemed to align itself just under the moon shown brightly against the night sky illuminated by the light of the silver moon.
The wolves stood rooted in awe at what they were seeing, but Cheza just smiled at them, “Come,” she said to them while she started off at a joyful skip down the flower-made path, “Let us go home” she said.
“Oh …. My …… God” Heart gasped breathlessly. Tears were streaking down her soft black fur and her autumn red eyes were watery with joy as she slowly lifted a paw to follow the others as they started to follow in shock that Paradise was ACTUALLY here!
Akira seemed to snap out of it first, “IT'S HERE! PARADISE!” she cried out, kicking up her paws in joy as she started to bolt for the horizon, “MAMA! PAPA!” she called out.
Cheza was already running by now with Akira on her heels. Soon, the white furred Kiba was running between them. His golden gaze locked in complete abandonment of happiness on the horizon. They were joined with Toboe and Hige soon with Heart and Tsume not far behind. All were elated with feelings they've never thought possible.
Angels seemed to smile down upon the small pack while they loped through the path of flowers toward their destiny. None of them heard the high pitched noise of a familiar air ship until it was unfortunately too late to do anything about it.
A black airship hovered over the moon, blocking its lustrous beams. The illusion seemed to waver around the wolves. Cheza's happy grin was slowly leaving her in confusion when she felt the flowers around her wither and die before they simply disappeared. The group came to a slow stop in confusion as the flowers and the gate to paradise beyond the horizon slowly faded from them. Their surroundings seemed to be a barren deserted wasteland. Far from the town they had started. Above them, the shadow of the airship still loomed. Cheza's eyes widened in fear and she started to whimper.
“Darcia!” Hige shouted over the wind to the others in alarm.
“He must be here for Cheza!” Heart replied in anger. Her fangs bore up at the ship with a hissing snarl.
“We must leave here. This one no longer feels paradise here” Cheza's voice seemed to quiver in fear. Her knees gave out and she fell to the ground.
“CHEZA!” Akira gasped and tried to hold her up.
Cheza clung tightly around Akira's neck in fear. Her ruby eyes wide, “Please, Please take us away from here, Kiba” Cheza begged.
Kiba's ears lay back uncertain, and then he glared up at the airship with vengeance, “Get her out of here. Let's go!” he turned to lead them away, but an angry snarl stopped them.
Akira's orange eyes stared in horror when she saw none other than her own brother snarling at them. He didn't look as if he planned to let them pass. His wolf and human blue and green eyes leered at them almost blood thirsty. He looked half crazed with his fur bristled so wildly.
Akira tried to approach him while the other wolves took defensive positions. She lowered her head and ears and let her tail drop to a small wag to show she meant no harm, “Jasper?” she softly said. The wolf snarled louder as if he hated the name, “Jasper, please, what are you doing here?” she begged.
“Leaving so soon, my flower?” a deep voice mocked behind them as the air ship landed.
The wolves turned slightly, trying to keep both Jasper and Darcia with in their peripheral visions.
“Cheza, you were trying to lead them toward the moon before the prophecy of the blooded moon could take full effect weren't you? That wont do my dear, come with me and we shall find the true paradise together.” Darcia extended a hand.
Kiba snapped his teeth angrily and snarled while he stood between the frightened flower maiden and the half masked noble, “Don't touch her!”
“I haven't yet” Darcia said innocently, “Come to me Cheza” he took a step again, as if he meant no harm.
Heart had had enough of this man, “LEAVE HER ALONE!” she roared with an angry growl and bolted to attack. She dashed forward then leapt into the air agilely. Her teeth and claws ready to sink into the nobles flesh.
Darcia didn't even spare her a glance as a beam of energy shot out from the air ship and zapped at Heart painfully and squarely in the chest. The others watched in horror as Heart cried out in sudden pain and was deflected forcefully backwards. Her limp body tumbled to the ground at an awkward angle and the could tell she was either out cold or worse.
“HEART!” Akira and Toboe sobbed while Hige rushed over to check on her, though Tsume was already there, nudging her carefully and worriedly. Hige took one sniff at her limp body and snarled angrily when he noticed Darcia hadn't even lifted a finger!
“THAT DOES IT!” the larger wolf rumbled and charged at Darcia. Tsume double teamed with him in furry.
“I call death stroke!” Tsume called with a ferocious bark. While they charged together to try and through the defense system off. This time, two beams of energy bolted out and zapped them both to the ground much like it had with Heart. Each cry of pain and step Darcia took closer, Cheza's eyes grew wider and her fear more prominent. She was panting with anxiety now.
“It is foolishness that you wolves believe Cheza was sent here for you to go to paradise.” Darcia chuckled nonchalantly.
Akira bristled from her stupor of fear, “TAKE THAT BACK! PARADISE HAS TO BE REAL!” she snarled.
“It may just be too real, indeed, my dear” Darcia said cryptically, “Now, hand me the Flower maiden, and I shall leave what's left of your pack alive.”