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Yarisha: This is a cute story Mimishu (Adrianna) did on the relationship between the humans of old time and the wolves.
Yasuo: This is one of the only stories that isn't super long, or has some ridiculous sequel.
Kuronue: It is also unique, because it is the only one of Mimishu's stories to be published into a book. The name of it is Anthology of Short Stories by Young Americans if anyone (I doubt it) wants to pick it up and see how some people write and think!
Yasuo: It comes out in either December of 2005 or on January 30th, 2006. OH! And if you ever get the chance to be published…GO FOR IT!
Yarisha: Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters featured in this shot story. They all belong to Mimishu (Adrianna) Sagara. Even though you can come across roughly every name in one of the anime you watch/read. The storyline design is also hers.
Yasuo: Well! Here ya go!
It was another moonless night, but even so a soft light still eerily lighted the forest. All in the forest was silent, as a small two-legged creature departed from the wood. No birds sang or spoke to one another in the silence, for they were all sleeping soundly. Nor did any four-legged animals walk in the night, except for a small pack of wolves. The pack had only six wolves in it, and each wolf was a different shade of brown, black, silver, or red. The wolves padded on in absolute silence. Not even one wolf's paw snapped a twig, nor did one displace a rock concealed in the dark undergrowth. They merely appeared to be apparitions gliding across the earth, to an inexperienced eye.
They had now reached a small clearing, and had abruptly come to a halt. The largest wolf, presumably a male, turned to face the pack. His ebony colored fur shinned slightly, while his tail swayed rhythmically to his breathing. He gives a short cough and then speaks in a growl like voice. “We shall stay here the night. Kira, fetch us some wood. We will start a small fire to keep warm.” The young silver furred wolf he addressed nodded politely and set off into the wood again. A smaller more feminine crimson furred wolf moved to the center of the clearing and began to dig a hole. The three other wolves, while the ebony one paced steadily, soon joined her.
Soon after the digging had started, the silver wolf, Kira, had returned with a pile of sticks at his feet. The ebony wolf walked to him and quickly greeted him. “Where do I put the sticks, Sasuke?” Kira asked softly as he nudged the sticks with his left paw. Sasuke, the black wolf, simply showed him the opening in the middle of the clearing. They both pushed the pile into the gap and pushed a few stones around it. “Shira, can you help us start the fire?” Sasuke inquired in a sharp tone. The small crimson wolf, Shira, padded over to them quickly and opened her mouth toward the sticks. As she did this, a blast of fire shot from her mouth and into the sticks. As the fire was lit the dark clearing was lighted enough to see five paces around you. “Thank you.” Sasuke and Kira say to the female wolf.
All the wolves now gathered together in a small circle around the fire. Only a few wolves were talking openly. But even so a young wolf disturb the quiet talking by enthusiastic yelling at Shira. “Guess what, Shira! I heard that the birds spotted another one of those two-legged creatures exit the western forest last night!” A medium sized chocolate furred male wolf practically screamed at Shira. She simply chuckled. “Really, Kouji, what did Mimi say this monster looked like?” She questioned as she laid on her stomach. Kira pushed another branch into the fire as Kouji began to speak again. “Mimi said that this one had longer hair on its head and that it was shorter and stouter and it was wearing what she thought were several leaves, that had been tinted. Sometimes, though, I think she is just making this up!” At that Kouji stomped his paw on the ground in annoyance. A second female wolf the color of silver laid down next to Shira and yawned. “You realize there have been a lot of those sightings lately. I don't entirely believe she is making this up. If she is, well, she has got a fantastic imagination.”
Kouji huffs at her as Shira giggles softly at the wolf's comment. “Yes, well, what would you say if she was making it up, Kashi?” He retorted defensively. Kashi rolled her eyes and turned her head toward another red wolf sitting next to Kira. “Shinji, will you tell Kouji the story you told me about these monsters?” Shinji stayed silent as he stared at the space between his paws. Kouji laughed at her failed attempt to catch his attention. She instantly growled at him and turned back to Shinji. “Shinji!” She shrieked at him. “What?” He answered curtly back. “Can you tell Kouji, Kira, and Sasuke the story you told Shira and I about? You know about the…humans?” She had a hard time forming the utterance `human' in her mouth since it was different from any words she was use to. He finally glances up at her and stared blankly, as if he was deciding on if it was truly a fine idea to tell them. She waited silently, if not patiently, for him to reach a conclusion. Kouji and Kira chuckle slightly as Kashi begins to get annoyed and agitated. Kashi growls at them, and they are instantly hushed and attempt to behave. Kashi looks back to Shinji and stares at him with big puppy eyes. Shinji sighs, conquered by Kashi's persistent pouting. Shinji lies down and gets prepared to tell the story. Shinji coughs slightly and then begins.
“Long ago, a secret race as old as time itself lived in this forest, called Dark Wood. They were our ancient ancestors. In this forest they lived and defended all animals including those as insignificant as mice. They slept by day and hunted by dark. For a time all was peaceful. Until a new race enter the wood, and began to cut down all trees and take plants, like flowers and sage. Later on, as they stalked these beings they found that they were called humans. The humans stood on two legs and their fronts `paws' were used to hold objects. They only had hair on their heads, and no claws at all. Soon these humans moved out of the forest, but no sooner did they leave did chaos erupt. The territories of the animals were already ruined, and almost destroyed completely. All that were left of the trees were meager twigs, and a woodland floor covered in leaves and what was once undergrowth. One day when the youngest of our ancestors went out hunting, he was confronted by the great goddess Pan, the god of nature, and was told to either find the humans who had destroyed the forest and kill them or spare them. `I will revive the trees and plants you miss and need so much, my son. Tell your pack nothing of this meeting, and remember this. If you fail to choose the right path you will be forsaken by all earthly beings.' With that she disappeared into the ground beneath her. Nymphs, female spirits of nature, who had been watching the engagement, were in an uproar.
They told the young wolf, `You must tell the elder! We are nothing but beings of Mother Earth ourselves. We have no right to take the lives of others.' The young wolf went back to his pack and told them nothing, but he did however seek the elder's consulting, as the nymphs had advised. The elder stared hard at him and told him to visit the strange beings and make peace. `The Earth will be fine. Let them help restore our territories without it being tainted by the blood of others.' The wolf did as he was told and confronted the humans. He told them of what concerned him. They, though it shocked them to see such beasts talking, listened intently. `We took your plants to build shelters and to heal diseases. We are sorry we took all that you needed. We shall help you restore your homes.' They said to him. The young wolf, still wary of his choice, brought the humans back with him, and side-by-side they planted tree seeds and plants. The humans told them, `every new generation shall take form your forest only what we need and then come plant seeds in return.' Soon after the wolf, again, found Pan, and was told he made the right decision. He lived and then died at an old age, and now every year the humans come back once again to help restore the wood.”
Kira was smiling openly at Shinji as he finished. Kouji looked surprised at the story and then looked at Kashi who was smirking at him. He scowled and turned back to Shinji. “I guess that would explain all the sightings… So maybe they don't want to harm us or something.” Sasuke smiled at Kouji and Kashi. “If he knows that maybe he is not to dense.” Everyone laughs, expect Kouji. Shira shifts and lays her head on her front paws. “I believe we need to rest. We have to hunt for food tomorrow or will shall go hungry.” Everyone agrees and huddles together for warmth. As they fall asleep by the dimming fire light and dream about humans and goddess. They sleep only till the warmth of the sun touches their fur and rouses them.
Yarisha: Well there ya go! I just hate that it leaves you hanging! And it's so short.
Yasuo: It had to be 1,500 words or less. OR COURSE, it's short.
Kuronue: I think it's just an odd story, but the fact Mimishu did it is surprising. Since she doesn't like writing much.
All: You aren't a wolf, Youko!!!
Youko: SO!
Yarisha: Sigh Whatever. In any case, we hope to hear your opinions!
Kuronue: But go easy! Mimishu is only 12 and has issues taking criticism. So no flames!
Yasuo: Thanks for reading!
Yarisha: See ya next time!
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