Wolf's Rain Fan Fiction ❯ Rememberance ❯ Returning home ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

I don't own Tsume Bonez does to bad.

Tsume was walking through the oddly familiar forest. The others were walking up ahead with Cheza. Passing a cliff, Tsume suddenly recognize the place. 'This was home, before Arianna...' He shook his head, this wasn't the time to be remembering her. Especially if his old pack was still around. Up ahead Hige stole a glance back. "Hey guys, I wonder what's wrong with Tsume." "Yeah he sure looks sad about something." Toboe was naturally worried about the lone wolf. "It's his pro..huh?" Kiba turned at a vicious growl.

Tsume froze at that sound. It brought back memories of his father, Arianna, and his exile that his father did not authorize. Turning slightly, he saw a large grey wolf with a tan undercoat just about ready to rip his throat out. Tsume glance back at the others finally noticing that Kiba was growling back at the older wolf.

Mace was furious. He had convinced Jace to let him go hunting alone, which was hard considering that he was told that Tsume had ran off and was dead. But he had to run into the little asshole that had caused Ariannna's death. "Kiba stay out of this." Growled out Tsume. "You plan on killing another pup, Tsume?" Mace enjoyed the flash of pain that went through Tsume's eyes. "I didn't kill Arianna!" Mace's eyes flashed with anger and he jumped at the younger wolf.

Jace was moping plain and simple. His pup, Tsume, had been missing for three years. Mace had claimed that he was dead, however Mace didn't smell as if he had came across Tsume's body. Suddenly a familiar scent crossed with four different ones and blood passed in front of his nose. Tsume! It was Tsume. Jace took off towards the scent hoping that he wasn't to late.

Kiba was in front of Cheza trying to protect her from the crazed wolf's attack. Toboe was trying to be brave, and Hige was already down for the count. Tsume was getting back to his feet, when Mace had noticed Toboe again. He decided to hurt the wolf the way he was hurt. Tsume stared in horror, knowing that there was no way any of them could get to Toboe in order to save him. In the next second, Mace was rolled off his feet.

Kiba, Toboe, and Cheza all watched as a black wolf stood there with a snarl. "I told you that Tsume was not to blame for that accident. If you need to blame anyone blame yourself." Jace then turned his eyes to the sight he had thought that he would never see again. Tsume cringed and met his father's eyes right before he passed out from the wound to his side.