Wolf's Rain Fan Fiction ❯ While I Cry ❯ Prologue ( Chapter 1 )

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While I cry
Siobahn McClintock
Phelia cringed in the corner as her master beat her with the belt. Her black fur coming off with every whip. She had her tail between her legs and was looking up at him with her blue eyes.
He stopped whipping her and grabbed her by the neck and hauled her into his car.
He drove a while away and dumped her off into the woods. She looked back behind her and finally ran off into the trees.
She heard him step on the accelerator, and ran deep into the forest.
She was glad and happy to get away from him.
Her black fur shining from the sun in between the trees. She walked a well away and padded towards a river brook.
She took a drink, her ears kept up and alert. She heard a howl, not to far away and looked up to see a light brown wolf running towards her. She held her ground.
She blinked and saw a boy with short cut brown hair coming towards her. He was wearing olive green jeans and a red shirt.
She blinked again and saw the same brown wolf coming towards her. He had a set of silver bracelets on his right paw and a very unique eye colour, Yellowish-brown.
He padded up towards her and licked her cheek in a welcoming way. She drew her teeth back into a snarl and barked at him.
"What do you want,wolf?" She asked him while taking a few steps back.
He looked at her and answered her question. "I just wanna play." He said while laying on his forepaws and watching her.
She sniffed him and said "I don't know what to do. But sure I'll play with you." She started to run and he started chasing her.
She jumped over a rotting log and hid well away from him, behind a bush.
She kept low but felt hot breath coming from behind her ear. She turned her head and saw a massive grey coloured wolf staring her down.
She jumped from the bushes and saw two new wolves beside the brown coloured one. There was a light brown timber wolf with the brown one.
She looked to the other one which was a beautiful white wolf with yellow eyes.
She turned to see the grey coloured wolf coming at her. He shouldered her and she stumbled back and fell over a log.
She looked up to see a hand and she reached up and took it. But her hand wasn't the same dog paw as it was a second ago. She looked down and saw herself wearing a black shirt and black jeans.
Her hair was dark brown and very short.
She staggered and looked at her feet and walked over to the river and looked to see her reflection.
A girl's face was looking back at her and she looked toward the brown coloured wolf and saw him in human form again.
The white wolf had dark brown hair and was wearing blue jeans with a grey jacket.
The light brown boy was wearing a black collar, blue jeans and a yellowish-orange coat.
The grey wolf, the guy had white-silverish hair and was wearing an open vest and black leather jeans.
"What is going on?" She asked while looking at the same brown wolf-boy from before.
He just looked puzzled and then introduced himself and his friends.
"I'm Toboe and this is Kiba," he pointed towards the blue jacketed guy." Hige, and Tsume." He pointed towards the one with the collar and the badass looking one.

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