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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Author's Note:I don't own anything or anyone. But I have a thing for Baskin Robbins ice cream and cheesy ass commercials. Do not read if you're not into drag (Crossdressing). Feedback's greatly appreciated. :-)
Before their supershow tonight, the founding members of DX decided to make a trip to the town's Baskin Robbins. Their mouths were drooling over that large cone with the chocolate coating, and it was cheap, too. They went up to the cashier, and said, "One chocolate covered vanilla ice cream cone please...with...SPRINKLES!!"
The cashier, who was a teenager chewing bubblegum and in braids rolled her eyes as she placed the Cosmopolitan magazine down and gave them their order, and once she saw Shawn's receding hairline peeking from his ponytail and Hunter's pectoral muscles seeping from his shirt, she gave Hunter more sprinkles. "Uh, miss?" asked the Heartbreak Kid. "You forgot to add more to--
"Store policy," she rudely replied, popping her bubblegum and turned to her magazine.
They paid the teen cashier and went on their merry way, but Shawn was still upset. "That girl was rude!" he whined to his friend, jumping up and down like a toddler. "I didn't do nothing to her! HOW COME YOU GOT MORE SPRINKLES?!"
The Game licked his ice cream cone. "Dunno," he said. "Calm down, Shawn. It's not my fault I still have all of my hair."
Shawn gasped. He can't believe Hunter went there. Again.
"I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO NOT MENTION IT!" The Heartbreak Kid shrieked so loud everyone on the street could hear him throwing a tantrum like a five-year-old. "THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH MY HAIR!!"
Later that night, Shawn went to his hotel room mirror and gasped at the almost receeding hairline. He had an idea, and he was going to get his share of sprinkles. He went into the Baskin Robbins shop the next morning, but not in his usual cowboy hat, shirt, and jeans. No. He came out wearing his wife's favorite dinner gown, leggings, a long blond wig, his wife's favorite stiletto heels (His toenails painted red), and he was also wearing a black stuffed bra (To resemble a D cup) and panties. His face was pancaked in makeup and rouge all over, looking like a crack whore.
The teenage cashier was on duty today, and once again, the Heartbreak Kid said, "One chocolate covered vanilla cone please...with...SPRINKLES!"
Once again, the cashier rolled her eyes, popping her bubblegum away, and gave him his order, but this time, no sprinkles.
"Maybe you didn't hear me," Shawn continued, slowly picking up the hem of the gown and showing the girl his leg.
The gum dropped from the girl's mouth as she added another scoop to his ice cream. "I want..." he continued, this time, slowly stripping the top of the gown, showing the lacy, black bra. “...My....sprinkles!"
Suddenly, the teenage cashier poured a large scoop of sprinkles over the ice cream cone and gave it to the Heartbreak Kid, then fanned herself with the magazine and said, "It's on the house."
Slowly, Shawn strutted his way to the door, where Hunter came in and noticed his DX buddy in drag. "Shawn?" he asked.
The Heartbreak Kid wrapped his tongue around the heavily sprinkled ice cream cone, causing the King of Kings to...