X/1999 Fan Fiction / Yami No Matsuei Fan Fiction ❯ Requim ❯ Awakening ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

By: Lacus Klein

Disclaimer: All characters property of their respective owners. I'm just writing because I like to.

Chapter Three


"So now it's our job to fix their mistake?"

Tsuzuki looked up from his coffee cup as he and Hisoka sat at the small outdoor cafe and watched the people go by.

"Security was suppose to be tight. They probably wouldn't have been able to stop this if they'd seen it happening." Hisoka told him.

Tsuzuki sighed. "We're talking about one of the most powerful pyschics who ever lived. What are we suppose to do when we find him. Just say "We're taking you back" or something?" he said.

Hisoka looked away. "That's the least of our worries right now. Something's not right about all of this." he muttered.

"What is it?" Tsuzuki asked. He could see in Hisoka's eyes that there was something more he was thinking about.

Hisoka sighed. He'd been worried since that meeting the night before. Having such a powerful soul disappear was once thing, but what about the reactions about Myobi? He clearly sensed something from Watari and Tatsumi when it was mentioned. And it wasn't mourning her death. This mourning was different. Shaking his head, he made himself look back at Tsuzuki. "Something just doesn't feel right. It's as though there's more to it then any of us realizes yet." he said quietly.

Tsuzuki nodded. "I agree." he said, getting up and leaving some money.

The two walked in silence downtown. But inside, both were thinking about the same things. Tsuzuki was unusually somber, and Hisoka had taken notice. Finally, he spoke up. "Tsuzuki, do you think Myobi may have something to do with this?" he said softly.

The question caught Tsuzuki off guard for a moment, and he stopped. Hisoka looked up at him, trying to read his expression. After forty years of being together, he'd gotten to know his eyes the best. Tsuzuki seemed tense now. "I'm... not sure." he finally said.

"You're lying. You think so just like I do." Hisoka said, starting to walk again with his hands in his pockets.

Tsuzuki quickly caught up. "So, you think she's part of this too then." he said.

"I know somehow. I don't think Myobi's dead Tsuzuki." Hisoka admitted quietly.

"I know." Tsuzuki admitted. "Neither do I."

Hisoka felt an arm around his shoulders, rubbing gently and soothingly. He had to sigh. At least Tsuzuki understood. He always seemed to be able to understand. Hisoka leaned against him slightly, enjoying the closeness. Before Tsuzuki, he'd never wanted to be close to anyone. But he'd changed everything. And Hisoka loved him more then he thought he ever could.

A sudden feeling made both of them stop. "What's that?" Hisoka said as they eased apart.

Tsuzuki looked around, trying to pinpoint it. It was an ominous feeling, as though something was staring right at them. That something wasn't feeling friendly towards them either. Finally, he stopped it. A black shape moving over one of the rails of stairs in a nearby building. Hisoka saw it too and both ran after it.

The shape was fast and quickly disappeared into the shadows. The building itself was old and looked abandoned. Tsuzuki stopped, putting an arm out to keep Hisoka by him. The feeling was still there. Out of the darkness, two red eyes stared back at them. "Who are you?" Tsuzuki yelled.

Suddenly, there were three other pairs of eyes looking at them from all around. The two back together. Hisoka felt the emotion sweep through him. "Someone else is here. Someone's controlling this." he said.

"You have powers. I don't like that. People with powers can be a danger to plans." a female voice said out of the darkness.

"What?" Tsuzuki turned to where the voice came from. A white hand laid on the wall in the soft light through the cracks of windows. "Who are you?" he asked.

A young girl slowly stepped forward. Her long white blond hair almost glowed in the soft cracks of light. Leaning against the wall, she watched them intently. "My name isn't of importance here. What is more is what you think you're doing looking in here." she said.

"Are you the one who took Kamui Shiro's soul?" Tsuzuki asked her.

The girl ran a nail down the wooden doorframe. "How odd. How would you know of Kamui? Did you come for him?" she said softly. She seemed to remain indifferent, as the red eyes continued to stare. Soft growls echoed in the walls.

Hisoka's eyes widened. These feelings, he thought. These emotions. They're so familiar. Could it be?

"Who are you? Why are you doing this?" Tsuzuki asked her.

"Tsuzuki!" Hisoka said, grabbing his arm. "It's her! Myobi!"

"Myobi?" Tsuzuki whispered.

Myobi's eyes narrowed. "You know me? Well, how inconvient." she said, stepping forward and away from them. She walked over towards the door that lead outside.

"Myobi wait! We can take you home. Your parents will want to have you back." Tsuzuki told her.

"My parents?" Myobi scoffed. She turned and looked over her shoulder at them. "Please. I have no family. I am a black sheep."

With that, she walked out. And just as suddenly, the eyes and growls disappeared. Tsuzuki and Hisoka hurried out, but there was no sign of Myobi. "Damn. She's gone!" Tsuzuki said.

Hisoka sighed, leaning back against the railing. "I knew it. She is alive." he whispered.

"Looks like we'll have to tell the others. She definately the one who took Kamui's soul." Tsuzuki said, looking back over at him.

"Not everyone. This is a real problem Tsuzuki." Hisoka said.

"Huh?" Tsuzuki said, looking over at him.

"One problem. Isn't she suppose to be dead?"

************************************************************************ ***********************

Myobi lovingly parted the pieces of the cocoon and pulled the young boy out. Wet and sticky, he was still semi-consicious. "So beautiful, even at birth." Myobi whispered, taking a towel and wiping his face.

Nearby, Lucky finished tearing the cocoon so that he could get out. "Lovely." he said, walking back over.

Laying Kamui's head in her lap, Myobi wiped him dry and gently held him. "Welcome to your new birth, Kamui." she whispered.

************************************************************************ ***********************

"Myobi's alive?"

Konoe looked around the the shinigami sitting at the table. Tsuzuki and Hisoka nodded. "We both saw her. And she acknowledged her name." Hisoka told him.

"And you're sure it was Myobi?" Konoe said.

"Yes. The emotions were the same." Hisoka said.

Watari looked down. By him, Tatsumi remained quiet. Konoe sighed. "Well, this makes the situation worse. So she's the one who took Kamui's soul?" he said.

"You two don't look too surprised." Terazuma said, looking over at them.

"Quiet Terazuma. Right now, we have more important matters to deal with." Konoe told him.

"Why should we be quiet about it? They're the ones who created her in the first place. And they hid that she wasn't destroyed after having a shinigami nearly killed!" Terazuma said.

Konoe stood up, slamming his hand on the table. "I said that's enough!" he yelled.

The group sat back, a bit stunned by the sudden burst of anger. Watari looked over at him, trying to sort out why. Could he be upset over what happened years ago like everyone else? he wondered.

"Regardless of the past, you're forgetting that Myobi was a young child when all of that took place. We don't know what happened in these last fourteen years or what she's become. Our only option now is to find her and try to sort this mess out. Whether it be good or bad, it's our job." Tatsumi told them.


After Notes: Okay, so I guess this is getting interesting now, huh? Tatsumi and Watari aren't taking this as well as they seem to be, just for a heads up. So what are the shinigami going to do once they find her? Well, you'll find out soon!