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Chapter 19: Relatively True

It was already night time when they got to Kurt's parents house. Kitty was only able to catch a few words of what they were saying, something about rest and something about talking in the morning. There was something about a party, something about family, something about friends and it was all spoken with such excitement. Kitty could only conclude that they were planning to celebrate Kurt's visit, though he was there on business, so they couldn't hang around for too long, but maybe they could take a short break after they talked to the potion maker. Tomorrow, first thing in the morning they would get on it, but for the time being, they would rest.

The luggage was set aside and Kitty looked around the room she and Kurt were currently in. His parents had said a few words of good night and closed the door on their way out, leaving them alone there. Kurt looked like he had something to say, but his parents kept speaking in reassuring tones with smiles upon their faces and wouldn't let him get a word in. There was something about being happy for him, something about not needing to excuse himself and something about love. "Is this your room?" Kitty curiously inquired, taking in every detail of it.

"Yes..." Kurt replied, the purple tint still present on his face. "Um... Kitty..."

Kitty wasn't sure why he was so uneasy. The way his parents acted, and more so Kurt's reactions, made her wonder what that was about. "What were your parents saying before? I couldn't catch anything beyond a few words and it wasn't enough to piece together a message."

"Well..." Kurt shifted somewhat embarrassed. "They were talking about a wedding at the church..."

"Oh?" Kitty smiled. "You have a relative or friend who is getting married? I don't think I packed anything proper to wear at a wedding, but maybe we can still find nice clothes. We should get up early and talk to Potion," as the mutant was most often called, "then once the mission is done we can like focus on the festivities for a little while. I hope everything goes well and Potion helps us. By the way, like where should I sleep?"

A small moment of silence passed until Kurt finally explained. "Actually, they were planning our wedding... Because they think we're already legally married, so they want to have a ceremony for us too and that's also why they roomed us together." Kitty's jaw dropped and she was unable to produce any words, so Kurt continued filling in the silence. "You told them you were my wife and they were upset about missing the ceremony. When I tried to tell them there was no ceremony, they just assumed that we had only been married legally. I tried to explain, but they just kept telling me it was okay and that they would arrange everything so we could have a," he quoted, "beautiful wedding ceremony surrounded by friends and family."

When Kitty finally recovered the ability to speak all that she could say was, "wow," as her face turned red.

"I guess I should go downstairs and explain..." Kurt offered unsure.

"Well, it's kind of like late... how about we talk to them in the morning." She glanced around the room. "I guess I could still stay here, I mean it's like when we fell asleep on the couch at the institute. There's nothing wrong with it if it's like that, right?"

Though Kurt was still blushing from the whole misunderstanding, he agreed, "yeah, I guess you're right."

xoxox xox xoxox

When the morning did come, Kitty and Kurt woke to the sounds of many voices downstairs. When they went to see what that was about, they were greeted with many congratulations and well wishes. Kurt's parents knew he and his wife were busy with X-Men official missions, though they imagined them to be busier than they actually were. Thus they decided to take all of the wedding planning into their own hands. Everything was set to take place on that very night. Kurt and Kitty were speechless, even more so when they saw Logan approaching them along with Ororo. With the excuse of discussing official business, Storm and Wolverine took Kitty and Kurt outside away from the euphoria that was barely contained inside the house.

"Alright you two, time for an explanation." Logan demanded once they were far enough from the house not to be heard. Kurt and Kitty, who still couldn't believe how out of proportion the whole misunderstanding had gotten, could only shifted unsure and stare at their feet. How could they even begin to explain this? "Listen," Logan continued with disapproval heavy in his voice. "I don't care if you two want to get married, I think you're a bit young for that, but maybe I'm just old fashioned. If you want to get married, then get married. But couldn't you wait until this whole thing with Revolution was done and over with? We sent you out on a mission, not an elopement."

Kurt's face turned completely purple as his red blush mixed with his blue fur. "But nothing happened..." he stammered.

"I don't care if nothing happened, or something happened, or what happened, the point is that now's not the time for this," Logan scolded. "I'm disappointed, I thought I could trust you two more then this and if you couldn't handle focusing on the mission instead of on a secret elopement, then maybe you really are too young to be married." Not even Kitty's sad kitten eyes were enough to soften Logan's tone... at least not immediately. A long silence passed, during which Kitty and Kurt continued to stare at their feet not daring to breathe a word. Finally, Logan spoke once more, "I'll be taking care of the negotiations and I'll try to make it back on time to attend the wedding ceremony tonight," he turned to leave.

"What?" Kurt and Kitty exclaimed simultaneously, as they, for the first time during the whole conversation, lifting their gazes from the ground.

Ororo shook her head hopelessly. "That's not the kind of speech I had in mind," she admitted.

Logan shrugged, "I do think they're too young and I disapprove of the timing, but I have nothing against the union itself."

"Well, I don't want to separate them either, but," Ororo turned from looking at Logan to face Kitty and Kurt. "I doubt they're ready for marriage."

Before Kurt or Kitty could say anything, Hank, wearing an image inducer just in case, approached with Xavier. "I'm listening," the professor stated simply.

"Um... well..." Kitty shifted uncomfortably, unable to explain. "It was kind of my fault..." She made a long pause. "Could you just... you know, like get it?" She pointed at her head.

Xavier nodded, "if you don't mind." Having been given permission to look into Kitty's thoughts for the explanation that she was unable to voice, the professor finally understood. "I see... So it was all an innocent misunderstanding after all, one that was clearly blown out of proportions. But the longer you wait to clear things up, the harder it will be."

Kurt frowned, his expression saddening at the thought. "My parents and our friends will be so disappointed if we tell them we're not really married." Another long pause followed, "but it's not like we can... be married... right?"

Kitty felt that all eyes were on her as her face turned scarlet. "Why not?" She froze, surprised at her own words. "We could like tell them that there's like too much going on and that we appreciate their efforts, but too many of our friends would be unable to attend the ceremony if we have it now. We could tell them we'll have it after we finish some business that we're taking care of."

The question hung in the air as to how they would handle that afterwards. "Right, and we can call this an engagement party, or a late engagement party from their point of view." Kurt joked, trying to get back into a light mood, even if such a choice of actions could only make things more mixed up.

"Right..." Kitty agreed.

Not fully informed about what was going on, Hank nodded his approval. "Have a nice long engagement, until you're truly ready. Then we'll all be there to congratulate you on your wedding day."

xoxox xox xoxox

With the misunderstanding solved, sort of, negotiations were conducted with Potion by Logan and Ororo. Potion was a grandmotherly old lady who looked quite normal and didn't give off any indications of actually being a mutant. Her hair was white and her eyes a gentle blue. Her house was filled with handmade crafts, cushions and stuffed animals. She had the tendency to refer to those younger than her, which meant the large majority of people as she was a hundred and twenty, by terms of endearment such as 'dear.' Though when wanting to emphasize a point or express disagreement, she would use words such as 'missy' or 'boy.'

"Sit straight, boy," she told Logan while he tried to balance himself among the overload of cushions and stuffed animals that occupied the couch where he and Ororo were offered a seat. "Have some cookies and my special tea, oh, no no, I won't take no for an answer, it's good for you and it taste like sugar," in fact too sweet in Logan's opinion. "The fate of the world, I don't care if the fate of the galaxy is at stake, missy," she had replied when Ororo tried to explain why her cooperation was so important.

"So you're just going to let Shield handle things and get all the credit?" Logan baited, knowing that she didn't like the organization very much.

"Oh boy, you certainly know how to rile people, don't you? Listen here boy, I intend to let them go over their heads and once they've drowned, then I'll do something about it," the old woman stubbornly declared. "Liars the bunch of them, greater good my foot, you don't trick people even if it is to save the world and you don't go back on your word regardless of how the situation changes." Though she didn't speak of the specifics, it was clear she was very strict, completely inflexible in fact, with honesty and promises, with absolutely no room for exceptions, not even for the fate of the planet.

"What about the innocent people?" Ororo insisted.

"You can't save every innocent in the world," Potion spoke with a definitive tone. "Now, now, let's end this argument here, I must prepare to attend a wedding turned engagement party tonight. Although my understanding is that they are already legally married. Here I thought engagements came first then the documents and the ceremony almost at the same time, but no, I guess you young dears are doing things differently now."

"Could you perhaps be talking about Kurt Wagner?" Ororo inquired.

"Oh my stars, yes dear!" Potion clapped her bony hands together. She paused and glanced at the shifting Logan, "sit up straight boy," then continued to speak to Ororo. "A good boy that Kurt is, young as he might be, I'm sure the dear makes a great husband. I can't wait to meet his darling wife. I hear they're both with you guys," meaning the X-Men. "But I'm sure they don't participate on those none sense Shield joint ventures, oh no, it's the X-Men only for that darling boy and his sweet wife."

Logan and Ororo exchanged looks with plotting in their eyes. Deceiving as their plan was, they were willing to bend the truth for the sake of saving the world. "That's just it," Logan interjected. "We can't compete with Shield without your assistance."

"That's right, they have their technology, but what antidote do we have?" Ororo added. "They'll outshine us."

Potion huffed, "no they won't! Break free and work alone, outshine them!" She paused, realizing what she was walking into. "I'll entrust my potion of protection against mind control only to Kurt, such an honest boy he is. I've known him since he was little, always a dear sweet boy. Do send him over and tell him to bring his wife! Her name was, I had been told... Katherine Pryde, yes? Honestly, I haven't had the time to research her, but I'm sure she's trustworthy and has no past with Shield if Kurt chose her. Unlike you, boy," she huffed at Logan with disapproval, adding in an exasperated tone, "and for Heaven's sake, sit up straight!"

"I would if I didn't have to share my seat with a zoo." Logan growled, referring to the many stuffed animals around him.

Ororo cleared her throat and decided that it was time to exchange goodbyes. She assured that they would send Kurt and Kitty over... and they would make sure the proper marriage documentations were in place too, because Potion was stubborn enough not help them if she was deceived, even if it was by accident.

That was how Kurt and Kitty ended up signing up for a legal marriage for the sake of saving the world, though honestly, even if the twist shocked them, their so called sacrifice didn't really seem to bother them.

To be Continued

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