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Warnings: angst, hinted shounen-ai.
Pairings: ?/? See if you can figure out who they are.
Notes: I suppose the timeline of this would be before the games. Just slightly before. Short one-shot.
He shivered at the touch of the other's hand on his cheek.
“Why do you shiver? You've never thought me repulsive before.”
The one who shivered didn't answer for several long seconds, closing his eyes and turning his head away.
“You've changed.”
This statement brought confusion flittering across the other males face.
“Changed? I've changed?”
“Yes. You're different.”
“Different? You speak lies. I have not changed.”
Sorrowful eyes met his.
“Yes, you have. You aren't the kind, gentle person you once where. You aren't the person I've loved for all these years.”
“Loved in place of the one you lost, you mean?”
“See? You've become so bitter.”
This drew a laugh from the other, a mocking, bitter laugh. The other shook his head, laughing at the younger.
“Who do you think made me this way? If you hadn't been with her all that time, then maybe I wouldn't be this way now.”
“Don't you dare blame it on her!” Anger flared up in the expressive orbs. Hands clenched into fists.
The elder smirked, drawing closer and placing a hand on the other's cheek again. This brought about another shiver.
“I will blame it on whoever I want. She won't stand in my way of making you mine. You belong to me now, or did you forget?”
The younger shook his head, a few tears leaking from his eyes. This wasn't how things were supposed to be.
“You'll only become more twisted,” he whispered. “You've become so cold…”
A resounding slap echoed in the room.
“It's your entire fault, you know,” the elder whispered, an evil smirk twisting his features. “If there is anyone to blame, you can only blame yourself.”
Then the elder turned and left the room, leaving the younger all alone.
“You have no idea how much I blame myself…” he whispered, standing there crying. “I cannot love you anymore…”
-End one-shot-
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