Xenosaga Fan Fiction ❯ Xenosaga halloween (yes I know it's late) ❯ Halloween ( Chapter 1 )

[ A - All Readers ]
Albedo - Teddy bear Sylvia - psychopath
chaos - Devil Erin - mouse
Canaan - clown
Wilhelm - Angel
Gaignun - Vampire Elsa - cat
Jr. - superman Rita - super girl
MOMO - paranoid mental patient Ziggy - Robot
Jin - normal person
Mina - librarian
Shion - Radish
Allen - tomato
KOS-MOS - secret agent Hammer - Hammer
Yuriev - Gaignun Tony - Dog ~ Dalmatian

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------

It was 5:00 on the Kukai foundation when four strange people walked up to the room belonging to the founder Gaignun Kukai. In the room the group awaited. Tony, Hammer, KOS-MOS, Allen, Shion, Jin, Ziggy, MOMO, Jr., Canaan, chaos, and of course Gaignun. All in all, it was cramped.
“Why exactly did Erin and Elsa call us all to meet here?” Shion hissed being squeezed between Jin and KOS-MOS.
“Shion, just don’t ask.” Tony replied from over between Hammer and the wall. A knock came on the door and the entire room of people all looked at the only free soul in the room. Jr.
“What?” he asked at the looks.
“Jr. you’re the only one small enough to squeeze through.” Jin said in a matter of fact tone.
“What? MOMO is smaller than I am.” Jr. defended.
“True, but she doesn’t look to well.” Allen responded. Jr. began to fight through the people to get to the door while muttering and groaning at the same time. When he opened the door everyone turned to the four strange girls. A grey mouse with black hair, a black cat with brown hair, a blonde librarian, and redheaded super girl. Each girl had three boxes varying in size. Gaignun, Jin, and chaos all squished over to Jr. at the door.
“What are you four up to?” Jin asked suspicious.
“Oh nothing.” Mina replied as she released a hand to push up her librarian glasses.
“Shion, MOMO, KOS-MOS. I need you three to come help me with something.” Mina shouted over Jin’s shoulder. The three girls all shoved their way out as Rita glared at MOMO. And in response MOMO jumped in fear hiding behind KOS-MOS. Rita giggled evilly.
“Can you quit that Rita.” Jr. scowled.
“Ok.” Rita smiled. She was of coarse crossing her fingers.
“Ok, Now we need to separate you all.” Elsa said looking over them all.
“ I have Jr., Jin and Ziggy.” Rita said looking at the tags on the boxes.
“What do you mean “Have” us?” Ziggy asked the young realian dressed in blue, red, and yellow.
“I have something for you three. Come on, lets go.” Rita said walking away. Jr. and Ziggy exchanged glances as Jin smirked. They all did as they were told though.
“Who do you have Erin?” Elsa asked her. Erin eyed her boxes.
“I have….Tony…Canaan… and chaos.” She smiled and heightened her pitch for the final name. Canaan sighed in annoyance.
“What are we doing?” He asked in a more so commanding tone.
“You’ll just have to wait and see.” Erin smiled as she handed each of the three a box.
“Follow me and don’t peek.” Erin commanded as she took hold of both chaos and Canaan with Tony trailing behind. Gaignun eyed the last girl. The black cat.
“What exactly are in those boxes?” He asked looking at them. Elsa looked at him.
“Wait and see.” She handed each of the remaining a box.
“Now go and change.” she demanded as Gaignun, Hammer, and Allen all went back into the room.

------------------------------------------------------and hour later--------------------------------------------------------------

Everyone had went from where ever they were dragged, to the Derandal. The decided meeting place. Most everyone was confused. But Jin was smiling greatly.
“Erin. What exactly are we wearing?” chaos asked the grey mouse that was standing by his side.
“Costumes. It’s an old tradition from Ear….Lost Jerusalem.” She said. Each and every person had a costume. Except MOMO and Jin.
“Rita, Mina, how exactly did those two get away with no costumes?” Both Erin and Elsa asked at the same time.
“MOMO’s was too big. The corps dress kept falling off her shoulders. I think Rita got the wrong size.” Mina looked at Rita.
“So I thought she was bigger. And Jin’s was somehow torn.” Rita explained while Mina, Erin, and Elsa all glared at the Samurai.
“Jin, go find a costume of your own.” Elsa glared.
“MOMO, I think you could pass as a costume the way you are.” Erin giggled. MOMO sighed in irritation. chaos covered Erin’s mouth before she could say anymore. Erin just glared at him. Chaos smiled in return.
He removed his hand.
“Damn, my only weakness.” She huphed and glanced around the room. The doors opened as Jin walked in wearing Jeans and a t-shirt with runners.
“How exactly is that a costume?” Allen asked.
“With Jin’s normal Samurai outfit, It is a costume.” Mina sighed as every one aside from MOMO and KOS-MOS laughed.
“Ok. We have been tampering with the lights slightly.” Erin started.
“What have you four done?” chaos asked her.
“It was only Elsa and I.” Erin smiled in return.
“Sho. Why am I a wampire?” Gaignun struggled to talk with his fake fangs. Erin and Elsa laughed at his speech problem.
“Because it looks good on you and it works with the Boogie Cat.” Elsa laughed. The door began to open as a psychopath walked in. they all stared confused as to who it was.
“Hello all.” Sylvia strode in.
“Sylvia??? How did you know about this?” Erin questioned her
“Easy. Albedo found out from Gaignun.” she smiled at the vampire.
“GAIGNUN!!!!” Elsa shouted.
“Sowy. I hahd to ahsk ‘im shomefing.” Gaignun smiled at her. Of coarse, she laughed.
“Anyways. I brought him. Would you like my little teddy bear to come up here?” She asked with an off look in her eye begging for them to agree. Erin caught it.
“Ok.” She agreed simply as chaos, Gaignun, Rita, Jr., and Elsa all looked at her.
“Ok.” Sylvia grinned as she left.
“Erin, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!?!?!?!” Elsa flipped.
“Oh, it’s only Sylvia. Besides, I know she has something up her sleeve.” Erin grinned as the doors opened up again. Sylvia burst into the room with a big teddy bear. Every one had stopped what they were doing to stare.
“Albedo is a teddy bear??” Jr. snickered.
“You’re one to talk Rubedo. The spandex doesn’t suit you well.” Albedo shot back. Those two went at it for quite a while after that. Rita sighed and followed them with Sylvia helping to try and separate them.
“Erin. You should have known this would happen.” Elsa sighed.
“Why did you let him in here?” chaos asked her.
“Because, I though it would be funny.” Erin laughed as both chaos and Elsa sighed.
“Hello Yeshua.” Another voice came.
“KILL HIM !!!” Erin shouted as she tried to charge at the voice she couldn’t find the source of. chaos quickly caught her around the waist.
“Erin, please. We don’t need any murders today.” chaos tried to talk to her.
“Why? It’s not like any of us will go to his funeral.” She crossed her arms upset.
“Now Yeshua. Why would you dress as a devil.” Wilhlem asked from in front of the four.
“Because it contradicts his personality.” Elsa explained.
“Besides..” Erin started.
“He’s cute either way. No matter what he wears.” She finished as she attached herself to his left arm.
“Why are you an angel. You’re more of an insane lunatic.” Erin shot.
“It contradicts my personality.” Wilhelm smirked.
“OH MY U-DO!!!! WILHELM SMILED!!!! HE HAS EMOTION!!!.” Erin shouted as she hid behind chaos. Wilhelm just glared at her.
“Oh never mind, it must have been a fluke.” Erin shrugged as she came out of her hiding place.
“I guess it could be worse.” Elsa sighed. She was secretly enjoying this.
“Oh no…please not him…” Elsa sighed as she looked up to the doors, Where none other than Gaignun stood. A…blonde…Gaignun…
“Wow….Gaignun, I never thought you could look that ugly…” Erin said in aw. chaos sighed and put his head in his hand.
“I’m not sure if I shoud be insawted or not.” He muttered as everyone snickered.
“Yuriev.” Elsa hissed.
“Elsa, I can’t let you make funerals here. If I can’t you can’t.” Erin sighed pouting.
“chaos, I’m sorry, But Wilhelm has to die eventually.” Elsa said to the boy in red. She took off like a bullet pulling out a sword.
“Oh goody, I get to kill Wilhelm.” Erin chimed as she grabbed a knife from a pocket in her mouse skirt.
“No Erin. You are not going to kill anyone.” chaos said wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her tight against him.
“Ah chaos, you’re no fun.” Erin sighed.
“Gaignun, why aren’t you stopping her?” Erin asked,
“Why would I? It is uriev.” Gaignun muttered.
“I guess If I can’t hurt him I can amuse myself.” Erin sighed as Elsa was beating up the blonde Gaignun.
“Hey Wilhelm. The angel dress works for you.” Erin shouted.
“It’s a Robe Eireann.” Wilhelm explained.
“Eww, don’t call me that.” Erin whined as she struggled to free herself from chaos’s grip.
“chaos, please…he’s begging to be hurt.” Erin pleaded as Elsa walked back. There was now a large blood spot on the floor. Poor Yuriev.
“I hate that man.” Elsa said standing beside Gaignun.
“No really?” Erin replied.
“chaos….please.” Erin whined again. Chaos actually began to let go at this point. Well enough for Erin to escape. She ran and picked up the first thing she found, saying that chaos took her knife. And It was a broom she had picked up.
“WILHELM!!!” Erin called as she chased him across the room with a broom.
“GET OUT OF MY HALLOWEEN BASH!!!” She yelled. Basically Erin was chasing Wilhelm with her precious broom, and chaos was chasing Erin trying to calm her down. The devil is chasing the mouse and the mouse is chasing the angel. Eventually chaos finally caught Erin just after Wilhelm had left.
“Erin, please stop doing that.” chaos said as he finally got the broom away from her.
“chaos, stop trying to save that rat!” Erin fumed.
“I wasn’t trying to save him. I was trying to save both the derandal and you.” chaos sighed. Erin looked at him confused.
“The Derandal I understand. But me??” She asked him.
“You were going to end up very hurt if you kept it up. The decorations are dangerous.” He explained.
“Awww, chaos.” Erin smiled hugging him.
“Ewsa, can I take dese teef out now?” Gaignun asked.
“No way.” Elsa laughed. Gaignun sighed. And people began to leave. Groups and groups until only chaos, Erin, Elsa and Gaignun were left. Gaignun took the teeth out.
“Elsa, Erin. You both will have to clean this up in the morning.” Gaignun explained. Both girls sighed heavily.
“You’re kidding.” The said simultaneously.
“Nope.” He laughed as he left. Elsa followed trying to talk him out of it.
“chaos!!” Erin sighed looking at him.
“Sorry Erin, But you and Elsa threw the party. You two have to clean it up.” chaos laughed at her.
“Ah chaos. That’s going to be boring.” Erin complained.
“Don’t worry.” chaos said hugging her.
“I will help you out.” he finished.
“Thank you chaos.” Erin said cuddling up to him.