Xiaolin Showdown Fan Fiction ❯ Jack looking at the sea ❯ one-shot ( Chapter 1 )

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The sea roared and crashed against the jagged rocks, spraying foam and little droplets of salt water up, almost touching the railing dock Jack was leaning on.

The curling wisps of clouds glided across the moon giving the sea an eerie sliver glow. Jack sighed and rested more of his weight on the aged wood railing until it groaned in protest, the sound bringing him back from his dark thoughts.

Jack slowly ran his fingertips over the grayish wood; there were notches from fishermen to place their fishing poles, hearts of all sizes carved into it saying that person will love this person 4 ever when farther down the flecking wood that person already loves a other.

Jack traced his finger over one small heart the tiny letters still there after so many years.

Jack Spicer


4 Ever

He had carved that way back in the day before he became evil and still a name never graced his. Jack was alone back then and more so now, he sighed sadly and leaned more heavily on the old railing covering his little empty heart with his forearm.

The sea roared and crashed against the jagged rocks, spraying water up even higher then before, until you couldn’t tell were the sea ended and Jack‘s tears began.