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Chapter Summary: With the last Dragon in tow, the Xiaolin Dragons set off to find Katnappé. Merci demonstrates that she's no pushover and wins back the Golden Tiger Claws. Raimundo feels attracted to the new Dragon, while Master Fung reveals that the fates of the Dragons of Wind and Wood are tied together. Meanwhile, Dojo has a change in heart once he discovers that Merci holds the Gem of Nature.
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Chapter 1: Wood in Mother Nature
***************************************************************** **********************
The three newcomers had their mouths opened wide in shock.
“Fifth.. Dragon?” Raimundo stammered.
“I represent the fifth element: Wood.” Merci replied.
“Merci, you're back!” Omi yelled with joy, as he ran over to hug the girl. Problem was, he was only tall enough to reach her waist.
The Chinese-Japanese laughed.
“I see you've haven't changed a bit, Omi.” she remarked.
“The Nature Girl is back? Run for the hills!” Dojo exclaimed in mock-horror.
“You too, Gecko.” Merci smirked.
“Do. Not. Call. Me. Gecko.” Dojo fumed. You can see steam rising from his head.
“Okay, is it me, or am I the only one who's lost?” Clay asked.
“It isn't you Clay. I'm lost too.” Kimiko admitted.
Raimundo nodded in agreement.
Master Fong cleared his throat.
Merci's smirk turned into a slight blush as she turned to face her uncle.
“Forgive my rudeness, Uncle.” she apologized.
Master Fong raised a hand to silence her.
“Kimiko, would you be so kind as to lead Merci to her room?” he requested.
Kimiko nodded and bowed.
Raising an arm, she added, “This way please.”
When the girls were out of earshot, Raimundo asked the burning question that was in everyone's mind.
“So, what's up with you and her?” he asked the shrunken dragon.
“Me and her? Let's just say we don't… well…click.” Dojo shrugged.
“It is true. Every time they meet, they always argue.” Omi agreed.
“But why? Clay asked.
“She doesn't have a sense of humor.” Dojo answered dismissively.
“Ruining my bonsai plants wasn't very funny, Dojo.” Merci hissed, behind the boys.
“See what I mean?” Dojo pointed out.
“Well, I didn't order bonsai fried extra crispy.” Merci complained.
“I had the cold.” Dojo protested.
“But all twenty pots?” Merci glared.
At this point, Omi decided to play peacemaker.
“Please, please, can we let bygones be bygones?” he pleaded.
Merci blinked at Omi's pleading eyes and sighed.
“Alright Omi. Only because you asked.”
Turning a glare at Dojo, she added, “Destroy another one of my plants gecko, and you'll know the world of pain.” she threatened.
Dojo gulped and nodded nervously.
“I'm guessing your plants are very important to you.” Clay remarked.
“She is the Dragon of Wood.” Omi replied matter-of-factly.
“You have no idea.” Merci replied, sighing.
“So what happened?” Raimundo asked, walking beside her.
“Dojo destroyed six months of hard work in three milliseconds flat.” Merci answered, showing him three fingers..
“But… but…” the shrunken dragon protested.
“You had the cold, yes, but you didn't have to sneeze the back garden.” Merci retorted, glaring down at the dragon.
“Hrm guys. I think you'd better look at this.” Kimiko interrupted the conversation.
The five surrounded Kimiko's laptop.
“Come on guys. We have a cat to catch.” Raimundo remarked, punching a fist into his palm.
The other Dragons nodded in agreement and they took off on Dojo.
Arriving at Catatonia Land, the five Dragons, along with Dojo, split up both ways to search for Katnappé.
Raimundo, Kimiko and Omi finds her first, having a ball of a time on a roller coaster.
Pretty soon, Merci, Dojo and Clay caught up with the group.
“That's Katnappé, I presume?” Merci asked.
“Yup, that's the kitty alright.” Clay answered.
Katnappé raised a brow at the gathered Xiaolin Dragons before her.
“I see you've brought an extra helper.” the cat-like thief remarked sarcastically.
Pointing forward she ordered, “Genetically Altered Super Kittens, attack!”
The three kittens emerged from her backpack and ran towards the five Xiaolin Dragons.
Omi jumped into battle along with Kimiko, only to be beaten back.
“And they say I'm the impulsive one.” Merci muttered.
“Wood!” Merci cried out, summoning her element.
With three flips, she jumped over the three kittens and landed in front of a rather impressed Katnappé.
“I see you're no pushover.” the cat-like villain commented.
“And so it's said.” Merci retorted.
Snarling, Katnappé swiped the Golden Tiger Claws behind her, creating a portal.
Merci frowned in displeasure.
“Merci, behind you!” Kimiko shouted a warning.
The Dragon of Wood turned around to see Katnappé attempting to attack from behind.
“Wind!” Raimundo summoned his element, blowing Katnappé, who was unfortunately in mid-air, away.
Merci nodded her thanks and raced towards their fallen foe.
Swiping the Golden Tiger Claws from Katnappé, Merci frowned at the Sheng Gong Wu.
Finally decided, she created a portal with the Sheng Gong Wu, sending the Golden Tiger Claws away.
Jack Spicer and Wuya arrived on the scene to see the Golden Tiger Claws disappearing into a portal.
“NNNOOO!” Wuya screamed in frustration.
Swooping down to grab Katnappé, Jack noticed the new Dragon.
“And who are you?” he asked.
“The Dragon of Wood?” Wuya answered, not believing her eyes.
Merci quirked a brow at Wuya.
Mock-bowing, she snickered, “At your service.”
“So, the last Dragon finally emerges.” Wuya noted.
“We'll meet again, Dragon of Nature.” she warned, before taking off with Jack Spicer and Katnappé.
By this time, the other four Dragons has caught up with Merci.
“What's up with them?” Raimundo asked, scratching his head.
“Where's the Sheng Gong Wu, girl?” Dojo asked.
Merci gave the shrunken dragon a smirk.
“Somewhere safe, very safe.” she answered.
“But where?” Omi pressed.
“Somewhere where nobody can touch it.” she answered.
Dojo's eyes widened.
“YOU MEAN THERE?” he exclaimed.
Merci nodded.
“Where Dojo?” Kimiko asked.
“THE EARTH”S CORE!” Dojo yelled out, panicking and running in circles.
Merci sighed. The other four Dragons sweatdropped.
“An idiot is always an idiot.” she muttered.
“Not to the Earth's core. I teleported it back to the vault, you dofus.” she replied.
“Oh.” Dojo nodded, sighing in relief.
***************************************************************** **********************
That night, Merci stared at the dinner table in disbelief.
“O…kay…” she nodded slowly.
Eyes widening, Omi realized his mistake.
“I'm so sorry, Merci. I forgot you don't eat meat.” he apologized.
“A vegetarian? That's new.” Raimundo remarked.
“Dragon of Wood, remember?” Merci reminded him.
“Oh.” The Dragon of Wind nodded mutely.
***************************************************************** **********************
After the rather uneventful dinner, Merci sighed and sank down on her futon.
Omi managed to whip up a vegetarian dish for her, just barely.
At this point, Kimiko poke her head in.
“Sorry about dinner.” she apologized.
“Dragons' conference and I'm not invited?” Merci remarked jokingly.
Laughter could be heard outside.
The two girls looked at each other and laughed.
“No use hiding. The three of you can come out now.” Kimiko added.
“Nah, you two just have your girl talk. We'll be making ourselves scarce.” Raimundo
replied, nudging the other two boys.
Taking his hint, Clay and Omi departed.
“Smart.” Merci mumbled.
“That's Rai for ya.” Kimiko replied.
Sitting down beside the new Dragon, Kimiko asked, “So, what happened to you?”
Merci sighed, “Long story.”
“We have all night.” Kimiko pointed out.
“My lifestory would take up three books, Kimiko.” Merci death-panned.
Kimiko raised an eyebrow, “That long?” she asked.
At that point, Master Fong's shadow was seen outside Merci's room.
“Uncle's here.” Merci mumbled.
Kimiko nodded and left the room.
With Kimiko gone, Master Fong stepped into his niece's room.
Kneeling on the floor in the traditional Japanese-style, Merci bowed in greeting.
“My child, I sense something is troubling you.” Master Fong said wisely.
Merci sighed and nodded.
“Yes there is, Uncle.” she admitted.
Master Fong gave her a fatherly glance, prompting her to continue.
“Why did Wuya call me the Dragon of Nature when I'm clearly the Dragon of Wood?” she asked.
Master Fong thought for a while before answering.
“My child, your power will reveal once you become an Apprentice.” he advised.
“Is it because of the Gem of Nature?” Merci asked.
Master Fong looked surprised.
“I discovered that I bear the Gem of Nature when I was mediating in the mountains, Uncle.” Merci replied softly.
“But do you know the power the Gem holds, my child?” Master Fong asked.
“All I know is that it contains my soul. And once it`s taken…” Merci admitted.
Master Fong nodded sadly at the implication.
***************************************************************** **********************
Dojo was outside the door, unconsciously listening in.
His eyes widened the words `Gem of Nature' escaped Merci's mouth.
The girl possessed the Gem? he thought in disbelief.
***************************************************************** **********************
Back in Jack's evil lab, the evil genius was throwing question after question at the Heylin spirit.
Incensed, Wuya screamed her answer.
“The what of what?” Jack Spicer questioned, confused.
“The Gem of Nature. Whoever possesses the Gem will have the ultimate power in the
Universe. It is even more powerful than all the Sheng Gong Wu combined.” Wuya explained.
“The Gem of Nature huh? Interesting.” Jack thought.
***************************************************************** **********************
Merci woke up early the next morning, her mind still thinking about what Master Fong revealed to her last night.
Essentially, she was the guardian of the ultimate power in the Universe. If that was taken from her, she would die.
Slipping on her Xiaolin training grub, she sneaked out of the bed chambers and into the back gardens, taking her bamboo flute with her.
Arriving to her favorite spot between the hedge of bushes, she lifted the flute to her lips and started playing.
The leaves around her started rustling, as if they understood what she was feeling.
Merci was so focused, she had not noticed that someone was behind her.
Raimundo was sitting on the corridor, leaning against a pillar.
With one eye closed, he pretended to be asleep, all the while watching the newest Dragon with interest.
From what they had gathered from Omi the previous night, this girl was supposed to be the most highly-skilled among the five Dragons. Heck, she had been training with Master Fong ever since she could walk. And from how she handled herself yesterday, that was enough proof.
Raimundo had to admit that Merci was one gorgeous girl.
Wind and Wood… the wind whispered.
Raimundo let out a small gasp at the invisible voice.
“Wind and Wood…” he repeated softly.
Then it clicked.
Me and her? he wondered.
Master Fong was watching silently in the shadows.
He knew this would happen.
The legends of the Temple had been true after all.
The destiny of the Dragons of Wind and Wood are tied together, more closely than anyone had imagined. They were destined to meet and fall in love with each other, just like the Dragons of Wind and Wood of before.
But the Fates can be cruel, for the Dragons of Wind and Wood of the past were torn apart by war.
Will the new generation survive the final battle? Master Fong wondered.
***************************************************************** **********************
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