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Please forgive me if I get anything wrong. I have not read them both from start to finish.
This is my first fanfiction, so I hope it's not too bad.
Warning: This story might contain spoilers and a little violence later on.
Well, enjoy!

Dr. Black Jack stepped out of his operating room, carrying his patient, and was followed by a weary Pinoko.
The man who had requested treatment for his niece rose to greet them, and one very talkative Tsuzuki shut up when they came out.
“How is she sensei? Will she make a full recovery?” asked the man worriedly.
“Your niece is doing just fine, sir. Hai, I do believe she'll fully recover.” Black Jack replied.
The patient's uncle asked, “When should I pay you?”
“You should send the money to my bank account once she's fully recovered. Here, you should take her to the hospital to help in her recovery. She should wake up in a day or so.” Black Jack said as he handed her to him.
“Arigatou, sir.” The man called out after him when he left.
“No problem.” Black Jack called back.
“Ah, Tsuzuki, were you out here the whole time talking to him?” the doctor asked curiously.
Tsuzuki responded while smiling, “Hai, it seemed he was a bit worried about her so I talked to him to cheer him up and take his mind off her for a few minutes.”
Black Jack smiled when he heard the concern in his voice for the man. “It seems like he's cares about every single person he meets. What a nice person.”
A few minutes after the man left had them all still standing there. To break up the silence, Pinoko told Tsuzuki in a rather excited voice, “Let's go back to the kitchen. I'll see what you can do now. See you later Chenchei.” This last part was addressed to Black Jack.
As Pinoko and Tsuzuki went to the kitchen to cook, Black Jack went elsewhere in the house; elsewhere being his office.
Once the doctor made it to his office, he opened the door and went inside. And once inside he sat down and started to work.
“Ok, let's see, what do I have to do? Tezuka wanted me to diagnose a patient for him. He had said that they couldn't figure out what was wrong with him at his hospital. However, the man in question was coughing up blood.” Black Jack thought as he reached for the x-rays Tezuka had sent with a short note explaining what he wanted him to do earlier that day.
Just as Black Jack was writing down the diagnosis (he was able to diagnose the patient like Tezuka expected), there was a knock on his door. “Come in.” he said shortly.
The door swung open, revealing a very sick looking Pinoko, who was followed by a very worried (and guilty looking?) Tsuzuki. With the opening of the door, a voice faintly said, “I don't feel too well, Chenchei.”
Upon hearing Pinoko, Black Jack looked up quickly and then commenced to finish writing very swiftly. When he was done he asked Tsuzuki, “What happened to her?”
Pinoko answered for him, “We think it's a case of food poisoning from the food he made. You see, Chenchei, I had him make food so I could try it. It didn't taste that good (Pinoko shudders at the thought of how it tasted) but I decided that I had to eat it all since he went to all the trouble to make it.”
“I warned you,” Was all Tsuzuki had to say to her. Black Jack picked up on the tone of regret in his voice though.
“His food really is inedible! And here I thought it was only a case of over exaggeration.” The doctor thought and shook his head.
“Well,” Black Jack said, “Let's get you to bed.” And with that he picked the little girl up and brought her to her bed and tucked her in. “Now, if you need anything, just ask, ok?” he said as he left the room.
“Hai, Chenchei.” Pinoko responded.
“Now, then, Tsuzuki!” the doctor said as he walked over to the older man. (1)
Tsuzuki looked up as his name was called. “Hai?”
“As a doctor, I can't let things stand as they are. Otherwise there will be a high rise in the people with food poisoning out there. You can't just go on making people sick now, can you?” Black Jack stated.
“Hai, that's why I wanted a teacher, but now my teacher is sick, all because of me.” Tsuzuki responded, looking slightly down.
“Oh, this can't be good. He's looking sad now. Well maybe I can fix that, after all, I do know how to cook myself. (2) Even though I haven't practiced for a while, I still think I could try to give him a lesson.” Black Jack thought quickly.
“Hey, Tsuzuki, would you like to learn a dish from me? You can pick, however, the dish can't be too hard.” The doctor said.
Tsuzuki looked happier at that. “Sure thing, but why would you teach me?” Tsuzuki wondered.
“Well, I said that I can't leave things the way they are now, didn't I? That means that I have to teach you to cook.”
”I wasn't going to say that at first, but after that sad look came into his purple eyes (which made him look like a lost puppy) I didn't want to say that he should stop cooking. Good thing I was able to come up with an alternative.” Black Jack thought.
Tsuzuki fervently said over and over again, “Arigatou, arigatou, arigatou, arigatou …” (3) and he sincerely meant it, really.
“Ok, that's enough. Stop saying arigatou already.” Black Jack complained (Black Jack was overwhelmed by the sheer number of arigatous). “Any ways, tell me tomorrow evening what you want to learn. It's getting late, I'm going to bed.” The doctor concluded.

And with that, they said goodnight and went to their respective beds.
(1) Black Jack doesn't actually know it, but Tsuzuki is indeed older than him. Of course Black Jack probably thinks he's younger than him, after all, I think Tsuzuki only appears 26. I was referring to Tsuzuki as being the older man.
(2) I'm not sure if Black Jack can actually cook. However, I'm positive that he can and I have a really good idea how.
(3) Tsuzuki actually manages to say arigatou about 10 times I think. I only showed less than half because I didn't want to write it 10 times and make people read arigatou 10 times in a row.
Well, I hope you enjoyed my chapter. I'll try to update again soon. :)