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Tatsumi sighed as he left the room. His perfect plan was ruined. Tsuzuki's vacation wasn't supposed to happen this way.
“Tsuzuki's vacation was supposed to go perfectly and not cost me a dime more than I gave him for spending money!” Tatsumi thought.
After all, the blue eyed shinigami had long ago decided that it would be less expensive to send Tsuzuki on a vacation rather than having him at work. He was just biding his time until the opportunity came up was all. And when the opportunity finally did come up, Tsuzuki came back within three days with a wounded man and a little girl.
“I should have seen this coming.” Tatsumi thought as he went into the chief's office.
“What is it Tatsumi?” the chief asked as he came in.
“I just wanted you to know that Tsuzuki is back and that it seems as if we'll have guests for the next few days.” Tatsumi replied.
“Guests, how?” Konoe asked looking slightly surprised.
Tatsumi quickly responded, “Tsuzuki brought them back with him. It seems as if they were attacked by a demon.
“Very well, I suppose I'll have to go meet these guests.” Konoe said, sighing.
“One problem, sir, one of them is unconscious.” Tatsumi mentioned.
“Ok, I'll meet them once they are awake.” The chief said and then went back to work.
His job done, Tatsumi quickly retreated out of the room and back to his day's work.

Black Jack had finally awoken.
“Where am I?” he thought, “This definitely isn't my clinic or a hospital nearby.”
“Chenchei, you're awake!” Upon hearing Pinoko speak, he turned his head towards her. Black Jack breathed a sigh of relief, at least she was safe.
However, upon seeing her, he had to do a double take. She was wearing a new kimono that Black Jack specifically remembered her not having before. And so he questioned her, “Pinoko-”
Well, at least he tried to question her. However, before he was able to get two words out of his mouth, Pinoko had taken the opportunity to stuff his mouth with cake.
He swallowed (his previous line of thought forgotten for the moment) and told her, “Pinoko, it's not very nice to shove cake into someone's mouth while they're talking.
“Sorry about that, Chenchei. I was just so happy that you had finally awoken that I couldn't resist feeding you cake.” At this last part Pinoko smiled.
“It's ok, Pinoko. Just how long was I out anyways?” Black Jack questioned her.
Watari, stepping into the room, answered, “You've been out for the last three days.” Seeing Black Jack's wince he added, “You were poisoned by a demon.”
“And you would be?” Black Jack questioned.
“Oh, that's Watari. He's been looking after you for the last few days, Chenchei.” Pinoko answered.
“Anyways, the chief wanted to talk to you. I'm going to go tell him that you're awake.” Watari said as he left.
“Who?” Black Jack asked.
“You'll see.” was all that Pinoko would say.
Shortly after that, Watari, Tsuzuki, and two other men entered the room. Black Jack supposed one of them was the chief.
“Ah, you're finally awake. My name is Konoe and I am the chief here. This here is my aid Tatsumi (at this he pointed at the other man). In case you are wondering where you are; this is Meifu.” The chief told Black Jack.
“Meifu? The world of the dead?” Black Jack asked.
Konoe smiled, everyone always said that, and replied, “Yes, the world of the dead. However, before you ask, no, you are not dead. You'll have to stay until you recover completely though. And you might have to stay even longer than that. After all, you did anger a demon, didn't you? The demon would come after you if you went back to the world of the living. Well, I hope you enjoy your stay in Meifu.”

After explaining the situation to Black Jack, Konoe left the room, leaving Tsuzuki, Watari, Tatsumi, Black Jack, and Pinoko still in there.
I hope everyone enjoyed the chapter and has enjoyed the story so far. I will try to update again soon.