Yami No Matsuei Fan Fiction / Black Jack Fan Fiction / Crossover Fan Fiction ❯ Tsuzuki Tries to Learn how to Cook and what Happens Afterword ❯ chapter 13 ( Chapter 13 )

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Warning: There might be spoilers and violence.

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Tsuzuki and Hisoka left Tatsumi's office… and then came back. They had forgotten to ask him where the girl was attacked. After doing so, they then left for real; to the world of the living, to the place of the crime.
Once they got there (which was after Hisoka pulled Tsuzuki out of a cake shop), they immediately started looking around for clues. There was nothing to indicate why the demon had attacked that girl. They even learned nothing from any witnesses there might have been. Everyone had said they had seen nothing out of the norm. Well, except for one thing, a girl who always came to this diner hadn't gone today.
They asked who the girl was and started to investigate her. They needed to get a picture of her so they could see if she was the girl Tatsumi had brought in. And if she was, they needed to inform her family that she was fine and would soon recover.
Tsuzuki and Hisoka had managed to finish investigating within a few hours. When they were about to leave the world of the living, something happened. Tsuzuki was hit by a dart.
They quickly looked around for the perpetrator. Finding no one, Tsuzuki took the dart out and pocketed it. They then left for Meifu.

It was the day after the investigation and Tsuzuki and Hisoka were doing paperwork.
Yes, Tsuzuki was actually doing paperwork. (Tatsumi had offered Tsuzuki a donut if he was able to finish his work)
After finishing about two sheets after about half an hour, Tsuzuki got a paper cut while reaching for the third. He waited for it to heal, however, it didn't. Something was wrong with him.
“Hisoka, I think something's wrong. I got a paper cut and it didn't heal.” Tsuzuki voiced worriedly.
“That's weird. Come on, let's go see Watari.” Hisoka replied as he stood up.
The two partners then went to Watari's lab. When they got there, they found him proudly showing off his latest invention to Black Jack and Pinoko.
When they heard their footsteps, the three turned and greeted them.
After the greetings were done, Hisoka told Watari, “Watari, there's something wrong with Tsuzuki. He got a paper cut and it still hasn't healed yet.”
Watari and Black Jack looked shocked at this. Black Jack then questioned, “Tsuzuki, didn't you say that shinigami have amazing regenerative powers? If so, why hasn't your finger healed yet?”
“That's the problem, I don't know.” Tsuzuki replied.
Watari then asked, “Did anything happen recently?”
“Come to think of it…” Hisoka said, “Tsuzuki did get hit by a dart as we were about to return yesterday.”
“Do you still have the dart?” Black Jack asked, “It might have been poisoned. If so, at least we'll know what's causing this.”
Tsuzuki nodded. “Hai, I have it right here.” He said as he pulled it out of his coat pocket.
Watari and Black Jack shared a look. “We need to have this analyzed immediately.” Watari said. He then turned to Black Jack. “Can you take a blood sample from Tsuzuki while I analyze this, Black Jack-san?” He asked inquiringly.
Black Jack nodded. “I'll do it right away.” He replied as he pulled away Tsuzuki (after the other man had given Watari the dart) and left the room.
Watari looked over to Hisoka, “Don't worry Hisoka. We'll figure this out. Until then you and Tsuzuki should not leave. I expect you to tell Tatsumi about this.”
“Hai,” Hisoka responded, “After I tell Tatsumi, I'll come back to help you two. He is my partner after all.” Hisoka called out over his shoulder as he left the room.

And the mischievous plot of the demon has begun… What will happen to Tsuzuki? Read on to find out. Well, anyways, I hope everyone has enjoyed the chapter and the story so far. I'll try to update soon, so, until then, bye!