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Sweet Adversary

Act II: Strange Remembrance

By: yukie-chan!

* * the real story starts here. And another thing, I'd like to clarify some things first:

Hisoka is a BOY.

This fic is NOT based on medieval times but at a fantasy world somewhat like that of the setting in the game, `Battle Realms'. Marriage between two men in this setting is ACCEPTABLE. Hope you get it.

I didn't not make Muraki the prince because I have * other * plans for him. But don't worry, I'll try to make him not so much of a bad guy.

The Ynm cast has long hair but that doesn't affect their sexes. Imagine the way they look in the manga, vol.4, that's the way they look in this fic.

If there are other questions, please feel to drop me a note. Sorry if my English sucks, it's maybe because it's my third language, I'm a struggling German in Seoul. I hope you bear with me. Thanks to all those who reviewed, I love you all!

" blah " - speaking

/ blah / - thinking

~~~~~~~~~~ _________________~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Eh? The king asked me to be Prince Oriya's personal knight? That's SO bo~ring!" Tsuzuki whined for the tenth time today.

And Tatsumi, King Konoe's adviser was getting * very * impatient. "Yes, he did and I told you that a dozen of times already." It was HARD to stay calm.

Inu-Tsuzuki protested, "But if I'm gonna be his knight, then I won't be able to enjoy these lifetime sweets he gave me!"

That was it. Tatsumi got VERY annoyed. "I've had enough of this, Tsuzuki-san. You get that lazy butt of yours in the Prince's quarters, now!"



"Please, just an--"

"I believe I already said `NOW!' And I mean it! I'm cutting your daily wages!" Tatsumi retorted, he was in his I'm-your-boss mood again.

Tsuzuki sighed. / Better do it now before Tatsumi reaches his boiling point!/ he thought naughtily. But having Tatsumi mad was NOT a good thing. Before, he banned Tsuzuki from going to the kitchen because he ate the ALL sweets that were for the king's birthday. He reluctantly stood up and returned to his human form and muttered, "Hidoi na, Tatsumi! That's why you're still single!"

It wasn't long enough before Tatsumi exploded his temper and of course, Tsuzuki knew it. He dashed through the room to the hallway leading to his destination. / Maa, why do I have to be his knight anyway? I'm already happy here! Man, is he some sissy who can't even protect himself? /

He sighed again. / Wa~i! I wonder what kind of prince is he. I heard a lot of bad rumors about him. They say he's very mean but very good in fencing. Man, I don't think it's gonna be easy working under him. /

After a long and tiring walk, he finally reached the prince's quarters. The door itself seemed somewhat scary. / Who in the world would want a devil etched unto an entrance door? I hope it's okay to go inside without knocking since I'm already late, anyway. /

As he pushed the door open, he was greeted by a number of knights or servants. A blond-haired man with waist-length hair approached him.

"Welcome, Sir Asato. Prince Oriya had been expecting you." A bow. "Please come with me and I will lead you to your meeting place." He then, turned to his companion, "Prepare the room that he is to stay in."

"Yes, sir!"

Tsuzuki didn't mind the boy much. But what he said DID matter. "You mean I have to move out?"

The blonde looked surprised. "Why yes, sir."

He bowed down. "Sou ka." This means no more supply of sweets from King Konoe, no more skipping from work and more day off. / Sou na! This is complete torture! The prince better have sweets or I'm quitting! / Tsuzuki mentally pouted.

The man scratched his head. "Well, sir, I think we should get going now."

"Eh?" came from a disoriented Tsuzuki. "Oh, sorry, let's go then!"


Then, came another tiring walk. "Ne, ne, ne, are we there yet? We've been walking for an eternity already! I'm s~o tired!" came the eighth pout of an overgrown puppy.

Well, good thing his companion had a long temper or else he could have hit Tsuzuki a dozen of times already. He just chuckled.

"Ne, what's your name?" asked by a VERY bored puppy.

"Watari Yukata."

"I see. Nice name, Watari." He replied, finding nothing else to say.

"Really? Nobody told me that before. Thanks!" Watari said.

Tsuzuki sweatdropped. He didn't really intend to complement this guy, didn't he even get it with a bored tone in his voice. A sigh. / Man, it is just SO boring here. Even this guy took my stupid words as a complement. What a stupid idiot. /

Watari suddenly spoke again. "Don't get too bored, Tsuzuki. I bet you'll be more than fine once you get to see Prince Oriya's fiancée." Another chuckle.

Tsuzuki brightened up a bit, quite interested in the topic. / Why am I interested about it, anyway? Who cares about that pervert's fiancée? I bet he's just as mean and ugly as him. But…. What's this feeling? I feel excited for some reason. I wonder why. / "Really? Then maybe I should hurry up and go see him."

"You know, you're quite lucky to serve him as your master. A lot of people would do anything to see him. It sounds quite absurd but it's true."

"Why? Doesn't he even come out to eat or something?" Tsuzuki turned to look at him.

Watari shaked his head negatively. "Appointed servants serves food and everything he needs." Then, sensing his companion's curiosity, he continued, "It seems as though the prince wants to keep Hisoka as his property until they get married."

"Hisoka…. Is that his name?" Tsuzuki replied, looking distant. / Were have I heard his name before? I'm sure I met him somewhere but I just…. can't seem to remember? Ma….why am I worrying about these things? It's not only him who has that name, is he? But still, I feel there's something missing….something's wrong….what is it? /

"Is something wrong?"

"Eh? Oh, nothing….it just sounds kinda familiar." He shrugged, wanting to move on to another topic. "Is he really THAT beautiful?"

Watari sighed, sensing Tsuzuki's idea but decided to go along with it, anyway. "Yes. I have seen him twice in the castle. He's got lovely emerald eyes, delicate porcelain-white cheeks and downy-soft blond locks. I also heard that he turned down all his suitors just to marry Prince Oriya."

"What?! He did that just for him! I can't believe he made a fool of himself." Tsuzuki replied in disbelief.

Watari sweatdropped. / Man, he could be THAT serious just because of Hisoka! I wonder if he likes him as much as I do. If he does, he's got a lot of things he has to know. / "Well, it's not like that, Sir Asato. It was rumored that it was an arranged marriage by their parents who were very good friends. It's such a waste, to make someone so beautiful undergo all that. I think I understand he's acting so cold to make up for his sadness."

"I see. Sorry, I didn't mean it." The amethyst-eyed man apologized.

There was at least fifteen minutes of silence until Watari spoke again, "Brace yourself, Tsuzuki, we're here." He indicated the elegantly crescent-like door in the end of the hallway.

"Finally, I get to see him." Tsuzuki unconsciously said.

~~~ end of act II ~~~


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