Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou Fan Fiction ❯ Alternate Alphas ❯ The Yakuza Incident ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Introduction: this is a fiction based off the manga and anime Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, or more specifically a fan-art featuring the main character as a yakuza type figure. I own none of these characters, I'm just borrowing them for a bit.
Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou: The Yakuza Incident
The fog swirled through the streets of Neo-Yokohama, the chilly white mists shrouding the city in mystery. The young looking woman strode down the road confidently, her brown overcoat flapping around her legs, her green hair flowing to her shoulders as she made her way to the meeting place. The courtyard was lit by the older style street lamps, the glow from the organically formed lamps lighting up the mist in eerie circles of gold.
"Welcome, Alpha-san," the young man nodded, his long blonde hair tied back in a rough ponytail. He was surrounded by several other young men and women, all of them carrying lengths of pipe or wood, gazing at her nervously.
"Do you really need all these people," Alpha asked mildly from where she stood beneath the light of a street lamp, her violet eyes looking faintly amused, "for just a meeting?"
"Our lord insisted," the leader of the young man shrugged as he stepped away from the car, "he holds you in great respect."
"If he held me in great respect," Alpha raised an eyebrow slightly, "he wouldn't be sending people to my club to cause problems." As a young woman in the group was about to protest she cut them off, "But that is what we're here to talk about, isn't it?"
There was a long moment of silence as they all studied her warily, spreading out a little by pure instinct. The Alpha series androids were old, dating back hundreds of years, back to the era where men had nearly died out. Though humanity had recovered from that time, spreading out over the globe once more the Alphas had remained, eternally going about their business. They knew Alphas were simple machines, vulnerable as any other, but still they held her in a little awe.
"All the stores in your district pay tribute to our lord," he said to her formally, "in return for our generous protection against any trouble." He tried to look intimidating as he said, "Only you do not, and that is disrespectful."
"They pay to prevent his men from harming them," Alpha corrected firmly, oddly sounding like a school teacher, "but do go on."
His mouth thinned to a flat line of pure annoyance. "I take it you will not pay, then?" he asked her stiffly.
"Sorry, no," Alpha answered simply.
"Then you only have yourself to blame," he gestured to his men, "go."
Smoothly Alpha shrugged off her coat, the garment falling to the ground even as they began to move. Across her back was a stylized tattoo, the text 'Immortal Alpha' written in kanji, below it the stylized representation of a coffee pot. With an almost unearthly speed she attacked, striking the first boy across the jaw and dropping him unconscious.
The next boy swung at her with his metal pipe but she dodged gracefully, a knee in his gut doubling him over and making him retch. She gracefully leapt over him, kicking down another foe even as she grabbed a wooden stick and parried another attack.
"How...?" she blurted in shock as Alpha casually batted the stunned woman's weapon aside, a fast punch sending her crashing to the ground.
"Get her, she's just one woman," the leader bleated out.
"You get her," another man managed from where he had crumpled to the ground nearby.
From nine men she quickly reduced them to six, then five as she casually backhanded a boy trying to sneak up on her. "I am normally quiet and mild mannered," Alpha said softly, "and that makes me easy to underestimate." Her eyes flashed, "But I have lived hundreds of years, and that has taught me to survive. I haven't killed any of you yet because you are young and foolish, but my patience is not infinite."
There was a moment of silence as the band of men gazed at her, then nervously over at their leader. Almost as one their weapons clattered on the ground and they fled, disappearing into the fog as fast as they could. "Wait," their leader cried out, then his voice was cut off as he was suddenly slammed down to the top of the car, looking up into Alpha's eyes.
"I want you to pass a message on to your lord," Alpha's voice was a dangerous purr, "I don't care what he does with other businesses, but he is not to send his men to my club again." Alpha released him and he gasped, rubbing at his throat from where she had grabbed his shirt. "If he does," she said as she walked over to pick up her coat, the mists making her look almost ghostly, "I will not be responsible for the consequences."
"Yes, ma'am," he squeaked, climbing into the car then squealing the tires as he drove away as fast as possible.
Alpha sighed as she pulled on her coat, her expression suddenly much more gentle. "It was so much easier when I was just running Cafe Alpha," she murmured to herself.
The cobbled streets of Neo-Yokohama were nearly silent as Alpha left the docks, walking through the warehouse district then up a hill to where her nightclub was. The fish designed sign read, 'Club Alpha' and above it a similarly designed weather vane sat waiting for a breeze to stir it. The door opened as the bell above it rang, Alpha slipping her shoes off as she walked inside.
The lighting inside was subdued, tables spaced out to fill the interior much like her old cafe. It was much larger though, set up for the lunch and dinner crowds of Neo-Yokohama, and they served much more than coffee. A busy kitchen was set up behind the usual coffee shop counter, and she employed two young ladies to help serve while another did the cooking. It was one of the most popular places to eat in the busy city, though sadly it was that popularity that drew the attention of the local yakuza boss. It wasn't so busy tonight as her staff moved from table to table, chatting and taking orders before returning with fine coffee or food.
"Alpha," Kokone looked up with a smile from where the pink haired android waited at one of the tables, a cup of coffee sitting in front of her, "are you all right?"
"I'm fine," Alpha smiled back at her warmly as she pulled out a chair and sat down, "I didn't even need to use my gun."
"I'm glad," Kokone said wryly, "I think the local police wouldn't overlook that."
"Oh, I don't know," Alpha answered mildly, "I think the leader of the yakuza here would be too embarrassed over being beaten by a woman to press charges."
Kokone looked up at her in surprise, then she quietly said, "You've changed, Alpha."
Alpha opened her mouth to protest that, then she closed it thoughtfully. "I suppose so," she conceded softly, "it's been a long time."
"True enough," Kokone acknowledged, reaching out to take her hand.
They had been reunited only a few months ago, after a extremely long separation. It had all begun when Alpha finally closed up her Cafe, leaving home to follow in the footsteps of her Owner, and a last meeting in old Yokohama. Letters flew back and forth, then slowed as things grew harsher in the world as both of them fought to survive. Finally the mail system failed, society fell apart, and they completely lost touch in the years of chaos then rebuilding.
Alpha smiled slightly as she looked up to meet Kokone's green eyes, "You have no idea how happy I was when you made that delivery a few months ago."
"I was so surprised when I saw the name Club Alpha," Kokone mused, "I had only moved here a few weeks before, and I hadn't had to make a delivery out here yet." She admitted, "I almost didn't want to believe it, I was so afraid of being disappointed."
"I was doing the receipts in the back when Kurumi told me there was a delivery," Alpha recalled, "I went out, saw you and it felt like time stopped."
"Me, too," Kokone agreed, "I was so happy I couldn't even move for a moment. Then I called your name, we hugged... and you kissed me."
Alpha actually blushed, looking away shyly. "I think I shocked Kurumi a bit," she admitted, "but I couldn't help myself."
"I couldn't help it, too," Kokone agreed, squeezing Alpha's fingers gently. Her eyes twinkled with gentle amusement, "I think you startled Saki and Kurumi even more when you closed the shop for the day so that we could catch up."
"I don't normally do that," Alpha blushed brighter, remembering some of the things they had done that day.
Kokone gave Alpha a look that could almost be called flirting, "It's a slow night, would you like to close up early again?"
A slow smile spread across Alpha's face, "I'd love to."
The End
Notes: There has been some speculation on one of the YKK forums that I belong to on how the series might end, and I used that a bit in writing this. The characters of Saki and Kurumi are both from Steel Angel Kurumi, but I don't plan any real crossover. There is a close friendship between Alpha and Kokone in YKK, but they are not depicted as lovers.. it's mostly just my imagination.