You're Under Arrest Fan Fiction ❯ The Siege ❯ The Rescue ( Chapter 1 )

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WARNING: I completely got rid of Toukairin Shouji. Sorry. Wasn't my intention. It took until about, oh, the third chapter for me to realize I had done that. Yeah, I'm smart. Got so caught up in writing that I didn't think of it. So, I guess, yeah, if you're offended by my primary character's replacement of Toukairin's role in the fic… Tough kazubies. Think of this as a cross between the anime and manga (in which he didn't exist, either).

WARNING #2: This fic isn't even 75% oriented directly on the characters of YUA. I'd say it's split pretty evenly between them and my primary character. I'm assuming this is where most criticism will center on.

The Siege

Chapter 1: The Rescue

By JagdPanther

The MH-6 Little Bird zipped above the Japanese countryside at a hundred kilometers per hour. Two other pitch-black-painted helicopters flanked the leader, another MH-6 and an MH-60 Blackhawk. Each Little Bird carried four camouflaged operators, two on each side of the helicopter on makeshift benches. Another four knelt inside the Blackhawk. All twelve men watched the ground fly by underneath them as they scanned for any sign of soldiers on the ground. Over their personal radios came the message, "Two minutes out. Lock and load."




Six officers of the Tokyo Police sat bound to chairs lined up in the middle of the room. Guards with AK-74s flanked the doorway and stood by each window. Their leader, a wizened ex-Colonel in the Japanese Self-Defense Force, a SIG-P229 pistol in hand, stared down at a black-haired female officer. He lifted her chin up with the pistol and looked into her defiant eyes. "You are the ones at Bokuto station who checked out that weapons cache found in a car trunk?"

"What's it to you?" muttered one of the other female officers. Before she could crack a smile for her comment, the man slammed the butt of the pistol into her head.

Calmly, he replied, "Your insolence will not be tolerated, young one." She spat at his feet and again he hit her. "Ladies and Gentlemen, you will be staying here for quite some time. So be on your best behavior, left my guards get too trigger-happy and decide to end the annoyance you create.

"If any of your fellow officers attempt to pick up your investigation, they will be joining you, some dead and some alive. The cache you found is a minor setback. As you can see, we have plenty of weapons." He gestured to the surplus Russian military rifles in each guard's hands, rifles that were far more dangerous and effective than the pistols and sub-machine guns Yoriko and Aoi had found a day before. "Our operation will get even more weapons, larger weapons, and far deadlier weapons soon enough. This will not fail. You simple rent-a-cops will not hamper me. But I am a careful man, I plan for contingencies, and that is why you are here..."

Natsumi, Miyuki, Aoi, Yoriko, Ken, and the Chief listened to the man continue to ramble vaguely about a grand scheme, its purpose unclear to them. They were all still fighting off sedation. Behind the row of chairs, the doors noiselessly cracked open enough to admit a small canister. All the guards and the man immediately looked for the source of the noise the clanking object created when it landed. The six officers tried to turn in their bindings to see it. Then the canister detonated.




About two kilometers from the small complex, the three helicopters landed and the twelve operators disembarked. First Lieutenant Arleigh Rivera sprinted to the edge of the clearing and fell to his chest, his Colt M4A1 Compact Assault Rifle forming a part of a "security wheel." Each of the soldiers faced a different direction in a full circle, watching for enemy soldiers while the choppers sped away. After a tense three minutes, Rivera rose to a knee and tapped the shoulder of the man to his right. That man did the same to the man on his right and soon the eleven watched Rivera intently. He pointed north, the general direction of the camp. Two groups split evenly according to a pre-made plan, the groups split by thirty meters advancing on the camp. The wind that night was blowing almost directly south. Flight-plans had been made to take advantage of this, and the choppers were flown in from the south to mask their already quiet noise signature. Twelve soldiers now did the same as they stalked towards their target. Rarely did these professionals make any audible sounds, anyway.

Within twenty-five minutes, the two groups had made their way to a tree line fifty meters from the front gate of the complex. The access road was off to their right and curled away and out of sight down a hill. Rivera broke out a pair of binoculars and observed the complex, noting guards and patrol frequency. Four guards were on either side of the front gate and two groups of two patrolled around the rectangular perimeter wall in opposite directions. His night-vision goggles allowed him to see into the dark and shadowed recesses in front of him. Fortunately, none of the guards had the same technology on them. This would make the mission far easier.

Arleigh took an M4QD Suppressor from his belt and screwed it onto the muzzle of his rifle. The other men carrying M4A1s followed suit, while the rest of the men, carrying MP5-SD6s waited, their guns having been manufactured with silencers already inside. Two men wielded M249 Light machine guns in addition to their small German sub-machine guns in case hell broke loose.

With one pair of guards walking along the wall, six targets presented themselves. Rivera motioned for the men to take aim. Each guard was felled by bullets to the head from two operators. Shortly thereafter, the remaining patrol rounded the corner, and was killed before noticing its downed comrades. After waiting for any possible alarms to be raised, the men advanced on the complex. The main gate was opened just enough to allow a man to pass through unhampered. `Probably so the guards can use the crapper,' thought Arleigh. He scanned the inside of the complex through the gates for any possible threats. `The guards must be asleep in the barracks or in the main building.' One by one the operators passed the gate and fanned out to cover the grounds. The entrance to the barracks was a set of wooden double-doors with vertical handles. A soldier moved up and placed several flex-cuffs around the handles. That would buy the troops some time if an alarm was raised. Amazingly, it was the only entrance to the two-story building.

One operator tried to open the door to the main building while his buddies covered the rest of the courtyard. Noise discipline had been observed until then, but the man whispered into the highly sensitive microphone, which compiled the information and transmitted to Rivera. "Locked."

"Pick it, Jones," came the reply.


The eleven stacked up on either side of the door with Sergeant, 1st Class Jones disabling the lock. Rivera was checking the silencer on his pistol just as the lock disengaged with a faintly audible click. Jones brought up his MP5-SD6 and quietly opened the door. A single guard sat sleeping at a desk in the foyer. In the confines of the building, the silencers could still possibly be heard quite a ways away, so Jones covered the man while an operator stalked over and severed the man's spinal cord with his K-Bar knife. The men began clearing the first floor, eliminating ten more enemy soldiers, some in a small radio room, the rest in the halls. Upstairs, more guards were felled. Five men occupied a room filled with maps of Tokyo, specifically the area around Bokuto, and many military documents. Only men with the skills of the operators could kill all five without a single one having time to even shout. The maps and documents went almost unnoticed by the swiftly moving men. The Lieutenant reminded himself to collect some as they exfiltrated. They all approached a set of large double doors with light shining under them.

"Get ready for takedown." Rivera readied his rifle.




The flashbang first blinded and then deafened all the soldiers looking at it in the room. Fortunately for the six officers, they could not see the extremely bright flash head-on so they only were deafened.

Twelve men burst through the door, two going to each corner of the room, two securing the door behind them, and two moving to cover the courtyard below from windows with their M249 Squad-Automatic-Weapons. As each guard in the room died from silent bullets, the two operators at the windows watched intently for any lights coming on in the barracks or a rattling but blocked front door. `Nothing. Good,' thought Sergeant, 1st Class Morris. The windows had absorbed enough of the sound. The man who had been rambling to the police attempted to bring up his pistol was shot in the chest several times. Three soldiers began releasing the hostages.

"Thank you!" shouted Yoriko as she jumped up and hugged a soldier.

Jones knew that he was blushing. "Keep it down, ma'am. You don't want the whole camp coming down on us now, do you?"

"Who the hell are you guys?" quipped the Chief as he rubbed his now-free wrists.

The man releasing Natsumi's binding from behind her looked up after cutting her last rope and saluted the chief. "First Lieutenant Arleigh Rivera, 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, reporting, Chief."

All the prisoners immediately turned to face him, saying in unison, "Arleigh!?"

"Yeah, sorry about disappearing a few months ago." He laughed. "I was in a deep cover op… and, your know what, I'll explain this later. We got to get you the hell out of here. Ryker, radio, now." The tall lieutenant motioned to his Radio/Telephone operator who came over and handed the handset to his commanding officer. "Black Widow, this is Delta 5-1. Got the presents, could you bring the car? Over."

The radio message was a code and not to be taken literally, something Aoi didn't quite understand at the moment. "Arleigh, what does that mean? What presents?" Miyuki shot Aoi a glare, which shut her up.

The response came quickly enough from the flight leader circling a few klicks away. "Black Widow. Roger that, 5-1. Black Widow inbound. Hostages and escorts out first. Any casualties? Over."

"5-1. Negative, Widow, all safe and sound. Roger hostage extraction first with four escorts. Little Birds in second to pick up the rest of the team. PZ Falcon is the plate. Over."

"Black Widow. Affirmative on PZ Falcon. What's your ETA? Over."

"5-1. Estimate fifteen minutes to egress. Copy that? Over."

"Roger. Black Widow out."

Arleigh replaced the handset and smiled. "Okay, lets go home, guys." The group had made their way downstairs, the Delta Force operators flanking each hostage. Arleigh stepped into the map room on the second floor and hastily grabbed some maps and documents lying about the room before exiting. No time to waste, but the intelligence would be valuable.




At that moment, a guard from the rear service entrance to the camp finished walking around the perimeter to acquire cigarettes from another guard. He saw the eight dead bodies. "Enemy! Enemy! Alarm!" He rushed into the guard post beside the main gate and slapped the general alarm. A shrill whine filled the air as an old air-raid siren went off across the compound.

"Damnit! They know we're here!" yelled one of the S.A.W. gunners at the head of the group.

Lights came on in the barracks and the door began to shake as guards attempted to open it. Arleigh's first reaction was to grab the handset from Ryker's radio. "Black Widow, Delta 5-1! We've been compromised! Over!"

"Black Widow. Roger that. Where are you? Can you make it to Falcon?" Pickup-Zone Falcon was one of several small clearings closer to the camp than their landing zone had been. Falcon was the closest and therefore picked because it was the shortest hike for the tired hostages.

Arleigh followed Ryker through the door as the group ran for the gate. "5-1. Maybe, we're making a run for it! No time to….."

Just then the barrack doors burst open and out came the guards, rifles and light machine guns in hand. The Delta operators responded by grabbing the hostages, covering their mouths, and pulling them into the shadows near the small mess hall. Thankfully the compound lights could not be turned on from anywhere but the main building, so the courtyard remained dark.

Arleigh sank against the wall and whispered into the handset, "Well that sucks. Black Widow, this is Delta 5-1. We're stuck. The goons are out in the open. Can't make it to the gate. Looks like you're going to be driving into the mall. Over."

"Damn. Roger, 5-1. We're inbound to the mall. Affirmative on driving into it. Stay in cover, we'll assault with the miniguns. ETA two mikes. Widow out."

The "mall" was the code name for the compound and driving into it entailed landing the choppers in the courtyard. This was the worst-case scenario option for the mission.

Ken held Miyuki tight as the soldiers began to sweep the area. Arleigh turned around and quipped, "See? You can't deny you like her."

Both scowled at the young American who returned to sighting his weapon on a guard with an RPK machine gun.

Natsumi and the Chief whispered to two Deltas for their pistols and waited for the eventual finding of the group with loaded Beretta M9s. `Hell, if I would've known this was going to happen I would've stayed in that room tied to that stupid chair' thought Natsumi.

The lights came on across the courtyard and their cover was blown. Immeditely Arleigh and several others fired, felling nine guards. The Blackhawk blazed overhead as another seven guards died. Crew Chief Mike Donches activated the portside M134 Rotary Minigun on the Blackhawk and began firing at guards out in the open. This allowed Arleigh to move his two S.A.W. gunners around to the other side of the mess hall while the guards were occupied. They set up and began providing covering fire. Natsumi picked off a guard barreling out of the main building and smiled. "Ah, revenge. Sedate me, will you."

Arleigh tossed two smoke grenades, one in front of the main building and another in front of the barracks. The doorways were obscured for the moment. Again he grabbed the radio. "Black Widow, 5-1. Tally-ho lovely lemon. Over."

"Roger 5-1. Affirmative on yellow smoke. Landing. Out."

The pilot expertly landed his bird in the middle of the courtyard, allowing his window gunners to fire their miniguns at the main building and barracks. Obviously the guards kept explosives in their barracks, as a group of shots from one of the miniguns set off a massive explosion, throwing debris and guards everywhere.

"Sweet," was all Arleigh could say about that. "Alright, Jones, Smith, McMicheal, and Stevens, get on the damn chopper with the hostages! Move it, maggots!" bellowed Arleigh as he unloaded a magazine into the windows of the main building, which were being used a cover for a trio of guards. Before getting up, McMicheal launched a 40-mm grenade into the window from the M203 slung under the barrel of his rifle. The guards were catapulted out of the opening with shrapnel in their backs.

Aoi and Yoriko led the charge to the chopper and were pulled in by the crew chief. Miyuki jumped in, followed closely by Ken, Natsumi and the Chief. The four Delta operators scrambled in and began providing suppressive fire for their squad mates staying behind. The pilot jerked the collective up as soon as he saw the last soldier jump in and the Blackhawk jumped into the air. The soldiers and gunners held their fire as the two Little Birds swooped in to pick up the eight remaining soldiers.

Arleigh fired one more clip into the upper windows of the barracks before racing for the second Little Bird. He buckled in on the bench, brought up his weapon, and resumed fire. The seven other men speedily reported in with confirmations of seating. He turned and banged on the co-pilot's door and the MH-6 shot up into the night sky, leaving the compound burning in its wake.

Arleigh plugged his personal radio into the jack in the bench so he could talk with the pilots of the group. "Thanks for the lift, guys. Alright, any casualties? Anyone? Check yourself for unnaturally-occurring holes in your bodies." Eleven responses came back negative. The hostages were also wound-less. Complete success. "Widow, patch this through to Home Plate. Mission accomplished. Zero casualties. Complete success."

"Roger, 5-1. Good job."