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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

A lot of time has passed since the day where two “Dragon Lords” dueled to decide who was better...  And even though so much time has passed, that duel still has a voice in this modern day.  Nevertheless, the game of Duel Monsters created by “Mr. Pegasus” has risen to new levels, yet with these levels come new ways of thinking and new changes to the metagame.  One of the biggest changes was the integration of the Duel Dorms; Forbidden Brown and Necrophade Black were now part of the lineup of academy dorms, and two other dorms came to pass:  Orichalcos Green and Radiant Gem; and they were soon followed by another dorm, Horakhty Light.

Now this Horakhty dorm was different… in lieu of its duelists partaking in annual dorm activities, one thing remained a disdainful constant; there was no appearance of the Horakhty Leader.  This has led other dorms to question the authenticity of the dorm, even when Pegasus mentioned meeting its leader and assuring the dorm’s validity.  Then one promotional even took the Dueling Academies by a couple of storms:  The first storm was the “physical” arrival of the Horakhty Leader; and the second was Pegasus’ announcement.  Pegasus saw the various tensions between dorms, and gave a decree, “Seeing such unethical conduct in duels from my dorms is highly unacceptable.  Furthermore, since my dorms cannot swallow their pride and agree on a viable solution, I will decide how to deal with the escalation myself.  And until this is resolved, all inter-academic dueling is suspended.”

Six months since that time has passed and not a word of this resolution was heard, and growing impatient, dorms decided to enguage in battles underground, though word of these duel had surfaced and they were public in no time.  Spectators were happy to see the colored duelists battle it out, and the break of silence was welcome by all.  And then one day, Pegasus gave his ruling in a press conference.  “Apologies for not resolving this sooner, I have grown ill, but I have regained my health.” he began.  “In spite of the various cards that have come out and new strategies formed by all my world’s duelists, I have learned of these unsanctioned duels and have come to a decision:  Since my eight dorms wish to solve their problems in battle, then so be it… to an extent.  I have sent off invitations to all of the dorms and they will do battle in a locale of my choosing.  It will be here, that the disputes will be solved once and for all…  Eight dorms, eight houses, but only one will be able to stand at the pinnacle of the academy.  Gather your legions, my dorms, for the time to do battle will soon be upon you.”

And now, the adventure continues!
Duel Dorm Melee

Day of Arrival, 05:15 on Duel Island…

Pegasus sits at his table eating his breakfast and enjoying a glass of sunflower wine.  So, today is the day in which everything begins. he wonders.  It’s fitting that this will be my final tournament.  I’m not sad… in fact, it feels good knowing that this is the way I want to end everything… with the eight dueling dorms duking it out for supremacy.  It’ll be quite fitting to see how this finishes.  Pegasus looks at eight small packets, all purple in color.  These eight cards… these eight cards will be the eight cards that each dorm leader will have to own.  I have long since placed each of them and shuffled them, so not even I know which card hides in each of the eight packets.
One of Pegasus’ security guards enters the room.  “Mr. Pegasus, all of the preparations are set for the arrival of the dorms.” he said.
“Excellent, excellent indeed, Roland.” Pegasus says.
“Sir, not to be out of tone, but are you sure you wish to go through with this, in spite of your health?  I mean you just recently got a…”
“Roland, Roland, Roland, how you worry about me so… you truly remind me of Croquet.”
“My grandfather was a good man.”
“That he is, Roland.”  Pegasus stands up and moves towards Roland.  “Are the tower lookouts watching the seas?”
“They are, and you will be notified the moment one of the ships is seen on the horizon.”

Pegasus was pleased.  “Excellent!  Now then, spoon with me, Roland.  Which of these eight dorms do you think will win this tournament?”
“I have no clue, but my grandfather always did like how Necrophade Black held itself.  I’m sure he would be rooting for them.” Roland said.  “Personally, I hope to see Obelisk Blue fall, Ra makes a worthy toppler.”
“Ra is rather… ‘unique’ nowadays, isn’t it?”
“From what I hear, all of the duelists attending will be female…”
“So I wasn’t the only one whose ears met this rumor.”

Out on the water, 06:00
A lone boat sails across the waves, this is the boat of Necrophade Black.  Kai is currently manning the helm, keeping steady as he goes.  “Brother…”
Kai looks out the corner of his eye to see his twin sister, Kylia approach him.  “Up and about I see…” Kai says.
“Here, have some carrot juice.” Kylia offers her brother a drink.
Kai extends his paw to take the glass.  “Is anyone else awake?”
“Not to my knowledge.”

But some were awake.  In particular, were the dorm’s younger duelists, Petal and Kerin, as they had just wrapped up a duel.  “I have to admit, you always did have a… unique choice of monsters.” Petal said.
“Yeah, this deck runs pretty well.” Kerin said.
“It needs work, though.”
“Yeah, I gotta clean it up a bit.”
“Well, let’s go grab some grub.”
As the two girls headed to the mess hall for something to eat, Kerin and Petal ran into Aqua.  “I thought you two would still be asleep.” Aqua said.
“I’m hungry.” Kerin said.
“Same here.” Petal added.
“Good luck with that, the Mess Hall’s not open yet.” Aqua said.  “I just came from there a minute ago and the lights are off.”

On, the Ra Yellow boat, Sparkle was on deck and looking out towards the endless sea and sky.  Duel Island… Sparkle began in her thoughts.  I had hopes for a place to truly test my skills as a duelist and this island is the perfect battleground.  Many past opponents, as well as new opponents await me here, and I plan to oblige them with my incredible skills.  I left Duel School early, as I had graduated at an advanced level, but I was graciously allowed to return and start over.  I had to retake the entrance exam, which I passed normally and was placed back in the golden yellow dorm, but I learned so many new things since my return.

I am grateful for being given the chance to attend normally, and this time around, things are a lot different.  I have grown since those days and this growing up is something that I needed and lacked when I graduated early at a genius rate.
“You seem lost in thought as well.”
Sparkle’s thoughts turn to Lapis, who joins her on deck.  “I hope Lazuli is okay” Lapis thought aloud.
“You seemed so bummed as hell when she didn’t make the cut, why?” Spaskle asked.
“We’re traveling buddies who do almost all travels together and this’ll be the first solo of mine.  It’s hard to not have good company you’re familiar to.”
“We’ll make it.”

Meanwhile, Pegasus was heading to the south shore of Duel Island.  He decided to go for a stroll and enjoyed the air.  I don’t mind waiting, but I think I will go for a stroll on my island. he thought.  This morning is rather nice after all and the security is-
Pegasus’ thoughts were cut short by his two-way radio going off.  “Mr. Pegasus, we have a boat approaching the island on the west shore.”
“The west shore?” Pegasus responds.
“Sir, where might you be?”
“The south shore, and, hold on a moment…” Pegasus whips out his “large eyes” and looks onto the horizon.  “I’ve confirmed contact of one of the ships, and I’m looking dead at it on the south shore.”
“Well, what color is it?”
Pegasus adjusts his eyes.  “It looks… green.”
In the lookout tower, the ham on the radio with Pegasus is on the alert.  “I see.” He says into the radio and turns to his people.  “West Tower to South Tower… come in South Tower…”
“This is South Tower.” Someone on the radio says.
“Pegasus is currently walking the south shore and he has a sight of a green ship.  Can we confirm that?”
“Stand by…” and the ham in the south tower is on the job.  “Hey you lazy hams, Pegasus sees a green ship and he’s standing on our shores while looking at a boat on the water that’s green in color.  Let’s get some eyes out there!”

Tower hands scramble in the South Tower, but one ham was looking on the glass with an identity of the ship.  “South Tower to Pegasus… come in, Pegasus.” he says.
“This is Pegasus.” A response from the post came.
“This is Cody from South Tower, and I have confirmed your sight.”
“It’s the Radient Gem boat… but, they’re going the wrong way.”
“Well, open a channel.”
“I’m getting interference… they must be out of range.”
“Let’s get a light on those guys!” the Tower Head yelled.
“Keep trying to contact that ship, I’m headed to the west shore to check in the boat on their shore.  Pegasus, out.”

West Shore, 06:15…
“Attention duelists!  We will be docking in less than five minutes.  I repeat, we will be docking in less than five minutes.  Wrap up whatever you’re doing and be prepared to disembark!”
“Man, it’s about damn time.”  Panda walks out of his room and stretches.  “All this time on the water is a pain, I would’ve rather flown to this island.”
“Good to see you, Panda.” Panda turns to see Maxwell greeting him.  “Would you like a doggy bone?”
“Sure, why not?”
Maxwell passes Panda part of a dog biscuit.  “Eat up.”
“I think I’ll save some.” and Panda breaks off a piece and puts it away.
“Dog biscuits again… where’s the chicken?” asked Cappy who had approached them.
“We’re out of chicken.” Maxwell answered.  “And all of the decent food is frozen safely in cold storage for the trip home.  So for now, we will eat dog biscuits.”
“Booo!” Cappy protested.
“Fine, feel free to starve.”
Cappy walked away with a shrug.  “So, are you ready for some great dueling?” Panda asked.
“I’m not all that skeptical about dueling on this level,” Maxwell admitted, “but if I have to, then I will.”
“It was a smart idea to let the Duelsim scores determine who Boss took with us.  It was clever on his behalf.”
“But what shocked me is that you were on top with the highest score.”
“Lucky, I just got lucky.  Remember that I’m the backup duelist, Panda, and nothing more.”
“I hear you, Maxwell.”

Duel Island, 06:20.  The first boat, Forbidden Brown, has docked onto the island.
“Okay everyone, we’re here.” Boss began his motivational speech.  “Now before we get off of the boat, I want to say a quick word.” Boss clears his throat as the rest of the duelists gather around.  “I want all of you to remember two important things here as we participate in this competition: 1) We’re here to represent our dorm, Forbidden Brown.  For the longest of time, we’ve been the underdog… but not this time.  Another dorm has that title, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t give things our best.  I decided on the chosen of you hams to come would be by your determining factor from your Duelsim scores.  Remember, to keep your strategy from that test and use it here; 2) and lastly, remember that at the end of the day, I want all of you to duel your best.  If you can do that, then I will have no regrets in any way, shape, or form.  Are we clear?”
“Yep-P!” the other hams shout.
“Okay, let’s touch some land for a change, and bring your cards.”

With the motivational speech over, the gangplank was lowered and the Forbidden Brown duelists exit the boat.  However, there was a bit of a problem… “You’re short one duelist.” Roland explained.
“We got ten, so what?” Boss asked.
“You were supposed to have ten duelists with you, didn’t you read the guidelines?”
“I read that each dorm has ten duelists, including a backup.”
“What’s the problem here?” Pegasus approaches to assess the situation.
“Sir, Forbidden Brown is short one duelist.” Roland explains.
Pegasus looks and sees that nine duelists are behind Boss.  “Eh, let it slide.” Pegasus tells Roland.
“But sir…” Roland trails off.
“Things happen, Roland.  And besides, if they want to be at a disadvantage, let them.  Ten out of eleven isn’t something to raise a red flag over.  Nine of eleven on the other hand is.  And who knows, the tenth one may show up later.”
“Er… I understand.” Roland gives in.  “Anyhoo, welcome to Duel Island, you are the first time to arrive.”
“First dorm to arrive, sweet!” Hamtaro shouts.
“Moving on, there is one more rule I will discuss here as stated in the guide:” Roland continues.  “Each duelist will be given a Melee Issued Duel Disk.  These issued duel disks are to be worn by your participating dorm duelists during the tournament.  However, the dorm leaders, and two exceptions of the leader’s choosing, may use their own duel disks.”
“I’ll keep the exceptions in mind, but for now, we’ll all weild the ‘House Disks’ as to not play favorites.”
“Wait, we keep these duel disks?” asks Cappy.
“Yes, it’s part of participating in the Melee.  And yes, all issued duel disks have been debugged and upgraded… kudos to Panda.”
06:35…  The second boat, Radiant Gem has docked onto the island.  The duelists of this dorm touched the shore of the boat and were greeted by security.  “You almost overshot the entire island.” Roland said.
“Apologies for that, but at least we’re here.” said Prince Bo.
“Well, all of your duelists are present, so feel free to head into the main area.”
“Welcome, Bo.” Pegasus greeted.
“Glad to have made it.” Prince Bo says with a greeting.

Ten minutes later…
06:45…  The third Boat arrives and docks onto the island, Obelisk Blue.  “And here comes Obelisk Blue.” Roland says.
“It’s about time that we finally got here.  Personally, I was growing impatient with all of this not-so-fantastic voyaging.”  The bitter words of the Blue dorm leader were heard, and then he appeared.  It was Duelist Ham, and he led his duelists to check in with Pegasus.
“Well, it’s pleasant to see you again.” Pegasus says.
“Can it, Pegasus.” Duelist Ham retorts.  “I honestly don’t give a damn about the meet-n-greets.  My dorm is here for one reason and one reason only, and that is simply to show that we Obelisk duelists have the power to crush all the opposing dorms, further showing our superiority to all the others, who are obviously underneath us.”
“I’m going to have to disagree with you, fool.” A voice says.
“As shall I.” another voice says.
06:46... the Orichalcos Green and Osiris Red bock dock at the same time with both of their leaders on deck.  “If anyone will be showing dominance, it will be the duelists of Orichalcos Green.”  These were the words of Tempest.
“Before this is over, your dorm will bow before our feet.” Seifa, dorm leader of Osiris Red said.  Seifa was different from the others: Since his natural coloring is red, Seifa wore the Osiris White jacket.

Duelist Ham smirked.  “Nightmare on, losers.” he spoke.
“Gentlemen, I advise you to save such tension for the actual dueling.” Pegasus gave a warning.  “At least try to be civil for a change.”
“Be civil to a Slifer?  What a joke.” Duelist Ham spoke.
“Don’t waste your breath, Pegasus.  Humble isn’t in Duelist Ham’s vocabulary as you know, his pride clouds any reason that exists in his thick skull.” Seifa said.
“Quit your trap and gather your duelists.  We don’t have time for your quarrels, so let’s keep to the schedule.” Roland said.

Time passes on and duelists begin to settle into the main area of the island.  Also, the current dorms were given their house duel disks.  “Hey Boss, check out the Obelisks.” Hamtaro said.
“Great… and these guys look like they’re in the foulest of moods.” Boss said.
“Boss, Hamtaro, it’s good to see you’ve come so far.” Prince Bo greets his friends.
“Hamha, Bo.” Hamtaro greets.
“Good to see you again, Bo.” Boss says.
“Checking out Obelisk’s duelists, huh?” Prince Bo asks.
“Might as well…”
“To think that Duelist Ham runs them it is a truly disdainful turn of events, but whatever.”
“And judging by the looks, he’s probably just as stuck up as ever.”

“You’re looking well, Ivy.” Pashmina says.
“Well, I have to keep my figure and all.” Ivy says and runs her paw through her ponytail.
“Ah yes, you made it after all…”
And here comes Locke.  “Pashmina, my queen…  Once again, I am humbled to see your beauty grace my eyes.”
“Humble yourself some other way.” Pashmina said.
“Now, now, you know I haven’t given up on you.” Locke says as he approaches Pashmina.
Dexter places a paw on Locke’s shoulder.  “You heard her, back off.” he warns.
“Deras Gata, I should’ve known that you would be here…”
“Why wouldn’t I be here?”
“Too true.”

“I will make this clear only once… keep your distance from Pashmina.” Deras revises his warning.
“Or you’ll do what, lie on your back like the mundane undead do?” questions Locke.
“You meddlesome louth, pester us no further.”
“I’m just greeting Pashmina, so piss off.”
“Make me piss off you insolent green shit.”
Ivy places herself between Dexter and Locke, separating them.  “Now fellas, save that for dueling… it’s why we’re here after all.” she says.
“True this, rainbow maiden.” Locke says.  “I’m done greeting Pashmina anyway, so I’ll take my leave.”
“A wise choice.” Dexter said.
“Hey, behave.” Ivy said.
07:30, north shore….
“All right, get the hell off of the boat, we have check-in to do!” Kai yells.
Outside on shore, Pegasus awaited the duelists of Necrophade Black to step ashore.  Hiei… welcome back. He thought.
This utter silence was soon cut short by the arrival of the Ra Yellow boat.  Hiei and his duelists walk down the ramp as the Yellow boat docks alongside theirs.  “At least we can say that we beat them here.” Petal said.
“Uh huh…” Kerin trailed off.
Hiei stood before Pegasus and Roland.  “We’re here, and first to boot.” Hiei said.
“Actually, you are the sixth boat to arrive.” Roland corrected.
“Sixth?” Hiei was not pleased.
“Forbidden Brown was the first boat to arrive.” Pegasus said.
“That’s assuring.”

Ra Yellow’s duelists began to step to shore and their presence caught the attention of Tyrone and Blaze.  “Check that out, nothing but girls.” Blaze said.
“Yeah, this looks like it’ll be fun to hit it off with some ladies.” Tyrone said.
“No way, I can’t believe this!” Rufus yelled.
“Dude, you okay?” asked Tyrone.
“What the hell are you doing here?” Rufus questioned one of the girls in the Ra Dorm.
This girl in question was green and had what appeared to be red colored spikes on her.  “Great, I didn’t expect you to be here too, Rufus.” she said.
At this point, Sparkle intervenes here.  “Hey Rose, you know this guy?” she asked.
“For your information, Sparkle, this green girl is my younger sister.” Rufus points out.
“And an exceptional duelist.” Rose, the green girl says.
“We will see.”

At this point, the leader of Ra Yellow appears.  Like the other duelists, Ra’s leader is also female, and her name is Kurucha.  “If you don’t mind, we have registration to undergo.” She tells Rufus.  “Save the sibling rivalry for later.”
“I didn’t know Rufus had a sister.” Tyrone whispered to Blaze.
“Actually, he has multiple sisters.” Blaze whispers back.  “But the picture Ruf showed me of him and Rose didn’t have her colored like that, so this must be a change.”
Kurucha addresses Pegasus.  “So are all of the dorms here?” she asks.
“The only dorm left is Horakhty Light.” Pegasus answered.
“Figures… the dorm with the hooded ‘leader’ lollygags on time when it comes to getting here.”
“As long as that dorm gets here in time, they won’t be disqualified.  And with that said, I believe it’s time that black and yellow made their ways inland.”

It took a bit, but Pegasus lead the two dorms inland to the main area.  Meanwhile, the other dorms are enjoying food and other various things.  “I must admit that things look rather interesting.” Shena said.
“It’s not like we haven’t met anyone here before.” Tia said.
“It seems all is well.”
Seifa approached Boss.  “Have you seen Hiei yet, Boss?” he asked.
“No,” Boss answered, “but now that you mention it, I haven’t run into a single member of Necrophade Black.”
“Once again, thanks for your help.  Things have changed since I regained control over my group.  Luckily for me, my company has turned things around and worked a way into an official dorm.  Things have worked well with us since then.”
“No problem.  By the way, there are a few unfamiliar faces in your crew.” Boss says.
“You will know of their skill soon enough.”

Outside of the main area, Cappy got quite the interesting surprise.  Kerin and Petal both jump him and a joyous reunion is had.  “It’s good to see you here, Cappy.” Petal said.
“It’s good to be here.” Cappy said.
“I’m glad you’re here, too.” Kerin said.
“Hugging… too tight…”
Cappy is finally released by Kerin as Petal laughs.  “Air, precious air…” and Cappy gasps for air.
“Moving along,” Rufus began, “is Penelope here alongside the rest of your duelists?”
“Penelope didn’t make it to this one, Rufus.  I’m sorry.” Cappy answers Rufus.
“What a shame, I will be unrivaled here.”
“Not that it matters anyway.” Kai said.
“Hey squirt, is everyone inside?” asked Kurucha.
“Yeah, but I haven’t seen the other dorm.” Cappy answered.
“No matter, let’s get inside.”

Everyone went inside, leaving Hiei and Cappy alone.  “We need to talk.” Hiei told Cappy.
“Okay, what’s up?” Cappy asked.
“I’m well aware of how Boss chose his duelists for this.  Hacking has its charm, but I managed to see your entire duel and I’m enraged with your efforts… you barely made the cut.”
“Don’t bust my ass about that… it was hard enough that Penelope had trouble with it.” Cappy said.
“I know, I saw all of your duels, and seeing Penelope outwitted by her own monster archtype does sting the pride.  Now knowing you, which I do, I advise you to beef up that table scrap of a deck you have.”
Cappy shrugged.  “I have to hear this whole ‘fix your deck’ song and dance again?  Even Kai rips on me about this same principle...”
“And apparently, you haven’t learned from it.  We of Necrophade Black may tolerate your inability to advance your potential, but you officially have no choice.”
“I disagree-”
“Disagree no further, just do it, Beastmaster.” Hiei told Cappy. “And I don’t say that because you thick skull can’t take proper advice, but because the competition here is at least ‘A Game’ and some will even be ‘S Game’.  Your deck will be shredded against the caliber you face here.”
“Look.  I get the whole grilling and power B.S., but not every duelist is built for power, or did you forget that?  Regardless, I duel my own way, not the way anyone tells me to, especially you.”
Hiei walks away.  You stubborn child… I hope your desecration in this tournament finally forces your clamped eyelids open.

09:30….. Horakhty Light finally arrives.
Roland stands on the western shore.  “Mr. Pegasus, Horakhty Light has finally arrived, and they have checked in on time.” he says through his radio.
“Good, it’s about time.” Pegasus said through his radio.  “Bring them in and fill them in on things.”
“Understood.”  Roland look as the dorm leader, who wears a hooded robe in the dorm’s colors.  “You sure took your sweet time getting here, but at least you checked in on time as to not have your dorm disqualified.”
The Horakhty leader said nothing, but only nodded.  “Are we gonna go now?” asked Senki.
“Miss, do not test thinly worn patience.  Anyway, inside of this box are the Melee Issued Duel Disks.  With the leader and the leader’s choice of two exceptions, all other participating duelists of your dorm will use these.  Also, these disks are yours to keep…  Well, I see all of your participants are here, so let’s move inland.”

While Roland led the Horkhty Light duelists to the main area, Pegasus was explaining things.  “Moving onto the scoring process.” he said.  “There are various ways that score will take place.  However, there will be two classed duel types; free duels which are simply for skill purpose or kicks and giggles, and the melee duels where score is jotted.  I want all of you to remember that every card you play, every move you make, and every time you win and lose will affect your score.  The dorm with the best score will not only receive top bragging rights, but a trophy denoting your efforts, and… this scoring will change the ‘Totem Pole’ of the dueling dorms.
“Remember, you are your own worst enemies, so show me some exclusive dueling.”
“Well we already know one thing, Horakhty Light isn’t present, so they will be DQed for not making it here on time.” Tempest said.
“Wrong, the Horakhty dorm has checked in on time and is currently approaching as we speak.” Pegasus told the floor.
“Hopefully they will all be here this time!” a duelist shouts.

Further commotion erupts from the seven awaiting dorms, and things begin to get out of hand.  But before it escalades into a peak problem, the door to the main hall opens and Roland enters with the duelists of Horakhty Light.  The doors soon close and the hooded dorm leader stands back to the door as the rest of the dorm takes the last empty table.  “This again?” Sirius asks.  He then stands up and pops the collar on his blue jacket.  “You call yourself a leader when you conceal your own face?  What a joke.”
“I actually like the style of the cloak.” Tyrone said.
“Of course you would.” Sparkle said.  “The so-called Horakhty Llight eader is so ashamed of his dorm that the loser won’t even reveal himself.”
“Or herself.” Ichine says while acting like she’s dusting off her green jacket.
“I agree, take that damn thing off and show us who you really are.” Seifa said.  “That is of course, if you have the guts.”
“Yeah, show your face, coward.” Sirius added.
“Show your face!” Ivy yelled.

Soon the room began the cheers of “Show your face” as if taunting the dorm.  Finally, Pegasus had enough of such taunting.  “Cease this chanting at once!” Pegasus demands.  “Obviously, this isn’t going to work, so let’s just do it like this…  Kind sir, would you be a gentleman and remove your cloak and show us all your pretty face?”
Laughter was soon heard, obviously coming from the supposed leader of Horakhty Light.  After the laughter, and three seconds of silence that followed, the leader let the ham-ham out of the bag.  The expression was rather unique.  There were a few shocked faces whereas the majority weren’t happy with things.  “You must be joking!” Duelist Ham yelled.
“Aaah, some things never changed.”
Horakhty Light’s dorm leader was none other than Jam.  “You know, I do have a pretty face.” he said.  “It’s nice to know you have quite the eye, Pegasus.”
“Well, busting you out wouldn’t be as fun.” Pegasus said.

“So the Dragon Lord leads Horakhty Light now?” asked Noretu.
“Apparently so.” Shena said.
“It’s good to see Jam again.” said Pashmina.
“Such great surprises are very wonderful, are they not?” Locke slides in next to Pashmina.
Before things went any further, Dexter dove at Locke, knocking him away from Pashmina and the two males started to throw down.  Many of the other hams cheered on this bout, but Roland and security were not amused.  “You just won’t listen, so that mean I’ll make you listen.” Dexter said.
“Piss off, Gata.  You are not my keeper.” Locke said.
Boss managed to intervene and hold Dexter back while Roland did the same to Locke.  “All right, fight night is over.” Roland said.  “I will not allow this inappropriate behavior to conduct itself in Mr. Pegasus’ tournament.”
“Get a grip, man.” Boss told Dexter.
“His pestering Pashmina has gone on long enough.” Dexter explained.
“Well, you obviously forgot that we’re duelists, and we let our cards do the talking.”
“Well said, Summoner.” Pegasus said.  “And since these two obviously have the need to let off some steam, we’ll begin our duels early.”
Dexter and Locke dust themselves off.  “I must apologize for such irrational behavior, Pegasus.” Dexter said.
“Damn right you should.” Locke said.
“Anyway, I’m game for taking you down… and doing it here.”
“Agreed…  My duel disk and deck are ready to go, I just have to put it on.  Then we can go right here in front of everyone.”
“I advise against this, as we have not only a designated area for duels, but I also want this to count.” Pegasus said.  “But before we begin, pick a number in range from one to eight.”
“Eight.” said Locke.
“Six.” said Dexter.  “Picking the end was foolish.”
“Not entirely.” Pegasus said.  “Anyway, let’s head this way and get things officially started.”
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