Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Beyblade Fan Fiction ❯ The Decisions We Make ❯ Getting to Know Each Other ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Wingzero: *watches her yami chase Kai around*

Ray: *watches his team mate being chased by DS*

Yugi: Hi! *observes the chase* What's going on?

Ray: Kai wouldn't allow me to date someone so DS decides to make him see the light.

Yugi: Oh.

Yami: *comes out of the puzzle* ??????

Yugi: You don't even want to know.

Ryou: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Yami Bakura: Okay, where's my hikari! *growls*

Yami: Why do you want to know?

Yami Bakura: It's none of your business.

Wingzero: DS, Bakura's here to beat up Ryou!

Death Scythe: WHAT!?!?! Come here you little soul stealer!!! *stops chasing Kai and runs after Bakura while wielding a HUGE mallet*

Yami Bakura: O.O *runs for his life*

Yami: *joins his little sister and chases Bakura*

Kai: *gasping for air*

<A fight ensues with the usual white cloud. The fight ends up with only one injured.>

Yami Bakura: Look at all the perty birdies. *collapses onto the ground*

Ray: That will leave a bruise.

Kai: O.O

Death Scythe: You wouldn't do anything to upset my aibou, would you?

Kai: *shakes his head*

Yami: Good, because if you upset her, that will upset my little sister, and when you upset her, you will have to deal with me!

Kai: *thinks* I'd better allow Ray to date her or I will have one upset girl, her angry yami, and her yami's furious older brother.

Joey, Tristan, Tea, Mai, Serenity, Seto, & Mokuba: *each hold up a sign that all together reads 'Wingzero does not own Yu-Gi-Oh or Beyblade'*

Later that night, I worked on my homework while my yami was blowing off some steam. He wanted to pound me into the dirt, again, but I politely informed him that if I showed up with any more bruises, Yugi's yami will start to suspect something. Then he decided to take his wrath out on the tree in our backyard.

Suddenly he stormed into my room without warning. "Where were you, this afternoon?" He demanded an answer.

"I was signing up for dance lessons," I lied through my teeth, hoping that he would believe me.

"What kind of dance lessons?" Bakura sneered at the thought of me going to dance lessons.

"Ballet," I lied again.

"WHAT!?!?!" Bakura yelled at me. "You can't possibly be taking those girly lessons. They're for the weak!"

My yami actually bought it. "You keep saying I'm weak?" I whispered.

"True," Bakura said.

"My first lesson is tomorrow," I informed him. "Would you like to come? It's just after school."

"No way!" Bakura growled at me. "There is no way you're going to drag me into that... That ... Pansy dance studio."

"Your call," I said, returning my attention back to my homework. "Then that would mean you're not coming to school with me?"

"I'd rather rot in prison!" He growled again. I still think he hasn't gotten over the fact that DS had humiliated him in front of my friends or Yami. "Why would I want to see that idiot of a pharaoh or his little sister?"

"Just a thought," I pondered, finishing the last of my math problems. At least he wouldn't be there when I took those lessons. I sighed in relief.

"So you don't want me at school?" Bakura sneered.

"Why would you ask that?" I asked, trying to act completely surprised.

"I know you," he growled.

"I really don't mind if you're there," I said honestly. Cause you can't do anything while Yami or his little sister are around. Even if they aren't, you wouldn't do anything that would reveal your existence or the abuse you have given me.

"Fine then, I'll go," Bakura spat out. "But I'm not going to your little ballet lessons."

Putting away my homework into my backpack, I nodded my head in acknowledgement. I hopped into bed and turned off my light, since I had to wake up early in the morning. Bakura went back into the ring.

Morning arrived earlier than I had anticipated. Yawning, I stretched only to wince, due to my multiple bruises and cuts. I really needed those defense lessons, if I wanted to wake up without pain every single time. My yami usually slept in. Lucky him.

I padded over to my closet and picked out today's outfit. Hm. My lessons would require me to wear something comfortable. It should be not too tight or too loose. This shouldn't prove to be a problem, because I don't wear tight clothing. And I'm not fond of loose clothing.

After changing, I went downstairs to for breakfast. My parents were out of town for awhile now. They were on this archaeological dig in Egypt. They didn't know when they will be returning, but they mailed me and sent money into my checking account. I made myself a quick breakfast before heading off to school.

Yugi and his yami were dueling Joey and Tristan, who were losing miserably, I might add. Tea watched cheered on Yami. I soon noticed Wingzero and her yami weren't present. Maybe they had woken up late.

"Face it Joey, you can't beat the king of games," Yugi teased his best friend.

"You can't even beat me!" Tea smirked.

"Says who?" Joey growled playfully at her.

"Do you want me to pull out our old scoring sheets?" She teased him.

"You still have those?" Tristan asked.

"I want to remember every defeat," Tea beamed.

"If I did that, I would need an entire house," Yami shook his head. He returned his attention to the game.

"Hi guys," I greeted them, making my presence known.

"Hi, Ryou," Yugi was the first one to respond.

"Hello," Yami said without looking away from their game.

"What's up?" Joey smiled, despite him about to lose again.

"Hey," Tristan greeted me.

"Hi, Ryou," Tea smiled at me.

"So who's winning?" I asked, curiously. I walked over towards the game site. Yami still had his 2,000 life points. Yugi dropped only two hundred points. Tristan had half of his original points while Joey was down to three hundred.

"What do you think?" Joey asked sarcastically.

"I play the Dark Magician," Yugi said. It was his turn. "I also play the Yami card." He giggled at the card, which happened to have the same name as his yami.

"Just great!" Joey sighed.

"It's my turn," Tristan protested. He placed one card face down and played his Cyber Commander in defense mode.

"I also play my Dark Magician and Yami card," Yami imitated his aibou. Both of their monsters received twice the power boost, because they had two dark cards on the field. (don't know if it is allowed, but what the heck!)

"I play my Red Eyes Black Dragon," Joey said placing his dragon down on to the field. He couldn't attack, because their Dark Magicians held more power than his monster.

"Not a good move," Yugi smiled. "I play remove trap!"

"Aw," Tristan groaned as he placed his trap card in the graveyard pile.

"Good work Aibou," Yami praised his light. Wish mine did that.

"Then I attack Joey's Red Eyes Black Dragon," Yugi added. His attack finished off Joey's life points, which meant Yami and Yugi won this match.

"Next time, I'm getting a better partner," Tristan said.

"Very funny!" Joey retorted.

"Hello," a female voice called out to us.

Looking over my shoulder, I discovered Wingzero, her yami, and her boyfriend standing there. What is he doing here? Is he going to school with us or was he just walking her here? "Hi," I responded politely. My friends greeted all three of them.

"Who are you?" Yami asked the Chinese boy.

"This is my boyfriend, Ray," Wingzero explained as she wrapped her arm around his, causing him to blush a little. "He enrolled here last night."

Yugi appeared to be in thought before asking, "Are you on a beyblade team by any chance?"

"The Bladebreakers," Ray answered.

"How did you know that?" the blonde boy asked.

"I remembered reading them in a magazine at my grandpa's shop," Yugi recalled.

"Max's dad also owns a game shop," Ray mentioned.

"As much as I hate to ruin the moment, but you have ten minutes before school starts," DS interrupted our conversation.

"Okay," Wingzero said before her yami went back into her soul room. "See you at home room." With that, she dragged Ray off to main office.

"We'd better be going," I admitted. The others packed their duel monster cards. Yami went back into his soul room.

Homeroom was boring as usual. Since it was the start of a new school year, they didn't have much announcements except the usual. Ray and Wingzero sat together the entire time. Joey and Tristan had a staring contest. Yugi was spacing out. Probably talking to his yami. Wish I had the same relationship with my yami. Tea was reading one of her text books.

The rest of the morning continued with all of our teachers giving us more homework and telling us about our first project/essay/paper/report. This was going to be one long semester. I can hardly wait. Joey appeared on the verge of passing out. Yugi looked a little disappointed. Tristan had his head on his desk while muttering things. Tea liked the idea of learning new things. Good for her.

During lunch, we all sat in our usual place underneath the tree. Wingzero and Ray joined us. My yami hadn't said a single word since last night. I wondered why. Maybe I shouldn't dwell on it. He may pick up on my thoughts or emotions and come out.

"The second day of school and look how much they're giving us," Joey complained of the load of homework and assignments given to them.

"Don't worry," Tea assured him. "Some of them aren't due for months."

"Knowing Joey, he'll probably wait until the last minute before starting them," Yugi added.

"I believe you're right," I agreed with Yugi.

"It's not that much compared to my old school," Wingzero said thoughtfully. Her yami then decided to make an appearance, startling Ray, who sat next to his girlfriend.

Yami showed up after his sister. "We have some catching up to do."

"While we do our homework, why don't you two spend some quality family time together," Wingzero suggested.

"But Aibou, I wouldn't be there to protect you," DS complained to her hikari.

"I can protect myself," Wingzero responded. "I've already mastered my powers."

Yami looked towards his aibou. He was concerned about his little light, because Yugi wasn't built for fighting and he didn't know how to control his powers.

"We can stay over at your place," DS suggested. "That way, we can talk and you don't have to leave your aibou."

"Sounds great to me," Yugi smiled. He wanted his yami to be happy. I don't blame him. After what Yami had done for him.

"Okay," Yami agreed.

"It would have to be later this afternoon," Wingzero said. "We promised a friend we would be helping him."

"Who is it?" Tea asked curiously.

"This friend wishes to remain anonymous," DS scowled at little at the dancer.

I remembered what they were talking about. They promised they will teach me to defend myself against my abusive yami. I'm grateful for meeting people like them. Good thing too, because I don't know how much longer I can last under my yami's abuse.

"Anyone up for a game?" Joey asked.

"Not again," Tea groaned. "Haven't you learned the past hundred times?"

"It can't be that many," Joey said, trying to count the several times he lost.

"I thought it was more in the thousands," Tristan joked around.

"Very funny!" Joey retorted.

"How many times has he lost?" Ray asked curiously.

"We never counted," I admitted. "But he hasn't won a single game against any one of us."

"Is that so?" DS asked.

We all nodded our heads, except for Joey. If he can't beat Tea, then he certainly couldn't beat any of us especially Yugi or Yami. Out of all of us, Yami had to be the best, followed by his hikari, whom he shared his techniques with.

Wingzero shuffled her cards before picking one up. "My favorite card."

"What is it?" Yugi asked, out of curiosity. She held up her card for everyone to see. "Hey, that's my favorite card!"

"What a coincidence," Yami said, looking at her card. Pretty soon, Yugi had his own Dark Magician card out.

Seto remained quiet as usual. I wondered what he was thinking. He doesn't talk much, but he hangs around our group. At least, he's here and not brooding by himself. He had taken the first step. We should all be proud of him.

"What's your favorite card?" Wingzero asked the rest of us.

"The Flame Swordsman," Joey said, proudly holding up his favorite card.

"Cyber Commander," Tristan also showed his card.

"Magician of Faith," Tea added her card.

"Change of Hearts," I smiled while holding up my favorite card.

Then we all looked towards the silent billionaire. He held up his Blue Eyes White Dragon card, well one of them.

Both Wingzero and DS gasped at the rare card. "It can't be!"

"Oh yes it is," Seto replied with a smirk on his face. "And I have three of them."

"I challenge you to a duel," DS spoke up before her hikari could stop her.

"I accept your challenge," Seto agreed as they both shuffled their decks. (all yamis have their own deck, which is basically a copy of their hikari's)

Pretty soon, both duelist were down to five hundred points. Seto had his Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon out. He thought he had won this game, when out of nowhere DS pulls out the last piece to Exodia. She had an evil grin on her, when she placed all five pieces of the powerful monster onto the makeshift dueling platform.

"You can't have Exodia!" Seto practically exclaimed.

"Cool," Joey said looking at her cards.

"Wow," Tristan gasped.

"I never knew you had them," Yugi confessed. "I thought my grandpa's deck was the only one that held all five pieces."

"I guess you were wrong," DS said while putting away her deck.

"Then that means, you also have him," I formed that conclusion.

"Yes, I do," Wingzero said.

Suddenly, the bell rang ending our lunch period. Personally, I thought it was too short. The others groaned as we headed towards our next class. Both yamis had gone back into their millennium items. Surprisingly, my yami hadn't made an appearance during lunch. I wondered why. Perhaps it had something to do with the other two yamis.

Joey and Yugi teased each other as we walked towards our classroom. Tristan and Tea chatted with each other. Seto walked in silence. Ray and Wingzero held hands. Sighing, I wish I had a best friend or even a girlfriend. Then again, I wouldn't want my girlfriend to experience my yami's wrath. It would be cruel.

This school day has ended. What a relief, I thought it would never end. My yami pestered me throughout my later classes by asking me several questions. I should have paid more attention to my teachers. Fortunately, Yugi was good at taking notes. He said he would lend it to me.

Bakura had separated from me, because he didn't want to go to ballet lessons. It was a good thing too, because I wasn't going either. Yami and Yugi headed towards Turtle Game Shop. They had both volunteered to watch the store, while their grandpa ran a few errands. I didn't know what Joey was up to. Tristan was going to visit a friend. Tea simply stated she wanted to get an early start on her projects. She was going to go to the library and do some research.

That left me, Ray, Wingzero, and her yami. DS came out while the coast was clear. We headed towards their house, which wasn't far away. As we headed towards her house, I started feeling nervous. What would happen if my yami found out? Perhaps they will protect me from him. Yeah, I'm sure of it.

In less than half an hour, I will begin my first lesson.

Wingzero: So what do you think? This wasn't my best work, but it will get better later!

Death Scythe: We just need some time to come up with ideas.

Ray: Are you still going to kick me off the team?

Tyson: Yeah, are you!?!

Max: *eyes Kai with a serious look on his face* Well, out with it!

Kai: *eyes Wingzero, DS, and Yami nervously* Hehehehe. No.

Death Scythe: You made the right decision.

Yami: I concur.

Wingzero: Now that's taken care of, here's the list of our couples and ones who need them.

Ryou x ????? (Ryou: What? I don't even get a girlfriend?!?)

Yami x Yugi (Wingzero: Those two are a cute couple.)

Joey x Mai (Joey: Wooooooooohoooooooooooooooo!!!!!!)

Tristan x Serenity (Joey: He'd better not do anything to hurt her!)

Seto x Tea (Crickets can be heard chirping.)

Ray x Wingzero (Ray: As if you didn't know.)

Kai x Death Scythe (Kai: Hey!)

Tyson x Max (Wingzero: A possibility I'm toying with.)

Kenny x Dizzi (Wingzero: What the heck? Why not?)