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Wingzero: This is so overdue for an update.

DS: I do agree.

Wingzero: *sighs* Unfortunately, this isn't as popular as my others.

DS: Their loss.

Wingzero: *shrugs* I wonder why people don't like this one.

DS: Of course they do.

Wingzero: Whatever you say.

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Our homeroom was exciting as ever. NOT!! Wingzero and Ray sat next to each other as usual. Wish I had someone special in my life. Tristan and Joey were arguing over some petty detail. When will they stop acting like children and start acting like young adults. Sometimes, I wondered what goes through their minds. Oh never mind, I wouldn't be able to find my way back. Yugi appeared to be in a trance, but we all know he was having a mental conversation with his yami. Both of them were getting along great. Wish mine did. All he ever does was beat me up or yell at me. Tea flipped through our homework due today. It wasn't much, since we just started. The rest of the Bladebreakers will have to catch up, not that they didn't have much to catch up on.

"Class, we have five students joining our class," our homeroom teacher announced as he stepped aside for the students to enter. "Please state your name and something interesting about yourself." We all watched as the five people enter the room.

The entire class started whispering about the beyblade team in front of us. One of them mentioned about Kai being cute and mysterious. You know how girls fall for the dark and mysterious type of man. Although he didn't have dark skin or hair, he did have this mystery background. He had a sense of darkness surrounding him.

When they first glimpsed Malik, I could hear the girls sigh. If they only knew the truth, then they wouldn't have thought highly of him. I didn't blame him for his action, but I wish they weren't that extreme. With his darker half gone, the old Malik seemed to be making an appearance. As I glanced around the room, I noticed Seto's look up with slight interest. Hm, he does look interested in the Egyptian boy up front. Either that or I was probably imagining things.

"My name is Malik Ishtar and I'm from Egypt," the platinum blonde haired boy smiled. I haven't seen him since battle city. Wonder why he was here and not Egypt with his older sister.

"I'm Tyson from the Bladebreakers," Tyson beamed at the rest of the class.

"Max and I'm also from the Bladebreakers," Max's smile widened.

"My name is Kenny, aka Chief," Kenny spoke up. "I'm the Bladebreakers technical genius."

"Kai," Kai introduced himself coldly. He reminded me of my yami. They both had a cold look in their eyes; however, Kai looked calmer, whereas, my yami had an insane appearance.

"Please take a seat in the available seats," the teacher informed the newcomers.

Immediately, Tyson and Max took the seats next to each other. Malik and Kenny walked to an empty seat and plopped down. Kai scanned the area before choosing one next to Wingzero. As soon as we sat down, we had about six minutes to ourselves. Oh joy, what to do in the next six minutes. I was just giddy with joy. Great, now I was starting to act like my yami, not a good sign. It means I have been spending too much time with him.

"What do you want to do tonight, while we still have our freedom?" Joey asked us as we waited for this period to end.

"Maybe we can hang out at the arcade," Tristan suggested. Oh yes, the regular summer routine. Usually, they hung out at the arcade. Sometimes, I had been well enough to make it. Other times, I had to stay at home for fear of them finding about my yami.

"Let's try something new," Yugi said, sitting up from his chair.

"I say the mall," Tea beamed at the prospect. No offense Tea, but I wouldn't be caught dead shopping at a mall like a girl. Bakura usually called me girly, but I'd like to think that I was male. Cooking does not automatically make me a girl, because some of the best chefs were men.

We, guys, groaned at the thought. Anything but the dreaded mall. "No offense Tea, but some of us have seen you on a shopping spree and we don't want repeats." Joey groaned at the memory.

Unfortunately, I had been with them when Serenity, Tea, and Mai, decided that the gang should go to the mall. We guys, being gentlemen, agreed to it without fully realizing the consequences of our decisions. Yami and Bakura had wisely chosen to stay in their soul rooms. Lucky them.

"Malik, would you care to join us?" Yugi asked the Egyptian.

"I have to work," Malik answered with a sigh. "Isis opened a museum and she wants me to lead a few tours."

"Egypt sounds interesting," Kenny said. He didn't bother opening up his laptop, because we had a short amount of time.

"Not really," Malik said. He seemed bored and disinterested.

"You've lived there for a long time," Ray stated as he turned to face the rest of us. "You get used to it and it doesn't seem as interesting as before."

"I guess you can say that," Malik sighed while Tyson and Max caught his attention. The two young beybladers were horsing around. Normally, they would have been written up, because public displays of affection were not allowed, but our teacher wasn't paying any attention to us.

"Knock it off you two," their cold hearted team captain reprimanded the two. Instantly, they quit their foolish antics and calmed down.

"I haven't been to Egypt," Wingzero mused. "Maybe you can give us a tour. I have always wanted to know about the land where my yami came from. You'll come Ray, won't you?"

"Of course, I will," Ray assured her. He took her hand and stroked it gently before pulling his hand away from her.

"I can arrange that," Malik said.

"Can we come too?" Max asked while quietly begging his boyfriend, who nodded yes as his answer. "I'm sure they have fascinating artifacts there."

"I would appreciate it if I could come along," Kenny said. "Ancient Egypt has a very interesting culture."

"Me too," I spoke up as well. "I also would like to know where my yami came from. He isn't the most social person."

"That's an understatement," Joey muttered. "Are you going to go Yug?"

Yugi appeared to be zoned out. He must be talking with his yami. "Oh, I have to watch the store. Yami reminded me of it. Maybe another time?"

"What about the rest of you?" Malik glanced over towards Kai, Joey, Tristan, and Tea.

"We'll hang out with Yug," Joey said, not wanting to go.

"Ditto, we can't leave him," Tristan added.

"I have homework to do," Tea said.

"We know how important that is," Tyson joked around.

"Very funny," Tea huffed. Soon the bell rang, cutting off any further conversation.

Later that afternoon, I had spent the hour doing what little homework we had. Basically, it was reading, since we had only a few meetings. Surprisingly Bakura hadn't made an appearance, which was unusual. He liked to torture me, when I arrived home or something like that. I think it was because he was bored and needed something to entertain himself.

//Where were you this afternoon?//

/I was at ballet practice./


/You never asked before./

//Shut up!!//

I glanced over at the clock and stood up to prepare my dinner. Since my father wasn't going to be home for awhile, I only had to cook for one. Bakura didn't eat, after all he was a spirit. As I prepared my dinner Bakura decided to amuse himself. He wouldn't dare do anything, because I had a knife and a hot pan. After what he had been through last time, I couldn't blame him.

"What are you doing tonight?" Bakura asked me once I had finished cooking and was about to eat my dinner.

"To a museum," I answered my yami truthfully, before taking my first bite.

"Why would you want to go there?" Bakura spat out. He seemed to be disgusted with the idea.

"Because it's interesting," I replied to him, without bothering to look at him.

"Good, I can have the house to myself," Bakura laughed evilly before leaving the room.

That couldn't be good. It was that laugh he did, when he was about to do something entertaining. That usually meant disaster for the receiver. I should feel pity for them, as I have been under constant torture and abuse from my yami.

Glancing at my watch, I realized I had to get going. Otherwise, I would be late meeting the others. We had agreed to meet at seven o'clock sharp at the museum. Running, I had made it all the way there, when I discovered I was the first person there.

"Malik," I had gasped, trying to regain my breath.

"The others haven't showed up," Malik said followed by shouts.

We both turned around to find the others running towards us. DS and Wing lead the way with Yugi and his yami following shortly. The Bladebreakers had managed to stay within sight of the group, despite their lack of speed. Kenny trailed behind them, breathing very heavily.

"That was some workout," Kenny said, clutching his laptop.

"Not really," Ray smirked as he playfully shoved the young genius.

"Get over it," Kai huffed as he walked towards our guide.

A half an hour into the tour, something had caught my eye. It looked very familiar; yet, I have never seen it in my life. Intricate designs covered the handle and blade. A few symbols were crafted onto the blade itself. I couldn't read it. Maybe DS or Yami would know. Bakura wouldn't tell me even if his life depended on it. Suddenly, I felt someone standing besides me, inspecting the same artifact I was.

"Very interesting," Malik said. He glanced over towards me. "That used to belong to a notorious tomb robber. His future is unclear to us."

"You mean this dagger could have belonged to my yami," I gasped as the others crowded around us. "He never mentioned about owning one."

"I wouldn't expect it," DS stated rather flatly. "He was never a conversationalist, even when he was captured."

"Oh," I said, taking one glance at the dagger.

We headed towards an area with broken walls. I walked up to one of them, looking at the two figures. One of them appeared to be Yami or Yugi. The other one looked like Seto. They were fighting each other. Both of them had their favorite duel monsters out.

"Isis doesn't allow just anyone to view this section," Malik pointed out. "But I'm sure she wouldn't mind me showing it to you, after what you have done." Walking over to me, he took a look at the stone. "We don't have many records on Bakura, but we do have a few obscure references." He motioned towards a section.

I followed his glance and located the section. It depicted a few tomb robbers being punished. I couldn't identify them, but I had this feeling one of them was Bakura. Pushing the thought out of my mind, I returned to the rest of the group. DS was interpreting the language for them. Since she was the princess, I think, she learned to read and write.

Kai appeared to be bored during the rest of the tour, although once in awhile, he would find something interesting. Kenny, on the hand, was taking several notes on his computer. He took several pictures on his computer camera. Wing looked interested as her yami explained about her former life. Ray paid more attention to his girlfriend than the tour. Malik also contributed. Max and Tyson looked hyper and restless.

By the time we ended the tour, we had learned a lot about Ancient Egypt. We decided to head towards the game shop afterwards. Isis told Malik that he could go, since she was happy he had friends. He asked about the tours. She told him she could handle them. After all not many people go on Thursday nights. The Bladebreakers had to leave, since their team captain said they had an early practice, and he didn't want them to fall asleep in the stadium. Wingzero also decided to call it a night. She seemed tired. Perhaps it was from all that training.

That left Malik and myself. We headed towards the Turtle Game Shop. Yugi, Yami, Joey and Tristan sat around the counter. They were talking about some thing they had laid out. I couldn't tell what it was. Maybe it was the new cards. Oh crap. I forgot Yugi mentioned them earlier, except I couldn't go. I had my training session and then I had to do my homework so I can go to the museum with the others.

"Hey Yugi," I called out.

"Hi," Yugi waved towards us.

"Hi guys," both Joey and Tristan said simultaneously.

"Are you finished with the tour?" Yugi asked curiously.

"We finished awhile ago," Malik spoke up.

"I thought you had to give tours," Yugi said noting Malik's presence.

"Isis said it was okay for me to be here," Malik assured him.

"Have you finished the homework due tomorrow?" I asked the group.

"I finished this afternoon," Yugi smiled as Joey and Tristan sweatdropped massively.

"Don't tell me you haven't finished it," Malik said.

"Uh, we haven't," Joey muttered. "We have homework due tomorrow?"

"Only you could say that," Yami muttered while shaking his head.

"I had better go do it," Tristan muttered. "It isn't that much is it?"

"You have to read a few chapters, that's all," I assured the two distraught teens, who ran out of the store before anyone of us could blink.

"What are we going to do now?" Yami asked rather bored.

"Oh Yugi, you mentioned a new shipment of cards this morning," I reminded him.

"Here they are," Yugi said while motioning towards what was on the counter. "They sold us a few boxes. Grandpa opened a few packs so he can sell individual cards."

Malik picked a few of the cards. He could afford them, since he worked. I, on the other hand, couldn't afford any of them. They were some of the more expensive ones. Yugi offered them to me for free, but I couldn't take them. It would be wrong to take advantage of a friend, though Bakura wouldn't hesitate.

"I wish I knew more about my yami," I sighed, without meaning to say it that loud.

"Why?" Yami's deep voice penetrated the room.

"The reason should be obvious," Yugi chided his other half. "Bakura is half his soul, why wouldn't he want to know him?"

"I'm sorry," Yami apologized to his aibou. He didn't want to upset his other half. I wish mine did. He never apologized to me. It wasn't in his character.

"It's okay," Yugi assured his yami.

"I never got to know mine," Malik sighed as he mused about the past.

"Wasn't your yami your anger?" Yugi said out loud.

"Yeah," Malik sighed again. "I never had a past in Egypt."

"I wish I could understand him," I said curling up.

"Maybe you'll get through to him," Malik placed his hand on my shoulder and gave me a reassuring squeeze. "It's never too late."

"I hope you're right," I whispered. "Could we switch topics?" I asked calmly, while silently pleading them to agree.

"Sure thing," Yami said, noticing my hidden message.

"What was ancient Egypt like?" Yugi started the conversation.

Yami shook his head. "I don't remember much from my past, but I will try." As hard as he tried, he remembered bits and pieces. Sometimes, they didn't even make sense, but all of us were good at solving puzzles. Pretty soon, we managed to figure out some of Yami's life.

"So you caught Bakura and decided to seal him, since he had a major influence over the tomb robbers," Yugi said, leaning against his arms.

"Afterwards, you couldn't figure out what to do with him, so you had him sealed within the millennium ring," Malik continued for Yugi.

"But why did you choose that punishment for him?" I asked Yami.

"I honestly can't tell you," Yami looked remorseful.

"Look on the bright side," Yugi said trying to cheer everyone up. "If you hadn't sealed him, he wouldn't be here today."

"I guess you're right," I smiled a little. "I wouldn't have known him."

"Fate has mysterious ways," Malik said. "My sister keeps telling me about my destiny. It sometimes gets annoying."

"I know what you mean," I sighed. "I mean Tea's speeches can get annoying, no offense Yugi."

"None taken," Yugi assured me. "Her speeches can be boring and repetitive at times, but sometimes, it does come in handy."

"Though most of the time, she does it at the least convenient moment," Yami sighed loudly.

Glancing over at the clock, I realized how late it was getting. "We should be heading back." Hopefully, my yami had fallen asleep and I can get through today without a beating.

"Isis is going to be worried," Malik said, getting out of his chair.

"And I should be closing up the shop," Yugi said. "I should have closed down fifteen minutes ago, not that it matters."

"You worry too much," Yami teased all of us.

"Oh really?" We approached the former pharaoh with a look in our eyes.

Yami startled by our sudden aggressiveness, retreated. Suddenly he found himself, being pounced on by us. We looked at each other and knew what the others were thinking. Our little fingers made their way to Yami's ticklish side. Soon, he was laughing so hard, he could barely breathe. "Stop!!!!"

We decided to have mercy upon the spirit and let him go. "That wasn't fair." He pouted.

"Life's not fair," I said before thinking it through. "I have to go." Before they could question me further, I made a mad dash out of the store and to home. I couldn't tell them Bakura had been beating me up every day. I didn't want to lose him, for reasons unknown to me.

Reaching my home, I frantically dug for my keys. After a few seconds of searching, I pulled them out and fumbled with them as I tried to find the right key. I dropped them a few times before shoving the right key into the hole and turning. The door opened easily. Quickly I ran inside and slammed the door shut, locking every single lock. Running upstairs, I collapsed on my bed before sleep overtook me.

Wingzero: Oh that sucks.

Ray: Don't be hard on yourself.

DS: Yeah, you tried.

Wingzero: I guess you're right. Stupid homework!!!

DS: Death to homework and all its evil forms.

Ray: Isn't that supposed to be writer's block?

DS: No.

Ray: Never mind.

Wingzero: *takes a flamethrower and torches her homework*

Ray: Let me guess, she didn't have her coffee?

DS: How did you ever know?

Ray: Cat intuition.

Wingzero & DS: ?_?

Ray: *ends the chappie*