Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Card Captor Sakura Fan Fiction ❯ A Second Chance ❯ Chapter 1 ( Chapter 1 )

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Written By : Marik's girl
Chapter 1
Darkness that is all that she felt; The aura of darkness, she had to stare. It was cold and dark but she felt like someone was watching her. She felt uneasy and even scared. Why did she felt so uneasy? What was this feeling? And why was it so dark and cold? She then started to walk towards nothing at all.
And then she saw something or was it someone?
She then felt a pair of strong arms wrap around her small waist; She eeped and a shiver went down her spine as she felt HIS breath on her cheek as she felt his chin on her shoulder; She felt stiff and she felt like a stone --- in other words she couldn't move, she was frozen stiff. He kissed her cheek and she blushed a bright red color. "W-w-who are y-y-you?" She asked as she stumbled on her words but was only greeted with a hush; "Shhhhh, don't say a word; My little cherry blossom." He said softly as he once again kissed her cheek. And out of the corner of her emerald eyes she saw a glims of cold violet eyes.
And then everything went black.
Sakura's eyes bolted open as she blinked. Who was that person? Why was she dreaming of something like that? She then rubbed her eyes and sat up. She found herself sitting on a chair, her legs up to her chest. She blinked again as she glanced around. She must of fallen asleep... She then spoted the boy that she had found out infront of her house a couple hours ago. His face buried into the pillow, the covers that she had given him was up to his waist.
She smiled slightly, he looked so calm when he was asleep like that. But she wondered how did he get scars like that under his eyes. She stood up from the chair and walked over to him, this boy was a mystery to her... In all of her life she had never seen a boy like him before. She guessed that he might be Egyptian but she wasn't sure. There was also something very odd about him, something that lured her to him.
Sakura shook her head. She kneeled down and she looked at him more closely. She then saw that his violet eyes slowly open and she smiled at him.
"You hungry?"
Yami Marik, now known as Malik glanced at Sakura as he ate the food that she had given him. He really wanted to know why the hell was she given him food and why she had brought him inside her house --- Why was she doing this? This girl was a mystery to him... how come she was being so nice to him? "So do you remember how you got knocked out?"
Malik glanced up at her and blinked. What was he supposed to tell her? That he was a former Yami, who hated a former Phar'aoh and then he was sent into the Shadow Realm? Or at least he thought that he was sent to the shadow realm... He was clueless at how he got her and how he ended up with his own body. He knew for a fact that wouldn't be a good thing to tell her --- well either way he didn't care...
"I don't remember much." He said simply.
She looked at him with a worried look on her face. She was about to say something to him when the door open... "Sakura I'm--- Eh? What the hell?" Sakura sweat dropped and Malik looked up. There standing not that far away was a young man of 21-years-old with dark brown hair that was short and messy and angry brown eyes that were glaring at Malik. Malik glanced at Sakura who only sweated more. "Hi Toya"
Sakura sighed. This always seemed to happen. Every time some boy was around her; Her big brother would glare them down, almost like he wanted to send them to hell... If anyone got near her. She grumbled slightly. Malik raised an eyebrow at the older man. "Who is this Sakura?"
"Uh.. This is Malik; Toya, I found him unconscious out side our door last night.." It was Toya's turn to blink. Toya glanced at Malik. "Do you remember how you ended up at here in front of the door?" Asked Toya. Malik put his arm on the table and lend his head against his hand. " I really don't see that's it's any of your business..."
Toya's right eye twitched.
"But I don't remember" He said simply. 'Why couldn't he had said that to begin with?'
Sakura sweat dropped again. 'Oh... this is going to be a long day...' Sakura thought to herself with a sigh.
Malik walked behind Sakura; Who was showing him 'around' the place so that her 'Big Brother' wouldn't bother him. So.. She had a brother... Malik frowned. They looked nothing alike, not at all. He wondered if they were adopted. But why should he care anyways? It wasn't like he had anything of use for the girl--- or did he?
Malik was jerked out of his thoughts when Sakura stopped. She turned to face him. "I'm so sorry, Malik. My brother just gets out of hand when I'm around boys or they come around me" Explained Sakura with a sigh. He smiled a small smile that would have melted any girls heart. "It's alright Ms. Kinomoto"
Sakura blushed and put her hand behind her head. "Uh, you can call me Sakura, Malik." She said with a laugh; This boy was so poilet.
Malik wondered why the hell he was being nice to this strange girl. Well she was kind of like Tea; The girl that his lighter and much weaker side had met. (Although he really couldn't call Marik weak at the moment...)
"What's your last name?" Asked Sakura; Malik blinked. What was he going to tell her? He couldn't really tell her could he? Ah what the hell. "Istar" Sakura Smiled. "Well Malik Istar, Welcome to Tomoeda" Said Sakura with a bright smile that seemed to warm his heart up.
- End Chapter 1 -
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