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A Second Chance
Written By : Sakura Istar

Disclaimer : I do not own Yugioh or Cardcaptor Sakura!!! -_-;

Note : Hiya all! This is the 2nd chapter of  Untitled (Still trying to find a name for the title.)  Anyways I'm starting to write my stories again on my days off. And because my brothers been on it most of the time lately.

Started : 8/14/2005
Ended : 4/13/2006

Chapter Two

As Malik walked besides Sakura; He still wondered why she was being so kind to a person that she hardly knew. And yet he also wondered why she would smile so brightly at him. And why did he even care? He sighed and looked at the sky. He need to get out of this place... and soon.


“Eh?” Malik blinked and glanced over at Sakura and saw her worried look on her face. “Is everything okay?” She asked with concern in her voice. Malik stared at her. She was worried about him? “I'm fine” He assured her. “I was just thinking” Was all he said.

“Oh... are you thinking of the past maybe? Since you don't remember it that well?” She asked. He could only nod his head. He couldn't tell her that he actually knew his past. He just said that so that he wouldn't have to tell her anything; And he needed to know how he ended up here? And why he was here?

Sakura was worried about Malik, he seemed to be in a far of place right now; And when she asked if he was okay he just smiled and said he was fine. It was sad. She wish he knew his past; She felt really sorry for him. “Is something a matter, Sakura?” Sakura was brought out of her thought as she heard Malik's voice. She just smiled at him. “It's nothing, I'm fine” She said with a bright smile. Then her emerald green eyes lit up.

“I know! Let's go to this ice cream place that I know of.” Malik raised an eyebrow.

“Ice cream?” He asked as he looked at her. “What's that?” Sakura's eyes widen. “You never had ice cream!?” She asked with shock. He shook his head no. “Well then you'll just have to try some then!” She said as she grabbed his tanned hand her her light one and dragged him to the ice cream place.

> Mean while in the Yugioh world >

- Egypt -

Marik Ishtar sighed as he slumped down onto his bed. He was finally home; His darker side was gone and everyone forgave him. He was starting over, he wanted to start a new life with his family. And that what he was doing. But something was bothering him.

He felt like his dark side was not gone. Marik shook his head. 'That's impossible! He's in the Shadow Realm.'

> The Cardcaptor world... <

Malik; A yami that you could say that he was a psycho; A mad man and everything that was evil was sitting down at a table looking at the food called Ice Cream.... “C'mon! Try some!!” Said Sakura as she looked at him with that bright smile that would melt any man's cold heart. He sighed and began to try some...

He raised a eyebrow. He had to admit that it didn't taste that bad... “So? How do you like it?” “Its okay.” He said as he looked at her. She just smiled. And Malik had started to like that smile of hers. Sakura was glad that he liked it and was glad that she could get Malik away from her brother... Who seemed to want to kill every boy that got near her...


Malik and Sakura blinked. “OH! My cell phone!!” She said as she went and answered it.

“Hello?” She asked.

- Sakura-chan -

“Ah! Tomoyo”

'Tomoyo? Whose that I wounder...' Malik thought to himself.

- What are you doing today? - Asked Tomoyo; Sakura's cousin. “I'm showing someone knew around the city. Why?” - Ohh! Is it a boy? - Sakura sweet dropped. For some odd reason she felt like her dear cousin was grinning. Malik raised a eyebrow at this and a sly smirk formed on his lips.

- Well I don't want you to keep him waiting, bye – And with that Tomoyo hanged up. Sakura sweat dropped again. She glanced up at Malik. “Sorry about that Malik...” She said softly. “Who was that?” He asked innocently. “Um..” She began as she put up a hand behind her head. “That was my cousin.”

“Oh...” Oh all he could say.

“Are you close to her.” He asked, Sakura nodded. “Uh, huh. She's like a sister to me”

“I see” For some odd reason he wanted to find out more about this Kinomoto Sakura girl.

Beyond time and space Sakura & Malik we're being watch by two people. “Sister, do you think this will really work?” Asked a young man in his 20's with brown hair and sea-green eyes. The women in front of him who look just like him expect she had longer hair and a beautiful white dress that came to her ankles, just waved her hand at him.

“Of course it will work!! My plans never fail!!” The man sighed, a sweat drop on the side of his face. “That's what I'm afraid of “ He said quietly.

“WHAT WAS THAT!!!” She said with a glare. He just sweat dropped. “Nothing” He said as put his hands up in front of him. “It's just that...” He said slowly. “It's what dear brother?” She asked as she stared down her Dear Brother. He turned his head away.

“It's just that I don't know if they can be together...”

“And why not?”

“Well... he is a  psycho... sort of, and she is innocent; How can you get those together?”

His lovely sister grinned “If Buffy and Spike can be together so can these two. And I can make happen!!” (A/N : Don't own Buffy or Spike either *Sigh* ) 'I'm not even going to ask how she will do it, 'cause I know I won't get a straight answer' He thought to himself as his sister shouted with happiness as she began to put her plan in to action.

Back with Malik & Sakura

Sakura sighed as her brother and Malik we're having a  glaring contest. Why was it every time that a boy was around her that Toya wanted to kill the boy. But for some reason the way Malik and Toya where glaring at each other... Malik reminded Sakura of Syaoran Li.

She sighed again. Toya couldn't be that way forever! One day she was going to get married to some boy that she really loved. Yeah.... but that wouldn't happen for awhile now! She was only sixteen after all... she had to live her life a little bit.

She sighed again, then she stood up.

“I'll make some tea” She said but they ignored her and she grumbled to herself and walked into the kitchen while to two still glared at each other.

“ Stay away from my sister” Toya finally said when Sakura was out of hearing range. Malik rolled his eyes. “And whose gonna make me? You?” A vain popped out of Toya's forehead.  He balled his fist. “And what makes you think that I can't?” He said with a growl.

“Toya! Your not beating up are guest are you!?” Asked Sakura from the kitchen. “Of course not...” Toya sighed. “Why would I want to do that for?” He asked. “Just checking” Came her reply.  Malik just smirked. He was starting to actually like this Sakura girl...

*Huff Puff*

Sakura stopped running; Falling to her knees and tying to catch her breath. Someone was after her. Tying to catch her. She looked up and saw nothing but darkness. Darkness that surround her, it was scaring her. She wanted to know where she was and why was she hear? And who was casing her...


Sakura blinked and looked over her shoulder. There standing behind her was a boy. She couldn't see him clearly at all. She was sure that she had met him before. From some where before. Was he the boy from her last dream? He, the boy. Bent down to her eye level and looked at her in the eye. She stared at him with wide eyes. He took a hold of her cheek in his hand and came near to her. Letting his lips brush against her cheek. A blush came across her cheeks.


He said again before disappearing into the night of the darkness.

Sakura woke up panting. A blush across her cheeks; sweat going down her face. 'What was that all about?' She thought to herself as she looked towards her window. This was the second time she had a dream like this. And who was that boy? And did he kiss her cheek? She blushed. 'I really don't need to think about this right now. At least not until Malik gets memory back.' Sakura sighed. 'I wonder why Malik was knocked out like that in the first place?'


Malik open his violet eyes slowly. He looked up and saw a women or a girl, he couldn't tell. She was leaning over him. She was quite close to him. Her hand on his chest. “Malik” She said again and leaned over and kissed his lips. His eyes widen. 'What the hell!!!!' She parted from him after a minute and she looked at him with emerald green eyes; full of love.


Malik woke up with a start. He narrowed his eyes. 'What the hell was that all about!!!'  Why the hell did that girl kiss him? In a dream? Did he like her or something. Hell no. He was Malik. He didn't like or love anyone. The only thing that he loved was pain. He had this feeling that something was up. And he wasn't going to like it....

Mean while with brother and sister who plan on getting the two together...

“This is going so well... BWA HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!”  The lovely women's brother sighed slightly. He really didn't this this would work at all. Like come on they are from to different worlds for crying out loud!!! “First off, I'll make them dream about each other! Then they fall in  love with each other then the SE---”

“SISTER! DON'T EVEN GO THERE!!!” Her brother blushed a bright red. Even though he was 20 years of age.... His sister so didn't need to talk about that... She looked at him oddly. “Hmm? What wrong with talking about that? Everyone does it.” A vain popped out of his head. “Lets just get this over with”

“Ah yes! PLAN 2!!!!”

{ End Chapter 2 }

Sorry for the late update. I just had very bad writers block and I've been working a lot lately, so I haven't had a lot of time to type anything. I'll try to make the next chapter at least 8 chapters long... I hope. Please review ^_^
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