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Tristan's Cousin
Written By : Sakura Istar

Chapter One
Tristan's... Cousin?

"So who are you gonna meet? Your girlfriend?" Joked Joey wheeler; a light skinned boy with short dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. The darker skinned boy with a weird hair cut and brown eyes blushed a bright red color. "NO!" He glared at his friend. "She's my cousin" Said Tristan Taylor; It was Joey's time to blink as the rest of the gang that was there at the air port with Tristan.

"Your cousin? Is she pretty?" He asked suddenly; Very interested if Tristan's cousin was cute or a hottie. Tea Gardner; a girl with short brown hair and blue eyes, crossed her arms over her chest. "Joey!" She began in an annoyed voice. "Is that all you ever think about?"

"Nope!" He said with a grin on his face.

"Then what other things do you think of? Hmmmmm." She asked as she lifted an eyebrow.


Everyone sweat dropped at this; a boy with slivery-white her just shook his head. "Somethings never change..." He said slowly; The other boy with red,black and blonde nodded his head with agreement. "Yeah..."

"SOOOOO, what's she like?" Joey asked suddenly as she glanced at Tristan. Tristan blinked. He said nothing for a moment; Everyone was silent until he spoke up again. "Well... I really haven't seen her in six year-" He began but was cut off when he feminine voice spoke up.

"TRISTAN!" Everyone glanced up and there jaws dropped (All but Téa,Yugi and Ryou. They just blinked.) There running up to them was a beautiful girl with short light brown hair framing her light skin face; Beautiful emerald green eyes and a slim figure. She is wearing a red shirt, white capres, white socks and red tennis-shoes. On her right shoulder was a red duffel bag that said SAKURA in big white letter, and in each hand was a suitcase.

One word said it all... Beautiful.

She put her things down and hugged Tristan; a bright smile on her face. "It's so good to see you Tristan!" She said happily as he hugged back, she a bit shocked. "Sa-Sakura" He stated more than asked; They parted from their hug and she smiled and nodded her head.

"Yes" Replied Sakura Avalon. Joey's mouth was still wide open, he couldn't believe it!
"You never told us your cousin was a babe!" Joey almost yelled; Sakura glanced at Joey with a blush on her face. While Tristan just smacked his head - annoyed.

Tristan shook his head at his so called friend "Why me..." He mumbled under his breath. The next thing anyone knew; Joey went up to Sakura and took a hold of Sakura hands into his. A grin on his face. "Hiya! Da name is Joey! Joey Wheeler." Sakura didn't know what to say at the teen.

Her blush just deepen.

"Sa-Sakura Avalon."

"Joey!" Said Tea annoyed. "You're embarrassing her!" She finished as she put her hands on her hips. Joey let go of Sakura's hands and Sakura looked at the brown haired girl. The girl Tea has short brown hair (Not as short as Sakura's) that framed her light skin face, a beautiful blues eyes that reminds you of the blue sky... She is wearing a white long sleeve blouse, a blue mini skirt and brown knee-high boots. Sakura blinked.

"Tristan... who is that?" She question as she blinked a second time. "That's Tea Gardner. A friend of mine." He explained. "Hay..." She said with a small smile. "The blonde idiot here is Joey" Joey glared at that comment. She turned back to Joey and had a better look at him. He was tall and handsome with dirty blonde hair and brown eyes; his skin was light but not pale. He is wearing a white shirt; a blue jacket, blue jeans, white socks and gray and white tennis shoes.

"The white headed one is Ryou Bakura" Tristan pointed out as Sakura glanced at the slivery white haired boy; he has kind look to his light skin face and you could also tell it in his brown colored eyes. He is wearing a green shirt with a sweater on over top; blue jeans, white socks and white tennis shoes. He smiled "Hello"

"And this is Yugi Motou."

Sakura glanced at Yugi and blinked; he was kind of short for his age, he looked like he would come to her chest. And he had a hair style that she had never seen before; His hair was three different colors. His bangs are blonde while the rest of his hair was red & black that was in spikes, well it kind of looked like a star to her... and his eyes were a very pretty violet color, and for some unknown reason she felt like she knew him, she also felt the same way about Ryou.. Yugi was wearing a black short sleeve shirt and black jeans; and around his neck was a chain with a upside down pyramid attached to the chain.

"H-hi" He said shyly with a small smile on his face. Sakura said nothing for a moment and then smiled at them. "It's nice to meet you." She said with a bow. Tristan then walked over to Sakura's things and picked them up. "C'mon Sakura! let's go to my house." He said as she nodded. Tristan glanced at everyone else coming?" He asked.

"I really can't... I have something to do to day; sorry." Tea said slowly. 'I really hate lying to him like this.. but this Sakura girl.. there's just something about her..' Tristan just smiled. "It's alright Tea; see you tomorrow at school."

She nodded. "Bye guys; bye Sakura, it was nice meeting you.." And with that she left. "Well are the rest of you coming?" Asked Tristan; They nodded "Sure will come" They said at the same time.

End Chapter 1
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