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Chapter Two
Going To Domino High School

Sakura put her hands in front of her as she looked at herself in the mirror. She is wearing a Domino High School uniform; It was a short sleeve blouse and a blue skirt that was short. A blue bow tie and a pink jacket that went over the white blouse. What knee high socks and brown dress shoes. She sighed; She was happy to see her cousin - she haven't seen him in over six years but... two of his friends were on her mind.

Yugi Mutou and Ryou Bakura...

For some reason she felt like she had met them before - but how could that be possible? She had never even met them before... And she also felt something weird about the two, like they could see right though her soul and it felt like there was more then one person behind those eyes... She shivered slightly. 'That can't be possible...' Were her thought before she heard her cousin's voice from down stairs.

"SAKURA WR'RE GOING TO BE LATE IF YOU DON'T HURRY UP" Tristan yelled from downstairs.

With another look at the mirror Sakura shouted back. "Coming!" And with that she went down stairs.


Domino High School

"We have a new student; Please come in Miss Avalon." As soon as the teacher said it the doors slid open and Sakura walked in and stood infront of the class. All of the boys (Besides Yugi, Tristan and Ryou.) were drooling at the sight of how beautiful she looked. While the girls (Besides Tea.) glared at her. Sakura sweat dropped.

"H-hello, I'm Sakura Avalon; I'm staying with my cousin Tristan Taylor." She said; a sweat drop still formed on the side of her head. As soon as she said that the whole class gasped in shock. (All but Yugi, Joey, Tristan, Ryou and Tea.) How could a girl as beautiful as Sakura be related to Tristan?

The Teacher ignored the many gasps of shock and surprise and glanced at the class. "Now, were should I seat you - hmmmm... Ah! How about right in front of Mr. Mutou!" Said the Teacher.

Sakura nodded and walked to her seat and sat down; She smile at Yugi who returned to the smile. "Hi Yugi." She said in a cheerful voice. "Hi Sakura" She then turned her attention to the Teacher; She then also felt a pair of eyes watching her that made her nervous - And then school started...

"Where have I seen that girl before?" Yami the 5,000-year-old ex-Phar'aoh of the Millennium puzzle question as he laid on his bed in his soul room; He had never met that girl before and yet he felt like he knew her... 'I also feel a strange presence from her...'





"Wha!" Yugi blinked his big violet eyes and glanced up at the worried eyes of Sakura's. "Yugi, are you alright?" She asked with concern in her voice; Yugi blushed a little shade of pink.

"Heh heh, I've must of been day dreaming; I'm fine Sakura" He said as he put his hand behind his head and rubbed his neck nervously. "D-do you want to seat down?" He asked as he stumbled on his words a bit. "Thank you" She said with a smile as she sat down next to him.

Yugi was about to say something more but the voice of Joey cut him off. "Hay babe! Whazzup" Sakura blinked. "Hoe?" She glanced up and saw Joey and her cousin standing behind him.

"Hi Joey, Tristan." She said with a smile that would warm up any heart. They smiled back and Tristan took a seat next to Sakura so that Joey wouldn't get to close to his cousin And Joey sat across them.

"So ... how do ya like da school?" Asked Joey as Sakura turned her attention to him. "It's okay; even if the Teacher is kind of boring..." She stated slowly as she ate some of the cafeterias food. "I feel your pain Sakura." Relied Joey as he crossed his arms.

"And that's coming from a guy who gets an F in everything besides P.E." Said Tristan while Joey glared at him and Sakura and Yugi laughed.

"May I seat here?"

Everyone looked up and saw Ryou stand in front of them. "I don't see why not." Said Yugi with a smile on his face; Ryou smiled as well and sat down next to Yugi. "How are you Bakura" She asked with sweet innocents; Ryou blinked and blushed a little. "I'm fine, And you can all me Ryou if you want; Avalon" He said "Only if you call me Sakura" He nodded.

"Soooooo Sakura, tells us a little about yourself." Said Joey; He really wanted to get to know her better. Sakura rubbed the back of her neck nervously. "Well - there's not much to tell..." She said slowly. "Na, that ain't true; You're a cheerleader a real good one at that, as well as one of the top athletes in your school." Said Tristan with pride.

"And your a great cook too!"

Sakura blushed a deep red color.

End Chapter 2
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