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Yugi and company were walking down the sidewalk up to a humongous mansion. “Okay…Why are we going again?” Joey asked, confused.
(Ok, ok…to everyone in America, In the Asian version of YGO, Joey doesn't have slang in his vocabulary, but he's still the rough and tumble blonde we all love, so I'm sticking to that)
Yugi sweat dropped when he heard that question for what seemed to be the hundredth time that night. “I told you, Joey. This invitation specifically said: “Tell Joey, Tristan, Tea, Ryou, and if possible, everyone you know to meet up with us at our house. Signed, the new students of Domino High, Sonja and Damien Edachi. P.S.: Bring sleeping bags, junk food and to those of you who duel, your decks.” Yugi explained.
Tristan looked up at the extravagant Mansion and sighed. “I just hope that these two aren't two more Kaibas…” He said hopefully.
“Well, they were really nice during school…”Tea said, recalling what happened that day at school.
*Friday morning at Domino High*
Everyone was in the classroom, chatting with their friends and playing games of `Whoever-draws-the-more-powerful-card-wins' as the teacher came into the room.
“Alright, settle down and put away those cards before I confiscate them.” He instructed, receiving glares from the hardcore duelists.
He sat down at his desk and said. “Today we have two new students staying with us for a while as a transfer program. These two come from Kalahari High School in Tokyo, so be nice.” He stood up from the chair and went out to call the students.
Yugi called Joey's attention and asked. “I wonder who these kids are…” Joey nodded in agreement. Then Tea called them and said. “I heard that Kalahari is an elite private school. Only the best of the best go there!” Tristan overheard this and sighed. “Oh no, not another Kaiba…” Then a shadow loomed over the four. “What was that about me?” The person, a.k.a. Seto, asked with a smirk on his face.
Then, the teacher returned, a boy and a girl in tow. “Class, these are Sonja and Damien Edachi, the two exchange students.” He said. Everybody let out a gasp and Tristan slapped his head. “Why did I say `another Kaiba…'???” He whined. Then, a girl cried, “Wow, Kaiba has a twin!”
Seto whirled around and came face to face with a face similar to his, only the hair was much messier and the eyes much less chiseled and wide with shock.
“Mr. Kaiba, Mr. Edachi, will you two be so kind as to stop your staring contest?” The teacher asked, his eyebrow raised at them.
Seto returned to his seat and Damien turned around to meet his sister. Sonja was blonde, with her hair tied in a ponytail and bangs covering her round almond brown eyes. She was wearing the girl's uniform, only she had a pin on the collar that was a purple star with a black stripe curving upwards and a small sling bag near her left hip.
Damien on the other hand, was wearing the prescribed boy's uniform, but he wore the jacket unbuttoned and over a black collarless polo. He also had a pin on the collar and he had a small cell phone case on his belt, which happened to be a dueling belt. He also had a knack for grazing his hand through his hair, as if making sure it wouldn't become flat.
The teacher spoke up. “Not that we're over the shock of seeing double…” The class chuckled at this. “Let's get to know our transferees.” He turned to the two Edachis. “Which of you wants to go first?” He asked.
The girl, Sonja stepped forward. “I'm Sonja Marcy Edachi; he's my brother, Damien. Or at least, I think that's him…” She said, giggling.
“Go ahead, laugh it up, I dare you.” Damien said flatly. Sonja merely smiled. “I was a cheerleader back in Kalahari. I like drawing, ice-skating, singing, and I sometimes write stories.”
Then a boy raised his hand. “Yeah?” Sonja asked. The boy stood up and asked. “Are you seeing anybody?”
“No, not while I'm around.” Damien said protectively. “Shut it, baby bro, I have my own life.” Sonja scolded. “Don't call me that!” Damien cried. “Well, don't butt in on my life!” Sonja retorted. The teacher interrupted their little squabble.
“Wait, so you're older?” He asked Sonja. “Yeah, I'm older by three months.” Sonja answered. “The boys of our family are tall for their age. The problem is, even though they're tall, they highly uncoordinated.” Damien glared at her when she said this.
“When's your birthday?” Someone asked. “February 11, 1989. That makes me 16.” Sonja said. “November 21st of the same year.” Damien answered automatically.
“Well, what do you do in your spare time?” Joey asked, curious about this Kaiba look-alike. “Well, I you haven't noticed my belt…” He moved his jacket so that the deck case was visible. “…I duel in my spare time.” He answered.
Then, a girl asked, “I heard of a music company called `Edachi Music Enterprises'. Is that your Dad's?”
Seto looked up at this. `Another CEO?' He thought.
Damien shook his head. “That's ours.” He replied. “Me and Sonja run it.”
Then the teacher asked irritably. “So will you two need special time off, like Mr. Kaiba?”
“Oh no.” Damien assured the teacher. “Shutaro, our butler, handles things while we're gone.”
“But you have to excuse the calls during class. That would be Shutaro making a report.” Sonja said, embarrassed.
“Okay, now that that's all. I'll leave you to get to know your new classmates.” The teacher announced and left the room. Immediately, most of the girls rushed to Damien, crowding around him. Sonja sweat dropped. “Why does that always happen??” She asked herself as she sat in an empty desk by the window.
Yugi shyly approached Sonja. “Umm…hi…” He managed to say. Sonja looked at him and smiled. “Hi, you're Yugi Motou, right?” Sonja asked. Yugi was taken aback. “You know me?” He blurted out. Sonja rummaged through her bag and took out a bright pink deck case. “Damien's not the only one who duels.” She said matter-of-factly. Then Joey and Tristan came up from behind Yugi. “You duel too?” Joey asked. Sonja nodded and asked, “Joey Wheeler, right? I watched Duelist Kingdom and Battle City.” Joey was also taken aback, but nodded smugly anyway. Then, Damien called out. “Sonja, little help here!!!!” Sonja shook her head and said. “I'm glad we could meet. Could you excuse me a sec? I have to rescue my brother from his fangirls.” She said. “Let us help!” Tea said. Then they all ran forward, into the massive fangirl crowd and attempted to get Damien out.
*Back to the real time*
“At least they were nice.” Yugi said thoughtfully. They all came up to the gates of the mansion, were Damien and Sonja stood waiting.
“Hey! Everyone else is here!” Sonja greeted happily.
They lead the gang up to the massive mansion and opened the mahogany doors. Immediately, they were greeted by a smiling Serenity and a very foxy Mai.
“Took you long enough!” Mai scolded. “Good thing I was with Serenity when Yugi called. Were bought a few sleeping bags and made our way here.”
Just then, Duke came running out of a large room, Mokuba chasing after him. “C'mon Duke, Can I borrow it??” Mokuba cried out. “No and a thousand times over, NO!!!” Duke shouted. “But how can I play Monopoly with Rebecca if we don't have a die??” Mokuba asked frustrated. “Does it have to be my earring?!?!” Duke replied. Then, Seto came out of the room and shouted, “Darn it, Devlin! Give him the earring or else I'll make that game of yours out of business!!”
Yugi and co. sweat dropped. “Yup, the gang's all here…”Joey said sarcastically. Then, they heard a scream coming from the stairs. Everyone, meaning: Yugi and co., Duke, Serenity, Mai, Both Kaibas, Ishizu, Marik, Keith and Pegasus, ran up the stairs in the direction of the scream. Then they saw Rebecca sitting on the floor, her back to the door and panting really hard. (Couldn't find anything that rhymed with floor that fit in the sentence. LOL!)
“What's wrong, Becky?” Mokuba asked, helping Rebecca up. (Aww…pre-teen love…)
“I-i-i-n t-th-th-here…” Rebecca stuttered, pointing to the room behind her, which was a ballroom. Mokuba lead Rebecca away from the door as Yugi prepared to open it.
When they saw the inside, everyone screamed.
They saw Shutaro, the Edachis' butler, hanged to a hope on the chandelier, dead as a doornail.
*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_* _*_*_*
*On an airplane over Japan, an hour later*
Kyu was looking out of the window, pondering about the assignment that his principal, Morihiko Dan had given Class Q.
*In Dan's office and Hour earlier*
Kyu, Ryu, Megumi, Kazuma and Kinta were in a line, watching Morihiko talking on a phone. Then Morihiko placed the phone on the receiver, and turned to Class Q.
“I've got a special assignment for you.” He said. “An old client of mine, The Edachis, have called DDS for a very peculiar case. It was in their mansion in Domino City, their butler, Shutaro, has been found hanged in the ballroom. I'm sending you along with Goda and Yukihira of Class A to figure out what happened.”
Kinta spoke up. “Why are you sending them, Mr. Dan?”
“It's not because I don't trust you, it's because there are 15 suspects all in all and I'm not sure if you can keep track of them all.”
Kyu stared at Morihiko wide eyed. “F-f-f-fifteen?!?!” he cired.
“Yes. Apparently, Sonja and Damien had arranged for a party and found the body on the same night.”
“We're on it, Mr. Dan.” Ryu said confidently.
*Back on the plane*
Kyu looked to Kazuma, who was typing away on his computer, as always, and asked. “What do you think happened, Kazuma?”
“I can't answer that question without evidence, Kyu.” Kazuma replied, not looking away from his computer. “But I can tell you that Domino City is the gaming capital of the world. Take a look.”
Kazuma moved his computer so that Kyu could see. “It says here that Domino City is famous for the game `Duel Monsters”. It's a card strategy game in which you have to deduct Life Points from the opponent to win. It had three tournaments held there: The Death-T, (Some facts come from the manga) Duelist Kingdom and most recently, the Battle City Tournament. Both Death-T and Battle City were hosted by the same person, Seto Kaiba, president of the Kaiba Corp. whose main branch is in the same city. Amazingly, he's only 16. (Personally, I think he's nineteen). The Duelist Kingdom was hosted by the creator of Duel Monsters, an American by the name of Maximillion Pegasus.”
“Wow Kazuma, you know a lot about Domino City.” Megumi complimented, her pink-haired head peeking over Kyu and Kazuma's seat.
“Of course. I have to know everything about my fellow programmers. Seto Kaiba even enhanced virtual reality graphics and he invented the Duel Disk, a portable duel monsters arena, which was the entry pass to the Battle City Tournament.” Kazuma stated smugly. Then Kinta poked his head from behind Kazuma's seat. “I think it's idolism, not professional knowledge.” He said. Kazuma fumed. “Please, I could program circles around that guy!” Kazuma boasted.
Then Goda walked up them and stated, “Did you know that before the invention of Duel Monsters, Kaiba Corp. used to manufacture weapons?”
“Really?” Ryu asked. “Why the change of products?”
Goda shrugged. “No one knows. The rumor is that the former president committed suicide and jumped out of his office window, which happened to be on the 43rd (Not sure) floor of the KC Tower.” He said.
“Come on, we're almost landing!” Yukihira (SP?) said impatiently said as Domino Airport came into view.
“To solve the case of the ballroom hanging, DDS is on the case!” Kyu said dramatically, pointing a finger outside at Domino City. Then everyone besides Goda and Yukihira exclaimed, “There's only one answer!!!”
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