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Okay peeps, I'll start things with the usual crap so no one gets served:
This is a continuation of my Hamtaro/Yu-gi-oh adventure. With the exception of one hamster (mine), the Ham Hams belong to Sho Pro Entertainment. All duel monsters (monsters and cards) used in this story belong to Kazuki Takahashi. This story is also sponsored by your friends in the Raw-but-Real World.
So to all of you who are wondering about this story, I will take this time to fill you in on things. The idea of this series of stories began when I read a Hamtaro/Yu-gi-oh spinoff... and a shitty one at that. To sum it up, Hamtaro and the gang went to Domino City (I forgot how that happened) and ran into Yugi and crew, who were able to understand and communicate with them. All the while trying to stop a band of evil hamster that wanted to take over the world using the shadow games.... Like I said, real shitty. I then said to myself after reading this crap on a BBS named Hamtaro Starr, "If this person can write a Hamtaro/Yu-gi-oh spinoff, and a shitty one like this, I can write a halfway decent spinoff using the same two series. And thus was born the first story, "Little Hamsters, Duel Monsters" was created. Summed up, Panda creates a vortex to transport them to various places in the world. They end up landing in Domino, only has ham human. The gang runs into Solomon Mutou (or Suguru Mutou if you wanna go by the manga) who takes them to his game store and introduces the hu-hams to Duel Monsters. Being the kind old man that he is, Mutou-san lets the crew take ten boosters each for their dueling fancy. The crew also runs into Yugi and crew and learn more about the game.
The hu-hams appearence isn't odd to the people since an anime con is in town, and at this anime con is where the hu-hams acquire their own duel disks and test their cards. They run into Seto Kaiba, Kaiba gets beat and eventually return home. Even though Panda explained that they went to an alternate universe, the cards that were given to them and their duel disks stayed with them and were of course hamster size. Then when the hams went to the fun park, they found that the other various hams were playing the game. The response was imacculant, it was enjoyed by many of the people there. One person wonder if I would make a character going by the name of Duelist Ham. With such a positive response, I continued the series and changed the name of the saga to Duel Hams.
Since then, I continued the series there, making many different stories with the same premise of the beginning alive: Hamtaro and crew and ham ham duelists while running into other duelists andvarious adventures, all while each story gave me positive feedback for the next one. Hamtaro Starr had the saga on their BBS, but I had decided to on day, take my stories and bring them so that those who've never been there can read. Unfortunately, the site no longer exists anymore and all of those stories of that saga are gone. Which hurts because the last two stories are the most recent.
Up to Speed
Well, now that this has happened, allow me to take this time to fill you in on what's happened recently sagawise: Bijou had just won the most recent tournament at the fun park over a challenging duel with Sparkle and three months have passed since that tournament. The next part of this saga takes over from there.
Now I'll take this time to introduce you all to the hamhams of Duel Hams. "But I know about the ham hams already." Well you don't know what they're packing. And if you do, then act like you don't... I'll fill you in on what has what and who duels how, so let's meet (or meet again) the Duel Hams:
Hamtaro; If the main character wasn't a duelist, this story would pretty much suck. Yes, Hamtaro duels and he isn't half bad for a duelist with a decent deck, in fact he's pretty strong. Following his courageous legacy, Hamtaro uses Warrior-type monsters and unlike the majority of the Duel Hams, Hamtaro doesn't have a set deckmaster (let alone thinks that he needs one). He can really dish out the pain despite having a decent deck.
Oxnard; Oxy practically is the only one of the Duel Hams that isn't really a duelist. Truth be told, he's only in it to expand his collection of reare cards. Will Oxnard ever duel? Maybe....
Bijou; Every story has an underdog: In Yu-gi-oh, it's Joey; in GX, it's Sirus; and here it's the "Ham Ham Sweetheart". But despite being the underdog, her deck is the most underestimated of the crew. But then again, how many duelists do you know actualy use Fairy monsters in their deck (let alone a deck of that one type period)? Bijou's deck has also gone through the most changes over the decks of the other Duel Hams. Her deck started out really weird, but turned out to be a force of respect to even some of the stronger duelists of the clubhouse. Bijou's deck is even more unorthadox than Jam's deck. Her deckmaster is Guardian Angel Joan, which is also her favorite card, is powerful to say the least, but it doesn't compare to her strongest monster, Shinato. but despite the pretty face and an odd choice of monsters, Bijou has proven many times that her cute and somewhat odd, fairies that she weilds can actually hold their own.
Boss; Hamtaro's deck is powerful, even his deck isn't stonger than that of Boss'. No, Boss is actually the duelist with the most powerful deck and he runs Spellcasters. But what makes his deck so powerful? Is it because he can systematically take out his opponent's cards? Are his stragegies, when called, have a devistating effect on the duels he duels in? No, it's all in the power of his deck. Boss has not one, not two, not even three, but seven of the most powerful spellcasters in the game residing in his deck (including his deckmaster the Dark Magician) and can use all of them effectively. And those seven spellcasters range from low to high level, only add to the fact that he is quite a dangerous duelist when his card come together. The addition of the Spellcaster's Judgement deck only made him more powerful.
Dexter; Where Boss' deck boasts the most power, Dexter's deck boasts the most force. So much force in fact that he can even put Boss and Hamtaro in their place. He refers to it as "The Undead Deck", but it's practically all Zombies. In fact, Dexter pimped out the Zombie Madness deck like a felon. What makes Dex so strategically irritating is the fact that he can call to the field something very strong impaccably easy. But unlike the majority of the duelists where their high level monsters are the ones you have to worry about, it's Dexter's mid-level monsters that dish out the hurt and not his Despair from the Dark deckmasters. Specifically, three cards in his deck can do this: First is Ryu Kokki. 2400 ATK points is great and all, but since it can automatically destroy any Warrior or Spellcaster it battles makes Hamtaro and Boss think twice before attacking it, even with their strongest in their arsenal; next up is Dark Dust Spirit. Though it's only on the field for the turn it's summoned, it can destroy all other face-up monsters on the field, then hit directly for 2200 points, it's well worth returning to your hand; finally there's Dexter's most trusted Zombie, the Patrician of Darkness. Sure at one tribute and 2000 ATK isn't much to many a duelist now, but with the ability to redirect the attack of your opponent's monster to another target does come in handy when in a tight spot. And should Dexter's Deckmaster be unable to get it done, he pulls out the big guns in the for of Beserk Dragon. AT 3500 ATK, it can match Boss' Silent Magician, but with the ability to attack every monster on the opposing side of the field at once, Dexter's heavy artillery can really do some damage.
Pashmina; Pashmina, though she knows what to do and how to duel, isn't very good when it comes to the game. In fact, her deck is mostly unknown to what is really in it, this is mostly because she plays her mosters face-down... except when she pulls her deckmaster Seiyaryu onto the field, then she really gets down and pimps this dragon out like there's no tomorrow. The only other monster we know of that's in her deck is the one that Pepper gave to her, Amazoness Chain Master. But worry not, Pashmina will be doing some more confident dueling this time and you'll see what her deck is really made of.
Pepper; Though Oxnard doesn't duel, his girlham does. Despite the fact that her duels are few and between, she battles with the Amazon(ess) monsters. She even gave one of her more valuable Amazon cards to Pashmina. When she isn't dueling, she mostly there to support the ones who do duel.
Howdy; Throughout the saga, Howdy has simply been the shit talker. Always saying how he could've done better in this situation, how he would've handled that situation if he were dueling. Having heard enough, dexter gave his friendly raival an decision, "Put up, or shut up." and Howdy put up.... with a victory over Dexter in two turns. Howdy refers to his deck as the Full Charge Assault, though his deck really hasn't been fully discovered. From what we do know is that he runs the Batteryman cards highly, but has had other cards in it too like Thunder Nyan Nyan. Boss think that Howdy has a deck of Thunder monsters, but hopefully, well see further.
Cappy; Cappy has officially earned the rank of Apprentice Duelist. This is because of the fact that though throughout the series he hasn't dueled, he did build a deck. It wasn't until still stories ago when he was forced into his first duel against Rock Solid, a dark duelist running the modified Invincible Fortress deck, that Cappy actually had a deck to the knowledge of the other hams. Cappy so far has only been in ten duels and in that time, can duel like one of the seasoned duelist despite having much to learn. Like most of the duel hams who specialize in one type of monster, Cappy has a forté of three types of monsters: Beast, Winged Beast and Beast-Warrior monsters, which he has dubbed himself The Beastmaster. Our in-training duelist ironically enough has the rarest deckmaster of the entire crew which he found on day in mint condition while going home. It's a Beast-Warrior going by the name of Sengenjin (I'm still trying to figure out how to say it). This guy stands at 2750/2500 and unless you've been to the World Championships in 2004, you'll probably never see this card in your dueling carreer. His deckmaster is backed by Behemoth the King of All Animals and the Big Koala, both of which are 2700 ATK points strong. But what saved Cappy was a low level monster going by the name of Blade Rabbit. This little guy, when switched from attack mode to defense mode can automatically destroy one monster on the opposing side of the field. Cappy, though a beginner duelist, just might take the role of underdog from Bijou. He has the potential too to do it, so it probably won't be a surprise.
Maxwell; Maxy also has a deck, but unlike the rest of the duelists, he has a variety of cards. But mostly has cards to do with books. His favorite card is the Royal Magic Library (who didn't see that coming?) and his cards mostly have to do with books (you know, like Book of Life, Book of Moon, Hidden Book of Spell, etc) though he hasn't dueled much. Maxwell also has Exodia in his deck.... enough said.
Sandy; Like the bookworm she's mated with, Sandy's deck is also balanced. However, Sandy is known for weilding the Monarch cards. Testalos, Zabord, Granmarg and Mobius, the four monarch of fire, tunder, rock and frost are her trusted cards. And with these four cards, she's even made her twin brother respect her skills as a duelist. Though she isn't as strong like the others, nor strong like Bijou or Sparkle, Sandy can show a bit of sportmanship in dueling.
Penelope; throughout most of the series, Penelope practically just was there for support. Watching the other duel and cheering them on in her own way. Until two stories ago when Jam gave her the new starter deck (And hence I said Starter Deck and not structure deck). Afterwards, Penelope began to duel and dueled very effectively for the past two stories of her dueling premise. She has also been affected the most from dueling as it has given her the courage to actualy speak normally. Penelope pretty much runs a "Hero" deck, as it consists of the Elemental Heroes, Hero Kids and Destiny Heroes. Though mainly she's been using the Elemental Heroes over the Destiny Heroes (because the Destiny Heroes flat out suck with the exception of a few), Penelope will do more Destiny Hero dueling.
Sparkle; Sparkle began dueling early in the Duel Hams saga and in tote has practically become Bijou's rival. when she first arrived, her deck was based on healing cards and cards that did direct damage and not much battle damage. But as of late, Sparkle's been to Duel School. Not only did she graduate early from the school, she's also changed her gameplay. Now, she has practically done what think is obvious of the Lord of the Storm structure deck: Modified it into a full-fledged Harpie Deck. Currently, Sparkle is the only duelist with a victory over Jam, and though she's lost twice to Bijou, she continues to gather strength from the ever changing winds of her deck.
Snoozer; What, this sleepyhead has a deck too? Yes he does, at it's really weird like how Bijou's was at first. Snoozer runs Fiends that base from regulars, to Archfiends and even Darkworld monsters. He's only dueled twice, but his highly irregular deck is something else to see... that is of course, if the rare chance of him waking up to duel happens.
Seamore; Seamore ran into Stan and Jam in a tournament earlier in the saga. He ended up facing (and losing to) Jam in one hell of a duel. Seamore of course if you haven't seen him is the ham with a turtle shell backpack and apparently is the only ham ham that can swim. Seamore is like Mako Tsunami of the Duel Hams, but he practically runs with Water based monsters. His deckmaster is The Legendary Fisherman, but don't let that fool you. Seamore has more nastier monsters in his deck that can bring a watery grave to people, his Water Dragon is one of these. The name of the strongest monster in his deck is very hard to say, but if you can pronounce Gogiga Gagagigo, then you have my verbal respect. And the fact that this card stands at 2950/2800 means that he will be doing a lot of owning when he comes out... with or without Umi in play. He's strong and it's safe to say that if you aren't careful, you'll be all washed up.
Barrette; Last story, Barrette was caught in an odd place... giving Seamore a blowjob {XD}. Yeah, for a girl to get caught on a pole is something. Jokes aside, Barrette also queues from Seamore in using a Water based deck and defended Seamore's honor against a duelist weilding a Fire based deck. though some of her cards are similar to Seamore's, her forté is mostly with the Frog Family. Des Frog, T.A.D.P.O.L.E., Treeborn Frog, etc... she won by using the combination of Des Croaking and D.3.S Frog. For those who don't have the guts to try this, Des Croaking is a tough card to call. It requires you to have three Des Frogs on the field, and since that frog is a one tribute monster, it'll take a while, but if you can play it, Des Croaking destroys all cards on your opponent's side of the field. Sweet!
Stan; Stan is one of the strongest in the clubhouse. He is also one of two Dragon duelists. His deckmaster is the Armed Dragon. Though Stan's deckmaster only goes up to LV7, he still manages to get the job done. Though the Armed Dragon is his deckmaster, not to mention a rare dragon to pull, his strongest is slightly stronger and an even tougher pull from a booster, the Tri-Horned Dragon. THD is one of the Secret Rares from the very first set, Ledgend of Blue Eyes White Dragon, so you best believe the 2850/2350 8 star dragon packs a wallop.
Panda; The "Mr. Fix It" of the ham hams, Panda too duels really well. Abd with his knack to build things, Panda found solace in Machines. His deckmaster is the powerful and tricky Fusilier Dragon, the Dual-Mode Beast and when things get rough, out comes Ancient Gear Golem. Panda's most frustrating card and former deckmaster is Jinzo, and I'm sure Jinzo needs no description. Panda is quite the technical duelist, no puns intended.
Jam; Finally there's Jam. The dynamic, constantly moving, dancing and friend of all the ham hams has his deck as well. Actually, the Ra's Hamster has two decks and is the second Dragon duelist. But is doesn't matter which Dragon deck he uses, the deckmaster is stil Horus the Black Flame Dragon. Jam's deck of dragons is quite powerful, let alone formidable, but is is beatable as Sparkle proved. Though he's due for his rematch with her, he was the one duelist that tested the merit of Sparkle's deck. Jam's deckmaster when suped up, can negate and destroy spell cards in addition to it's 3000 ATK points. but his "General" the Tyrant Dragon is another pain. At 2900 ATK and an immunity to traps (in the form of them being destroyed if used against it), and the ability to attack another remaining monster after it's first strike, it can be a nasty pain to deal with. He also has a low leveled dragon that the crew doesn't take too lightly as well, named Petit Dragon. But unlike Stan's dragon deck, Jam's dragonic deck is hard to protect yourself from, especially with cards like Dragon's Rage, Dragon's Gunfire and The Dragon's Bead. Jam knows dragons and thanks to the way he's done his decks, seldomly loses. Is he that strong though? Not really, he just has good cards to see him through duels.
Well, now that the long deal with what has happened with the duel hams is finally done being explained, let's start the story already.