Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Hamtaro Fan Fiction ❯ Return of the Duel Hams ❯ new card tricks, in and out of the duel ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

It's Monday and some of our hams are already at the clubhouse. While there are still a few hams that haven't shown up yet, the ones that are present are talking about the weekends they had had. "And that's what I did this weekend." Hamtaro just finished up his "show-and-tell" story.
"That was interesting, if not boring." said Boss. "What did you do, Oxnard... besides stuff your face?"
"Well," Oxnard began, "Kana went to the farm to help out. I spent my whole weekend with Pepper. It was great. We caught up, I told her about how Bijou won the last tournament, I even had sex."
"Wait, you had sex!?"
"Oh yeah, and it was good sex too. Moving on, Pepper even gave me three rare cards."
"Rare Cards?" Stan's interest was finally perked. "Let's here about them."
"I'll show show everyone when we're all around."
Pashmina and Penelope walk into the clubhouse, making the attendance practically full. "Hey girls, how was your weekend?" asked Boss.
"Pretty good, Kylie stayed the night over June's this weekend and we went to a show." Pashmina answered.
"Was it a good show?" asked Sandy.
"It was awesome." Pashmina answered.
"We even came across some new cards too." Penelope added.
"You got some new cards huh, well why don't you show them to me, Penelope?" Stan asked.
"Sorry, you'll only see these cards in battle."
"I wouldn't have it any other way." Stan simply stated as he set his duel disk up.
"Well.... I guess a quick duel wouldn't be so bad. Okay Stan, you're on, but I'm going first since I get to show my cards off."
"Well I am a gentlemen."
"Yeah, when you're not being a flirt." Sandy adds her two cents and the other hams begin to laugh.
"Hold on a minute." Panda said while coming down the slide. "Before you guys get started, I have something to share with you all. You see, I've finally tricked out the clubhouse to my fancy. It's now a full-fledged Duel House."
"That's pretty cool, Panda." said Pashmina.
"I know."
"Can we start our duel now?" Penelope asked.
"Please, do continue." Panda answered.
"Great, now get ready Stan. And don't hold back just because I'm playing some new cards." Penelope addressed Stan.
"Hey, no problem. My morning was bad so far anyway, this is a much needed pick me up." said Stan.
"LET'S DUEL!" both of them say and draw their hands and 4000 life points.
This is perfect for testing out my duel enhancements I made to the clubhouse over the weekend. Panda thought. If they think my tricking this place out sounds cool, wait until a field spell card is played. Now I'll just wait until Penelope plays her Skyscraper for her elemental heroes.
"All right, I'll start our duel with Dark City." Penelope said. And upon the placing of the card, the clubhouse reacted and went dark, then all of a sudden buildings appeared with a few lit windows.
"Whoa, this is wicked, look at the buildings." said Cappy.
"Panda, you are a genius." said Boss.
"Since the clubhouse has reacted this way, that means Dark City is a field spell card." said Panda. "And this effect will happen all over the place when we play. Every foot of this place is a dueling grid and depending on the cards that are played, will determine the effects of the surrounding environment."
"It totally looks like a real city." said Sandy.
"Of course it does, it's just like the card."
"Man, I wonder what Labyrinth Wall will look like." said Oxnard.
"Moving on with the duel," Penelope continued, "I'll summon Destiny Hero- Captain Tenacious in attack mode and end my turn." Penelope's card takes to the field (800/800).
"That's a shame you have to start that weak." said Stan. "Lemme remind you about how it's done. I'll play Divine Dragon Ragnarok." said Stan and his dragon came to the field from the sky, causing some thunder and lightning as well (1500/1000). "Ragnarok, attack. Say bye bye to the Captain."
But when Divine Dragon Ragnarok batteled with Penelope's Destiny Hero, it was destroyed. "What in the heke? Why was my card destroyed?" Stan was quite shocked (3700).
"That's the power of Dark City." Penelope answered. "When my D-Heroes under 1000 offense are enguaged in battle, Dark City givees them a 1000 point boost during the damage step. So even though my card was weaker, my Captain was at 1800 points when attacked."
"Huh. I'll set a card face down and end my turn."
"My turn." Penelope draws her card. "I'll set one monster and one card face down. That's should be enough time for the shock to wear off of Stan, go ahead."
"Okay, my turn. Thanks to the boost of her city, none of my monsters can touch her..." Stan looks at his card. "But you can do something. Let's try this again. Mirage Dragon in attack mode (1600/600). Let's hit that face down monster shall we? And your face down trap won't save you."
Stan's dragon attacks with its scythe-like tail, but it's grabbed by a rock-like hand. "I love it when you keep messing up." said Penelope.
"Who is that?"
"That is Destiny Hero-Defender (100/2700), and you'll be losing more life points."
"Man, not again." (2600)
Howdy whistled. "Look at that defense, it's like Stan's dragon sliced into a brick wall and got stuck." he said.
"Not bad for four stars, huh?" Penelope shot out.
"That's a four-star monster?" the other hams asked.
"Sacré bleu, talk about built to last." said Bijou.
"With defense like that, he's shitting on people's attacks, even some of the high leveled ones." said Oxnard.
"That's not cool, just go." Stan said, a little pissed off.
"Fine, I will." said Penelope as she drew her card. "Okay my Captain, let's give another dragon the boot, shall we? Attack!"
Before Captain Tenacious could take a second step, a roar was heard. "Sorry, but my Threatening Roar trap card has something to say about that."
"So you saved your dragon, big deal. You're still losing. Luckily for you, Defender lets you take a second card on your standby, so take your turn."
"Sure." Stan looked at the card he just drew. "Comeback time. I'll sacrifice my Mirage Dragon and bring out Armed Dragon LV5 (2400/1700). Even with the 1000 city points, Captain Tenacious won't survive this battle (2400 v 1800). Get rid of that Captain!"
As the battle goes on, Penelope discards a card from her hand, which in turn, stands right behind Captain Tenacious. "Hey, who is that guy?" asked Boss.
"What guy?" ask Cappy and Panda.
when the battles ends, the dragon is gone and the two cards stand there side by side. "Hey, where did that guy come from?" asked Stan.
"Oh, that's Destiny Hero-Blade Master (300/600)." Penelope answered. "I discarded him during the battle, so he's activating his effect."
"And what effect might that be?"
"when he's discarded like how I just did him, D-Hero Blade Master boosts all my other D-Heroes by 800 for this turn, giving Captain Tenacious 200 more points over your dragon (2600 ATK)."
"Man, this shit isn't happening." (2400)
"Am I making you mad, Stan?"
"Wow, Stan's getting schooled." said Boss.
"Worse than schooled, Penelope still hasn't even been touched yet." said Maxwell.
"One more card face down and that's it for me this turn." said Stan. I can't believe I'm getting beat this bad....
"Well Stan, I'll end your pain this turn." Penelope said as she drew her card. "I can tell you're done with this city life so say goodbye to it with my Heavy Storm."
Panda's technology was further demonstrated as the winds from the Heavy Storm were felt throughout the clubhouse. "Wow, so realistic!" yelled Cappy.
"Too realistic if you ask me!" yelled Oxnard.
"You didn't spare any expense, did you Panda!" Maxwell yelled.
"Nothing but the best for my friends!" Panda yelled.
As the winds subsided, the clubhouse returned to normal, leaving only two Destiny Heroes on the field. Penelope continued her turn, "I'm impressed by the effects. Anyway, I'll sacrifice Defender and summon Destiny Hero-Dasher in attack mode." Dasher (2100/1000) appeared next to the Captain Tenacious. "With that, my Destiny Heroes will now attack you, thus ending this duel." Both of Penelope's cards charged Stan and knocked him off of his feet, ending the duel. "And that's my first perfect game. You're not too hurt are you Stan?"
"Just my pride." Stan answered (0). "Man, my days went from worse to worst. That's one hell of a strategy you made, Penelope. You'll get no complaints outta me."
"You won't get lip outta me either." added Howdy.
"Thank god to that." Dexter put in his two cents.
"How about some applause for Panda, those effects were sweet." said Boss and the applause was given.
"So what do you guys think of those new cards of mine?" asked Penelope.
"That Defender is awesome." said Cappy.
"I like him better than Clayman." said Oxnard.
"I gotta admit, that was really impressive battling there Penelope." said Hamtaro.
"Yeah, that was pretty cool." added Maxwell.
"Boss, Dexter, what do you two think?"
"Defender, despite its ability to take a lot of punishment, still won't stand up to the horrors of my deck." Dexter answered. "Nonetheless, nice job."
"I really can't leave a verdict myself." said Boss.
"How come, Boss?" asked Hamtaro.
"Because Stan didn't last long enough. I can't really give out a verdict from only seeing four cards, even if they are new."
"Funny how you'd say that, because that's really all you needed to see in my opinion."
The hams turn to see Jam walking in towards them. "How long were you here?" asked Stan.
"I saw the entire duel, thought I showed up when Dark City got played." Jam answered. "Four cards aren't all you have to show, but the ones we did see were ones we could learn from, especially that Defender guy."
"He's better than your Hyozanryu." Penelope said happily.
"Not really, but on the samw level. Panda, I felt the winds of Heavy Storm all the way in the evac tunnels, just saying so since you might have to tone the power of that card down."
"Not a chance." said Panda.
"Not bad, for cards coming from the new set."
"Wait, Penelope's cards that she showed are in the new set?" asked Stan.
"Yup. That means she went to the sneak preview."
"Did you go to one in your travles Jam?" asked Penelope.
"I did, but I missed it." the hams fell over. "No matter, I saw some interesting cards there too, including a suped up fusion of the Cyber Dragon that you'll kill for, Panda."
"Cool." said Panda.
"So does anyone else have any cards to show?"
"I got some," said Oxnard, "let's go to the table though and I'll show them to you all."
And the hams went back to the table.
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