Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Hamtaro Fan Fiction ❯ Return of the Duel Hams ❯ Jam & Sparkle's rematch ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

After the schooling Stan got in the duel against Penelope, the hams took their seats at the table and Oxnard passed his cards around for all to see. "And you said Pepper gave you these cards?" asked Hamtaro.
"Yup." Oxnard answered. "Good ol loving Pepper, I'll have to find three rare cards to return the favor for."
"I like these cards, they seem pretty interesting." said Penelope.
"The fact that they work together is a plus too." added Panda.
"So you finally gonna build a deck?" Stan asked.
"No. I simply have three more cards to increase my stunning collection by." Oxnard answered.
"I've heard about these cards too." said Jam. "I still need the last one though."
"You mean Judgement of the Pharoah?" questioned Bijou.
"If you ask me, Yu-Jo Friendship is the most interesting." said Dexter. "It gives the Unity card it's most useful premise."
"Obiously, you know nothing about defenses, Dexter." said Maxwell. "If you did, then you'd understand that card's power."
"Whatever, Horn of Light is much better at defensive boosting anyway."
"So the pig has the 'Yugi and Friends' set, huh?" Sparkle shot as she walked up and took a seat at the table. "I have that set too, but I traded the extrea set of that I had so I could score some sweet new cards."
"So what brings you here today?" asked Sandy.
"I have a rival to keep strong against... not to mention a rematch that I owe a certain hamster, if he's ready of course."
Sparkle was referring to Jam and the tournament from the previous story. Near the end of it, Sparkle promised Jam a rematch. "Yeah, let's see another duel, it puts Panda's technology to work." said Cappy.
"You aren't gonna run away now, are you?" Sparkle asked Jam.
"Actually, I do have to make a run... to the bathroom." Jam answered.
Sparkle fell backwards in her seat. "Well, I can't get mad at this excuse for making me wait. Ma Nature waits for no one."
Unlike the duel last chapter, the following duel has been played out card for card. Just thought I'd let you know otherwise. Well, read away.
Once Jam got out of the bathroom, he and Sparkle began shuffling each other's decks. "This should be a very interesting rematch." said Oxnard.
"Of course it will be," Stan said. "Sparkle currently has a win over Jam, so this is gonna be great."
"I hope the second meeting of these two will be intense like their first encounter was." said Pashmina.
"Deeto." added Bijou.
"Well, let's see how strong you've gotten since our last encounter." said Sparkle.
"My words exactly." said Jam.
Both duelists returned their decks to their owners then took their places. "I know you're ready to lose again, so let's see if my deck will be tested further." said Sparkle.
"Only one way to find out." said Jam.
"Enough talking already, this duel is on." said Panda.
"LET'S DUEL!" Jam and Sparkle shout as they drew their cards (8000/8000).
"You lost Jam, so I'll let you take first shot." said Sparkle.
"Losers before ladies, fine by me." said Jam.
"Hey, wait a-"
"I'll start with Armed Dragon LV3 in attack mode (1200/900), then I'll throw down two cards. Your move."
"Cool." Sparkle takes her card. Wow, I already have my heavy hitter. Well first thing's first, get rid of the dragon. "I'll throw a card down too," said Sparkle, "then play Harpie's Pet Baby Dragon (1200/600). Go in for the kill." Sparkle's dragon launches its attack.
"No way I'm wasting a trap on that. Attack my dragon." Jam called out.
Both dragons are destroyed. "My turn is over." said Sparkle.
Jam takes his card. "Spirit Ryu in attack mode (1000/1000). Let's go in for a direct shot."
"I'll play Cal of the Haunted and bring back my dragon." Harpie's Pet Baby Dragon returns t the field.
"Big deal, I'll activate my dragon's effect. I'll give up the Gray Wing in my hand to give my dragon 1000 more hits. Nice try though, Sparky."
"Hmf, good play." Sparkle lifted her nose (7200).
"Your turn."
"Let's call his bluff. One card face down and I'll attack with Sonic Shooter (1300/600)."
"I'll activate my Rising energy card, costing me another card from my hand. But at least Spirit Ryu gets another 1500 points for the turn." Sonic Shooter is destroyed.
"Well, you ended up calling my bluff instead (6000). I'll end my turn."
"Now I'll play Mirage Dragon. Spirit Ryu, lead the charge."
Both of Jam's dragons go in to attack Sparkle. So much for my face down, not that it'll help anyway. Sparkle thought as she took two shots (3400).
"Are you being nice to me because I lost the last duel?" asked Jam.
"Let's just call it what it is, a bad draw." Sparkle answered.
"Well whatever the case may be, it's your turn."
"Looks like Jam's got this game won." said Stan.
"Looks like, but we won't know until the next two moves." said Dexter.
Man, I gotta turn this around. Sparkle thought as she drew her card. "Your Mirage Dragon's effect doesn't work during the main phase, so I'll use my Dust Tornado on your face down." After that, Sparkle used the secondary effect of her Dust. "Now I'll summon Slate Warrior to take out your Spirit Ryu (1900 v 1000)."
Oh well, at least he did his job. Jam thought as he saw his dragon be destroyed (7100).
"Your turn."
Jam took his card. "I'll set one down and end my turn."
"My turn. Yes, this is what I'm talking about. Time for a change in pace, with the spell, Rising Air Current."
Suddenly, the regular dueling area turned into blues sky with a bird flying overhead. Sparkle continued her move. "To you rookies over there, this spell slightly weakens Wind monsters to give them a little more punch (2400/0). Now let's get... Wait a minute, you've got control of the field, let's use it to my advantage. No attacks this turn, I'm done."
"See, Sparkle's back in the driver's seat." said Dexter.
"It appears so." said Stan, then he thought, but how long will sparkle stay there? She's got a lot of ground to cover in a short time.
"Rising Air Current is a good card, but I can't have you on the field for too long. I'll play Stamping Destruction and take out your face down."
Sparkle watched her card get stomped out. So much for my backup plan. she thought (2900).
Jam continued his move. "I'll put my dragon on the defense and hand it over to you."
"That's right, cut and run. But it won't help you this time. I'll place a monster in defense mode. Slate Warrior, attack." Slate Warrior destroys Mirage Dragon. "Your turn."
Jam took his card. "You're lucky I can't call this dragon to the field, now let's find out what lies on it's belly. I'll attack with The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave (1800/1600). Target the face down monster."
Jam's dragon attacks Sparkle's card. "Nice play, but I knew you couldn't resist my Tornado Bird (600 DEF). Now it can activate ist special ability."
Sparkle's Tornado Bird flaps its wings, creating a strong gust of wind which clears the field. returning it and the monsters in play to normal (1300/2000 v 1900/400). "Panda, you're really gonna have to tone the wind down on the effects." said Jam.
"If you don't like it, take your duel outside." said Panda. "You're a duelist for crying out loud. If you're donna cry over the blowing winds, I wonder how mad you'll be when someone plays Molten Destruction. The effects are supossed to feal this realistic for a reason. It's a test of your stamina, which from what I'm hearing isn't so strong."
"Who's winning the duel?"
"Who's crying over free flowing air?"
"Touché." Jam turned to Sparkle, "I'll set this back down and end my turn.
"It's too bad you attacked with that card, because it normally would've been able to save your life points." Sparkle Said as she drew her card. "Now lets bring back the windy effects of Rising Air Current." The field changed back to the blue sky. "Now, say sayonara to your cave dwelling dragon."
"How about we rise more than just the wind, like my Rising Energy."
"Yes again, and you're lucky I have to give up a strong dragon to save this one."
"Damn it, I lost more life points."
"Of course you did."
"Man, this ain't right, where are my cards at?" (2000)
"Looks like I can weather the storm this time around, so take your turn."
"Like I said, Jam's got this won." said Stan.
"It ain't over yet." Dexter reminded Stan.
"I don't know what duel you're watching, but Jam and Sparkle's duel is over."
"I didn't even get to play my big boy.... One card face down and that's gonna do it for me."
"Darn tootin. Attack my dragon."
The direct shot knocked Sparkle off of her feet and onto her rear end. "Ah man, these dragons hurt." (200)
"Of course they do. I'll throw my drawn card face down and end my turn. Don't worry, the killin blow comes next move."
Sparkle drew her card. "I'll Reload."
"Damn right you will..."
With an insert and shuffle, Sparkle drew three new cards. "I'll put a monster in defense and play Mystical Space Typhoon."
"I'll chain my Dust Tornado to that and destroy your ace down."
Cards effects apply. "Go."
Jam was prepared to draw, Lemme get the Spear and this is over. he thought as he drew his card. "I'll throw this face down and have my dragon attack your monster." The destroyed monster was Storming Wynn. "Your turn."
Sparkle drew her card. "I end my turn, this card won't help me." Sparkle said with a sad tone.
"That's too bad." Jam said as he drew. "Oh now I get the Spear. Direct attack again my dragon, and leave her on her feet this time." and with a swipe from Jam's dragon, the duel was over.
The effects of the duel faded away and the hams gather around the duelists. "I told you the duel was over." said Stan.
"Yeah, yeah, yeah...." said Dexter.
"I didn't expect anything less from my fellow dragon duelist."
"Of course you didn't." said Jam.
"Looks like you had a bad day, non?" asked Bijou.
"So I lost, big whoop." said Sparkle. "At least I actually beat Jam in a duel."
"Do not go zhere, seester."
"Regardless of the victory I got, that just makes of even like polly, Sparkle." said Jam.
"That's 'Even like Steven.' Jam." Sparkle corrected.
Jam looks around. "I'm sorry, Steven couldn't make it to the duel this morning."
The hams share a heary laugh. "Now why can't you be this funny, Howdy?" asked Penelope as she laughed.
"No comment." Howdy answered.