Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Hamtaro Fan Fiction ❯ Return of the Duel Hams ❯ deckbuilding, it never ends.... ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

After the duel was had, the hams decide to look through their cards and even offer trades. "You know, that rematch wasn't as great as the last time." said Howdy.
"Who cares if it was or not, the next one is the latter match that decides who is better." said Dexter. "Not that it matters though, I know Sparkle's Harpie deck is no match for my undead power."
"Or my electrifiyng strength."
"About that, you sure seem to get lucky with your cards."
"It wasn't luck when I whooped you in two turns."
Jam kicked it in his little spot in the newly christened Duel House. Three wraps were heard from his door. "Come on in." he said.
Pashmina walked right in and sat on Jam's bed. "I need to talk to you." she stated. "It's about my deck, I really need help with it."
"Obviously..." said Jam.
"Hey! Anyway, would you help me with deck building?"
"Well Pashy, there's nothing really to making a deck, it's easy."
"Speak for yourself, you mde your deck like it's a piece of sunflower cake."
"That's where you're wrong. See, my deck wasn't easy to build, neither one was. But every card in my decks take a lot of thought."
"I find that hard to believe."
"Well, look at Cappy. He's still learning the ropes if his deck and he's happy with what he made. Take a page from his book for a change..."
"I don't understand."
"As I was going to say, Cappy built a deck of his own by simply watching everyone else duel. Then he took what he learned from watching and input it into the cards of his deck.
"The main thing when it comes to deckmaking is simply reading your cards. When you do that, you'll understand how each card works."
"Easier said than done."
".....This isn't going too far so I'll try another approach; Pashmina, there are three things a duelist needs with his/her deck. These three things are what I use when I make my decks a well. So I will tell you: First off, a deck needs variety."
"Variety my ass, Jam. Don't give me that, especially when every card in your deck is a dragon."
"Once again, you're wrong. True my deck is all dragonic, but each dragon in them is different, unique. Each one with pros and cons, different strengths and levels. For example, I'll use my Petit Dragon. It's not what you call worthwhile for being put into a deck, hell, some people wouldn't put something this weak into a serious deck."
"Bad example."
"Okay, then let's looks at one of Bijou's cards, Mokey Mokey. Though it's practically a weak card, it has its purpose for being in her deck. Not only is it weak compared to her other cards, but it's also a different variety of card as it's only 300 attack points. Sure it doesn't seem all that interesting or great because of it's weak strength, but it also has certain things in it that only she can harness properly. The same goes with Thousand-Eyes Idol that Boss has in his deck and it doesn't have any attack or defense points at all."
"You're right."
"The second thing a deck needs is, and I'm putting emphasis on this one, patience."
"Patience, with a deck?"
"Yup. The starter deck I gave Penelope is prime example for this one. Though she got a starter deck that had it's own strategy, she didn't quite understand it at first, which is only common for beginning duelists or duelists making a new deck. Sometimes the cards in your deck aren't working for you, so you have to break it down and look at what's going on. You also need patience to get the ideal cards for your deck, my deckmaster is perfect for this."
"How so?"
"My very first pack from Sould of the duelist gave me a rare card, Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6. And even though I've run into LV4 and other various dragons, I really had to wait a long time before I could finally come across Horus' LV8 card. Once I got it, it made my deck feel even more complete. Some of these cards are hard to get, your Seiyaryu is one of them, and I know... I was the one who gave it to you."
"That's true."
"And since then, I had to go a long time looking for another Seiyaryu... it took a while, but I have one for myself now. Sometimes, the right cards for your deck take a long time to find, that's why you need patience."
"So what's the last one?"
"Lastly, and more importantly, even more important than patience, a deck must have a strategy. If you don't have a strategy to go with your cards, the deck will never work. I've seen how you've been dueling and you lay most of your cards face down in hope of pulling your Seiyaryu. that was fine back then, but you can't do that now, especially since there are cards that can dismantle face downs. I'm not say it's a bad idea to set your monsters, you'll have to when times become rough, but you have to play cards face up as well as face down."
"Now you're starting to make me feel bored."
"I don't believe that one bit. Also, try to combine your monsters with your spells and traps."
"Like how you use your dragons with Dragon's Gunfire and Dragon's Rage, right?"
"Good example, Pashy. You can even take a page out of Cappy's book, and he made a deck around his deckmaster."
"I... I understand now."
"Good. Now I personally can't look at the cards you use when you make your deck better, but just remember those three things and you'll make one hell of a deck... not to mention one hell of a duelist for yourself."
"Now I see why you aren't so easily beat. Thanks for the tips, Jam."
"No problem. Good luck with your deck building."
Boss was doing some deck adjusting as well. He was looking at his spellcaster cards from his structure deck and his main deck. So here they are... my most powerful mages all in one deck. he thought proudly. With so many cards to go well with my spellcasters, I can do a lot of damage too, but some of the stuff I have in here is a bit much, or isn't really helping me at all. I have enough cards to make another spellcaster deck... matter of fact, I plan to make another deck of mages. Though, it's gonna be hard to compete with my first deck of wizardry. Sure I can make a second spellcaster deck and a powerful one at that, but it'll never have this kind of lineup in it. Boss gave a sigh as he looked upon his cards. Look at this power: Injection Fairy Lily, Silent Magician, Chaos Sorceror, Cybernetic Magician, Relinquished which can turn into Thousand-Eyes Restrict, Dark Magician and Dark Magician of Chaos, I'll never be able to duplicate a lineup this powerful. Boss picks up his Dark Magician card. Ah, my Dark Magician. One of the original powerhouses of Duel Monsters, still respected by duelists around the world. Sure there are other two tribute monsters that are stronger than you, but you're still used and still respected. Mahad... it's interesting how the very first Dark Magician is the most respected wizard of the black arts. Having you as my deckmaster is a real honor, even if many people say I should replace your strength.
Boss continued to work on his main spellcaster deck, putting it back together and looks at his other magicians in making his second spellcaster deck. Then he comes across one other cherished mage. Good old White Magician Pikeru. How many jams have you gotten me out of? I never would've guessed that you were a princess though... no matter, I might have you lead my second deck of magic users.....
Meanwhile, Cappy and Penelope were enguaged in a due at this moment. "Give it up Penelope, you're stuck." said Cappy.
"No way." Penelope said.
"Ojama King takes up one space on my side of the field and three of your spaces. And with those two Destiny Heroes of yours are on the field too, you won't be putting up any other monsters. Not even your strongest Elemental Hero can budge this guys massive defenses."
Penelope drew her card. "Well now, it's time I showed another one of my new cards, one that even Stan didn't get a chance to see."
"If you think it'll help, then by all means play it."
"Well then, I'll sacrifice D-Hero Defender and Diamond Dude to summone this. Behold the power of Elemental Hero Neos!"
In a flash of light, Penelope's new E-Hero takes to the field (2500/2000). "Wow... he's pretty strong and looks cool. But regardless of that fact, he's still lacking the kick and my Ojama King is not impressed."
"And that's why equip cards are made, like the Lightning Blade. This is enough kick for you, isn't it?" (3300 ATK v 3000 DEF)
"Okay, I spoke too soon."
"Neos, I believe it's time to dethrone the king."
With one slash of the electrified sword, Cappy's monster is destroyed. "Penelope, that's was a smart move." said a rather stunned Cappy.
"Not bad for a spaceman, huh?" Penelope shot at Cappy. "It's your turn.
Cappy drew his card. "And this is the play of the game. First I'll play Heavy Storm." Cappy's spell destroys the other set cards. "After that, I'll play my Fusion Recovery card, which allows me to bring a material monster back, as well as that lovely Polymerization to my hand. But don't worry, I'll be fusing right now anyway."
"You're gonna fuse that Ojama King again? Not too smart on your behalf."
"Wrong, I'm fusing from my hand, but this time, I'm fusing for power."
"Yeah right."
"When combined, Des Kangaroo and Big Koala become a real devistating force."
"Yawn, boring. Let's let's see this force already."
After two moments, Penelope saw a huge looking animal with a scar over it's left eye. "Whoa, what is that thing?" she asked.
"That thing is the most powerful monster I can summon, and the destroyer of your futuristic E-Hero, Master of Oz. And just like how he looks, he's a heavy hitter (4200/3700). Finally, I'll play Poison Fangs and attack your Elemental Hero Neos. Give that spaceman the boot."
Master of Oz kicks Neos, destroying him and sending him to the graveyard. "Man, that really sucks." said Penelope.
"Now normally, you would've survived such an attack from a beast like Oz, but since Poison Fangs is in play, his destroying your card adds 500 more battle damage to the 900 you originally lost." Cappy explained.
"Crap, that totals my life points."
"Yup, but that was a pretty cool duel."
"That Elemental Hero Neos looks freaking sweet." said Panda. "Too bad he got the boot."
"Yeah, it sucks when you're staring down a monster that almost as strong as BEUD, but at least I got rid of that annoying as Ojama King." said Penelope. "Nice duel, Cappy."
"Same to you Penelope." said Cappy. And as a sign of good sportsmanship, the two learning duelsts shake paws.
Man, that was one really powerful kangaroo. Thought Sparkle as she watched the entire duel. But that one takes a long time to call I bet. No matter, I don't have any difficult cards in my deck.
Ah, it's good to show off more cards. And just as a pointer, E-Hero Neos may be a seven star monster, but ironically, he's a common card in the POTD set. Which was a bit of a bummer since I had read that he was a rare card. Perhaps the second edition Neos will be the rary, just like the second edition Sparkman and second edition Wildheart cards are. I'll work on the next chapter when this new set comes out., so expect the next one not to be up for a bit.