Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Hamtaro Fan Fiction ❯ Return of the Duel Hams ❯ one hell of a four-way pt.1 ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

A good while has passed in the month and the hams are now outside enjoying the day. "Today's lovely, it couldn't possibly get any better." said Pashmina.
"You got that right." said Stan.
"True there, but on the other hand... today needs some spice." said Howdy.
"What do you mean by that?" asked Oxnard as he eats another sunflower seed.
"Dunno, I feel like something's missing."
"Hey Bijou," Cappy said. "Wanna get in a duel when we head back to the clubhouse?"
"Oh yes, I wouldn't mind at all." Bijou answered.
"I thought I'd heard some familiar faces, and I'm glad I was right." The hams turn to see Seamore walking up to them. "How is everyone doing?"
"Enjoying lunch." Hamtaro answered.
Seamore sat next to Jam. "So what's happened to you?" he asked the red hamster.
"Travel, exitement, the stuff that makes me, me." Jam answered, then sipped his jamaica. "How are things at the photo shop?"
"Good, Barrette and I closed up to take a break from the job we do so well."
"So you're Seamore huh?" Sparkle looked toward his way. "The hams have told about you, well, your dueling skills that is."
Seamore turned head. "You're... that's right, Sparkle." Seamore said. "The runner-up from the last tournament."
"Yeah, I lost to Bijou, AGAIN. But I'm pretty strong as a duelist."
"I know about your Harpie deck and I must say.... I don't think it's all that great."
Sparkle got a bit agitated. "And what do you mean by that?"
"Don't take it the wrong way, you can work your Harpies, but I think they need more strategy in my opinion."
"Well if you think my strategy lacks, why don't we find out if you can handle it or not."
"That's nice, but I don't plan on dueling at the moment. Maybe later..."
Sparkle got up. "That's fine by me it you're scared, but you should just come out and say so."
"Scared of some birds? Girl, please...."
"Admit it, I'll whoop your ass if you duel me."
"Hey, knock it off. Some of us are trying to enjoy a good lunch here." said Boss.
"And I already called the next duel with Bijou, so wait your turn." Cappy added.
"You wanna duel back in the clubhouse..." Sparkle said.
"Duel House."
"Whatever, I wanna get one in now."
"Is she always this persistent?" Seamore asked.
"Very." Bijou answered.
"Fine, run away all you want, 'Water Boy'. But you'll know that you'll get beat messing with me."
"Enough." Jam said. "You know what we haven't had? It's been a long time since we've had a four-way duel."
"He's right, when was the last time we had a four-way?" Dexter added.
"Four-way huh?" questioned a now intrigued Sparkle. "Sounds good, too bad we only have three duelists and a chickie chickie."
"Sparkle." the other ham girls shot.
"I've heard enough out of you, 'Miss Thang' of a duelist." said Seamore. "Let's see if that mouth can back up those birds."
"Let's get it on then." Sparkle was all fired up.
Before this gets under way, lemme explain/refresh to y'all how this works: A four-way duel is played normally like any other duel between two people, with a few differences; 1) No attacks can be made until all duelists involved make their first move. 2) Attacks are made normally, but duelists not involved in battle can also activate cards normally (e.g. Cappy and Seamore do battle and Sparkle activates a trap/quick play spell). In addition, each player can also chain in spell speed. 3) Certain effects of effect monsters/spells/traps affect the entire field. Heavy Storm works on all participating duelists, for example. Also monsters that do effect damage (depending on the monster) may either damage all opposing players, or the controlling player chooses an opponent as a target. 4) When a duelist is defeated, the duel is over for them, however, set cards remain on the field. In addition, any active cards from a defeated duelist still remain in play (e.g. Hamtaro is defeated in the four-way, but he has Skill Drain face-up. Hamtaro's trap is still active until removed from play.)
With that said, back to the story... Oh yes, this duel is played out card for card.
The four duelists take proper positioning as planned, shuffle their decks, then draw their hands. "Okay you guys, this duel is a four-way and each player has 4000 life points. The last duelist remaining is the winner, is that clear?" Boss explained.
"Clear." Bijou, Cappy, Seamore and Sparkle respond.
"I'll act as judge for rulings and so will Maxwell and Jam. Any other words, say them now."
"First turn honors are mine." called Sparkle.
"Why should you be first?" questioned Seamore.
"Because I'm a lady, and ladies always go first. That's why."
"In that case, Bijou should go first. She's more of a lady than you are."
"Watch your mouth, buster."
"I don't mind at all." said Bijou. "Go ahead and take first turn."
"I will." said Sparkle.
"And Cappy, please try to hold your own, you didn't do so well in the last four-way duel we had."
"Don't remind me."
"Hey people, less talking and more dueling. I don't need to remind you domesticated hams that you got families to return to." Jam said.
"Well said." Boss added.
I'm not too sure how this'll be, but I might as well find out sooner or later. thought Sparke as she drew her card. "Anyway, let's start things off with two cards face down and summon Slate Warrior in attack mode." Sparkle's monster took to the field (1900/400). "A strong start means a strong finish. My turn's over."
"My draw." Cappy began, "Man, what a horrible draw. At least I'm spared this turn. Two cards face down and Ojama Yellow in attack mode (0/1000)."
That's a terrible start for Cappy, but I don't know about his deck. Seamore thought. I'll figure it out anyway...
"My turn's over."
Seamore took his card. "Cappy, lemme show you how it's done." he said. "Three cards face down and Hydrogeddon in attack mode (1600/1000). Bijou, it's on you."
Bijou drew her card. Score, I just drew Shinato. she thought. "Two cards face down and Shining Abyss in atack mode (1600/1800). First turn over."
"Now we get to the good stuff. My draw..." Sparkle said.
"Alright Sparkle, time for a Penalty Game." Seamore cut in.
"What the..."
"Since you have four cards in your hand, I can activate this trap card. For this turn, you can't activate spells or traps."
"Big deal, I can still dish out some pain. Now attack Hydrogeddon my Slate Warrior."
Sparkle's monster destroy's Hydrogeddon. "Whatever." said Seamore (3700). "You donee yet?"
"Yeah, I'm done... for now."
Cappy draws his card. "Sweet. I'll place Ojama Yellow in defense mode, then summon my Enraged Battle Ox for some combat." Cappy said as he now had some backup (1700/1000). "Let's hit that Shining Abyss, attack with Axe Crusher."
With a swipe of the axe, Bijou's fairy is destroyed (3900). I'm glad that didn't hit me. thought Seamore.
"I'll wrap it up with another face down card. I spared you this time, Seamore. Though I don't know what that other face down card is of yours, but I'll hit you next time when you're left open like that."
Seamore took his draw. "I'll set one card face down and play A Legendary Ocean." Seamore's spell took the field over. "I'm done this turn."
I wonder how that would've looked in the Duel House. thought Panda.
Bijou took her draw. "I'll attack with the Hysteric Fairy." she announced as her card took to the field (1800/500). "Now I'll reveal my face down spell Goblin Thief. I'll use it to take some of your life points, Sparkle."
"Dream on, sister." Sparkle said as she discarded a card. "I'll counter with Magic Jammer."
"Wow, you still play with that useless card?" asked Cappy.
"Shut up you runt, none of my cards are useless." Sparkle shot back.
"You should've used something like Magic Drain."
"And give her a chance to save her spell? Not. And thanks for telling us what you have on the field, runt."
"Now I'll play Riryoku." Bijou continued her turn. "Cappy, I'll burrow half the strenght of your Ox..."
"Aw man..."
Cappy's EBO's strength was cut in half (850) and the other half was added to Bijou's Hysteric fairy. Bijou continued her move. "Makes you feel bad cause you wasted your Jammer on a bait spell, huh Sparkle?"
"Yes, yes I have." Sparkle answered.
"Now I'll be getting rid of your Slate Warrior."
Hysteric Fairy moved in for the attack. "Now I'll activate my Sakuretsu Armor."
"Aw, sheet!"
"Bye bye you stupid fairy."
Bijou's fairy was destroyed. "I end my turn."
EBO's strength returns to normal as Sparkle drew her card. "Time for a little punishment, sister. But first, I'll play my Harpie Lady 3 in attack mode." she announced her move (1300/1400). "Now to divide and conquer. First I'll attack the 'Fairy Queen' with my Slate Warrior." Bijou takes her hit like a lady (2000). "Now my Harpie, hit Seamore directly."
The Harpie Lady goes in for its attack. "Now I'll play my Call of the Haunted and block your attack with my Hydrogeddon." Seamore said.
"Ah crap."
Sparkle's Harpie is destroyed by Hydrogeddon's counter strike, and she simply smirks it off (3500). "So I lost that battle, but due to the ability of my Harpie, that Hydrogeddon of yours can't atack for the next two turns. So there." said a cocky Sparkle.
"The joke's on you, bird brain." said Seamore. "That last attack counts as battle, so I can summon a Hydrogeddon from my deck that doesn't have to wait to attack you. (1800/1200 x2) Now what do you have to say?"
"I say, 'Ruling please?'"
Before Boss could say his piece. "The move's legal." Jam said.
"How is that legal?" asked Boss. "Hydrogeddon wasn't attacking this turn."
"Even though Hydrogeddon didn't attack, Sparkle's Harpie Lady was still destroyed in battle, therefore Hydrogeddon's effect still applies." Maxwell explains.
"Well said." Jam gave his props.
"What kind of bullshit call is this? Talk about being impartial..." said Boss.
"Explain Hydrogeddon's effect." Snoozer managed to get out.
Seamore reads his card. "It says, 'When this card destroys an opponent's monster as a result of battle and sends it to the graveyard,' which is what just happened, 'you can Special Summon 1 Hydrogeddon from your deck.'"
"But Hydrogeddon didn't even attack." said Boss, "it was attacked, but it didn't attack this turn."
"Battle is battle, no matter who being attacked or who's doing the attacking." Snoozer said.
"Go back to sleep, you don't know what you're talking about."
"Was Hydrogeddon involved in battle?"
"It was being attacked-"
"Yes, or no."
"Well, the Harpie did enter the phase of battle with Hydrogeddon, but-"
"Continue your turn Sparkle, the move stands." Snoozer yawned and went back to sleep.
"I still say this was a bad call."
"Continue your turn, Sparkle." said Maxwell.
"I'm with Boss on this one, this was a bad call, but Boss is outnumbered by the other judges. I'm done, make your move runt." Sparkle said.
"Don't mind if I do." said Cappy.
No matter, Sparkle thought. Even with his Legendary Ocean, my Slate Warrior is still the strongest monster in play.
Cappy drew his card. "Oh yeah, now it's on. I play Polymerization."
"Here comes the big defense." said Sparkle.
"I'll be fusing the two cards in my hand, Des Kangaroo and Big Koala..."
"Wait, what?"
"Say hello to Master of Oz." Cappy's monster appears right next to his Enraged Battle Ox in attack mode (4200/3700). "You don't need a ruling on this to know that Slate Warrior's going bye bye." Master of Oz delivers a swift kangaroo kick to Sparkle's monster, taking it and a fat chunk of her life points with it. "Not so confident in your dueling skills, are you, Sparkle? Who's the runt now?"
"Man, that one hurt." said Sparkle (1200).
"I'm glad I didn't get hit with zhat." said Bijou.
"No, but you can taste some beef from my Enraged Battle Ox." said Cappy. "Attack Bijou with Axe Crusher."
Cappy's second attack knocks Bijou on her derrier (300). "That's the same monster I got my hat handed to when I last dueled Cappy." said Penelope.
"Look at Cappy runnin' house." said Stan.
"Today ain't plain no more." said Howdy.
I would've stopped that with my Magic Drain. Thought Jam and said Dexter.
"That's enough damage for one turn, take it away Seamore." said Cappy.
Man that thing is strong. thought Seamore. I need my dragon now! He drew his card, "I didn't get it, but oh well. Hydrogeddon, attack that ox." Before Hydrogeddon could take a second step, sound waves were fired in it's direction. "What was that?"
"It's my Threatening Roar trap card." Cappy answered. "Sorry, but you get no attacks this turn."
"Oh well. I'll set on card face down, sacrifice my paralyzed Hydrogeddon and summon Mobius the Frost Monarch in attack mode." Mobius takes to the field next to Hydrogeddon (2600/1200). "Now I'll use his Ice Wave ability and take out your other two face down cards, then end my turn." Cappy groaned at the destruction of his two set cards.
Bijou took her draw. "No monster, but zhis has its purpose. One card face down, turn over."
"My draw." said Sparkle as she drew her card. "As much as I want to attack, life points are vital for me now. I'll throw a monster on the defense and play Lightning Vortex. Let's barbeque some beast meat."
Lightning comes from the sky, destroying all of Cappy's monsters. Sparkle continued her move. "It doesn't pay to be cocky, runt. Now take your turn."
Cappy drew his card. "I'll play Harpie's Brother in attack mode." and Cappy's card is there to defend him (1800/600). "That's all I can do, you move Seamore."
Seamore drew his card. "This'll help me later. Hydrogedden, attack Sparkle's face down monster."
Sparkle's monster is flipped and destroyed. "So much for my Whirlwind Prodigy..." she said.
"Sorry Bijou, but this is where we say good-bye to you. Attack her, Mobius."
Bijou stared down Mobius. "I'll activate my Enchanted Javelin." Bijou picked up her trap card and stabbed Mobius dead in the chest. He life points saved.
"Clever thinking on Bijou's part." said Oxnard.
"Clever indeed." agreed Dexter.
"Nice save, using Enchanted Javelin like Waboku." said Seamore as he went into his deck. "I'll bring out my Hydrogeddon and end my turn." Seamore did just that, then shuffled his deck.
"Time to build on my save." Bijou said as she drew her card. "I'll set one card and one monster face down. Sparkle..."
Sparkle drew her card. "I'll throw a monster on defense as well. Your turn."
Cappy drew his card. "I'll set a card face down and that's it for me."
Seamore drew his card. "I play The Legendary Fisherman in attack mode." Seamore said as his monster took to the field (2050/1800).
Cappy raised a finger as he saw the field. "Something the matter, Capster?" Jam asked.
"Well... no, nevermind." Cappy answered. "I just remembered the level lowering effect of Legendary Umi."
"That's Legenday Ocean, runt." Sparkle corrected.
"It's still considered Umi, smartass."
"Movin on!..." Seamore cut the argumen off. "It's time you lst some lifepoints, Cappy. Now flawless victories on my watch unless you earn them. Attack my Legendary Fisherman, and back his attack up my Frost Monarch."
The Legenday Fisherman tosses a harpoon at Harpie's Brother, destroying it. Then Mobius gives Cappy an icy punch, knocking the rookie duelist to his knees (1150). "Man, that was literally cold." Cappy said.
Seamore continued his phase. "Now my Hydrogeddons, attack the girls' face down monsters."
Sparkle's monster was flipped and destroyed. "There goes my Duck."
....however... "Sorry, but Shining Abyss has 1800 defense, my monster survives." said a happy Bijou.
"No matter, I'm in the lead now. And with that, I end my turn." said Seamore.
Bijou drew her card. "Just what I needed. I summon Manju of the 10,000 Hands." she called out (1400/1000). "With Manju's summoning, I can take from my deck a ritual card, which I'll be playing right now, Shinato's Ark."
Bijou shuffled her deck. Aw man, not that card. Cappy knew he was in trouble.
"Here comes Bijou's strongest card." said Boss.
"Talk about not being seen in a while..." said Pashmina.
"Manju, Abyss, merci for you trust. And now they will be offered so I can pull fourth Shinato, King of a Higher Plane." Bijou was happy to call her powerhouse onto the field, her comeback was greatly rewarded (3300/3000).
Geez, what else can happen in this duel.... thought Sparkle.
Man, just when things were going my way, this shows up! Seamore's highly pissed. Where the fuck's my Oxygeddon and Gogiga at?
"Man, this duel's worth going home late." said Stan.
"How come we can't get tournament duels like this?" asked Howdy.
"Because this is Duel House dueling at its finest." Penelope answered. "Just when you think it can't get any better... kapow followed by fireball."
"Panda, please tell me you're taping this duel..." said Oxnard.
"I wish I was, really badly." said Panda.
"Dammit Panda, that's not fair!"
Anyone else out there besides me sharing Oxnard's sentiment? And I'm the one writing this shit as it's being played... man, when DUELS happen....
"Shinato, attack Mobius with your Divine Ring!" Bijou called out.
The Frost Monarch is destroyed. "So much for trying to run this duel..." said Seamore (3000).
stay tuned, this duel is getting sweet.