Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Hamtaro Fan Fiction ❯ Return of the Duel Hams ❯ one hell of a four-way pt.2 ( Chapter 6 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

If there are any readers that have just tuned into this story, please rewind to the previous chapter. That is some freaking sweet dueling action right there and the duel is still going on. Only four chapters into the story and it's getting damn good. Now in case you forgot, lemme recap the score here: Seamore is in first place with 3000 life points, has three monsters on the field and two set cards; Sparkle is in second place with 1200 life points and an empty playing field (not to mention an empty hand); Cappy, the rookie duelist also has no hand, but has one card face down 1150 life points; and Bijou has 300 life points. Though she's trailing, Bijou's at the end of her battle phase, has two cards face down, and just emptied her hand to control the duel with the strongest monster in play. The field is set to A legendary Ocean, which was played by Seamore. Now on with the duel.
"Man, this is one hell of a duel." said Stan.
"Totally." agreed Sandy. "This is like, evershifting and such. Despite to major diferences in life points, this duel can go either way."
"So who do you think will win?" asked Oxnard.
"I don't know." answered Stan.
"The fact that is is a four-way duel totally spices it up even more." said Sandy.
Man, those guys are really working their decks. thought Pashmina. I still haven't worked on mine yet, but these four are really giving it everything they've got. And for Bijou, who's nearly defeated, she doesn't have much of a choice.
Jam too had some ponders on this duel. I've only face this fairy deck once, and though I won against it, Bijou got me down to 50 life points. Jam did a few stretches. She's definitely showing her fierce side. Get down, girl.
"My turn is over." said Bijou.
I'm really gonna need a miracle now. Sparkle thought as she drew her card. "This monster ain't much, but she can still defend my life points. One monster in defense and that's it for me."
Cappy drew his card. "There's no use throwing this in Attack mode. Sonic Duck is far weaker than Shinato. Either way, once I'm attacked, I'm done for. I end my turn."
How does Shinato work again? Oh yes; If a defending monster is destroyed in battle and sent to the graveyard, the attack of the monster is deducted from the life points of the controller. Seamore thought then drew his card. With my field card, my Fisherman is safe from Shinato, but I still need a back up. Seamore begins his move. "Time to go for broke. I'll play Snatch Steal..."
"I'll counter with Magic Drain." said Bijou.
Seamore discarded his spell. "Well, at least I got something to fight with... I'd summon my Gogiga, but even with the boost he's still weaker than Shinato, so I'll have to wait. My turn's over."
Bijou takes her card. Cappy's left wide open on his side ot ze field. the thought. He didn't even summon or set, so his face down must be a powerful one. She looks at her card. "I've got another monster, so I have another option should things get sour. "Shinato, attack one ot the Hydrogeddons."
Shinato's attack destroys the second of Seamore's Hydrogeddons (1500). Cappy and Sparkle give a sigh of relief, Cappy's bigger than Sparkle's. Man, that was close. they thought.
"I'm done." said Bijou.
Sparkle took her card. "Score, that fairy's about to leave the duel soon. "I'll play this face down, next I'll flip up my monster, Storming Wynn and end my turn." said Sparkl as she made her play (800/1500).
She's up to something, but what? wondered Seamore.
Cappy took his card. "Oh well, I'll probably be unable to play you, but at least you'll help me out. I'll summon my Sonic duck and end my turn." said Cappy as he made his play (1700/700).
Seamore drew his card. "Going for broke. I'll sacrifice my Legendary Fisherman and my Hydrogeddon to summon my Gogiga Gagagigo in attack mode." he said (3150/3000). "Gogiga, prepare to attack Shinato."
This move stuns all watchers and even Cappy. "What the hell, is he nuts?" questioned Howdy.
"I gotta see this." said Stan.
Something's gonna happen. thought Jam.
"Eediot, zhat won't work." said Bijou.
"Attack now, Gogiga!" Seamore yelled and Gogiga Gagagigo launched its attack.
"Shniato, prepare counterattack." said Bijou.
He's gonna need help. thought Cappy.
Sparkle had a smirk on her face. "It's time. Activate trap card, Spiritual Wind Art-Miyabi."
"What does that do?" asked Seamore.
The attack is still going. "First, I must sacrifice my Storming Wynn..." Sparkle's monster heads to the graveyard. "Now the wind art returns one monster on the field to the bottom of the owner's deck."
The wind art creates a tornado, one like Mystical Space Typhoon and heads towards the battle. To Seamore's surpirse, Sparkle's trap targets Shinato, resuling in Gogiga dealing a direct attack to Bijou. "Sparkle, zhat was very dirty." Bijou said (0).
"So what?, you got too damn cocky." said Sparkle.
"Well, I lost, but at least I made one hell of a comback." Bijou shuffles her hand into her deck.
"I'm glad I went for broke. My turn's over." said Seamore.
Sparkle drew her card. "Don't get happy because I saved your skin last turn, you're gonna lose too. But for now, one monster in defense mode and that's all for me." she said.
"What a messed up way to lose." said Stan.
"Messed up, but smart." said Penelope.
That was so wrong... thought Pashmina.
As smart as that was, that move was trifling. thought Jam.
That could happen to me. Cappy thought as he drew his card. "No way. I'll play Rising Energy." he said then discarded a card. "Sonic Duck, attack Gogiga Gagagigo." Sonic Duck, with it's incredible speed headed to attack Seamore's monster and it was destroyed.
"Tch, you just barely won that battle." said Seamore (1450).
"No matter, two of your threats are gone anyway. With your Hydrogeddons gone, you can't summon the Water Dragon. And that monster with the tongue twister name just got its bucket kicked to him, I've done well this duel, so I'll end my turn on a good note."
So what, Cappy, I still have one Dragon left that could even dispose of yours and Sparkle's monster's combined and all in one shot. thought Seamore as he drew his card. "I'll throw a monster in defense mode and end my turn." he said. "You better enjoy control of the field, kid. You won't have it for very long.
"Neither will you." said Sparkle as she drew her card. "I'll play Card Destruction."
"What a waste, Sparkle didn't even have cards in her hand." said Stan.
"But it made the other duelists give up what was in their hands, which is also a plus." said Penelope.
"I end my turn." said Sparkle.
"So much for my deckmaster... My move." said Cappy as he drew his card. "I'll play Fusion Recovery, and reclaim my Polymerization and a previously fused material monster. That's my turn."
I bet my turtle shell backpack that he got his Big Koala back. thought Seamore as he drew his card. "I'll set one card face down, then summon my Sea Serpent Warrior of Darkness." he said as he made his play (2000/1700). "Now attack the Sonic Duck." Cappy's duck is destroyed (850). "No Big Koala for you. Your move, Sparkle."
Sparkle drew her card. "I'll flip up my Tornado Bird..."
"Too bad it's effect won't work for you, for I activate my Divine Wrath Trap card." Seamore cut in.
"So you've negated and destroyed my bird, boo hoo hoo." said a sarcastic Sparkle. "Sonic Shooter (1300/600), attack Cappy directly."
Sparkle's monster attacks ccappy, taking him out of the game. Taking his defeat, he shuffles his hand into his deck. "Like I said, I did very well for this duel." he said Happily (0).
"I'm done for now." said Sparkle.
"No, you're just done." said Seamore as he drew his card. "I'll flip up my Yomi Ship first (1000/1600), now it's killing time. Sea Serpent Warrior of Darkness, take out that bird. And Yomi Ship will deliver the final blow."
Seamore's Sea Serpent Warrior of Darkness takes out the bird while riding the Yomi Ship, then jumps off so the ship can ram into Sparkle, knocking her onto her rear end. "even with two other duelists, my water based deck still whooped your birds." Seamore said.
"Tch, whatever." said Sparkle (0). "You're lucky that two other duelists were around, things will be different one on one."
"Too stubborn to admit that you got washed up. Don't blame it on the fact that you were one of four duelists, blame it on the fact that you got too cocky and way too damn bossy."
"Despite losing, you did back your mouth up with your cards."
"That was a great duel." said Stan.
"I like how control shifted so many times." said Dexter.
"That wasn't an easy win there for you, Seamore." said Jam.
"You said it, That duel seemed scary for a while there." said Seamore.
"What a wuss." said Sparkle.
"You're just mad because you didn't have control of the duel."
"Yes I did, you dingus. I was the one who first controlled the duel."
"Hey Cappy, that is one very interesting deck you have there."
"Thank-q Seamore." said Cappy as he rubbed the back of his head. "I still have a long way to go though, I'm still a beginner."
"Maybe so, but you played like an intermediate that duel. Man that Big Koala was huge..."
"I knew I was in trouble when Shinato came out and you played him very well, Bijou."
"Oh, merci, merci." said Bijou. "And as much as I disliked how I was taken out of ze duel, Sparkle made ze play of ze game."
"You got that right, sister." said Sparkle.
"Well, I'd stay around a little while longer, but I promised Barrette I'd meet up with her later. Until next duel you guys." said Seamore ans he ran into the tall grass.
The hams waved him off. "We better get going to you hams, so let's shake some legs." said Boss.
"Go on ahead, I'll catch up with you guys." said Jam and off into the grass he went. Hamtaro and crew ran off.
"I wonder why Jam went off into the bush..." said Cappy.
"Probably to hit the john." guessed Stan. "But man, do I have to go. Time to hustle to our base." and Stan ran off ahead of the other hams.