Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Hamtaro Fan Fiction ❯ Return of the Duel Hams ❯ the answers are in the cards ( Chapter 8 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Stan got to the clubhouse first and scurried to the privy. He didn't even notice Snoozer.seconds later, the hams entered the clubhouse and all piled over at the table. "For my second experience in a four-way duel, I didn't do quite bad." said Cappy.
"Actually, is was nice of you to hold your own." said Dexter.
"I hope I can at least come in second next time."
"I can't believe that duel wasn't recorded. Duels like that are ones to remember." said Oxnard.
"You said it." agreed Pashmina.
"Well, well, well. It's nice to see you guys back in the place again." said Snoozer. "What took you so long?"
The hams turn to Snoozer. "You should've seen that four-way, it was awesome." said Sandy.
Stan rejoins the hams. "Hey Snoozer, how long have you been awake?" he asked. "More importantly, how long have you been opening booster packs?"
Snoozer chuckled. "I've been up for some time, Stan. The new packs are in now and I've been opening them for a good minute."
"Anything good?" asked Howdy.
"Tch, six boosters and not a single foil card."
"Oh, that's too bad." said Dexter.
"And you hams are still here? You might wanna get you some of the new boosters before ther aren't any left, 'cause these are flying off the shelves like sunflower pancakes."
"You head the ham, let's roll." said Stan.
The hams got back to the clubhouse, not too thrilled. only a few of them actually got boosters of the new set. "Man, I didn't get any of the new set." said Boss.
"Quit whining, I didn't get any either." said Sandy.
"I'm glad I managed to get one." said Howdy.
"Same here." said Dexter.
"I guess we'll have to wait until tomorrow then." said Oxnard.
"I'm not mad that I didn't get any, I'm content with the six I got at the preview." said Penelope.
"You are, but I'm not." said Pashmina.
"So many Aliens... Jam was right about it." said Snoozer.
"Well Sandy, I'll give you two of mine." said Maxwell.
"Really? Thanks Maxy." said a now happy Sandy.
"I managed to pick up four and I already opened my two, so here."
"Man, did anyone else get a bunch of dinosaurs?" asked Panda.
"Well duh," said Penelope. "This set has dinos in them."
"I'll shoot for tomorrow to get some." said Oxnard.
Jam walks inside. "Man, you should've seen the storm of hams trying to get the new packs. What a madhouse." he said.
"Were you lucky enough to get any packs?" asked Hamtaro.
"Negatory. I didn't get any packs."
"Score, Chimeratech Overdragon, and it's an Ultimate Rare too." Panda shouts.
"Lucky Panda, he got his monster." said Stan.
"Not to mention one of the hot picks too." Jam added.
"What do you mean by that?" asked Cappy.
"I'll handle this one." Penelope answered. She then addressed the rest of the hams. "Of the sixty card within the checklist of this set, there are five cards that are gonna be the hot picks of this set: Chimeratech Overdragon, Destiny Hero-Dogma, Elemantal Hero Dark Neos, Chrysalis Dolphin and the last one is hella hard to pronounce...."
"Penelope's referring to Cosmic Horror Gangi'el." Jam cut in. "And the one I just mentioned in addition to the one Panda just pulled, you better keep those under tight protection. Personally, I don't think that Chrysalis Dolphin will be that hard to come by, a lot of poeple never cam across that Cyber Summon Blaster, so that in my opinion will be a tough catch."
"I just pulled Neo Spacian Dark Panther. What did you pull, Dexter?" asked a gloating Howdy.
Dexter looks over his cards. "Super Vehicroid Jumbo Drill." he answered. "Not too shabby for a Vehicroid fusion."
"I'm not worried about it. I'll probably see some more packs once I get back to the shop."
"Same here."
"Well, I'm gonna take a nap, have fun talking amongst yourselves." Jam said and went off to his room.
"You're tired? That's a first." said Pashmina.
"I'm a firm believer of sleeping off a good feed, Pashy." Jam stood right in front of the door to his room. "Besides, I can wake up later and see what cards I pull from my box of the new set." and into his room he went with the quickness.
"You got a box?" everyone asked and ran towards his door...
...but his door was locked. "Come on and open up, Jam." said Boss.
"Could I open some of those packs for you?" asked Cappy.
"No thanks." Jam answered then yawned. "Now for my nap... and you guys are going home anyway, so see you tomorrow."
"He's right, it is that time too." said Panda.
"Yeah, we better get home." said Oxnard.
The Hams started to leave the clubhouse.... except for one of them. Snoozer went back to his sock to head back to sleep. "Shouldn't you be leaving too Pashmina?" Boss asked.
"June has a gymnastics meet to attend and she won't be back until later on in the evening, so I'm gonna be here a while longer." Pashmina answered.
"I see."
"Um... Boss, quick question?"
"What did you build your deck for?"
"Power of course. I built my deck for power... but there's more to it than just that, however power was my main emphasis. In actuality, it turned into a deck built on strategy."
"But despite the strategy that my deck has, it still has its power."
"Maybe that's what's wrong with my deck..."
"I wouldn't know, you mostly set stuff face down, you rarely summon anyway."
Pashmina held her head in shame. "Tell me something I don't know, Boss."
"Do you know that you're afraid to play with your own cards?"
"She does now... Pashmina, that main thing I just said is your problem, you're afraid to play your cards. It's kinda shocking, if not saddening that you're like this. But unless you decide to start playing your cards, you won't get anywhere as a duelist."
"Well, how about you give my deck a rating..."
"Good idea... Too bad it won't help though. Unlike myself, each of us hams have built a deck based on his or her personal tastes. Sure, you'll find similar cards in our decks, but even with that piece of truth, it still won't help you at all. When I saw Penelope duel for the first time, she was really afraid of her cards. You were there when that happened, Pashmina. She was afraid of her deck and Jam was the one who gave it to her."
Jam had briefly stepped outside of the door to his room. "I remember that." Pashmina said. "She was so scared of the deck she had, that she almost gave up after losing a few of her monsters."
Boss continued. "Right now, you just need a little more faith in yourself, not to mention your gameplay. Trust me Pashmina, you're gonna be fine. I mean you already know how to play the game, you just need to improve on your game."
"You're right on that one."
"Well, I'm off to re-evaluate my cards. You should do the same while you're here..." With that said, Boss retires to his room.
Jam closes the door to his room and lays on his bed. I'd love to help you Pashy, but Boss said it properly. Once you become serene with your cards, you can find out what you're doing wrong. he thought as he turned to his side. In a way, she kinda reminds me of myself as a beginning duelist.
Jam started thinking back. I didn't catch on too well when the game first came out, I even had both started decks to choose from. I even combined cards from those decks to make my own and sadly... nothing worked. I still remember the day I came across a messed up card. Jam looks at his Blackland Fire Dragon card. The edges are worn out, creased with fold marks ans the black lining was worn to the white papery part under it. This old card has sentimental value to me. Sure it's an old common card and the same card from Dark Beginnings looks much better and I have a better Blackland Dragon, but this one still remains in my deck because it was the first card I ever got. The edges are shot to hell, but it's still got its pic and wording, so it's still good to me. "When I built my dragon deck, I kept this card in it." he said to himself. "It serves as a reminder that even 'worthless commons' are still good to use and good to last."
Two raps came to his door, Jam knew it was Pashmina. "You all right?" he called out.
"Yeah, just thinking, that's all." Pashmina answered.
Jam got up and let her into his room. "Sounds like you aren't doing too well with deckbuilding."
"Yeah, it's the shits."
"You'll survive the task though."
"Are you even going to open that box?"
"Why, I already know what cards are in it."
"You do?"
"Yup. This series is based on three types of cards: Dinos, Reptiles and Machines. Hopefully, the spells and traps are decent in here."
"I see."
Jam reached into his pack and pulled out five booster packs of the new set. "Before I came back here today, I saw a ham with a box running away. He gave me these five packs and continued to run away. Take them."
Reluctantly, Pashmina took the boosters. "They aren't even opened..." she said.
"Nope. I managed to find a card dealer, told me some thief stole one of his boxes. I explained the whole deal with the five packs. As thanks for trying to retrieve the stolen goods, at least that how he said it to me, he let me keep these packs. I have my box of cards, so I'll give these to you. Hopefully these 45 cards will help you improve your deck, if not make a ceck from these packed cards."
"Thanks a lot Jam, you're a real lifesaver." Pashmina kissed Jam on the cheek.
"Hee hee, no problem. Now, I believe you hae a deck to work on."
"You're right. Well see you tomorrow, Jam." and Pashmina left his room.
Jam pulled out his box and removed the plastic. "I'll open this up tomorrow.
Late that night, Pashmina looked through her cards, taking into consideration what Boss and Jam told her earlier in the day. I'm really sorry, deck. But it's time to let everything go. she thought. I'm not that much of a dueliszt anyway, so I might as well stop dueling and just collect the cards like Oxnard. I can't believe I let my own cards down....
To her sudden amazement, her Seiyaryu appeared before her, straight out of the card. She was quite shocked to see it. "It's you, well.... I guess this is the end. I really wish I could've done more with you." Pashmina said to her dragon. "I guess I wasn't cut out to be a duelist after all..."
Using it's talons, Seiyaryu knocked Pashmina onto her back, then took the five booster packs Jam had given to her. The scarved hamster sat up and noticed her card standing on them. I don't understand... maybe I upset her... she thought.
Pashina stood up and looked down at the packs which her dragon stood upon. "I guess you won't let me even touch these cards. Maybe this is for the best." she said. Suddenly, inspiration decided to hit her over the head and it slept her. One hour later, after seeing a bunch of monsters in her sleep, she sat up to see she wasn't in her cage. "That's weird, this isn't June's house. I wonder where I am." After walking around, Pashmina tripped and fell, landing on the ground... but the ground look familiar. Wait a minute.... she thought. This is... it's... it's a space on a duel disk.
Suddenly, a blast was fired over her head. After a bit of looking around, the ground started to shake, then a roar was heard. Pashmina turned to see a not so happy face. "Holy Crap... that's the Chaos Emperor Dragon." she said as she looked at the rare and powerful card (3000/2500). Before she could react, the dragon attacked her, which knocked her out cold. When she came to, all she could see was a gray colored night sky and a bunch of crossed everywhere. "What a strange cemetary." she said, then she sat up and turned to see a dirty tombstone. I wonder what is is from... she thought. Taking her paws, Pashmina wiped the dust from the tombstone, which revealed her name. That's when it hit her... Pashmina was in the Graveyard. "Wow, this must be real, I would never dream something this weird." she said as she walked around.
Pashmina continued to walk through the Graveyard, the cold winds sent chills throughout her body. "This is a weird place to be...." she said to herself. "But then again, I guess I deserve to be here after what just happened."
"Not even you deserve to be here, dear child." a voice called out to her.
Pashmina looked around, seeing nothing. Then turned around to see what appeared to be a mummy, one that was chained and decrepped. "W-w-w what are you?" she asked.
"I'm the Grave Protector." the being answered her (0/2000). "You shouldn't be here dear girl."
"I know... I think." Pashmina said to the being.
"Come with me, it is not safe for you here."
Pashmina walked alongside of Grave Protector as the unlikely pari traveled through the Graveyard. "So what are you doing here anyway?" Pashmina asked.
"I'm doing my job." answered the Grave Protector. "Why are you here?"
"I guess I got killed, but the Envoy of the End."
"Yes, that is a powerful card."
"Card? I really am in the Graveyard.... man this is freaky.... So, where are we going?"
"I'm taking you to the Spirit Caller, perhaps she can help you..."
"I really am dead, aren't I?"
"You tell me. Why would a living mortal wander in the Graveyard? You don't appear to be a Graverobber, so I have no clue."
"You know, for a dead.... whatever you are, you sure are nice."
"Not really, I'm just bored to death."
"Your sense of humor is almost as bad as my friend Howdy's."
"Do I look like a comedian to you?"
"Actually, you look like a prisoner."
"Yes, a prisoner... a prisoner of hell. I used to be a mortician, but the morgue claimed my very life. A wrongful death you could say... but death knows no innocence."
"That's for damn sure."
"It's not a day in or out that I have to deal with the weirdest things: Graverobbers, zombies, Necromancers, Darkworld minions, the dead go on. It's a never-ending job with no kinks, no vacation and no such thing as retirement."
"I feel sorry for you."
"Someone... actually feels sorry for the dead.... that would break my heart. It really would... if it hadn't already decayed away."
"Wow, 'The dead don't tell lies' after all."
"Whoever told you that lied to you."
"You're kidding....."
"Some of us dead cards actually got here by lying. If you weren't lying, you probably wouldn't be here.... well, maybe you would be here."
Suddenly, the two came to an abrupt stop. "What happened?"
"Hmm, it seemse this is as far as I can go."
Oh, that's right. He's chained....
"This is where we go our seperate ways dear girl. If you were wise, you'd find the Spirit Caller before your stay here is permanent."
"Yeah, I better do that."
"And even if your stay should become permanent, come and visit. It's not like I have anything else to do for the rest of my death."
Pashmina waved farewell to her "friend" and continued wandering the Graveyard. "This place keeps--Oof." Pashmina fell to the ground as she was thinking aloud. When she looked to see what had trapped her up, she saw another card. "Hey, this is the Book of Life. I might need this to get outta here." On she walked and soon heard some chanting. Following the chanting, she met another card. "Rise you bucket of bones... oh it's no use, you're deader than dead itself."
"Um, excuse me." Pashmina cut in. "Could you help me out of here, I'm in a jam?"
"Perhaps I can."
"You're who I need to see, you're the Spirit Caller."
"That I am." the woman answered (1000/1000). "I'm trying to revive this sould, but it's not happening.
"I'm trying to revive myself, but it's not working. Could you get me out of here?"
"Perhaps I can, but I'll...." then the Spirit Caller noticed the Book of Life under Pashmina's arm. "Well I can help you after all. I need a book of that stature."
"So you'll help me?"
"Nonesense, what's in it for me?"
Pashmina had no idea on what to give, so she decided to make an excuse. "I can bring you freedom, freedom from the graveyard."
"Is that so?"
The woman circled Pashmina and as she did So, Pashmina was a bit nervous. "So," began the Spirit Caller, "you can liberate me from this grave you say? Explain how."
"This is the Book of Life, it can bring us back." Pashmina answered.
"Well my dear, if what you say is true, then I will hold you to your word." and the card snatched the book from Pashmina's paws.
"Hey, what are you-"
"You should know that this book only works once. Find another and I will set you free."
"But that one is-"
"Off with you, find another book you dumb wench."
Sensing her own defeat, Pashmina left.
After searching for what seemed like hours, Pashmina was unsuccessful at finding another Book of Life. Who was I kidding, I'll never get out of here. she thought sadly. My only shot at leaving here was taken by some woman claiming to help me, I was so stupid to believe she could help me.
"W-w-w-what was that?"
Taking her instinct, she ducked. Luckily for her, it saved her. For as she turned around.... "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" and off she ran.
Pashmina ran for her very soul. "Just great, of all the things I could get pursued by, it had to be the Reaper of the Cards!" she cried. "As long as that scythe doesn't cut me, I can still get away." Pashmina ran and ran and ran, but she ended up tripping and falling. She rolled to her left resulting i a eveded slash from the Reaper's scythe... but, it cost her her trademark scarf. She soon found her paws into the dirt looking down the scythe, then the Reaper swung it downwards. In fear, Pashmina rolled into a ball, ready to accept her fate of being Graveyard-bound forever... only to find that the Reaper had disappeared. When she looked up, she noticed that she had pulled a Book of Moon from the ground and its effect was activated. Lucky hamster... she took this queue to get away before the effect wore off.
Another hour it seemed had passed and Pashmina still wondered the Graveyard. Well, I found another book. Too bad the Moon book didn't help me. she thought, then an idea entered her head. Wait. If I came across those card here, then maybe I can find another way out of here. With that, in mind, Pashmina began to dig in the spot she stood. It took a while, but whe managed to find a Hidden Book of Spell. Now I'm not sure if this will help me or not, but- before she could finish her thought, the book activated. Once it activated, it vanished, but at least she got back the two books she already used. Well, second chance has come I guess.....
Pashmina wandered back to where the Spirit Caller was, only to find her gone. The Book of Life that she once had, opened and used. Figures... of she went. Along the way, Pashmina ran into trouble again... another meeting with the Reaper. "I'm not afraid of you this time." she said and turned to her Book of Moon. The Reaper of the cards responded by taking one of the cards from his necklace and activating it, which was a trap. "Ah crap, he had a Spell Shield... well, I guess I'm at plan B again." said Pashmina and off she ran again.
The Reaper pursued her again and Pashmina almost got slashed by the scythe. Pashmina ran again, only do find herself at a dead end. Crud, I have to go back. Wrong, the Reaper soon appeared before her. It raised the scythe and it began to swing down....
Luckily for her, the ground where Pashmina stood caved in and into a sinkhole she fell. Twice she had evaded death. She watched as the card reaper floated away. "Ouch, that was a pretty rough fall." she said to herself. "Now how am I gonna get out of this hole? I sure can't climb out, and the book can't get me out of here. I guess I'm stuck for the moment." A good while passed and Pashmina still couldn't get out of the hole. She finally admitted defeat, that was all she could do. "I got out of the Reaper's claws, tricked by a Spirit Caller and now I'm trapped in a hole with no means of escape.... what a deal." she said as she kicked the dirt. And that's when it happened, Pashmina had activated her ticket out of here and she was happy to see it. "Thank god, Monster Reincarnation." she said. Pashmina was well versed with this card and simply held up her Book of Life. A beam fired from the amulet and Pashmina found herself being rocketed out of the graveyard.
Snap back to reality. Pashmina had woke up from her subconscious. That was weird, too weird. That's when it hit her. I guess I can't really give up on dueling after a dream... er, nightmare like that. Then she turned to see Seiyaryu. "Well, I guess I'm going to duel again, but I know you'll help me, right?" Pashmina's dragon simply moved away from the booster packs it once perched upon. "Well then, I guess it's the cards that will see me through." Pashmina said to her dragon. She then looked out the window, then towards the clock... it was 3:30 a.m. as she turned to her water bottle. Pashmina walked over, had a drink, relieved herself, cleaned up, then headed over to her cards. "All right old gal, let's see what cards have come your way." she said to herself and then opened her packs. After seeing the cards she has come across, a smile hit her face. "Seiyaryu, it's time."