Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Hamtaro Fan Fiction ❯ Return of the Duel Hams ❯ what's next in the dueling world? ( Chapter 10 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

At the end of the day, the hams headed for home. Pepper headed to Kana's house instead of staying at the clubhouse with Boss, Jam and Snoozer. "So, did Dylan stop by?" asked Oxnard.
"Nope, I came here on my own to see you." Pepper answered.
"Pepper, that makes me so happy."
"Well calm down, sheesh."
"Sorry, you know how I get when you visit."
"I guess your being exicted to the point that libido goes haywire is better than you going into a panic attack upon my arrival."
"Does that mean I've saddened you?"
"No Oxnard. By the way, have you come across some cards that you'll trade with me?"
"Just show off the collection to me."
"Once we're home."
That night, Pashmina fidgeted about her cards. So what spells and traps should I get in? she wondered to herself. Well, I'll need the basic stuff, but thanks to certain cards in this in-progress deck, I won't need Call of the Haunted. Premature Burial is another story..... I might as well make this deck with card know-how. Also, take into consideration what Jam told you: "Of the three things a deck must have, it has to have a strategy." Jam always seems to know what to say, I guess that's why I admire him so much. Wisdom like his is something that Maxwell and Snoozer can't tell you...
Hamtaro was also going through his deck. Man, I wonder how I'm going to really work this deck. he thought. Well, since I'm limited to one Crossout, I'll have to improvise... man am I so used to two of these things...
"Hamtaroo, why are you still awake?" Bijou sat up rubbing her eyes.
"Oopsie. I'm trying to work on my deck, Bijou."
"Can you wait until ze morning when you're at ze Duel House, non?"
"No, Bijou. I'm trying to figure out if I wanna break down certain cards of mine and have a deckmaster."
"Well, I personally would just use Gilford as the deckmaster."
"That's too predictable."
"Than use Gearfried ze Iron Knight and be done already."
"I don't know...."
"Maria comes over and stays the night, letting us stay together in your cage and you're busy about improving your deck. It's time like zis where we should be snuggling."
"I'll make it up to you as soon as I'm done."
"Fine, but hurry up." and Bijou layed back down.
Hamtaro went back to his cards. Gearfried would be a sweet deckmaster, good idea there Bijou. Well, I might as well let's this be for the night and get more time in with Bijou. Now for some more Best Boy points.... Hamtaro puts his cards away then goes over to a sleeping Bijou. Now, let's get to those points. Hamtaro gets a yawn out and then mounts Bijou.
Hamtaro wasn't the only one who couldn't worry about their cards, Dexter and Howdy were outside of their shops enguaged in a duel.... rather, finishing up one, as they too couldn't sleep. "Does the night seem restless to you, or do I just have insomnia?" asked Howdy.
"For once, I can ask the same thing." said Dexter.
"Man, I don't feel like sleeping, let alone closing my eyes."
"Same here, Howdy. I guess I'm still upset about the new restrictions for the decks."
"I'm starting to get bored... I know dueling hasn't lost its thrill this quickly..."
Suddenly, two female hamsters approach them. "Bored you say, perhaps we can keep you company....." said the oldest one.
"...or you can keep us company." added the youngest one.
"And how do you think we should du that, ladies?" asked Howdy.
"You're duelists of course, so duel us." the youngest one offered.
"Aren't you a little too young to be dueling?"
"That all depends on if you know you're going to lose to me and my sister."
Dexter rolled his eyes, She just had to say that..... he thought.
"Well little lady, you've got a lot of guts. Okay then, me and my partner here against you two gals in a tag match?" Howdy offered.
"Hey, why are you putting me-"
"Sounds good to me." the older sister said. "Ready lil sis?"
"Yeah, let's take em' down." the younger sister answered.
Dexter sighed, "I guess I have no choice in the matter now." he said.
The four duelists ready their decks and hit the area near both shops. Once they were set, the duelists were fine and dandy. "Before we go on, we might as well get to know each other. I'm Howdy and this is my friendly rival Dexter."
"Nice to meet you guys. I'm Hitomi and this is my younger sister, Hermana."
"Well, best of luck to you girls."
"Same to you guys. Oh yes, before we duel...."
Hitomi pulls out a black blindfold and places it over her younger sister's forehead, then places a white blindfold over her own forehead. I wonder what that's all about... thought Dexter.
"You boys ready?" asked Hitomi.
"I'm good to go." Dexter answered.
"How are we doing life points for this tag match?" asked Howdy.
"Duh, each of us have 4000." Hitomi answered.
"Gotcha, let's do it."
"First turn honors are mine." said Hermana as she took her card. "Three cards face down and Dark Blade to start things off." Hermana announced the opening move (1800/1500).
"So do you want next, or should I?" asked Howdy.
"By all me, go first." answered Dexter.
"You sure?"
"Shut up and move."
"Fine, geez." Howdy took his card. "I'll begin with the spell card Stumbling. Next I'll summon Batteryman D in defense mode." Howdy battery showed up and took a knee (0/1900). "I'll put this number face down and that's gonna do it for me."
"My turn." Hitomi said as she drew her card. I'll play two cards face down and attack with V-Tiger Jet." Hitomi's card flew ont the field, then landed on the ground (1600/1800). "Hey, what's the deal, I put you in attack mode?"
"Stumbling places any summoned monster in defense mode, so stop crying." Howdy answered.
"Tch, figures.... My turn's over."
At least this spell helps me out.... Dexter thought as he drew his card. Already, this duel's over. "Well ladies, let's have a little fun. I'll play Call of the Mummy to start things off. Now I'll use its effect to special summon my Despair from the Dark in defense mode."
Man, Already? Howdy thought as Dexter's Deckmaster hit the field (2800/3000).
Dexter continued his turn. "I'll also lay a monster and one card face down. Now it's time for the ladies to go."
"Before you go sis," Hitomi said, "I'll play Mystical Space Typhoon." Hitomi's spell destroys Howdy's Stumbling spell. "Okay sis, let her rip."
"Thank you Hitomi." said Hermana as she drew her card.
No matter, Stumbling has served it's purpose already. I have my D Batteryman on the field, so I'm all set.
"I'll reveal my-"
No Hermana, not yet. You should save it for later... Hitomi mentally cut off her sister.
But sis....
I got it, just save your Special Hurricane for later.
Trust me on this one.
Okay, fine. "As I was saying, I'll reveal my Graceful Charity."
As Hermana resolved her card's effect, Howdy looked at dexter from the corner of his eye. Dexter did the same to his partner, both of them knowing something wasn't right. Watch my back, sis. Hermana thought as she continued her move.
"I'll summon Pitch-Dark Dragon and equip him to my Dark Blade." Hermana's dragon hits the field and backs conjoins itself, strengthening the Dark Blade (2200/1900). "I'll put this face down and end my turn."
Howdy draws his card. "I'll place this face down and summon Batteryman AA in attack mode." AA stands right next to D (1000/0). "Your turn, m'lady."
Hitomi takes her card. "Set two cards face down, switch my Jet into attack mode and I'll summon W-Wing Catapult and boost up my Jet." Hitomi's new card lands and V-Tiger Jet lands on top of it (2000/2200). "V-Tiger Jet, let's get rid of that AA battery."
V-Tiger Jet fires its missiles towards Howdy's side of the field, once they get there, the missiles blow up cnad make lots of smoke appear. Once the smoke clears, Hitomi sees her target still standing. "What the hell...." Hitomi was stunned.
"Batteryman cards are thunder-type monsters," Howdy began explaining. "Batteryman D protects all thunder monsters while it remains on the field." Howdy sends Batteryman D to the graveyard.
"I see my calling your bluff succeeded, yet it failed to reveal one of those traps. So I'll reveal my Simultaneous Loss trap card." said Hitomi.
"What's that do?" asked Howdy.
"Simple, each player discards the top card from their decks to the graveyard."
Each player resolves this effect, but... "Well what do you know, the top card from my deck is Despair from the Dark. And sice he was discarded from your effect, I can special summon it to the field." said Dexter. "I think I'll put this one in attack mode." Dexter's second deckmaster comes to the field.
Sis... Hermana was worried.
All apart of the plan. Hitomi mentally assured her sister. I'm well aware of Dexter's Undead Deck.
You are?
Yes I am. Now the real threat in his deck can be drawn out, which is what I want.
If you say so....
"Relax sis, everything is under control. My turn is over."
Dexter drew his next card. "I'll set this card fance down and switch my Despair from the Dark into attack mode." Dexter began his move. "It's killing time, ladies. First we'll take out the Dark Blade." Despair from the Dark reaps its claw at Hermana's warrior, destroying the Pitch-Dark Dragon in the process (3600) (1800/1500). "Time to attack the Jet, go my Despair from the dark." Despair from the dakr reaps its claw at V-Tiger Jet and W-Wing Catapult is destroyed (3200) (1600/1800). "Well now that the shields are down, I'm sure you can do some damage with your monsters, right Howdy?"
"Not a problem," Howdy answered. "I take it you're through..."
"No. Now I'll flip up my Poison Mummy (1000/1800). Now my mummy can damage you gals to finish off my turn." The Poison Mummy spits out a cloud of purple mist, and it wafts its way over to the sisters (2950/3350).
Hermana takes her card. "I'll summon Familiar Knight in attack mode." she began (1200/1400). "Dark Blade, attack the Batteryman."
"And this is where my Threatening Roar activates." said Howdy as he played his trap.
"Just like my Royal Decree activates." Hitomi said as she chained the trap.
"Crap." said Howdy and his monster is destroyed (3200).
"Now attack him directly my Knight." Hermana continued her battle phase. Howdy felt the slashing of cold steel as it cut through his life points even further than the last attack (2000).
"This really musn't be your night, Howdy." said Dexter.
"Ah, shaddup."
"Someone's pissed off..." Hitomi trailed.
"Well at least I'm done with my turn, so please try to defend yourself." said Hermana.
"Yes, please defend yourself," Dexter added. "I don't want to look bad in this duel, especially since I'm doing all the work here."
"You're lucky I set you up." said Howdy as he drew his card. "Now I'll play my Batteryman AA in attack mode. Next I'll reveal my face down Infernal Reckless Summon."
"That's gonna be a problem...." said Hermana.
"Damn skippy little girl, now I'll bring back the AA you just destroyed and the AA that's in my deck to join my already summoned AA in attack mode."
"I can't benefit from that card."
"Even better for my Batterymen (3000/0x3). Now little lady, this is how you dish out damage."
Howdy's Batterymen charged towards Hermana's monster, both of which were destroyed. "Now before my third Batteryman decides to smack you down, your knight get's his sayso."
"I don't have a level 4 in my hand." said Hermana.
"I have one, and I'll play him too, X-Head Cannon on the attack." said Hitomi (1800/1500).
"I'll pass." said Dexter.
"I'll chain my Scapegoat spell off of my monster's effect." said Hermana and four sheeps came to the field to defend her life points.
"That's fine, but I also have a card to use by way of your Familiar Knight before you decided to save yourself. How about a nice warm welcome for my Thunder Nyan Nyan." said Howdy as his new monster hit the field in attack mode (1900/800). "Now Nyan Nyan and my third batteryman will take out half of your defenses.
Hermana watched her Scapegoats fall in combat. "At least I'm still around." she said (350).
"With the lineup my partner has, you won't be for long. I've run out of cards, so my turn is over."
"I must say, every time I see you make that move, it still never ceases to astound me when it's pulled off." said Dexter. "At least I won't look bad anymore."
"Yes you will." said Hitomi as she drew her card. "Now I'll reveal my Special Hurricane." Hitomi discards the card hat was left in her hand. "Let's say goodbye to some monsters." The Spell whipped up a storm and took out a lot of monsters on the field. When the storm cleared, the field changed dramatically (1000/0)
"And that has just sealed your fate." said Dexter. "Reveal A Deal with Dark Ruler."
Let's see these girls deal with this card. Thought Howdy as he gave a smirk.
"Come forth, Beserk Dragon!"
The ground shook, storm clouds appeared in the sky and rumbled. Pieces of the ground lifted into the sky and from the depht of the earth, Dexter's most devistating Zombie rose from the ground and gave a blood curdling roar, singaling its presence (3500/0). The undead beast roared at the girls, which scared Hermana to the point in which she was standing in a puddle of her own urine... and was still peeing all over herself. "Someone take her behind the bushes...." said Howdy.
Hitomi looked over at her sister. "Move it already, will you?" she yelled at her sister.
"I'm trying..." Hermana squeaked out.
"Yes. Fear me, fear the power of ten thousand destructions in the embidiment of one incredible force. FEAR MY PO-WER!" yelled Dexter, followed by a second thunderour roar from the Beserk Dragon.
At the clubhouse, Boss and Jam were up. "What the hell is that?" asked Boss.
"Whatever it is, it's really loud." Jam said.
Snoozer simply rolled over on his belly. "The thunderous roar of the Beserk Dragon. How terrifying, yet nice to hear it's presence again." he answered.
"That's the Beserk Dragon?!" Boss and Jam exclaim.
"Yes. Isn't duel disk technology incredible...."
"I'll play Swords of Revealing Light and end my turn." Hitomi announced as the swords were spread across Dexter and Howdy's playing field.
"Ladies, this part of dexter is known as Deras Gata, and it's not a good thing to have." said Howdy.
"Relax, sis. The swords will protect us for three turns, it'll give us time to think." said Hitomi.
"Who told you that lie?" Dexter asked as he drew his card. "I reveal my face down Heavy Storm. Purge the field of Spells and traps!" Dexter's spell resolves. "Now it is time do destroy. I'll sacrifice my Poison Mummy and bring forth my Ryu Kokki in attack mode (2400/2000). Now for my combination spell. First I activate the Black Pendant, boosting up my Beserk Dragon even further (4000), then I play Fairy Meteor Crush to shatter your hopes of survival. Now my Beserk Dragon, it's killing time." Another thunderous roar from the Beserk Dragon as it prepared to attack.
"My plans of stopping that have failed. So you'll attack my sister, big deal. I'll still survive the attack from your Ryu Kokki." said Hitomi then gave a raspberry.
"You're right, you would survive in your dreams. Too bad this is your nightmare!" Dexter yelled.
Hitomi turned scared. Only he has said that to me during duels.... the thought.
Dexter continued. "Hitomi, you foolish girl, you're about to lose a high percentage of your life points, exacly 100% of them, for my Beserk Dragon has the ability to attack every monster on the opposing side ofr the field. Not just Hermana's, but yours as well."
"Beserk Cannon fire! Rid the field of their inferior monsters and send them to hell!"
The Beserk Dragon launched its attack and everything on the opposing side of the field was gone (550/0). When the smoke cleared, Hermana was flat on her back, she was out cold. "What a shame, the younger one couldn't handle such a blow to her life points. It happens sometimes, but at least she'll live. Now Ryu Kokki, direct attack."
Before Ryu Kokki could move, the holographic images of the duel disks faded away. "Hermana..." Hitomi rushed to her sister. "Speak to me, little sis..."
"Another destroyed duelist, I really need to question having this card in my deck." said Dexter.
I'm fine, sis.... it's gonna take more than that to stop me... Hermana snwered mentally.
Are you....
Comatose, yes. But it's okay... at least this kind of comatose is a good kind. Give me a few days and I'll be back to normal.
"Will she be okay?" asked Dexter.
"She's in a coma." Hitomi answered as tears ran down her cheeks.
"My apologies, to both of you. This is actually the first time I've actually knocked a duelist unconscious... It's... unpleasant."
"You know, this must've been one hell of a duel to knock an opponent out cold." the hams turn to see Jam. "I told Panda to tweak down the effects of the duel disks you guys have...."
"It's all right, Dexter. I don't blame you at all." said Hitomi as she picked up her unconscious sister. "This is just a reminder of the rutheless style of dueling we left behind. I guess you really can't escape Dark Dueling after all...."
"Well, whatever the case may be, let's get you two gals to the Duel House." said Jam.
"What are you doing up this late anyway, partner?" asked Howdy.
"Are you kidding? I was sleeping at the DH when I heard that Beserk Dragon's roars. Thank goodness Snoozer was able to identify your monster, Dexter."
"Yeah, that's our Snoozer.... I really didn't mean for this to happen.... I really didn't want to knock her unconscious....."
The five hams headed for the clubhouse together. Dark Dueling huh? So it does exist after all.... thought Jam. I thought it was just a rumor, but I guess it's only fitting after the stuff me and the hams have been through: Shadow Games; stuck in a virtual kingdom; OLD issues; dueling for our very souls from the Seal of Orichalcos. Now I'm finding out some truth behind Dark Dueling. Man, I need to really kick back and find a good head doctor....