Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Hamtaro Fan Fiction ❯ Return of the Duel Hams ❯ duelists and their pride ( Chapter 13 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

When the dust cleared, Sparkle was stunned to see all three of Hitomi's monsters were still on the field. She soon shook it off, "I wonder what you did to save your monsters..."
"It's called Spellshield Type-8." Hitomi explained. "You know, I normally don't use this many traps, but I thought my deck needed some balance. So I put more of them in it. Thank the gods that I did, otherwise I'd be in a world of hurt."
"Moving on," Sparkle continued her move, "I'll reveal my face down Elegant Egotist."
"Oh wow, she's gonna play her Harpie Lady Sisters, I'm sooo scared."
"Yeah right, bitch. Now let's see what I'll bring to the firld from my deck..."
Sparkle places the only card in her hand into her mouth, then removed her dec from the clip in her duel disk and spread all the cards out like an opened fan. How she's able to do this is something that even I would like to know. Hmm... I wonder what to pick, so much to choose from. I won't play the Sisters, she's expecting that.... Hello baby, you'll do, you'll do just fine.
"Don't tell me you can find the three birds card..." Hitomi shot.
"Lemme tell you something," Sparkle began. "Hitomi hasn't got a clue on what card I'll play. Why you ask, because I'm not that predictable. So this is what I'll do. I'll take this card here, then place my newly shuffled deck into its holder. Next I'll summon Harpie Lady 1 to the field in defense mode." Once again, that upward gust of wind comes in, then Sparkle's next card comes into play. "Now I get a little more of a boost to my monsters, which I'll also put into defense mode (2100/1000x2, 2300/1200)."
"True," said Hitomi, "But the first Harpie Lady boosts all wind monsters, including my Kazejin (3200/1800)."
"The sacrifices we make... My turn's over, so go ahead and make your move."
Hitomi draws her card. "The bad news is that all three of my gods are free to attack you now, the worse new is that you aren't safe behind your wind based monsters, and the devistating new is that you're about to get really messed up. This face down card, I'm gonig to activate it now... oh by the way, it's called Final Attack Orders."
Shit! Not that card...! Sparkle mentally panicked.
"Isn't that the trap card that puts all monsters on the field in attack mode?" asked Cappy.
"That it is." answered Pepper.
"Man, I can smell the musk on that rat from a mile away..." said Howdy.
Hitomi caught that line. "Really now? Well Howdy, lemme put some more stank on it with the spell card Diffusion Wave-Motion."
"And I thought it couldn't get any worse..." Sparkle said, half worried-half sarcastic.
"And for the rookies who are watching this duel, lemme explain how this card works. First, I give up a thousand points (2100), now a seven star or higher spellcaster on my side of the field, Kazejin in this case, can attack--I mean destroy all of Sparkle's monsters. Kazejin, blow them away!"
Using the effects of the spell, Kazejin's attack destroyed Sparkle's monster in the following order: Whirlwind Prodigy, Harpie Lady 3, Harpie lady 1. Sparkle was not happy with the way things weren't going for her (7800). "Luckily for me, that spell negates effects of effect monsters involving as of being destroyed, so your Harpie's effect doesn't work. You're pretty much finished now, so I'll end my turn. Your defeat is on my next turn, so if you have any graces left, now would be the time to use them."
Sparkle drew her card. I have nothing left. she thought. Sonic Shooter won't help me and Harpies' Hunting ground, which I just drew won't do a thing. I'm done. She then set her monster, "I'm done with my turn." she said confidently.
Hitomi drew her card. "Even in defeat, you still have confidence." she said.
"You didn't hear what I said earlier did you?" questioned Sparkle.
"I heard it, but I think I'll finish you now. Because like all things, a duelist can lose everything in a duel, including their saving grace. In this case, I'll finish yours with my Darkworld Lightning spell card."
Clouds appeared in the sky, then lightning struck Sparkle's card. After that, Hitomi sent the remaining card in her hand to the graveyard. "You may have beat me in a duel, but you didn't take away my pride." said Sparkle.
"No, I just made you understand that pride can end up hurting you in the end." Hitomi corrected Sparkle. And the fact that I've only lost twenty percent of my life while you only have twenty percent of your life left is something that makes you want to re-evaluate your pride. Kazejin, deliver the finishing blow and end the duel."
After taking in the final deep breath, Kazejin blew Sparkle away, out of the dueling area and out of the duel. She won in a blowout. "When the pride of a duelist overcomes a duelist, defeat will soon take hold over the dueliest." Snoozer said, then rolled onto his back. "Only when a duelist can duel with control over his/her pride, will the duelist achieve victor's sight. Pride, if not checked, will taint a duelist's strategy... Strategy, which a duelist cannot afford to have tainted in not just duels of monsters, but also duels of life."
"Well said, sleepyhead." Jam agreed.
"Hitomi isn't as weak as you think she is, wouldn't you agree now Sparkle?"
"I guess lazyham over there has a point." said Sparkle. "I knew you weren't weak, honestly. I just needed to see your strength, you're all right, Hitomi."
"Of course she's all right, who do you think gave her pointers?"
The hams turned to see Lazuli walking in from the evacuation tunnels. "So you duel too?" asked Stan.
"Every now and again." Lazuli answered. "Since I'm here, I might as well kick it for a while."
"Where's Lapis?" asked Sandy.
"She's at the Ham Ham Park with Panda. Apparently signing up for the tournament no less."
"Another tournament eh? Even more reasons to get in more practice duels." said Sparkle.
"Yup. Panda's working on the technical stuff there and he'll come back with Lapis." Lazuli answred. "With that settled, I think I'll have a good sit and watch some more duels since I caught the tail end of this one. Who's up next?"
Finally, that duel is over, man that was tough stuff. Well, not really, but you catch my drift.