Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Hamtaro Fan Fiction ❯ Return of the Duel Hams ❯ what's your deal? ( Chapter 18 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Jam and Pepper made it back to the clubhouse. It was late, but that's what to expect as Pepper's farm is so far away. Boss was already asleep and the two "drinking buddies" finalized things with Pepper's deck. "So, which of these sleeves to you want?" asked Jam.
"None of these sleeves will match my personality, it's no use." said Pepper. "But I do thank you kindly for all your generosity."
"Okay, but I have one more set of sleeves to show you before you make a decision."
"Why not, it won't kill me to see one more design."
"Take a look at these..." Jam pulled out a pack of sleeves that had a lasso ond cowboy hat on them.
"Not what I expected, but I like it."
"I dun have farmhand sleeves."
"It's okay, these will do, and yes I'm sure."
"Sweet. Now set your deck face down right here and head to your room, I'll bring it to you when I'm done."
Pepper sets her deck on the table for Jam. "I'll be in Oxnard's room." and off she went to retire.
"I'll knock three times."
Jam watched Pepper go into Oxnard's room, then began sleeving her deck as soon as the door closed behind her. He took the first card and sleeved it... too bad the card was backwards in the sleeve. No matter, I can deal with that easy. Jam flipped the sleeves over and slid the first card in perfectly. That's better. He continued to sleeve Pepper's deck and on the twenty-sixth sleeve, he took into his paw, but instead of taking the next card from Pepper's deck, he opened up his pack and pulled out one of his card books. Pepper, you're a great gal. And since you were so kind to me, I will give you a gift. Jam pulled out one of his rare cards and placed it into the sleeve. I want you to have this dragon. Though I don't know what this deck is made of since I'm sleeving these cards blind, your deck won't hurt having a bit more boost in it. Jam contined to sleeve Pepper's deck after he closed and put the card book away. It was nothing to sleeve pepper's deck and man he was happy that every card fit. He then shuffled Pepper's deck and went to tell her.
He gave three raps to the door... no response. "Pepper, you awake?" Again, no response. So decided to slowly do the knob, which to his dismay, opened the door, only to find Pepper slumped over the the end of the bed. Jam shook his head, Poor Pepper, she's worn out, she didn't even get into bed all the way. Oh well, lemme get her all the way in. First, Jam went to her duel disk and inserted Pepper's newly shuffled deck into its card holder, then got behind Pepper and grabbed her rear. He then pushed her over the end and into the bed, followed by another shake of his head. He left Oxnard's room with a smile, closing the locked door behind him. Once that was said and done, he sat on the slide. "You know, you're way too kindhearted to be a nice person, but then again.... maybe you're just like that."
Jam turned to see Hitomi. "Does that trouble you?" he asked.
"No." Hitomi answered. "But I must say that you really have me confused about you."
Jam yawned. "Why would I confuse you?"
"You tell me."
"I wouldn't confuse you."
Hitomi sat in front of him on the floor. "I don't believe that one bit."
"Nothing, nothing at all. So how's Hermana?"
"Peaceful, she should be up and about in the morning."
"That's good to hear, family is everything y'know..."
"Uh huh... but I don't get you at all."
"Is that so?"
"Look, I took the while it takes to figure out all of you guys and how each of you go about things. I have a good idea on how the hams work, except your deal. What is your deal with Hamtaro and his frineds anyway?"
".....Enhance your question."
"See? That, that's what I'm talking about. What's the real deal with you anyway?"
"What there is to me, is what you see."
"Bullshit, how are you able to use telepathy?"
"Listen to the mouth on you, such redu tone of voice. You won't get anything from me if you're gonna be a pottymouth..."
"Fine, let's try this again." Hitomi takes a deep breath. "So, what is there to you that I can't see?"
"Enhance your question."
".....You told me that what I see of you is all there is to you, but it ther of you that even I can't see? And I'll use that little chat in our minds while I dueled Sparkle as a given example, tell me about that."
Jam rubbed his paws together. "Enhance your question further."
"What is your purpose of your purpose with Hamtaro and his friends?"
"That my dear, is the correct question."
"My purpose to Hamtaro and the hams is simple. I am the Eye."
"??? Go on."
"The Eye serves one purpose, to see. And unlike the other hams, I can see what they, and yourself, cannot see."
"Really now?"
"Of course I can, I am a seer, that is what I do."
"A seer?"
"That is correct."
"So basically, you're talented with ESP?"
Jam leaned backwards on the slide. "ESP? No, I'm no psychic, psychics are posers. You may havethe ability to read minds, but that's only because of that." Jam was pointing to her forehead.
"....I...how did you..."
"I can see it, despite the fact that you tend to hide it with your hair or with your headband. I've known about it all along, I also know that Hermana has one too."
"You... what are you?"
"Since you weren't paying attention, I will explain it again. This time, I will explain it to both of you."
"Both of us?"
"Come on out, Hermana. Don't make me come and get you."
To Hitomi's disbelief, Hermana came from where she had decided to hde herself and walked towards them. Jam was looking at me this whole time, how did he know Hermana was about? she wondered.
Hermana sat next to Hitomi. "How did you know I was around and about, you didn't even take your eyes off of my sister?" Hermana was also confused.
"Who needs sight when I can smell you?" Jam stated and the two sister fell backwards. Jam gave a vindictive laugh. "Off your backs, ladies."
The girls sat up. "So what exactly can a seer do?" asked Hitomi.
Jam continued to explain. "The 'Seer' has an acute perception on life, so acute that it gives them the ability to see 'A little bit more' than the average mundane. Psychics do not have this ability, but instead try to utilize untapped potential from spiritual wisdom. Their perception is slightly above normal, though they cannot see what a seer has the ability to see.
"Because of our acute perception, seers can see things others cannot."
"So a seer, in a way, is like a soothsayer?" asked Hermana.
"So you can predict the future then?"
"Seers have that ability...."
"That's cool."
"However, my perception isn't that acute."
The girls fall backwards again. "How come?"
"I chose it this way. Why live in a world where you know how it ends? It's no fun if you go to a movie, knowing the ending. I've seen much, I've even seen the winner of the upcoming tournament. Knowing who wins the tournament is fine by me, because I'm happy either way."
"So who wins?" Hermana and Hitomi ask.
"I will not say." Jam answered as he folded his arms.
"Why won't you tell us?" Hermana asked.
"So to not discourage you. Besides, would you still enter the tournament knowing who will win it?"
"Of course I would. I wanna see if I can at least make it to the finals..."
Jam turned to Hitomi. "And what say you?"
"Of course I would... I'd also try to eliminate that duelist and change the future of the duel tournament." Hitomi answered.
"You would try, knowing full well you will fail?"
"Damn skippy."
"Very good. With that said, I will tell you..."
"Yeah, let's hear it." said Hermana.
Jam cleared his throat. "The winner of the tournament...."
"Yes?" both sisters ask with glowing eyes.
"will be know to you at tournament's end and no sooner."
The girls fell over again, of course Jam won't tell them. Another disappointing blow to the sisters. "That's messed up, leading us like that to get us all worked over for this. You're mean." said Hermana.
"Probably," said Jam, "but I'm also fair in what I've told you. For now, I shall retire for the night. New days bring new events, you know." and Jam walked off to his room.