Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Hamtaro Fan Fiction ❯ Return of the Duel Hams ❯ news in the dueling world ( Chapter 19 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Hitomi and Hermana feel defeated. They really should've know that Jam wasn't going to tell them the winner, but at least they've learned from this mistake. "It's good to see that you're awake." said Hitomi.
"You didn't have to worry so much about me, did you?" Hermana asked. "Everything is just fine."
"Yes. Let's rest for now and enjoy the rest of the night."
The next morning, most of the hams were in the clubhouse. As always, deckwork is the main deal of the day. "I must say Pashmina," Pepper began, "this isn't a bad start for you. And do you plan on using a deck of these kind of monster?"
"I do." Pashmina answered. "So what do you think?"
Pepper shook her head. "Where's the card I gave you?"
"I added that to my collection. There's no way I'm playing with it."
"I see... Well Pashmina, I'm not gonna lie to you. Your deck is gonna need a lot to work for it."
"Seriously. I like how you have the work arounds to Premie and Call, but you better have some real kick-ass spells and traps in this deck, because you're gonna need them."
"I see."
"At least you have your Seiyaryu in here, so that is a good start to your deck's strength. Just build on it and you'll be fine."
"Do I get the basic stuff too, like Space, Dust and the like?"
"Yeah, and don't be shy on adding a Vortex in there too."
"Gotcha, thank-q Pepper."
"No problem."
Some of the guys walk right on in and take a seat. "Hey you two, what's up?" asked Hamtaro.
"You'll soon find out." Boss answered.
"So where's Jam at?" asked Howdy.
"He's not awake yet." Boss answered.
"He better wake up."
Afterwhile, all the hams, including Snoozer were at the table. Things looked pretty tranquil, then Hitomi and Hermana came out of their room. "We didn't miss anything, did we?" asked Hitomi.
"Not at all, we were just starting to gather." Boss answered.
Good, she's up and about again. What a relief. Dexter's mind was now at ease.
Hitomi pulled up a seat and sat at the table. "Where are Lapis and Lazuli?"
"They're on their way." Panda answered.
Jam waltzes out of his room. "I see I didn't miss much...." he said.
"You might wanna stop staying up so late." said Sparkle.
"I guess you're right."
After the roll call, business was now in session. "All right you hams, listen up." Boss began. "Today, the rest of us Duel House Ham-Hams who haven't signed up for the tournament will be signing up today, including yours truly. This'll be a sweet deal as you all know and I expect some nice things from all of you, and a few terribly-delicious things from you as well." all the hams share a laugh. "First thing's first, the current champion will make her say, take it away Bijou."
The hams take to applause as Bijou stands on the table. "Ah, merci, merci." she replied, then cleared her throat. "Now, ze next tournament will be anozhaire test por moi and por vous. Don't be nice because we're all friends 'ere, I expect great dueling from all. Keep in mind now zat duelist are familair with all of ze decks, so updates must be done, because it's fun to be unpredictable, no? Also, I want to encourage fair dueling and most importantly, have fun and not to take eet so seriously. I won't name names to protect ze innocent..."
"I know a few poor sports." said Sandy.
"Behave, you." Maxwell said.
"My mistake, go on Bijou."
"Of course. Also, I want to personally welcome Hitomi and her seester, Hermana to ze Duel House. regardless zhey are both one of us now, no? I'm done." And Bijou took to her seat.
"Okay." Boss said. "Panda, our technical advisor and fellow handyham will take us through the mumbo jumbo that he knows so well. Panda, take it away."
Panda takes to the table and he too, is applauded. "Okay, there are some duel disk upgrade that need to be had. The fun park is still going through coding to suit all playable duel disks out there, as there are many. If you haven't been upgraded, speak with me and I will do so."
"I'm gonna need an upgrade myself." said Pepper.
"No problem, come and see me later." Panda continued. "Also, I'm gonna tell you this now, not to mention this will be told to you later. The tournament is strictly enforcing the ban list, so make sure that your cards fit the requirements to the ban list as of September 1st, 2006. Not just for the tournament, but here in the Duel House as well. We play by tournament rules here and no others, so if you need to see what you can and can't have, the bouletin board has the card list. This same list will also be posted all around the fun park people, no excuses. Get your decks right... and that's pretty much all I got."
"Okay, does anyone else have matters reguarding Duel Monsters?" asked Boss.
"I got something." said Pepper.
"Okay Pepper, the floor is yours."
"Good, but I'm not standing on the table."
"That's because your ass is too fat." said Sparkle.
"....I'll deal with you after my duel disk upgrades." Pepper yawns. "Okay y'all, listen up. Pegasus J. Crawford is having a 'Design your own duel monster card' contest again. They didn't say how many winners they will have, but the winning cards will be turned into actual cards and placed in a special booster pack. Since we're all duelists here, it shouldn't be so hard in designing a duel monster card. I plan on making mine and dropping off my entry upon entering the fun park tourney. Good luck to all of you hams."
"Thank-q Pepper." said Boss.
"I got something too," Jam said, then stood on the table. "Be on the lookout for some new tins. These tins of course have a special edition holo card and boosters in them. We all know the deal with the tins... Anyway, one of the tins is of the Cyber Dragon. So if you couldn't pull one from Cybernetic Rev, you'll be able to get one this time. The other tin has the holo version of Elemental Hero Neos, which is a much more acceptable version than the common card in the new set out now. Also, be on the lookout for the new deck. They didn't say which deck it'll be, but it should be out by now. That's all I got."
"I wanna add to that tin thing that you're going on, Jam." said Maxwell.
"By all means, please..."
"Okay. Those tins that you mentioned are apart of a set of special edition tins. The Emperor Gods also have their own tins."
"Sweet, an easier way to get the EGs." said Cappy.
"Also, the fun park will also be selling Dark Rev 2 boosters and it's rumored that they will have Dark Beginning 3 boosters as well. I can't confirm the DB3 packs, but the DR2 packs will be there.
"Also, those tins have the following packs: Two Cybernetic Revolution packs; one Elemental Energy pack; one Shadow of Infinity pack; and one Enemy of Justice pack. The packs might even be first edition, so keep that in mind. Also, the word in the Duel Monsters world says the Cyberdark Impact boosters are set to arrive in the winter. And that's all the news in the dueling world that is current to date. Strike the gavel, Boss, we're done like dinner."
"You heard him, hams. Let's get prepared for the tournament." said Boss and he promptly ended the meeting."

Okay People, Pepper is referring to the contest that is happening this weekend. More details on this contest will be on 4Kids TV this saturday October 14, 2006. Check local listings reguarding it or wait until that day and hit up www.4kids.tv to find out more. It's coming up on 3 a.m. here and to quote the words of the great Yakko Warner, "*kiss making sound* Good night everybody."