Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Hamtaro Fan Fiction ❯ Return of the Duel Hams ❯ shrouded disaster ( Chapter 22 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Boss, Hitomi, Howdy and Sparkle finally got to sit down after the hells they went through. "It took a long time, but at least we're in." said Boss.
"Yeah, it's actually worth it all now." said Howdy.
"My legs hurt from all that standing." whined Sparkle.
"Mine too." added Hitomi.
A few more hamsters joined up. "You guys look worn out." said Seamore.
"We just got finished signing up at the main entrance." said Boss.
"Well all of us have been registered and we've had time for fun too." said Hamtaro.
"Well, we're in so it doesn't matter." said Howdy.
"Well it serves you right for not taking the time out to do a little reading before you got in line." said Maxwell.
"So, who are you two?" asked Hitomi.
"Yeah, we haven't met you before." said Hermana
"I'm Seamore and this is Barrette." Seamore introduced. "We run a picture shop not far from here. We also duel too."
"So are you guys type specialists like Boss and the others?" asked Hitomi.
"Not exactly." Barrette answered. "I'm a frog duelist, but we actually specialize in Water Elemental monsters."
"I see." said Hermana.
"Seamore's the more seasoned in tournaments though, but I think I'll try my luck this time around."
"Man, I'm gonna get that guy for making me lose so bad."
"Get over it already."
"I can't get over it."
The hams saw Stan, Jam and Dexter walking over to them, Jam helping Stan walk. "Hey, is everything okay with you two?" asked Boss.
"I'm fine, all I did was lose a duel very badly." Stan said as Jam helped him take a seat."
"You couldn't have lost that bad." said Howdy.
"You try defending yourself against Buster Blader and Black Luster Soldier."
Jam was finished examining Stan's foot. "You're lucky it's just a sprain." he said.
"I knew that." said Stan.
"Who could've beaten Stan so badly?" asked Howdy.
"One of the people that Hitomi knows." Dexter answered.
"What are you talking about?" Hitomi asked.
"The guy that dueled Stan was wearing a black cloak and the cloak's hood had the same markings on it as yours and Hermana's headbands. He was a black hamster and his eyes were two-toned." Jam stated.
"I didn't even see his eyes..." Stan said.
"You didn't have to. His left eye was green and his right eye was gray."
And that's when it hit Hitomi. No.... not him.... she thought.
"Start explaining Hitomi," Dexter stated, "who was that Dragon Soldier that Stan dueled with today?"
Hitomi held her head down. "He.... his name is Hiei." she answered sadly.
"So you do know him?"
"Of course, he's my brother."
"Your brother?" the other hams asked.
"Yes, he's my brother."
"Well, you brother said he entered the tournament, along with a few others like him..." said Stan.
"Great, just great, the whole clan is here." Hitomi said.
"What clan?" questioned Jam.
"The Shadow Clan."
"Not these guys again!" Seamore exclaimed.
"You've heard of them?" asked Sandy.
"I've heard of them... the hard way."
"Do tell us what you know, Seamore." said Jam.
"Here's the deal: I first learned of these guys by reading up on them. Apparently they are a group of underground duelists. It was rumored that they dueled for sport in differnt kinds of duels that were more physical then what we normally play. Duelists got hurt to the point that the duels abuse knocked them unconscious... if they were strong-willed enough to keep from being killed."
"Sounds like what I've heard from them." said Jam. "Keep going."
"I also found out that they also have a new class of duels called 'Duels of Night.' where they sealed people's souls in coins."
"Lovely, more Shadow Games...." said Boss.
"I also found out the hard way that they collect rare cards as well. I ran into them and they took Barrette's 1st edition Suijin. I gave chase from those creeps, only to get ambushed. I was lucky that I didn't have my deck on me, or I probably would've lost a lot of rare cards."
"Lovely, so we've got Shadow Games, soul sealers and card takers all rolled up into one, can't we enter a normal tournament?" asked Boss.
"So what was the deal with those guys anyway?" Dexter asked.
"Hermana and I have faced them before and won, but odds are, their skill levels have gone up." Hitomi answered.
"And probably added more cards to their collection." Hamtaro answered.
It was then at that moment, Jam heard a familiar cry. "Something's wrong." he said.
"Jam, you okay?" asked Boss.
From Jam's frame appeared a specific card in actual form. "Holy... isn't that..." Seamore started.
It was the Black Flame Dragon, giving another cry. "Show me, Horus." said Jam.
Another cry from the Black Flame Dragon and away it went into Jam's frame. "That was weird." said Hitomi.
"Jam, what's wrong? What's going on?" asked Stan.
"Get to the Duel House, shake tail you hams... double time." Jam said.
"Wait, what's the deal with-"
"Go, now!"
"You heard him hams, let's move." said Boss.
Hamtaro and crew scampered out of the fun park. "Is something wrong?" asked Barrette.
"Very." Jam answered. "We have to leave, stand near me you two."
"We're about to go to your picture shop."
"But it's closed." said Seamore.
"It's more than closed my friends...."
On the run, the hams were shaking lots of tail. "I don't get it, Jam gets all serious and tells you to head back and you guys follow suit just like that?" Hitomi asked.
"Totally." Sandy answered. "It may not look like it, but when Jam gets like that, something's hitting the fan."
"And you believe this?"
"Of course, there hasn't been a point where Jam's warnings like the one we just got were ever for no reason." said Boss. "That's something we learned the hard way."
"Cappy, I don't understand." said Hermana.
"Jam can sense danger... I'll leave it at that." Cappy answered.
"But are you sure he's right?"
"He hasn't been wrong yet."
"I seriously think you guys have been misguided." said Hitomi. "You're all just nuts."
"It'll be quick if we took the evacuation tunnels." suggested Panda.
"Where do you think I'm headed?" asked Boss.
The hams made it to the tunnels and were still going. "This is crazy, why are you even worried about nothing at all?" asked Hitomi.
"Full stop, hams." Boss ordered and the rest have followed suit.
"What's going on, Boss?" asked Stan.
"The tunnels are blocked, we have to go around."
"Just peachy." said Sparkle.
When the hams went around and went in, the sight they saw shocked them all. "What the hell happened here?" questioned Dexter.
"The Duel House has been ransacked." Boss answered.
"This isn't pretty." said Stan.
"Hey, you guys...." The hams heard Snoozer.
"Snoozer, where are you?" Hamtaro called out.
Snoozer came out from the evacuation tunnels. "I'm so glad you're here...." Snoozer limped out in front of his friends, he looked all bruised and had a bloody nose.
"Snoozer, what happened to you?" questioned Boss.
"Ambush, I was attacked...." and Snoozer fell to the ground.
Boss rushed over to Snoozer. "Hey, speak to me... Damn, he's really in bad shape."
"Bad news guys." said Panda. The server I made for the effect here in the Duel House is fried. Not only that, all of my rare cards are gone! We've been robbed!"
"Robbed?!" many of the hams cried.
"Pepper, stay here with Snoozer." said Boss. "Everyone else, check your rooms."
The ham hams scrambled to their rooms. Over at the picture shop, things weren't any better. "Man, we've been hit." said Seamore.
"Let's assess the damage." said Jam."
The three hamster found that just before they could enter the door, the whole shop simply collapsed right in front of them. "Our shop is ruined...." Barrette said.
"No time to cry, Barrette. Let's get to work." said Seamore.
"Back up you two, I'll take care of this." said Jam. He then pulled out the Blade of Ra and spiked it into the ground. Ina a ring of fire, the rummage of rubble that was their picture shop had its foundation back up and standing. "Now let's get inside."
As Barrette, Seamore and Jam looked through the ransacked picture shop, things only got worse. "Did you find any clues?" asked Seamore.
"I got nothing." Jam answered.
"Seamore, I've got some bad news." said Barrette. "All of our rare water monsters are gone!"
"Aren't you glad I told you to take your deck with you?" questioned Seamore.
"I know that, but the other rare cards we had are also gone."
"Man, these guys did a lot of damage...."
"My Treeborn Frogs.... I spent a long time getting those Ultimate Rares...."
"This is really messed up." said Jam.
"What about your clubhouse, is it okay?" asked Seamore.
"I dunno, but I'm on my way back there now." Jam answered.
"I'll go with you."
"Good looking out, Seamore."
"Wait a minute, what about me?" asked Barrette.
"You stay here in the shop and keep looking for clues."
"Barrette, take this." Jam tossed Barrette Isis' Mirror. "If you find anything, look into the eye and let me know."
"Right, Jam."
"I'll be back soon, hide if they return." advised Seamore.
"Let's go, Jam."
Jam and Seamore made it to the clubhouse, only to observe the horrors of how it looked. The two rejoined the other hams, who were all sad looking. "Normally, I'd say something like 'I'm glad I'm not the only one.' in this case, but I'm not glad about anything." said Seamore.
Jam went over to Snoozer and impaled the Blade of Ra into him. "How bad is it?" Jam asked.
"All of our rare cards are gone." Boss answered.
"They raided all of the rooms and took everything." Hamtaro added.
"The server I put all of the Duel House effects on is shot. All the motherboards are fried." Panda said. "Our clubhouse is in ruins and Snoozer's badly hurt."
Jam removed the Blade of Ra from Snoozer. "So you all got hit too, huh? Seamore's shope was pillaged just like this place was." Jam told the hams.
"Who could've done something like this?" asked Pashmina.
"It wasn't cats, or chicky chickies, that's for sure." said Oxnard.
"Other hamsters.... wearing black shrouds." Snoozer managed to say.
"You remember any faces?" Jam asked.
"Didn't see.... faces.... Just black shrouds.... with markings on the hoods..."
Hitomi pulled out her white headband and showed it to Snoozer. "Markings like this?" she asked.
Snoozer nodded. "They stripped my deck.... they took my rare fiends.... MaZera.... Zorc.... and my Darkworld and Archfiends too..."
"But how did they find us here?" asked Cappy.
"They probably followed us when we escorted Hitomi and Hermana here...." Dexter trailed off.
"I was thinking the same thing." said Howdy.
"It's not much.... but.... I was able to save these cards..." Snoozer managed to say. He then pulled out the cards. "Your Monarchs.... and Exodia cards.... including Necross......"
Sandy took the cards. "I really owe you big time, Snoozer." she said, then gave the Exodia cards to Maxwell.
"No...... problem...."
Maxwell took his Exodia cards. At least Necross and all the pieces are here, too bad the Contract isn't with them.... Oh well, thank-q Snoozer. he thought.
Jam put Snoozer over his shoulder. "It's no use moping around in here everyone, let's get outside."
When the hams got outside, with everyone accounted for, the clubhouse caved in behind them. "I smell foul play here, really foul play." said Stan.
"You aren't the only one." said Boss.
"Someone's about to pay for this." Dexter said with agitation.
"Man, just look at what happened at the end of a good day, now we have to deal with this." said Pashmina.
"Oui, zis is wrong." said Bijou.
"Ummm..... Jam... Jam, are you there?"
Jam pulled out Osiris' Mirror from his pack. He then held it out so everyone could see an image of Barratte's figure. "Right here, Barrette." Jam responded.
"I found something that I think you should know about." Barrette said.
"Show it to us."
Barrette pulled out a piece of black cloth which had the same markings on it as Hitomi and Hermana's headbands. "So they hit us too, huh?" asked Seamore.
"Yeah, they hit us hard." Barrette answered.
"Stay where you are, Barrette, I'm coming." said Seamore.
"The faster the better, because we still have things to sort out here." The image faded away.
"This was a hit, a calculated hit." said Stan.
"One they pulled off well." said Dexter.
"It wasn't well at all, it was sloppy." Jam corrected. "But whatever the case, your decks are the only cards you have."
"I need to get back to Barrette." said Seamore.
"No problem, just stand still. And good luck with the damages."
"You too."
Using the Blade of Ra, Jam drew a circle around Seamore. Then after spiking it into the ground, Seamore was warped away. "Well, this hit may have been sloppy, but the Shadow Clan made it's message clear." said Boss.
"And in doing so, they stripped us of all the cards except for the decks that we have." Jam added.
"It may have been a messed up hit, but it served its purpose." said Maxwell.
All the hams turned to glare at Hitomi and Hermana. "Don't blame us, we were with you guys the whole time." said Hitomi.
"We know that, Hitomi." said Sandy. "None of us are blaming you or Hermana, but we're all in this deal together. However, we need to know where you two stand..."
"You see we haven't left you all yet." said Hermana. "So that should tell you something right there."
"And to think, I was working on another spellcaster deck too, so much for that now." said Boss.
"I'm outta here." said Panda.
"Where the hell are you going?" asked Boss.
"To the fun park. If those guys messed up the coding for our clubhouse, they'll try to hack into the mainframe dueling effects there and mess with the tournament. I've got new coding to write and not enough time to write it in. I won't let the tournament suffer the same fate we did."
"Right on, Panda." said Hamtaro, giving the thumbs up gesture.
"Get it done." said Jam.
"No problem." said Panda and off he went.
"Pepper, take this. It's a map of where Nurse Ham is currently staying at. Get Snoozer his much needed medical attention."
"You got it, Jam." said Pepper as she took the directions. "Snoozer, let's get you fixed up, partner."
"I would like that...." Snoozer said.
"Hermana and I will go to, just in case you run into trouble." said Hitomi. "It's a start on how to redeem ourselves for this calamity we've caused you."
"It's not your fault, but I'll gladly take your company." and together, the three girls went to see Nurse Ham.
"The rest of you should get home and now. If those guys hit this place and Seamore's shop, they probably know where you all live. So get going and secure your homes. The faster you get there, the better you'll be off." said Jam.
"I was just about to say that." said Stan.
"Howdy, Maxwell, since the three of us are the primary sources for our duel monster cards, let's make a thourough search to see if any boxes of booster were either hit or stolen." said Dexter. "We have goods to protect."
"Right." said Howdy and Maxwell.
"Get going, you all have homes to protect." said Jam. "And wait at your homes until I give you signal to return here, you hams."
"Gotcha." they all said as they headed for their homes.
Jam turned to Boss. "Bossman, we've got a clubhouse to rebuild, let's do our best while Panda busy at the park and the others guard their homes. Everything else doesn't matter now."
"Took the words from my mouth, Jam." said Boss. "I'm glad we're on the same page."
"When have we ever been on different pages?"
"Well we have a big book to re-write, so let's get cracking."
So the hams went their seperate paths: Panda to work on the dueling mainframe at the fun park; Pepper to take Snoozer to Nurse Ham; Hitomi and Hermana served as escorts for them; Hamtaro and crew went home to check on things and wait; Seamore and Barrette did the best they could to patch up their business; Jam worked with Boss to rebuild the clubhouse. Despite the fact that they were stripped of their cards by enemies they barely know, all they could do is hope and prepare for things to come with the cards they have. That day was the day the ham-hams learned that despite the fact that they enjoyed a long period of playful dueling, amongst themselves and other duelists, one unjust event simply told them that playtime has officially ended. With the tournament closing in on them, their focus must now be set aside from the cards, as more vital actions must be take to secure their safety, and the safety of their loved ones.
what they don't know, is that someone....
somewhere....... has decided one thing:
Someone is watching them.........