Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Hamtaro Fan Fiction ❯ Return of the Duel Hams ❯ what is promised to me.... ( Chapter 23 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Nightfall hits as the hams go through the day. Seamore and Barrette sit in the ruins of their picture shop. "The night sky is lovely." said Barrette.
"Yeah, it looks really great." Seamore agreed.
"At least we can end today on a positive note."
"Yeah. I still feel bad for Hamtaro and his friends, especially Boss, seeing as that was his home."
"Yeah.... Seamore, comfort me tonight, won't you?"
"Are you sure... even after what this has done to and for us?"
Seamore puts his arm over Barrette. "Okay, but let's enjoy the moment right now."
Meanwhile at the ruins of the Clubhouse, Boss and Jam continue the long work they have ahead of them. Boss seems so calm about all of this. Jam thought. He's probably cryng on the inside. No, he doesn't have time to cry on this matter.
"Jam, you know you're a real true blue." said Boss.
"But I'm red, Boss." said Jam.
"That's not what I meant."
"I know what you meant, and I value your kind words."
"It feels better to have a hand this time around, it wasn't easy to build this place all by myself."
"No problem, I consider it as my dues for coming here."
"Well, you're more than welcome anytime. Jam really is a great ham, one that even I can rely on... even when I don't need it. He even gives the advise to me that even Maxwell or Snoozer can't give, life wisdom.... World Wisdom. To think, we found him one day dancing without a care. I got frustrated at tryying to grab him too... turned out to be a pretty carefree and energetic guy. I don't know where I'd be without his friendship, and the same goes with the other hams too. I'm glad that he's here for us when we need him."
"I'm glad that you'd do the same thing if it happened to me."
Boss looks over to Jam. "Something bothering you?"
"No, but this Clan has me thinking."
"I see.... So, where do you think Hitomi lies in all of this?"
"The trumph. She's our only lead on this, or so it seems."
"We'll have to see in time."
"So did they get some of your stuff?"
"Yeah, they got good stuff, but they're simply extras of what I have: Lusters, Different Dimention, REDD, some really great ultimates and a Spear. The ultimates will be hard to recollect, but the others were extras I used for purpose of bargaining."
"I see..."
"Find any good stuff at the fun park today?"
"Yeah, Magician's Valkyria... which I would've placed into my second spellcaster deck, which was taken in the hit. my ultimate Princesses and all the other good stuff, gone."
Panda was still at the fun park, working on the coding for the dueling tournament. "Man, I really hope Mimi isn't going nuts that I'm not in my cage...." he wondered. "Reguardless, I have to keep going." As worried of his owner as a tamed hamster would be, Panda continued to work his deal to secure the technological work he did so well to create. Luckily, Kana and Mimi are relatives so they'll probably both be searching for me. No matter, I gotta get this done....
Snoozer's condition was stable and he was resting peacefully, just like always. "He really had a lot of injuries, but luckily his wounds weren't infected." said Nurse Ham.
"That's good to hear." said Pepper.
"I'll check on him a bit later, but you three should rest for now."
Pepper took a seat. "You're a miracle worker, Nurse Ham."
Nurse Ham giggled. "I get that a lot...."
Hermana walked inside. "Is Snoozer gonna be fine in the morning?" she asked.
"He'll be fine." Nurse Ham answered.
"That's good." Hermana walked back outside.
"Well, I need a drink." said Pepper.
"I'll get you some sunflower iced tea." said Nurse Ham and off she went.
"So Snoozer will be fine?" asked Hitomi.
"Yes, he'll be all right." Hermana answered.
"Lovely. Now my concern is the clubhouse...."
The two walked back inside, only to come in on time with Nurse Ham's return to the room. The nurse sat the tray on the table, "I've brought enough cups for all of us, so let's enjoy some sunflower tea." she offered to Hitomi and Hermana.
The three girls took their cups. "I'm glad, because I'm thirsty." said Pepper.
The quartet take drinks and sit. "So what do we do now?" asked Hermana.
"We really can't do much except wait." Pepper answered.
"You can wait if you want too, but I'm going back to the clubhouse." said Hitomi.
"Go ahead, I'm gonna wait here and stay with Snoozer."
"Okay, well I wish you luck with that."
Hitomi was on her way out as Hemana followed. "No, you stay here with Pepper in case she needs help."
"But.... but...." Hermana was trying to explain herself.
"Just stay here, keep an eye on things Pepper and Nurse Ham will need your help." Hitomi said.
"I see, just in case..." Hermana hugged her sister. "Make haste my sister."
Meanwhile, Dexter and Howdy sat outside their shops. "Everything's safe on my end." said Howdy.
"Mine too." said Dexter.
"I hope things are safe with everyone else."
"You said it. Howdy, what's the real deal with your deck?"
"What do you mean, Dexter?"
"You're a type specialist, aren't you?"
"I think you have a deck of Thunder monsters."
"So does Boss. Look, I'll tell you what's in my deck, but just remember something.... it's not to be told by anyone else."
"My deck consists of...."
"The Full Charge Assault."
"Damn it, Howdy, that's not funny."
"I'm not a type specialist, but my cards are more themed to power."
"I see..."
"Hey, look."
Howdy and Dexter look down to see Hamtaro. The two ham hams call out to him and Hamtaro responds back. "Come down here, I wanna talk with you."
Howdy and Dexter join Hamtaro and the three hams have a mini caucus. "I feel bad about Boss, he shouldn't have to deal with being like this." Hamtaro said.
"You're right about that one." said Howdy.
"To think, he and Jam are going to rebuild the clubhouse from scratch." said Dexter.
"Boss built it before by himself, which took him a long time t do, but I'm worried that it'll take its toll on him." said Hamtaro.
"Maybe, but this is Boss we're talking about." said Howdy. "Boss is a field hamster, Hamtaro. He's had it rough a lot, so this shouldn't be nothing but a setback to him. I'm sure he's had to rebuild that place many times."
"I know...."
"Relax, Hamtaro. He's not alone this time, Jam is in his company." said Dexter.
"Yeah, and I'm sure those two will be able to work miracles on the clubhouse." added Howdy. "With Jam's worldly cultural thing, he should know all kinds of structuring ideas."
"I.... I can't take it anymore, I'm leaving." said Hamtaro.
Dexter and Howdy stop him. "No hold up, Hamtaro. There's a reason why Jam told us all to wait until we got notified." said Dexter. "Don't tell me you've lost faith in them now..."
"I didn't lose faith," Hamtaro stated. "The clubhouse is a relly big place. I'm going to help them out, they're gonna need it."
".....Hamtaro, you're right about that one, but they do have help." said Dexter. "By now, Pepper should've gotten back to help those two out."
"Plus there's Hitomi and Hermana, did you forget about them?" Howdy added.
".....They.... still need me." Hamtaro said.
"They also need us to protect our homes, do you think your family will be protected if you go and help?" asked Dexter.
"Brandy will guard and protect them. That dog will do more to protect them than I could ever do."
Howdy and Dexter stared to each other.... Boss and Jam on the other hand were still working on things, but just as Hamtaro predicted, the work was taking it's toll on Boss. "Must keep working.... gotta finish the clubhouse.... can't stop until I'm through...."
Jam noticed this. "Boss, you look worn out, take a break already." he offered.
"No rest for the weary, Jam." Boss rejected the offer. "We have to get this done.... they hams are.... counting on us."
"Rest already, you're worn out..."
"My energy's fine." Boss continued to work.
"But.... He really is a stubborn hamster...."
As the two worked, Jam saw Boss simply pass out. With a bit of quick thinking, Jam managed to keep Boss safe from harm, despite the fact of the work that still needed to be done. "Stubborn as a young ass." Jam propped Boss up at a nearby safe spot, then took his spade and replaced it with an odd flower. Boss' spade was at his side and Jam continued to work. Boss has a lot more wisdom than he gives himself credit for. Jam thought. He really does know that "The homless can't rest until a haven is made for their head." Sure, to me this place is a rest stop, and to Hamtaro and the others this place is a hideaway, but Boss.... this place is his home. Without the clubhouse, Boss doesn't have anywhere to rest his head. It may be a pitstop for me and a recreational burrow for the others, but Boss lives here. And maybe Snoozer does too... Don't worry Boss, while you rest, I'll take over for you. There's no point in working so hard and exceeding your limit if you can't enjoy the fruits of your labor. My limit is much more tolerant and higher than yours, so I'll work for you. and the Sorro flower that I gave you also acts like a barrier, so no harm will come to you while you recharge your will.
I guess the girls are with Snoozer and Nurse Ham, not that I blame them. They're worried of him, all of us are.... Worry not my hams, all that you've lost will not be in vain, for it is said that "Sometimes you must lose what you have in order to get what you couldn't get."
Jam turned to see Hitomi. "So you've shown up, have you?" he asked.
"I'm here, aren't I?" Hitomi responded
"Of course you are. So how's Snoozer?"
"Banged up, but he'll be good." Hitomi turns to see Boss. "I see he's done for the night..."
"Unfortunately for him, yes. He passed out while working on the clubhouse. He really wants his home back to normal."
"Wait, I knew he built this place, but he also lives here?"
"Yup. He lives here with Snoozer. Boss will probably be mad at me for putting him to rest, but he needs it."
"And you're still working because...."
"I haven't reached my limit yet. But then again, when you're a globetrotter, you have one hell of a limit...."
"So where do you live at?"
"I live in Djibouti."
"Where is that?"
"It's a country in Africa."
"Wow... and I thought Bijou was the foreigner...."
"I call this place a pit stop on my journeys around the world. And when I get here, I enjoy myself with everyone."
"Do you ever wish you can take them to your home?"
"I have already. I've taken them with me around the world in fact, you should've seen how their faces lit up. In a way, I envy them for having a place like this that they can come to which isn't far from your home."
"You mean, you don't have a place like this where you live.?"
"Not exactly. In Djibouti, we had recreational places where everyham could come and relax and rest and all, but they were never safe. Things always went bad and it ended up that hamsters died there. We didn't have a burrow like Hamtaro and crew did... we were out in the open, exposed to dangers, dangers that no young hamster could prevent. The biggest one was disease. I decided to run off one day, just for no reason, only to return to see everything gone. It hurts to know that your place to get away from it all could kill you.
"You see, unlike the other hams, who consider this a 'Home away from home' or a getaway, it's a pitstop to me. Somewhere I can rest up before going back to Djibouti to return to a place where things aren't, well... promised to be there for me." Boss had woken up at this point. "It doesn't matter to me that despite all the ings they go through, the one thing that Hamtaro and the other hamsters, yourself and Hermana included, have is this clubhouse. They can lose their homes, their families, their ways of life, just like I did, all in the blink of an eye.... but all they have to do, is simply walk a good distance and come here to the clubhouse. Because even if thirteen of those fourteen hamsters should die for whatever twist of fate the world can coldlythrow at them. They still have this place which is promised to them.
"Cappy is a prime example of this: His owners are a married, childless couple, who give him as much as they world as they can, probably because the husband can't have children. But despite having loving people that pamper him, he ran away from home to becom a field hamster. He found out that the world is a cold place. But despite the fact that He wanted to be like Boss, he could always come to the clubhouse. He eventually retuned to his home, knowing that if ever he felt bad at home, the clubhouse is always there for him. This place... is promised for him. It's even promised for Boss, for it doesn't matter where he'll ever go, this place is promised for him. The clubhouse is promised for all of the hams, the getaway away from home where they always go to, as it is promised for them. But unlike them, this place isn't promised for me, and I found that out the hard way after leaving from the clubhouse one time in my travels. Fate gave me quite the terrible blow as it dropped me to my back. I was practically dead... However, I managed to pull through it... At that moment, I learned that there may be a time in my journeys from here to there, or home, that I may never get back here. It's a cold lesson to learn, Hitomi, far more frigid than what you had to endure with Hermana.
"I may seem like the hamster who travels the world and has much to tell and show, but that's because I forget about home's negativity and focus on life's positives. Until, I return home.... then when I get there, I remember exactly what's all there that I have.... nothing. Nothing is promised to me at home, yet I always go there. No, I'm not homeless, but I have nothing left. Everything in Djibouti that I had: Home; food; a place to play; friends; love; life; gone... Nothing is promised to me when I go back home, but I go there, for 'There is no place like home.'..... even if home has nothing left for you. When Hamtaro and crew befriended me and after sharing happy adventures with them, I made myself a bond-of-word, that no matter if it cost me my life, I would see to it that they always had something promised to them.... Maybe that is why Pashmina deems me righteous at times, or when Maxwell advises me not to be so headstrong, placing myself ahead of the others, it's because I would rather sacrifice myself just so they can have something... something like this clubhouse... promised for them. Some of them can only imagine having friends and family in one moment and to have it all taken from you before you can even grasp thought of it.
"I do what I can for these guys, as this is all I have left...." Jam could no longer regress his tears. "Even if it isn't promised to me, none of them should have to go through what I've had to face! This place is the only thing promised to them.... Hamtaro and the gan shouldn't have to leave this place only to return to it in ruin. Boss shouldn't have to exert his own limits just because this place has turned to ruin. Snoozer... he didn't have to get beat up and bloodied up like that and then just be left to rot in ruin. This clubhouse may never be promised to me, but it's everything to those hamsters.... it's all they have that's promised to them. It's important to them..."
"It's also the same to you, Jam."
Jam turned around to see his fellow hams, all ot them.Every last one of them were there, even Snoozer who was held up by Pepper and including Seamore and Barrette. Sandy approached Jam's left "You may not feel this way, but this place is also yours, even if you should be taken from the world by fate and never get to physically return here." she told him. "This place, despite the nothing that you have, is promised for you... even if you never come back."
Jam's tears ceased to flow from his eyes. "Sandy... you are right. I guess it is my turn to rest now. Well guys, take it away." and he simply fell forward.
Sandy caught him as he fell. "You've earned this rest, more than you might ever think."
Stan helped his sister move Jam to a safe area. "Well everyone, we've got work to do." said Sandy.
"Let's get it done." said Maxwell.
Lapis managed to get Panda in the same area as Jam was, then Hamtaro, Maxwell and Oxnard moved Boss over to the same spot. After the three hamsters were safe, the rest of the hams got to work, even Snoozer did what he could, despite the injuries he's had to endure. Many hams worked as Boss, Jam and Panda lay at rest. "You know, if it weren't for thoe three hamsters, we wouldn't be where we are now." said Pashmina.
"All the more reson to make them proud of us when they wake up." said Sandy.
"Even heroes need their rest." said Penelope. "Those three are the real heroes too. My deck can't compere to them."