Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Hamtaro Fan Fiction ❯ Return of the Duel Hams ❯ the duel seen around the fun park ( Chapter 26 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

It took them a quicker time to get to the fun park than usual today. But despite the various duels going on, Jam reminded them that no dueling was to be held. "Remember everyone, don't lose your edge before it really counts." said Jam. "The focus today is simply looking at cards to boost our decks. Besides, odds are that the people you meet will want to size up their competition and see what cards you have. Not dueling gives you an edge by not being a statistic."
"Jam is right." Hamtaro added, "you might end up dueling that ham again for real and it might cost you."
"Good points, but at least now we'll see what's in store for us." said Boss.
"Let's also remember that you're here to develop your stand and dueling now will hinder its development." Jam continued. "With that said, let's fan out and look at some cards. We'll meet back at the fountain pond in two hours." and with that, the hams went their seperate ways.
The hams scattered throughout the park, with the purpose of fun, card hunting and stand development in mind. After a bit of looking around, and in the cases of some of the hams, goofing off or having fun, all of them instinctively met up where they all toasted to sign-ups before the incident. "Find anything good you guys?" asked Boss.
"Nothing to make a stand off of." Cappy answered.
"Yeah, this is harder than I thought it'd be." said Sandy.
"I found a lot of boring commons though, nothing worth buying." said Penelope.
"I found a stand that had some Invasion of Chaos boosters." said Boss. "I got the last ones too, I hope there are some nice cards that come out of them."
"I managed to get two IOCs too." said Pashmina. "I hope they'll help."
"There should be some good rares around in these books." said Howdy. "Perhaps I'll get something great."
"Same here, I could use a major upgrade after the schooling I got." said Stan.
"I don't know about you guys, but I feel like I've been monitored while I went through ze patk today." said Bijou.
"You too, huh? I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought that way." said Sparkle.
"Of course you're monitored, you should've known that from the gate." reminded Jam.
"So how do we approach this?" asked Pepper.
"I say we split up again, this time on groups." suggested Maxwell.
"Good idea." said Dexter.
"Hey, are you two okay?" Seamore asked Hitomi and Hermana.
"We're good, just a little worn out." Hitomi answered.
"We didn't get much sleep last night." Hermana added.
"We'll go off in teams of four." said Boss.
"Wait a minute, that leaves on team with three members though..." Maxwell trailed off.
"That will be my team." said Jam. "Let's also limit our team to different duelists as well. So now it's a matter of the other leaders..."
"I like that idea." said Pepper.
"Well, that means I'm a leader then." said Seamore.
"Same here." said Boss.
"Wait a minute, we have ways of dealing with who our leaders should be." said Howdy.
"Leaders should be ranked by skill and duelist experience, not by antics." said Panda.
"I know there's no objection in me being one of the leaders...." Jam said.
"There might be." said Sparkle.
"Well, since there are twenty-three of us, the remaining five teams should consider well picks." said Maxwell. "No one has any odd say with Jam being captain..."
"Didn't think so." Jam pointed out.
"But I do have an idea on the other captains. First off, Bijou should lead her own group, being the current champion and all." Maxwell continued. "Seamore's already run into these guys before, so that gives him an automatic shoe-in for a captain. Boss and Dexter are quite strong duelists, so they too would make good captains. I'd go on, but that's just my opinion running off at the mouth."
"Well, while you decide, Cappy and Oxnard are with me." said Jam.
After a bit of discussion, captains and teams were set up and off the hamsters scattered.
In one hour's time, the hamsters in their teams enjoyed the sights, sounds, thrills and cards of the fun park. "So, what have you pulled from your packs?" asked Pepper.
"I like this card." Pashmina showed the card to Pepper."
"Granadora huh? Nice card, too bad for a card with its sidetracks."
"And that's why this card helps deal with it."
Pepper looked at the card. "Good combo."
"Thanks, I knew you might like it."
"See what I mean now? With kick-ass spells and traps, any deck can be formidible."
"What are you girls talking about?" Sparkle rejoined the two girls. She was the lead of this team.
"Card combinations for good decks." Pashmina answered.
"Well I'll say this to you, Pashmina. I powerful spell is one to exploit in all matter. Take it from the duel school graduate; rape the effects of good spell/trap combos."
"So where is Barrette at?" asked Pepper.
"Still in the bathroom." Sparkle answered
"Not anymore." Barrette walks out of the bathroom. "Let's go have some more fun."
Meanwhile, Panda's team was working on duel disk calibration. "Five, four, three, two, one, and through. All of our duel disks have recieved the final upgrades needed. We're all set for the tournament." Panda explained.
"Sweet, this is too sweet." said Stan.
"I can't wait for the tournament to start up now." said Penelope.
"Good looking out, Panda." said Maxwell.
"Once we get back to the clubhouse, I'll install these upgrades into the clubhouse and we'll be back and rolling again." said Panda.
"I can't wait." said Penelope.
"Boss, I have a question." Hitomi asked.
"Sure, ask away." answered Boss.
"Pegasus said that your wizzard deck lacks something, but I've seen you duel with that deck of yours. How did you create a deck with such rare and powerful cards?"
"Patience, Hitomi. not every rare card is powerful. My deck took a lot of hard work and patience. It's not about strength and rarity, it takes work and study. Forget the rarities in the deck, just have fun and experiment with your cards. You'll make a better deck that way."
"I see. What was your deck like, Snoozer?"
"My deck...." Snoozer took a pause. "My deck was lovely to me, but a lot of people thought it was weird. Because of it's odd range of variety, it was complex to work with, but I managed to do just that. decks full of lots of high powerd monsters never really 'work' in actual duels. I learned the hard way, after having to get beat for having unnecessary high leveled monsters.
"Pegasus, may not be the guy you make a great deck with his advice, but he did create the game. His views are worth considering."
"So what do you plan to di about your deck?" asked Boss.
"Simply let it go. If they wanted my cards that badly, then luck to them. Besides, my cards won't really fare well for the ones who have them anyway."
"Why is that?" asked Lazuli.
"A duelist's cards recognize the duelist that owns them. The monster of a duelist was one with the duelist, each served to protect the other and the monster is nothing without the duelist. Without the monster, the duelist has no purpose. And without the duelist, the monster seems lost. In the origins of the game, the monster would never go against the duelist. When the monster went against the duelist that protected and was protected by it, would be even more of a critical blow to them...."
"Clear that up for us without such a long explanation, would ya?" asked Lazuli.
"Okay, look at it this way: The monster serves the duelist as its keeper, and would rather destroy itself than harm its keeper. For in doing so, the monster deals a vital blow to itself."
"So a monster would rather commit suicide than betray their keeper?"
All of the teams had their share of fun, research, and stand training. "I have to admit, there are some interesting duels going on here." said Sandy.
"I can give these guys real competition." said Dexter.
"Same here, but us dueling isn't choice here." said Seamore.
"At least we have an idea on how things get done." said Sandy.
"I like how things are going myself." said Hermana. "I have an idea on how to re-adjust my deck by seeing how these guys duel."
"You said it." said Seamore.
Meanwhile, Jam's team was at the male's privy. Oxnard and Cappy are still on the throne as Jam was waiting for them. "Ah, gotta love that Chronic Future." he said. "It's actually one of the certain rock songs I'll listen to. I'm not a fan of rock music, thought I thought this was a rap song."
"So, I finally get to see you at last." Jam looks up to see a crimson colored hamster with her right eye clawed. "The Dragon Lord, and elder Dragon Brother, Jam."
"Of course you would know who I am." Jam said as he looked at the hamster. Hmm... female, I can smell it....
"Why wouldn't I know who you are, you are a former champion?"
"Get to the point, what's your purpose for watching me and my fellow duelists?"
"How the hell did he know that? Just sizing my competition, like you are."
"That's a horrible lie, now what's the reason why you're here?"
"To give you an option. Join our cause, it'll be worth your while if you do."
"And exactly what can you offer me anyway? Power isn't something I need, nor do I need rare cards."
"We are a highly advanced fedaration of duelists, we've observed your talents and want us to join us."
Cappy had left the "boys room", but hid himself from their sight. "Keep talkin'." Jam said unstirred.
"Our goal is to create to world's greatest elite duelists, and with us and our society, you will become unstoppable."
"Tch, everyone want something to do with the world."
"Besides, you have quite the powerful supply of dragon-type monsters-"
"Dragon cards, sister. Get your sources right."
"I see I was misinformed again, I guess it is true about what they say, 'It's so easy to find bad help.' after all."
"I'm growing bored with you, so take your business elsewhere."
"I'm not done with you yet...."
Jam took to his feet and went toe up to her. "It only makes sense now. You're the so-called dragon duelist that Hiei speaks so highly of. So now you are going to tell me why you're truly here."
"I figured that if you joined us, you would part with your Black Flame Dragon peacefully, but I see that's not the case. No matter, I'm pleased this way, because that means that I'll take it from you in the duel you'll lose it to me in."
"I didn't quite catch your name, or do you go by 'Dragon Bitch'?"
Cappy mentally snickered off of that remark. "I am Hilde, Dragon of Darkness," the crimson colored hamster finally introduced herself. "Since you won't respect me by words, I'll force you to respect me by cards!" Her duel disk turned active.
Oxnard had joined Cappy and the two remained hidden. "You'll take my dragon in the duel I lose to you? That's disrespect right there, Hilde. And lemme give you this wise proverb, 'If you can't take double of what you dish out, then stay silent.' Many duelists wanted to take MY Black Flame Dragon and all of them have failed! You want Horus so badly, get your own. And another thing, I don't take kindly to force of any kind."
"You've mistake the fact that I care..." Hilde told Jam as she drew her hand. "Now prepare to duel, and say good-bye to your Black Flame Dragon."
Jam shuffles his deck. "You know, I promised myself that I wouldn't duel until tournament time, but your not giving a damn makes me go against my word. Now I have to break my promise because of you..." Jam took his five cards. At this time, Cappy and Oxnard came from hiding and began to witness the duel. "Well before you get underway, allow me to show you my hand."
Jam placed the cards in his hand on the duel disk, once that happened, Exodia appeared on his side of the field. Oxnard and Cappy's jaws dropped at the sight of Exodia in Jam's possession. Hilde was stunned, so stunned that she fell to her knees. He just shuffled his deck and drew his hand.... IMPOSSILBE!
"Well, looks like I get to keep my promise of not dueling after all." said Jam. "And to think that you were about to move and already, before our duel began, you just lost."
"Jam, you are amazing." said Cappy in admiration.
"We didn't even start the duel and you already won." said an astounded Oxnard. "And to think, every now and again, the fun park shows a random duel on the big screens... If this was just aired on those screens, you would have gone down on record as the very first duelist to win the game before it even started."
"Yeah, that is a first on me too. I'm glad I brought him along...." said Jam.
To Oxnards assumption, everyone was looking at the screens all over the fun park. That forced event that just happened was monitored by everyone, including Pegasus J. Crawford, who was secretly inside of the park. Well now Jam, this is quite the predicament you have put on the big screen. the game creator thought. Congratulations, you've just made history.
"Well Hilde, this serves you right." Jam explained. "In your attempt to force me into dueling you, The Forbidden One has denied you, shutting your plot down before you could even begin. It just goes to show you that a duelist who you disrespect and try to force into a duel just might stop you dead in your tracks. A lesson in respect has just been taught to you the hard way, regardless of you saying 'That was the luckiest draw ever in the game.' You lost and that's all that counts. Now if this duel was the very first duel of the tournament, you'd already be eliminated because of your rashness. Now I believe it's time for you to pack up and scurry away, or does Exodia here has to lend you a hand?"
Hilde discarded her deck and deactivated her duel disk. "This defeat is a disgrace.... This isn't the tournament." she said. "And if this was viwed all around this place, you've just lost your advantage and everyone who's in the tournament that saw this duel now knows that Exodia is in your deck."
"Since you won't leave, then I will." Jam deactivated his duel disk and walked away from Hilde. "Cappy, Oxnard, yallah! Thwinde!"
Cappy and Oxnard scrambled away with Jam. Hilde took to her feet and placed her paw on her forehead. I hope no one saw that... she hoped.
"Man, talk about getting burned big time. That was a definite new happening. What a disgrace!"
Hilde turned to see another hamster. A male, radical red coloring and a flamed tuft of hair. "Shut it, I don't need your pity Tyrone."
"You better hope Hiei didn't see that match, or you're in deep shit." Tyrone told her.
"Let's just go, and not a word of this."
"Me, tell the rest of the Clan how you got smoked... yeah, I'll let you explain how you disgraced us."
Hiei had also seen this on a big screen. Well now, it seems I was right to take him seriously. he thought.
"Brother Hiei, was that the Dragon Lord you want to vanquish in battle?"
Hiei turned to another hamster, a young female that looked exactly like Hermana, only the eye coloring was reversed. "Yes young Petal, that is him." he told his younger sister.
"He's pretty powerful to make a draw like that, I don't believe in luck." said Petal. "What do you think Max?"
"I think that was just chance." Max answered as he stood next to Hiei. "Hilde should be punished for making us look so bad."
"Calm thyself, High Max." Hiei reassured the brown colored hamster at his side. "He will be dealt with in due time. And as for Hilde.... I want to hear how amusing her cause is for such tarnishment to our cause."
"I too, want to hear this."
Max, Hiei and Petal hooded their heads with their cloaks and ran off. All Shadows of the park, retire to the Night! Our business here is done for now. Hiei sent out this mental signal to the rest of the members of the Shadow Clan. and just like that, they Shadows were gone.