Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Hamtaro Fan Fiction ❯ Return of the Duel Hams ❯ duelists and risk ratings ( Chapter 28 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

That night, Hiei and his members of the Shadow Clan assembled. "Okay everyone, I have called this Meeting of Shadows for reason." Hiei began. "The tournament is tomorrow and there are things needed to be assessed. Aqua, dictate the records of our last meeting."
"Yes, Hiei." Aqua said. With that, the female white hamster read from the books... "At last Shadow's assembly, we conducted a search for the strategies and skills of other tournament-bound duelists. We also had achieved the goal of finding rare and powerful monster... Out goal of recruitment however has been unsuccessful, for the duelists weren't worth enough."
"Good. Now, we need not go into etails of this and that, so let's get to the point: Duelist Information."
"Well, based on what we've observed, the risk ratings are range of unimportant to serious." said Hilde. "We also have confirmed certain duelists being there, however, no risk ratings have been finalized."
"We will discuss this soon." Hiei turned to his side to see a hamster in what appeared to be robotic armour. "Rei, status report on the dueling mainframe."
"Successful infiltration." Rei answered. "Hacking into the mainframe was not of proper challenge, as it never is. However, the mainframe has been updated since I last hacked into it. Regardless, the information is the same... it ranges around the configuration of the world's various duel disks. I simply input the coding of our duel disks into the mainframe along with a virus."
"And on this virus...."
"Unfortunately vaccinated."
"Enough of this technical mumbo jumbo, Rei." said Kai. Kai is a light blue hamster with blue sapphire colored hair.
"Kai's right." said Tyrone. "Let's skip forward some already."
"Do not rush this meeting." said Hiei. "All business will be taken care of."
"My business is about the champion." said another male hamster. His name is Blaze, a laser lemon colored hamster with a tuft of hair in the shape of a thunderbolt and a matching scar over the left eye. "We need infomation on the champion."
"I agree with Blaze on this one." said Hiei.
"Yes, duelist profiles are of in order." said Aqua.
"Projector is online." said Rei.
With the projector up and running, a simple click of a remote and it showed a holographic image of Bijou. Some of the males began whistling off of the holographic image. "Pretty girl, I'd love to sleep with that at night." said Tyrone.
"I'd never get off of a cutie like that." said Max. "She's worth shaging forever, wouldn't you say Jewel?"
"Humble yourselves, all of you." said Hiei.
"Posers... Anyway, her name is Bijou." Aqua started to explain. "Don't let her pretty face fool you, as her looks don't do her dueling skills justice. Subject currently reisdes here in Japan, but is of french descent."
"Ooh la la, sacré bleu and-"
Hiei smacked Tyrone upside the back of his head. "Continue."
"Her pretty face and sweet demeanor matches her deck, which consists of fairy-type monsters." Aqua went on.
"I can take her, brother Hiei." said Petal.
"Calm thyself, young Petal." said Hiei.
Aqua went on. "Looking at the records from the last tournament, she has various strong cards. The fist of these Strong cards is Winged Kuriboh LV10."
"Subject's use of the Winged Kuriboh is very powerful as it was last recorded with another card. One that I've never even heard of until I seen in the duels she's used it in. It is a quick-play spell called The Flute of Summoning Kuriboh. This is a very interesting card, but you don't have to take my word for it... Here's how it works: You can add one 'Kuriboh' or 'Winged Kuriboh' to your hand or Special Summon it to the field from your deck."
After its explanation, the laughs of another brown hamster were heard. He was darker than Max. "Is something amusing, Jin?" Hiei questioned.
"So, it exists after all...." was Jin's response.
"You knew of this card and you didn't inform me?!"
Jin pulled out a clipping. "I'll read you the article, Hiei. This article was from an issue of Duelist Monthly two months ago:" he then cleared his throat. "Today, we recieved from a duelist sorce that Pegasus J. Crawford, creator of the Duel Monsters card game released a rare card for use with the most underestimated of the Duel Monsters, Kuriboh. The source implied that this spell is a rare card that allows the user to summon Kuriboh from the deck.
"However, the source didn't have a picture of the card, nor did the source give the name of the card. Because of this, the rumor of this unique spell card is believed to be a fake card."
"Well, at least we now know that this card is real and what it can do." Jewel said. Jewel is a male hamster of peach coloring and resemblance of a female hamster.
"I wasn't going to take heat on informing you of this card only to find that this was a fake." said Jin. "I'd rather keep such questionable information until accurately confirmed upon."
"Moving back to the champion..." Aqua intruded. "The card with the most power is Majestic Mech - Goryu. And we know of this card thanks to Petal."
"Keep going." Petal said.
"She also uses the fusion fairy St. Joan, which is another strong monster. And finally, she has the rare card Mudora. A fairy that gains strength for every destroyed fairy in her grave."
"Interesting." said Hiei and Petal.
"Her fairy deck seems powerful." said Jewel.
"Not as powerful as mine." said Petal.
"Not at all, but probably more advanced than yours." said Hiei. "Her fairies have much more potency than your deck."
"My deal is her Kuriboh Flute and Winged Kuriboh." said Aqua. "Based on those said fairies in her deck, I have two conclusions: 1) She probably has both forms of Kuriboh in her deck. And or 2) She is using more than one LV10 Kuriboh. And based off that Flute... I'm leaning towards the second conclusion."
"I was thinking the same thing." said Hiei.
"Odds are, there is at least two or three versions of that Winged Kuriboh in her deck. And if that is so, the champion has quite the powerful ensemble of monsters. Add that to the fact that she can simply discard her fairies at will to call on a super strong Mudora in addition to three LV10 Kuribohs, who are the monster form of Mirror Force, she is to be viewed as a valid threat." Aqua continued.
"A pretty face champion with a destructive fairy like that? There's definitely multiple Winged Kuribohs in her deck." said Jewel.
"My sediments exactly." said Hiei. "Any serious duelist that can use a deck of fairy-types is very strong. But to become a champion with a type of monster that vary few duelists can seriously make a deck out of? Subject must be approached carefully. Risk Rating S+."
Aqua clicked the remote and the holographic projection showed Stan. "Next up is Stan, one of the two Dragon Brothers."
"Risk Rating C, I easily vanquished this duelist, he isn't as strong as I anticipated." Hiei folded his arms.
"C risk? He's not worth my time." said Hilde.
"Damn straight. Next duelist, Aqua."
Aqua clicked the remote and the viewer showed Dexter. "Next up is the duelist known as Deras Gata, The Undead Duelist."
So, this Dexter.... he is Mr. Gata.... Hiei thought.
"I've heard of this Deras Gata." said Tyrone. "This guy uses zombie-type monsters and I've seen the merit of this ham's deck."
"Is that so?" questioned Jin. "His deck can't compare to mine."
"Tch, Gata's deck has your deck as its bitch."
"You lie!"
Aqua continued. "In a recorded duel, subject has pulled Despair from the Dark on the opening move, kept it on the field and dominated the duel. The subject's ability to summon high powered monsters to the field is practically impeccable. He weilds the ultimate zombie monster."
"He's not the only one who weilds Vampire Genesis." said Jin.
"His ultimate zombie, the card known as Beserk Dragon. A monster with 3500 ATK points and the ability to destroy all of it's opposing monsters in one shot."
"Ouch." replied Hilde, Rei and Kai.
"Adding this to the mix of his innate ability to summon and protect high level undead monsters makes this duelist a major threat." Aqua finished.
"Like I said, Jin." said Tyrone. "Compared to Deras, you're just his bitch. Risk Rating S."
"Agreed," said Hiei. "Next."
Aqua clicked the remote again. "This duelist is named Sparkle, she is the one who is the runner-up to the champion. Her deck is based off of the Wind structure deck, though modified to one specific monster, Harpie Lady."
"A Harpie deck, huh?" Blaze said. "Interesting."
"Her deck contains practically the monsters of the wind structure deck, but also the Harpie cards. From Harpie Lady to Cyber Harpie Lady... all the way down to Harpies' Dragons, regular and baby."
"Bah, this duelist is a poser." said Hiei.
"She's a cute poser." said Tyrone.
"I'd hit that." said Jewel.
"I grow bored of this poser." said Hiei. "Risk Rating-"
"Subject is also a graduate of the Duel School dueling academy. In fact, the duelist graduated at an advance time. He time there was short, but despite her mediocre and inferior deck, she managed to graduate way too early based on her dueling criteria... and no, this wasn't a mistake."
Hiei was quiet. "You okay, man?" Tyrone asked.
"Duel School is a prestigious academy of duelists. Graduates there were either on time or only half term. If she graduated from that place at an advanced rate, then that is something to consider. Especially since I know of the high repute of that school. Since you findings are legit, this means that despite being an inferior duelist, she has some potential... even if her deck doesn't show it. Risk Rating B."
Aqua clicked on her remote once again, which this time showed Jam. "This apparently is another of our primary targets, Dragon Brother Jam." Aqua mentioned.
"Yes... let us hear the information you have on this one." said Hiei. He then took hold of his sword, which looks exactly like Buster Blader's sword.
"As we know, subject is a multiple tournament champion, skilled in the use of dragon cards."
"Don't you mean dragon-type monsters?" questioned Tyrone.
"No, I mean dragon cards." Aqua clarified.
"But he uses dragon-type monsters, correct?" asked Rei.
"Not entirely, but yes." Aqua answered. She then continued, "I have also witness that the subject doesn't use a set deck of dragons, and the dragons he uses differ from deck to deck, so it is believed that he uses more than one deck."
Hiei twirled his sword. "He lives up to his reputation." Blaze commented.
"Of course he does," says Hilde, "we know already that he rarely loses."
"I think he just gets tired of winning, so he just lets himself take a sloppy guise." said Max.
"Agreed." said Aqua. "He didn't become the champion for reasons as to see what the cards his competition holds. Subject's dragon cards are different, but... well, you look at the footage."
Aqua clicked on the remote and the Shadows watched various scenarios in which Jam has pulled out his ability to call upon his cards. After the "beautiful bean footage" was done, Aqua clicked back on the remote. "That is one hell of a duelist." said Blaze. "He's calling his cards out, then draws and plays the card he's called upon."
"Only Atem was able to play his cards like that." said Hiei. "Monsters."
"Variable. Any monster resembling a dragon resides in his deck, from LOB-POTD. If it's a dragon, he's using it, and it doesn't even have to be a dragon-type. Because of this, subject's deck is difficult to figure out and counter-strategise."
"That has proven problematic." said Hiei.
Aqua went on. "However, despite all of the various dragon cards he uses, one specific dragon has shown up...."
"And it's the one I want..." Hilde cut in. "Horus the Black Flame Dragon. That dragon is not only powerful, but rare as well."
Aqua retook her queue. "Subject seems practically unstoppable once this particular dragon is in play, but he protects all of his dragons just the same.."
"He truly is the Dragon Lord." said Blaze.
"Even so, he is to be considered a valid threat." Hiei explained. "Risk Rating A."
"Disagreement on account of conflict interest." said Aqua. "Someone of this skill level should be at least an S risk. Did you not see the unmundane way he can call out his cards?!"
Other Shadow menbers agreed with Aqua on this one. "I am aware of that." Hiei answered, "but the subject has a very exploitable weakness: Loyalty to his friends. During our observation of him, he has seemed protective of those other duelists, champion included. And when they are endangered, his judgement becomes clouded. Which despite his superhamster dueling skills makes him vunerable. This vunerability is a way to control him."
"Just as if by odd chance someone held Petal hostage, it would be a way to control you?" Tyrone dared question.
Hiei simply glared at Tyrone. "Petal can hold her own. However, certain hamster of that crew cannot. His Risk Rating is A and that's all there is to him. Next duelist."
"....If I didn't know any better, this particular duelist is starting to get under your skin..." said Kai.
Hiei dropped the Buster Blader sword, the he pulled out the sword of the Black Luster Soldier. "Get this on record."
"Recording on." said Aqua.
"I, the Dragon Soldier, fear no user of dragons. Even if by divine interventive reasoning that duelist first five cards are the cards of Exodia the Forbidden One! What were you thinking, wonam?"
"......." Hilde want to respond, but she held her tongue.
"Dragon Brother Jam is far to loyal to his friends to join our clan. And why would he, for like Atem, he power lies in his friends. Take his friends from him, his power is taken with them. Hilde, your attempts of forcing him to duel you caused quite an inexcuse of a shame upon us. When next you duel, you had better get the job done. Take his Black Flame Dragon, but leave him his soul. I want the honour of sealing him myself, understand."
"I will not disappoint again." said Hilde.
"See to it that you don't."
Aqua clicked the remote and the image changed to Boss. "Now to change your mood to one of pleasant stature." she began to explain. "This hamster is named Boss."
"Well now, what does Busha have in store for us?" asked Rufus, a male white hamster with rather colourful eyes.
"Actually, this duelist should interest you the most, High Max, for Boss is a spellcaster duelist. And word around the tournament, his line-up is for use of better words.... well, I could use better words, but they don't give this duelist justice. Subject's deck has many of the most powerful spellcasters in the game and records show his masterful use of all of them."
"Fascinating." said Max.
"Indeed," agreed Hiei, "continue."
Aqua did just that. "He is also the duelist who was attacked in the raid, correct?"
"No, but he did have a lovely assortment of magic-users." Max answered. "I was able to capture some nice rarities. A particular favorite, the Chaos Command Magician."
"Good show. That is one of the subject's monsters in his line-up." Aqua mentioned.
"What other monsters lie in his line-up?" asked Hiei.
"Well for starters, the Chaos Sorceror, which now according to the updated list is banned."
"Thousand-Eyes Restrict, another newly banned card. The only fusion monster in his deck."
"Another powerful monster out." said Max.
"Not exactly. Subject also has Relinquished in his deck. So in truth, this powerful monster isn't taken from him, but downgraded."
"Relinquished is a formidable monster." said Kai.
"Indeed." said Hiei.
Aqua continued. "Next in his line-up, the Silent Magician."
"Wait, wait, wait." said Jewel. "I'm trying to write this stuff down."
"I'm glad someone actually is." said Hiei. "Read off the list."
"Gotcha. Chaos Command Magician, c; I put a 'c' indicating the card is captured, Chaos Sorceror, crossed out because of ban; Thousand-Eyes Restrict downgraded Relinquished; Silent Magician. Go on."
"The powerful and very rare Injection Fairy Lily."
"Good card."
"Dark Magician-"
"Hah!" Max cut in... "That won't save him from me."
Aqua glared at the brown hamster with green hair. "As I was saying, Dark Magician-"
Aqua turned to Max. "...of Chaos."
Max sunk in his seat. "Oh, I take back my earlier intrusions."
"Yeah, DMoC owned your ass." said Tyrone.
"DMoC is not to be mocked." said Hiei.
"Yeah, but DMoC is still the bitch to my Cosmo Queen, which need I remind you is 2900 ATK points." Max said in his defense.
"But with the spell DMoC can bring from the grave, which nine times out of ten, is a spell that can boost it's power," Aqua reminded, "Cosmo queen is in trouble. And when DMoC destroys a monster, what happens to it?"
The other Shadows answer, "It's removed from play!"
Rufus laughed. "So let's look at this properly: Deras has a bitch; Busha has a bitch; and Jam has the biggest bitch of them all, Hilde."
"I'll cut out your tongue for such slurs from your mouth..." Hilde roared.
"Humble thyselves." said Hiei. "Continue, Aqua."
Aqua clears her throat. "Subject also has the rare Dark Magician Girl, which only makes sense because the Dark Magician leads Boss' deck. And for the record, he has been seen using all three variations of that card."
"You also have a Dark Magician, Max." said Tyrone. "But with all of his DMs in the grave and one of yours, that makes the female Dark Magician... 3200 ATK points?"
"That it does." answered Jewel. "Since DMG get 300 for every dead DM regardless of where they lay in the grave."
"And a Dark Magician Girl with at least two dead Dark Magicians is a problem, but three dead Dark Magicians... Your ass will be done like dinner."
"Tonight's main entree is High Max Roast, seasoned to perfection and comes with a zingy DMG Ass-whooping sauce..." Blaze snickered.
"Shut the fuck up. Hiei, remind these jokers about humbling themselves." Max stated.
"And I thought I had problems...." Hilde trailed off.
"Well now," Hiei stated. "Aqua, you are right about the words not being able to describe this duelist's deck. Quite the mix of power and rarity in his cards."
"It gets worse." said Aqua.
"What do you mean, worse?" questioned Rei.
"Subject also uses the following cards in his deck: Divine Wrath; Magic Cylinder, limited edition; Skilled Dark Magician..."
"Another DM." said Blaze.
"Magical Explosion, 1st edition, ultimate rare; Dark Magic Attack, original, 1st edition; Magician's Circle; Rapid-Fire Magician, original, 1st edition, ultimate rare; Different Dimension Master, 1st edition, ultimate rare; he even has the original Dark Magician Girl..." Jaws were on the floor at this moment, but Aqua continued reading down the roster. "Breaker the Magical Warrior, original; Gemini Elf, original, 1st edition {note duelist, that's a secret rare card}; Spell Calling, 1st edition, ultimate rare; Dark Eradicator Warlock; Blast Magician, original, 1st edition, ultimate rare; Dedication through Light and Darkness, 1st edition; Dark Sage; Time Wizard, original, 1st edition; Sage's Stone..."
"Stop!" cried Hiei.
"Two Magician's Valkyria..."
"Damn it, I SAID STOP!!!" Hiei swung the Black Luster Soldier sword down at the table, splitting it in half. Hell yeah, he was pissed.
"Calm down man, he's not worth it." Tyrone said in reassurance.
"I'm sorry, I was deafened by my rage. Could you come closer and tell me that again?"
Tyrone approached Hiei. "I said he's no-"
Tyrone couldn't even finish before he got smacked by the Chaos Blade and knocked into a wall. Hell yeah, Hiei was pissed. "Tell me that at least ten of those mentions cards were captured...." The Shadow clan was silent. "Five of them captured...." still no response. "Three of these cards...." and still, no one spoke. "I don't know what's worse: This subject has so many rare cards; or the fact that none of them were captured when you raided the place! It's no wonder why this duelist isn't champion... His deck is too damn powerful! Any duelist who has that much power in his deck is considered dangerous. This Boss is a walking gold mine waiting to be plundered and saying that 'He's not worth it.' to me is an insult. Did you not hear the cards that are in the deck of this duelist?!" Hiei started taking calm breaths. "To the Shadow Clan member whoe brings me his sould, and his deck... pick of the litter in the Archive of Cards. Pick of the Litter I say... So rest your bodies, focus your mainds and gather your cards. For tomorrow, we go to war... Meeting adjurned."
"But Hiei..." Jewel said.
"Meeting adjurned."
"What about a risk rating...."
Hiei looked at Jewel. "How much of a risk would you rate Boss? Anyone!"
The clan was silent. "I... I don't know?" Tyrone spoke unsure.
"Exactly. Of course you don't. None of you do, now disperse into the night." Hiei continued to walk away with Petal in tote.
"Brother Hiei.... Are you still mad at what Boss has in his deck?"
"Young Petal, it's best to not speak of this matter."
"Is he around the same skill level as you?"
"Petal, I said it's best not to speak on this matter."
"Brother Hiei..."
"Now what?!"
".....I'm sorry for angering you.... please sleep well."
"You haven't angered me, Petal. You probably never could."
"I'm going to challenge the champion, she won't stand a chance against me."
"No I advise against it, her rating is too high of a risk."
"But I can seal her away...."
"Nay, Petal."
"Oh... o-kay."
"Rest well, young Petal."
"You too, brother Hiei."
Once he put Petal down to sleep, Hiei went to his own little study. He set the two swords there and then walked over to the "Wall of Duelists". "Boss." he said to himself. "You should be proud of yourself. You have earned the right to stand next to the other duelists in this category, as you are the third. Hiei placed Boss's picture up on the Wall. "There are only three duelists that have made it to this Wall, including yourself. And despite the various cards you have, you are only the number 2 ranked in this position." Hiei looked at a picture of a yellow colored hamster, with a big red 'X' crossed in it. "Howzer Monroe, the multiple time regional champion. You lived up to your reputation, but even you were easy to defeat. And it is your sould, trapped in a shadow coin that marks its success. However...." Hiei looked at Boss' picture, "despite your assortment, you Boss are only number two. There is one of a higher than you. One who I've seen duel ruthlessly and powerfully. One who's of an unheard of Risk Rating S+++..... Duelist Ham. His skill is impressive, but he holds the game's most rarest monster. The only duelist who has it's power and can weild it unphased. You, Duelist Ham, hold the powerful, unstoppable, legend.... The Blue-Eyes White Dragon."
Hiei took a pause as he closed his eyes, only to hear thr roar of this monster. "Pegasus Crawford only made three of these cards and you hold all of them. Because of this-"
"Hiei, I apologize for this intrusion, but I have mustered the clan for something you should know." Hilde's voice was heard over the intercom.
"This had better be important, Hilde." Hiei was still in a bad mood.
"I'll let you listen to this audio feed as the rest of us are now. It's a live interview from Pegasus Crawford."
"This had better be good."
"Hello everyone, I'm glad to see that you have made it tonight." Pegasus was heard by the Shadow Clan. "I want to talk to all of you about a new type of incentive in the dueling world. Behold the Champion Packs! The setup of these champion packs are the same as the Tournament Packs from before. Which means that each one comes with two regular cards and one rare. This first set of Champion Packs, which are in this gold packaging and say 'Game One' have super rare versions of certain favorites, however, few of you might get their hands on this number here...." the sounds of a cloth being removed was heard, followed by various oohs and ahs from the press. "This lovely machine is called, Satellite Cannon."
"What does it do?"
"Of coures you want to know, so pay attention: 'This card cannot be destroyed by battle with a level 7 or lower monster. During each of your End Phases, this card gains 1000 ATK points.' Powerful indeed, isn't it. However, it comes at a price. 'Once this card attacks, its ATK points return to 0 at the end of the damage step.' And this machine is of the Light attribute."
"Mr. Crawford, what level is this monster?"
"Now if I told you that, you probably wouldn't want it, so you'll only find out when you recieve it."
"How many series of these Champion Packs will you distribute?"
"We'll just have to wait and see. I also want to say that the tournout to the sneak preview of the new Cyberdark Impact on the fourth and fifth of November was a hit. Quite the success as always and you shall soon see duelists with all new cards before the holidays."
"Mr. Crawford, what else can we expect from this series of Champion Pack cards?"
"The first of the Champion Pack games holds a set of twenty cards. Now I finally have one last order of terribly delicious Duel Monsters news to speak of and it reguards the rarest monster in my game... The Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Up until now, the world has known of only three existing cards of this name, however, I originally made four of them. And we already know that one lucky and hard working duelist has those three cards. But, there is one card of the powerful and legendary Dragons that I've not too recently released into the world. The fourth Blue-Eyes is out there in the world.... somewhere..... And you'll know of it, as it stands in front of the stone tablet. And that is all... No, no, wait, there is one thing left. I'm working on a deck of Machine-type monsters at this moment... hopefully, I'll have it done and relesed before the holidays season. And if there are any duelists out there in that tournament I've hosted that begins tomorrow who have heard of this announcement... you're quite welcome. Have a good evening everyone."
Interesting.... Hiei thought and began laughing madly.
"Hiei... is something amusing?" asked Hilde.
"Pegasus, you fool, you just gave it away." said Hiei
"Just gave what away."
"To the untrained ear, you have heard nothing. But he just said that the last Blue-Eyes will be in the morrow's tournament. Somewhere... someone in that fun park will have the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. This is perfect and impeccably unexpected timing."
"Why is that?" asked Tyrone.
"Because... The greatest dueling threat will come to that tournament."
"You mean?!"
"Yes... The bait is out and he will show his face once more in the hunt for the last Blue-Eyes."
"Good." said Hilde.
"Rest up... everyone. Tomorrow brings a dragon hunt."
But the Shadow Clan wasn't the only ones who heard the news of the last Blue-Eyes. In the course of one night, word of the last legendary dragon spread like an uncontrollable plague. Meanwhile at the clubhouse... "Hermana, do you believe?" asked Hitomi.
"I do, sister." Hermana answered.
The two walked out of their room. But as they opened the door, Jam was right there to confront them. "You heard it too, didn't you?" Hitomi asked.
"No, I saw it." Jam answered. "But as for you two... you both have a choice to make."
"What do you men, 'we' have a choice to make?" asked Hermana.
Jam pulled out two brown headbands. "Remove your past, or be damned in your future."
"I... I'm confused." said Hermana.
"It's our headbands, Hermana." Hitomi told her. "We have to choose the side that we lie upon."
Hermana removed her headband and handed it to Jam, then took a brown one and donned it. "Sister, there is no side to choose, nor is there a choice to make."
"Well said." Hitomi removed her headband and gave it to Jam. "I guess it's all about blessing." She then put on the brown headband.
"Good. Now it is time to recieve your judgement." said Jam. "It will make your third eyes bleed, but that is only mandatory." Jam closed the door behind himself as he left the portal.
The red hamster soon went outside to look at the moon. "The last Blue-Eyes White Dragon..." he began. "Duelists want the legendary dragon in which few lived to tell the tale of. The power of it's attack, the Burst Stream of Destruction..... it beckons many duelists... But what the world doesn't know, is that the final Blue-Eyes already has an owner. But the one duelist who has the other dragons will stop at nothing to reclaim the title of 'Keeper of the Dragon of Blue Eyes.' Like the maiden who held the dragon in her soul, Kisara... her blessing has been bestowed upon all four of them. Many will fight to find the last dragon, but no one will take it from its owner. Once again, it is time...."
Many duelists of this night, now dream of owning the last Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Of those duelists, 100 of them consider that dream as a goal; for five duelists, that goal is a vital mission; and for one duelist. That duelist's objective is to hold onto the last of the "Dragons of Blue Eyes."
next chapter, it all begins.....