Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Hamtaro Fan Fiction ❯ Return of the Duel Hams ❯ let the duels begin ( Chapter 29 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The day of the tournament.... rather, the morning of it anyway and it was early in the morning... an hour before sunrise to be exact and a certain duelist was preparing his deck. "Pegasus you bastard. You would dare hold the last of my Blue-Eyes White Dragons. He should've just given it to me." this duelist... a chestnut and white colored hamster. "It doesn't matter to me anyway, I'll go through every pathetic duelist until I find the one with the last Blue-Eyes. I'll beat these chumps for kicks of destroying these wannabe duelists... No one in the world can stop me, and I'll infiltrate this tournament and destroy any duelist who thinks they've got a shot against me." with the final preperations of his deck complete, he opened his closet and pulled out a blue trench coat with belted sleeves. "No one in the world can match the power of my deck. And soon these hotshot wannabe duelists will soon know and fear the one known as..... Duelist Ham."
At the clubhouse, Boss was up and around since he couldn't get back to sleep. "Man, I should still be alseep. But I'm juse so anxious to go into this tournament, I should still be asleep." Boss was still angsty about the sleep.
"You seem ready to go. that's good to hear." said Jam.
"You're awake too?"
"Of course. I always wake up before dawn, to recharge for the day."
"Of course you do, that sunspot of yours is the reason to that."
"You remember."
"Of course."
"So, let's get a duel in."
"I don't wanna wake everyone else up with the dueling effects."
"Let's do it the low-tech way then."
"Okay, let's go."
Boss and Jam head over to a table, sat across from each other and prepared to have their duel. They both removed their decks from their duel disks and gave them to each other and shuffles each other's decks. Once the decks were handed back to their rightful owners, the two drew five cards. "So who goes first?" asked Boss.
"I don't mind going second." said Jam.
"Cool, then I'll move first." Boss took his card and started things off. "Two cards and Ebon Magician Curran to summon. (1200/0) Your turn."
Jam took his card. "Spear Dragon to summon (1900/0) and in for the attack."
"All right." Boss move Curran to the graveyard <7300>.
Jam switches his dragon to the defense. "I'll set one down and it's on you."
Boss takes his card. "Call of the Haunted to bring back Curran, then I'll summon Pixie Knight." Boss moves the cards accordingly (1300/200). "Curran takes out your Spear...."
Jam removes his dragon. "Uh huh."
"Pixie Knight for the direct shot."
"Eh." <6700>
"Your go."
Jam takes his card. "Set one down, then activate Premie."
"I'll counter with cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell. I'll give up my Sword of Deep-Seeted for that."
"Score, your turn."
Boss take the Sowrd of Deep-Seeted from his graveyard. "I'll give this to Curran and go for the combo."
"Score." <3700>
"You're up."
Jam draws his card, then sets the same card on the field. "Go."
Boss takes his card. "Sacrifice Curran for Cybernetic Magician (2400/1000). Your turn."
No attack, huh, interesting. Jam takes his card. "I'll attack with my Solar Flare Dragon. (1500/1000) I'll hit Pixie Knight."
"Meh." Boss removes Pixie Knight from the field. <7100>
Jam continues his turn. "I'll play Creature Swap and end my turn."
Jan and Boss Switch monsters, then Boss pulls the Sword of Deep-Seeted from his graveyard. "I put the dragon on the defense. You take 500 damage, and it's on you."
Jam takes his card <3200>. "I'll sacrifice your guy and play Horus the Black Flame Dragon. (2300/1600)"
"Damn, already?"
"Yeah, I know. I'll attack the dragon, then I'll play Dragon's Gunfire for 800."
"How many turns has it been?" <6300>
Hmm... yeah, let's count how many turns that's been.... *goes back and counts* wow, only five. Imagine that... at the end of five turns, I'll have Horus at full strength... Oops, I forgot to mention I'm playing this duel out. My badt, duelists. Well, back to the game.
"Let's see, if both duelist's moves count as one full turn... five."
"Tch, five turns. Ain't this a bitch?"
Jam removes LV6 from the field and places it in the graveyard. He then takes his deck, pulls LV8, places it on the field in attack mode (3000/1800), shuffles his deck and places it behind the graveyard. "Your go."
Boss takes his card, setting it on the field. "Your turn."
Jam takes his card. "I'll hit for three."
"I gotta take that."
"Then I'll play Dragon's Gunfire to add on another 800, ending my go."
Boss takes his card <2500>. "I'll set this down, and it's on you."
Jam takes his card. "I'll set this down, your turn."
Boss takes his card. "Not attacking this turn... I wonder how come."
"I don't need to rush into winning."
"Well, I'll play my Mystical Space Typhoon."
"Okay, pick a card."
"Fine, I pick the middle card."
"You destroyed.... Negate Attack." Jam sends the trap to the graveyard.
And that's why I didn't attack you when you had no monster on the field. Boss simply shrugged. "I'm done."
"Of course you are." Jam took his card and laughed. "Now this is a first. Okay, sure, I'll play it. Say hello to Horus the Black Flame Dragon."
"Son of a bitch...."
Jam summoned his deckmaster to the field for a third time (1600/1000). "I'll have my newly summoned Horus hit you now and I'll end my turn."
"What are the odds of this shit..." <900> Boss took his card. "That's game, you won."
Both duelists shuffle their cards and place their decks into their duel disks. "Boss, do you always get bad draws when you're in a pinch? No offense or anything, but it seems like you get some really bad draws when things don't go your way." Jam wondered.
"I had something to stop you, but I couldn't play it doe to Horus' effect." Boss answered.
"And the second time?"
"I could've blocked it, but with two monster on the field, it wasn't much of a use."
"I see."
"I was working on another deck of spellcasters, but it got taken when the clubhouse was ransacked."
"That means you need a good trumph card. And luckily for you, I've got one for your deck."
"That's nice of you Jam, but I don't do dragons."
"Not a dragon for you Boss, a wizard... and one you might find helpful in a tight spot too." Jam held the card out for Boss to grab. "Take it, you'll thank me later."
"I don't know...."
"What have you got lose?"
"My pride. But, your gifts always did come in handy to the others, so I guess it's worth a shot in having."
"If you don't want it, just say so Boss."
"I didn't say I wouldn't take it, Jam..." Boss gave a sigh. "I'm not thinking straight because it's so early. That and I'm still bummed out on losing my second deck. I don't understand what card you'll give me, but I'll take it anyway."
Boss reached out for the card, but Jam pulled it away from him. "Hey what's the..."
"I don't think you want this card."
"It's not that I don't want it.... it's just...."
"It's just what?"
"It's just that I don't think I'm ready for it yet. The cards you give out aren't just to be taken lightly, they are to to ask if you're worthy enough to use them. You've given out cards to the otherss and they seemed ready to use them, though they didn't understand. I learned that the hard way when you let me, Bijou, Cappy, and the like those Enemy of Justice packs when we had to deal with the Orichalcos; when you gave Seiyaryu to Pashmina; Serpent Night Dragon to Dexter; Barrel Dragon to Panda; a starter deck to Penelope... Look at them, they were ready when they played the cards you gave to them for use..."
"Well look at Pashmina now. She didn't duel much, but now look at her, she's ready to try and use the cards. If they can try to use the cards, then why can't you?"
"....I need to be certain if my skills as a duelist are ready to take your card."
"What does Mahad think?"
Boss was silent. "He wants me to decide for myself."
"And I want to be sure if I'm ready to handle a card like yours on my own."
Jam had a disdainful look on his face. "Why do you question if you can handle this wizard?"
"Is there a problem with me asking if I can handle this wizard that you wish for me to recieve?"
"It better not be, especially coming from you!"
"You've got explaining to do. I give you one wizard to use and you question if you're ready for it, especially when you can skillfully use some of the most powerful wizards in all of Duel Monsters, which reside in your deck? One of which you just used in your duel against me? I'll ask you again when you wake up, because you're still asleep."
"I wanna know if your wizard can cut it with the rest of mine, that's why I seemed a bit reluctant in accepting it. I don't fear any spellcaster, even the ones that are used against me. I wanna know if your card can come through when the chips are high-stacked and everything is on the line.
"Look at the dragons you command in your deck. You don't just thow any dragon in your deck, you ask yourself if it'll hold its own amongst those that already have earned their keep. I wanna know, from my own experience, if your guy can hold its own with the rest of my crew. I don't just recruit any magic-using duel monster, you know."
"And that's the Summoner talking. If you wanna know if this wizard can cut it, then find out."
"I won't know until it's in my deck."
"Then add him to your deck, then tell me later."
In an exchange of paw, Jam relinquished the spellcaster to Boss. Jam looked out the window. "It's almost time for sunrise... I'm outside, and try to get some rest."
Jam went outside and Boss simply watched him leave via the evacuation tunnels. Let's see what this card is... Boss thought as he turned the card over. Copycat huh? I just might have a use for it after all....
"So you're awake." Boss turned around to see Hitomi. "And why are you up?"
"Can't sleep. And you?" Boss responded to her.
"I see."
"Perhaps we can help each other sleep... if you catch my drift." Hitomi ran her fingers up and down Boss' chest.
"Hmf, I think I'll try counting sheep."
"Counting sheep?"
"Well what did you have in mind?"
"Replacing that 'Glory Hole' you have in your room. Or do you like humping a poster on a wall over a real girl hamster?"
"If you wanna replace my wall, your hole better make me feel good."
"Not a problem. I'll give you head here if you want."
"What about Hermana?"
"I think you're a little too big for her."
"Not what I meant. I mean... aw, let's just go to my room."
As Hitomi was led to retire in Boss' room, Jam was outside and up in a tree waiting for the morning sun. Well, it's been a long road coming... but now it's finally time to get down to business. he thought. A business that I've been lacking at in some time... but worry not, business is about to kick in really good. I will put Pegasus' card to use in this tournament.... I shall soon see if it wishes to be called upon by me. Jam removed his pack, exposing the sunspot on his back, then he lay on his belly. He closed his eyes as he awaited the morning sun....
In the comforts of home, a young girl wakes up to the day. With a yawn and a smile, she greets her hamster. "Well Pashmina, this is going to be a great day today, I can feel it." June opened the cage and took Pashmina into her hands. "I don't know why, but I'm so excited to head off to school today. I don't know why, but I feel that everything will go my way."
"Heke!" Pashmina squeaked in agreement.
"Well, I'm going to go now. Be good while I'm gone, Pashmina.... Though... I don't have to tell you that, now do I?" and off June went for the day.
Pashmina returned to her cage and pulled out her duel disk. "You're right, today is going to be a good day." she said to herself as she put on the duel disk. "A good day... to duel." Pashmina's duel disk activated. "It took a long whlie for me to do and it seemed like forever, but I've finally completed my deck. And now it's ready for testing... I have a goal, a goal that I've set myself for this tournament.... to see if my dueling skills are ready." And in what seemed like an instant, Pashmina was already outside. Competing against my friends for the first time will be a challenge, but if I can overcome... no, once I overcome all of these trials, I will be a great duelist. Everyone, here I come.
Off she went to the clubhouse, meeting Penelope along the way. Sparkle soon joined them and the trio headed towards the clubhouse.
At the clubhouse, Boss was waking up in his bed. Apparently everything that happened in the early morning helped him get back to sleep. "Morning again already I take it...." he said as he rubbed his face. "Hey... wait a sec..." Boss was about to move, but he took an instinct to move the cover first. A wise choice too, since Hitomi was right there. He simply shook his head. "Hey, wake up. It's time for the morning meet." Boss said as he held in a chuckle.
"Hmm..." Hitomi looked up at Boss. "Mur mur ah rmm me?"
"Hold on a minute, your mouth is full."
"Hmm? Mmm memmm...."
"You need help?"
"Mmm hmmm."
"Hold on."
Though it was against him, Boss took Hitomi by the back of the head and pulled up, then used his other paw to empty Hitomi's mouth. Huh... interesting. he thought.
"Thanks, I needed that." Hitomi said.
"That's what you get for going too deep."
"At least I can work all of it."
"And you didn't even gag once... not bad."
The two got out of bed. "You ready to go?"
"I'm good... but you need a napkin."
When Boss walked out of his room, a good majority of the hams were already at the table. "Hey Boss, nice to see you didn't plan on sleeping in so late." said Stan.
"Ha ha, Stan. Ha ha ha." Boss said
Hitomi walks out of Boss' room. "Well that explains everything, you had company."
"So what if I did?"
"How much did you guys fuck last night?"
"Stan, we do have young hamsters present."
"You didn't say that last time." Stan crossed his arms.
"That's because the first time was coincedental." said Hitomi.
"It's also coincedental that you got a little something right there on your cheek." Stan was pointing to it.
Hitomi turned around embarrassed. "Dammit, I thought I got it all..."
"Subject change, please..." said Boss.
That's not fair," Snoozer whined, "I'm sitting in my sock for about seven and a half minutes dealing with my morning wood, and you're in Boss' room dealing with his and you didn't say anything at all? What's a ham gotta do to get some skull around here...."
"Does spring come early in Japan?" asked Jam.
"Not to my knowledge." answered Hamtaro.
"Anyway.... who needs some Forbidden Gear out of you guys?"
"I need a bit of gear." answered Sparkle.
"Me too." said Pashmina.
"I lost my Forbidden Brown hat." Cappy sulked.
"No you didn't, I got that right here." Jam said, then tossed Cappy his cap. "You're lucky I managed to grab your lids, Capster..."
"So let's see some of this gear you made." said Sparkle.
Jam removed his pack and he pulled out some lovely gear in the brown colors of Exodia. "Okay hams, look at what the Jam-ham made. You got a choice of headwraps, bandannas, du-rags, scrunchies, ribbons, cowls, shrouds, ties, and even a nice cloak."
"Dibbs on the cloak." said Sandy.
"I want a shroud." said Howdy.
"Do you have bowties in there?" asked Dexter.
"Not for guys, but I can make you one." answered Jam.
"What do you mean, not for guys?"
"Like this." Hermana pick up one of the bowties.
"Man, that's tacky..." said Dexter.
"Hermana, you might wanna put that in your hair." suggested Pepper.
"That's the plan." said Hermana.
"Jam, honey, you wouldn't happen to have any bonnets in there, would you?"
"This isn't Little House on the Prarie, Pepper. Wear a cowl instead." Jam answered.
"Nah, lemme get a du-rag."
The hams decked themselves out in their Forbidden Gear. Maxwell was clever with his headband and made it so it could be worn like a sash. Dexter took a cowl instead of a tie, which he ended up tweaking to wear it in a different manor. Jam smiled at his handywork. "Now that everyone is decked out in their gear, I have a bit of buisness to explain." he told the hams.
"Go ahead, Jam. We're listening to you." said Boss.
"The last two tournaments made me realize something that I only had an assumption on. Each of your duelists can fend for yourselves as well as the others. It has made my role as guarding close happily. I no longer have to worry about you duelists anymore, so I'm not going to mentally hold your paws.
"The good thing is that I've actually don the onw thing that rarely happens to me, I've lost. And in losing to you girls, I've learned two things: 1) You can grew smarter as well as stronger. And 2) I can become stronger from my defeats and near defeats. Now if only you guys can actually beat me, things will be much better. I mean Bijou and Sparkle have both done it, I know at least one of you guys can get the win over me. You know I'm only kidding you fellas. But now for a more serious note. All of us have watched how another of us has dueled. We have the perfect idea on how to duel each other. So I'm motioning for a rule for us to duel amongst ourselves only if we have to. Because if we constantly duel each other instead of the many other duelists at the park, it'll only hurt our chances."
"You don't even have to motion that one, Jam. we already agree." said Dexter. "Dueling amongst ourselves to better our chances is only going to hinder us. So we'll duel each other only when we have to and no sooner."
"Yeah." everyone else agreed.
"Okay then, thank-q... All of you."
"So what's next on the agenda?" questioned Boss.
"I have something for all of us." Maxwell said. "Now don't get greedy, there's only enought for each of us to have only one."
"One what?" asked Cappy.
"Booster packs of course. So, here's to everyone beginning." and Maxwell dumped out a box onto the table. "All of us are entitled, because there's only enough room for one each, of a booster pack. so take one and good luck to all of you."
"Hey, it's a bunch of Cyberdark Impact boosters, nice looking out, Maxwell." said Stan as he took his booster pack.
"We got them last night."
"How come you guys don't have booster packs from this new set?" asked Boss.
"Our shipment didn't get in yet." Howdy answered sadly.
"Too bad for you," said Dexter. "Curtis will have his in at noon today."
"I guess Goldie will also."
"You're welcome everyone. Use this power wisely, and make your cards count." said Maxwell.
"You got that right." said Lapis.
All of the hamsters took their booster packs... but one was left over. "Hey, who didn't get a booster pack?" asked Penelope.
"I didn't, so that one is mine." Jam answered as he took the booster. "I'll hold onto this one for now. I might need the cards in here later on, you never know."
"Any other dueling business?" asked Boss.
"I have a simple reminder." said Panda. "I don't know about you guys, but I hope you've developed your stand by now. And if you haven't, you should at least have a good idea on what it will appear as."
"Well said, Panda." Jam agreed. "And just remember, we aren't just any ordinary hams, we're dueling hamsters."
"That's right, but we'll shorten it up." said Boss.
"Shorten it up?"
"Of course. Now listen up you hams. It's about time to go, so everyone should take this last words of mine into great consideration. This is your last call on cards. Grab your completed deck, fusion deck, side deck and any other spare cards or card books you plan on bringin' to the fun park. Once we leave here, we won't be back until tournament's end. Get whatever cards you plan on using, or in Oxnard's case, trading. Also, get in your bathroom time now. We aren't making any stops..... Remember this, we aren't just the dueling hamster of Forbidden Brown, we are Duel Hams... and nothing changes that. Nothing! We're done here, ready your cards..."
With that, the hams head off to their rooms fo finalize their cards. Cappy went into his room and opened his booster pack. Wow, so many nice and interesting cards... he thought. Then he took a look at his rare card. Ooh, this card looks nice. It'll be a nice monster to stand with my Enraged Battle Ox. This is going into the deck. Okay Cappy, this is the tournament where you step up your game. new cards, new deck upgrades, new style of monsters. It's time to bring the fight in this tournament. My last tournament toal was simply to survive long enough to learn the game. This time, my tournament goal is to bring the duel to duelists. My deck is no longer about to be something used to learn the game, now it's going to be used to play the game, and bring the game to the rest of the contenders. Cappy made his final preperations and made his cards ready to go.
The rest of the duelists did the same thing. Once it was all said and done, along with everyone's trips to the bathroom, the hamsters took to the fun park. Along the way, Seamore and Barrette join the hams, completing the rest of the crew. Along the way, Jam informed the two of the little rule they made, which was easily agreed upon.
The fun park was swarming with people and their duel monsters. Some were there to trade, some were there to expand their collection, but the majority was there for one purpose... to duel. The Shadow Clan was already there, waiting for the gang to arrive. "I've been waiting for this day. Today is the day where I claim the Black Flame Dragon." said Hilde.
"Humble thyself, Hilde. Remember what happened last time." Hiei reminded.
"Fuck the dragons, I want the wizard." said Max.
"Eh, who cares... I'm ready to turn up the heat." Tyrone said.
Rei soon joined the rest of the clan. "Hiei, I have an urgent bit of news to tell you about."
"And what might that be, Rei?"
"Word of the tournament." Rei answered. "Have you heard of the Duelists of Forbidden Brown?"
"The duelists of who?" questioned Tyrone.
"On the digital circuit of dueling, there are duelists that take three suits. A suit that places duelists under the colors of the house of each Egyptian God. However, I found out that an group of outcast duelists formed their own house, it was called Forbidden Brown."
"Get to the point." said Hiei.
"That house, represented Exodia the Forbidden One. All of the duelists of that house took on the gods of Egypt themselves and defeated all three of them."
"Impressive. And?"
"Those duelists, donning the colors of Exodia Brown are said to be-"
"Hey look, the duelists of Forbidden Brown have entered the fun park!" someone yelled.
Everyone turned to see these duelists and as the clan saw them, it was Hamtaro and the gang dressed up in the colors of the house. "...competing in this very tournament..." Rei finished up, even if it was for naught.
"Yeah, and check out who's wering those colors." said Tyrone.
Hilde and Hiei turned to see Jam donning his Forbidden Gear, not to mention Bijou and all of the crew. "This is unpleasent, yet appealing as it is unexpected." said Hiei.
"And you wanted gave the Dragon Lord an 'A' risk rating..." said Tyrone. "I bet you feel dumb now, huh?"
"You want to get hit again, don't you?"
"Don't get mad at me because Irony put a foot up your ass..."
"And they even have a few more members as well." Max said as he observed some new, but familiar faces.
"So, you've sided with the Dragon Lord... a wise decision, dear sister." Hiei said under his breath.
"So what's the plan?" asked Aqua.
"Simple. Don't challenge them right away, it may prove costly." Hiei answered. "Get a bit of insurance first before you face them, in the event that you have a bad game and lose, you'll have a bit of chance to try again."
"I don't know about you guys, but I got no problem giving some of those gals a bit of my wood." said Tyrone.
"After I seal away the soul of one of those come-hitter girls, I'll turn her soul stripped body into my own personal geisha." said Jewel.
"Man, do you have issues." said Tyrone. "what's the point of making them your pet, if they don't have a soul to break to your own will? That's like mating with a dead body...."
"Stop thinking with your lower heads." Hiei scorned them. "And while we're going through this tournament, grab any rare cards you might come across. And whatever you do, stray from the path of Duelist Ham. None of use are prepared for the assault of three Blue-Eyes White Dragons as you hunt for the fourth one."
"Yes Hiei." the other members of the clan acknowledged.
The hams meanwhile had a bit of time to grab a few more Cyberdark Impact boosters and had those last runs to the throne. "So Jam, did you open the booster pack that Maxwell gave you yet?" asked Stan.
"Nope." Jam answered. "I haven't even cracked the seal."
"Why not, what are you waiting for?"
"This set is based on three things, Stan: Fiends; LV monsters; and the biggy, knolwedge of spell speed. The cards of this series will test your knowledge of chain links."
"Chain Destruct, huh? Sounds interesting."
"And that's why stuff like counter traps will see me through this set."
"I hear that. Counter traps are the highest of spell speed, only can be beaten by themselves. 'Shut 'em down quick.' That's the kick of this set."
"Damn straight."
Once the hams got back together again, they all headed for the giant fountain in the middle of the park. "Well everyone, I have one last thing to say." Boss began. "Simply put, good luck to all of you. And when the tournament starts, scramble."
"Not to sound impatient, but when is this going to start anyway?" wondered Cappy.
"Attention duelists, I repeat. Attention duelists, please standby for official tournament announcement." the words from the intercom from all over the park were heard.
"Looks like we're going to start momentarily." said Dexter.
"Welcome everyone to another fun park dueling tournament. This tournament has many different participants who I'm sure are ready to begin their dueling. But before we start things, there are a few words that need to be said. As you should already be well aware of, we are higly enforcing the ban list from September 1st, 2006. If you have 'forgotten' about what cards you need in your deck, the various monitors throughout the park have the ban list uploaded on them. And now, to further get on with the deal, let's have a warm welcome to the sponsor of this tournament... Mr. Pegasus J. Crawford."
Applause from other duelists is heard as the creator of the games steps up to the mic. Pegasus takes a breath and begins his words. "Greetings fellow duelists young and young at heart. I personally would like to thank you for coming to this tournament. When I first began my creating of Duel Monsters, I wanted to preserve the game of a great history. My studies of this game were very astounding. I never would've thought it could become as popular as it has grown today, and it is because of you duelists. For that, you should have proudly held heads and a round of applause, bravo.
"And now to the 'bo-ring' deals with the cards. Aside from the enforcement of the ban list, any cards that might happen to be activated on that ban list that should will result in the deactivation of the said duelist's duel disk, resulting in an immediate forfeit." that one caused a lot of commotion. "Yes, yes, 'Boo, hiss, hiss, you suck, Pegasus.' But we mean business, rules are rules no doubt. From the responses from previous tournaments, you duelists didn't find the cost of deck cost to appealing, so that issue no longer is in play. There's no set cost amount tha a deck can have."
"Thank god to that." said Boss, Dexter, Stan and Seamore.
"Also, I would like to acknowledge a certain type of play revolving the trap card A Rival Appears! Apparently, some duelists use this card to special summon monster that are deemed questionable, LV monster to be exact. So if you happen to have, oh let's say an opponent using the Raging Flame Sprite against you. That clever little scamp of three stars is something you would activate the said trap and summon... oh let's say Dark Mimic LV3. Well for this tournament, LV monsters can be special summoned by that trap card."
"Yes... it's game time." said Boss. Prepare yourself, my Silent Magician. Papa's got a brand new way to call you.
"Now for a more important matter. Everyone open up your field spell slots." Pegasus demonstrated with a duel disk. As you know, when you registered you recieved something that was hidden in your duel disks. A seal." various duelists check their duel disks and every last one of the many duelists found a card with a seal on it. "This is what you're dueling for, this seal is your life blood of the tournament. If you don't have one, then you're eliminated. These seals are what you'll need and duel for as the tournament progresses, and each duel you partake of in this tournament, these seals are your bargaining chips. You have one to start with and you must win the other nine. And once you have all ten seals, place five in your monster zones and five in your spell/trap zones. They will feed up data from a satellite to your duel disk and present a map to you showing the location of the finals. Finalists are to report there where the finals will commence. Good luck to all of you and I will see the strongest of you duelists at the finals. Keep in mind that random duels will be displayed on the big screens, so smile and duel strong. Now I will count all of you duelists down to the beginning of the tournament: Begin in 10..... 9..... 8....."
"Spread out and prepare to scramble, duelists." said Boss.
"7..... 6..... 5....." everyone took their marks.
"Activate duel disks!" yelled Jam. All the hams did so.
"4...... 3...... 2....."
"Best of luck everyone." said Bijou.
"1...... DUEL!"
"Duel Hams, scramble!" Yelled Boss and off they all went.
With the announcement of tournament's start, Pegasus retired and went into the main central where many people were making shure all the technical work were running smoothly. "Ah yes, so many duelists, so little time." he said as he watched the many monitors. "Only the chosen duelists will find the finals.... But the question is, who will make it?" As the tournament was well underway, all of the Duel Monsters fanatics, whether entrants, collectors or play duelists, it all was in good fun. So we turn to one of our fellow dueling hams. "Man, this is bad for me, I haven't made much progress." Cappy has been going on and off in his dueling, but despite his many wins and losses, he's only maintined three seals. "Why is it that I can't get anymore than three? I guess the competition is a bit more tougher than I expected."
"And that's the stone cold end to this duel, now cough up your seals as we agreed."
"Fine, take them. But don't think you'll get away with this."
Wait a minute... I know those voices... Cappy thought as he rushed to the scene.
When Cappy got there, he saw Hermana on the ground. "Hermana!" Cappy ran over to help her to her feet. "Are you okay?"
"I'm fine, but I lost the duel." Hermana answered.
"Of course you did, you little wench. You didn't have much of a choice to duel me anyway. Not that I gave you much of a choice."
"Fuck off!"
"You're mad because you were forcibly stoned."
Cappy looked to see who Hermana just lost to. "You... I should've known... You always seem to force people into duels."
The alleged duelist finally saw Cappy's face. "Well, well, well, this truly is a small world indeed." he said. "Full circle at last."
Cappy gritted his teeth. "You never change do you? I can't believe you're actually here.... Roc Solid."
"You remembered my name... this world isn't so small after all, is it Beastmaster?" Yes, it was Roc Solid. He was once again in Cappy's life.
"Forcing people into duels has always been your emo, but you still haven't learned anything." Cappy snarled.
"How do you know this guy, Cappy?" Hermana asked.
"We go back a not-so-long way." Roc Solid answered. "And now that you're here, I can finally get my long awaited back pay."
"You creep, I'm done waisting words with you, let's get it on." said Cappy.
"Good, now I can finally get my revenge on you." Roc Solid smirked. "This little wench only wanted to give up two seals, but I was able to coax her into all four of her seals. Now I can rid myself of you, all in one shot."
"The nerve of you never seems to lighten your onyx colored heart."
"I'm touched that you remembered..."
"I'll wager all of my seals to get her's back."
"Agreed. Payback will be a real bitch, Beastmaster."
"Says you... This time you have to go through normal dueling, Roc Solid. The Seal of Orichalcos is gone."
"I won't need that to eliminate you."
"Let's duel then."
As these two began to duel, it was placed on the big screens and some of the other hams caught wind of this. "What the hell is he doing here in this tournament!" Stan was furious.
"Roc Solid's back, huh?" Dexter questioned himself as he saw the screen. "I wonder who else of those Orichalcos weilding jokers are in this tournament."
"Boss, look. Cappy's about to duel." Hitomi called out.
Boss ran over to the screen and didn't like what he saw. "Roc Solid, that bastard has the nerve to be here in this tournament." Boss snarled.
"Calm down, Boss. This Roc Solid Guy isn't all that to get fed up over."
"Wrong, Hitomi."
"How so?"
"This guy is worth getting riled up over..."
Maxwell continued to explain this deal to Pepper. "That duelist is named Roc Solid. He's some roughneck duelist who has a deck full of Rock-type monsters. He's just as cold as his name and deck implies."
"So what does that have to do with Cappy?" asked Barrette.
"Or you guys for that matter?" Pepper added.
Back over to Boss. "Roc Solid is the reason for Cappy's rep as a duelist. This is the same guy who forced Cappy into his very first duel."
"You're kidding." said Hitomi.
"No lies here. This guy wanted Cappy's soul in the duel he made with his using the Seal of Orichalcos. He was a real douchebag and probably is a bigger one."
"So how did it turn out?"
Over to Jam and Seamore. "Cappy defeated Roc Solid using a combination of Big-Tusked Mammoth and Blade Rabbit. Solid was infuriated that he lost to a newbie duelist."
"I'd be pissed off too." said Seamore.
"It was from that moment on that Cappy began forging his fate as a duelist."
"Wow, that's an amazing story." said Hitomi.
"Well I hope cappy whoops his ass again." said Cappy.
"Whoop his ass, Cappy!" Stan shouted at the screen. "And hit him hard for me."
"Cappy may have a win over Solid, but let's hope this doesn't go to his head." said Jam.
"Be careful, Cappy." Hermana cautioned Cappy.
"No sweat." Cappy replied.
"No, you will sweat." Roc Solid corrected. "My deck is far different than it was last time."
"We'll see about that. Okay Cappy, let's start with the facts: 1) You've already beaten this chump, so you got the edge over him in the battle department. But as Jam once told you, 'A duelist never duels the same way every time you face him/her. 2) Roc Solid's game is nothing but a defensive one. So make sure you lure him out to attack you, or you won't be winning this duel. Hopefully the new cards from those two Cyberdark booster that I got will see me through along with the rest of my cards. Last time we dueled, I didn't know what I was doing and I only wanted to survive in the duel. But this time, I'm a lot wiser in the game and I'm dueling to bring the fight!"
"Then fight me, Beastmaster."
And now their duel began. "And now to begin your burial." said Roc Solid as he drew his first card.
Figures, he never lets his opponents move first. thought Cappy as he rolled his eyes.
"To begin, I'll play two cards and one monster face down. Your turn, Beastmaster."
"Once a coward, always a coward I see." shot Cappy.
"What's so cowardice about defending yourself?"
How about the fact that you do it all the time, dickhead? Cappy drew his card. "Calm down, Cappy. Stay focused and draw out the wuss. I'll start things off with a good friend of mine, my Sonic Duck." Cappy's monster appeared on the field in attack mode (1700/700). "Sonic Duck, attack his monster."
Cappy's monster rushed Roc Solid's monster, but when the attack went through, Cappy saw that his duck rushed right into a statue. "That's a big head you got there." said Cappy.
"You've attacked my Moai Interceptor Cannons (1100/2000). I thought you would've learned from our last duel that my monsters have quite considerable structuring." Roc Solid explained.
"Whatever." Cappy shrugged <7700>. "Two cards face down and that ends my turn."
Roc Solid draws his card. "Since you obviously forgotten the true strength of my deck of rock hard monsters, I will reintroduce it to you."
"The only strength your deck has is a defensive one. There's no true power in defenseive dueling. You haven't even mounted a strike yet, not because your monsters have a weak offense, but because you're too scared to actually attack me. Duels aren't won by being a coward."
"That last outburst of your would've really hurt, but my stone heart isn't fazed at all, Beastmaster. So since you wish for an attack, you shall have one. I'll reveal my face down Rock Bombardment."
Pft, figures... He can't even give out a regular attack...
Roc Solid placed his had in a side holster on his hip, then removed his deck from the clip. "Because you're so demanding, and probably quite bored, I will give up something I wouldn't normally bury. Here you go, I'll bury my Stone Statue of the Aztecs." The rock-based duelist shuffled his deck, placing it into the clip and sent the selected monster to the grave. The Aztec statue crumbled into many stone bricks, which were soon launched towards Cappy like a barrage. Ouch, you better believe those stones hurt him <7200>. "That's my turn, but think of it as your warning to not wish for something you can't handle. By wise enough to heed it, Beastmaster."
Cappy half-ass cared and drew his card. Sweet, here's the rare card I got from the booster pack back at the clubhouse. Cappy checked his hand. I need to draw him out, but none of my current monsters can take out those heads, so I'll simple have to pass this turn. Cappy motioned Roc Solid to move.
"Nothing at all, eh?" Roc Solid drew his card. "You really need to follow through on your words. Or perhaps, you've decided to listen to what you were just told?"
"Less talk, more move making."
"Fair enough. I'll set one card face down, and it's your turn."
"Probably another Rock Bombardment... I'm not scared of that move, I just wanted to see how you'll plot the duel later." Cappy said as he took his card.
"I hope you don't plan on boring me with the same old monsters." Roc Solid said.
"You should know more than anyone that, 'The oldest rock in the quarry is often the best of the mountain.' Roc Solid."
"Well said, I think I'll use that."
"And I'll summon a monster now, and just for you, it's a new monster."
"Entertain me, Beastmaster."
"How about a warm welcome to my new friend, Rampaging Rhynos."
"That sounds interesting."
Cappy placed his card on the field and just like that, Cappy's new monster was ready to attack (1500/1500). "My turn's over."
"That monster looks pretty decent." Roc Solid draws his card.
"At least I'm not afraid to attack monsters like you are."
"You know what, I think I've done enough waiting. I'm ready do rid you of some monsters. I'll switch my Interceptor Cannons into attack mode, now I'll play Shield & Sword. Let's switch some pints, shall we?"
The effects of Roc Solid's spell card switched the points of all monster on the field. Luckily for Cappy's new monster, the switch had no effect to it, but his Sonic Duck wasn't so lucky. "Interceptor Cannons, charge up and target that duck." Roc Solid's command had his statues open their mouths and energy beams charged within them, the Sonic Duck wasn't looking so happy (2000 v 700). "Blast that duck!" Roc's Interceptor Cannons fired their beams at a now paniced Sonic Duck, but a shockwave blocked the blasts. "Really now..." the rock duelist was faking amasement.
"My Threatening Roar blocks your attack, not to mention it saved my duck. No dice for you, and you left yourself open to an attacking too."
"You are lousy at predictions. So my attack was blocked, I knew you had something waiting for me, but I also have something for you as well. Now I'll sacrifice my Moai Interceptor Cannons... And now let's welcome a new face of my deck to. Say hello to my Millennium Golem." A giant one-eyed golem appeared on Roc Solid's side of the field in attack mode (2000/2200). Roc then continued, "Don't worry, next turn, I'll be doing some more damage to you, but for now, a new monster to deal with and one card face down. You aren't out of the woods just yet."
Okay, that's not cool. Cappy thought as he drew his card. "I'll switch my monsters into defense mode and end with one card face down."
"Well aren't you a big man, Beastmaster? All that talk about cowaring and now look who's turned tail and run. Regardles of your sad little way to defend yourself, no defense will stop my Rocket Jumper." an odd looking blimp appeared next to Roc's golem (1000/800). "Nex I'll reveal my face down Fairy Meteor Crush spell card."
"I'm not afraid of a mere thousand attack points."
"Of course you wouldn't be, but since you're on the defensive, my Rocket Jumper can attack you directly."
The Rocket Jumper flies towards Cappy, flies right over the defending monsters, and strike Cappy dead in the chest, knocking him flat on his ass. "Cappy, are you all right?" Hermana asked with a bit of concern.
"I'm used to getting knocked flat on my posterior." Cappy answered <6200>. "Too bad you wasted that spell card."
"No, I gave this spell to my golem. And speaking of which, destroy that duck." The Millennium Golem fired a beam from it's eye, blasting the Sonic Duck into pixels. "I bet you wish I was still on the defensive, don't you Beastmaster?"
Dappy gritted his teath and bared it through the blasts <4900>. Boss clenched a fist. "Hang in there, Cappy. You can do this!" he cheered.
"Tough it out, Cappy!" Stan yelled.
"You aren't licked yet, stay focused!" Seamore yelled.
It's lookin bad for you, Capster. Jam thought. But I'm not too worried, you can still turn this around.
"Look at you, Beastmaster." Roc Solid said as he laughed. "Ever the valiant knight to rescue the girl... and you're losing. I expected more from you this time, but perhaps I was wrong. My turn is over, but soon your dueling in this tournament will be. This is sad excuse for a fight, Beastmaster."
"C'mon Cappy, turn this around... we're routin' for you." said Hermana.
Cappy was now confused. "What do you mean, 'we'?" he asked her.
"Cappy.... Just because the rest of the gang isn't here with us, it doesn't mean that they aren't giving you support. Yes, we're scattered all over the fun park, but despite the fact that we're dueling in different places, we're still routing for each other. Friends are like that, we always here to back you up, even if we aren't physically with you."
"Same this drama shit for the bedroom, Beastmaster." said a now irritated Roc Solid. "That little wench can't help you. No one can help you, just like they couldn't help you the last time that we dueled. The only things that can help you, somewhat at least, is your deck of cards. And they've been failing you. Now move already, I grow weary of this nonesense."
Cappy noticed his Rhynos snorting at Roc Solid in anger. Yeah, good thinking my new friend. he thought. But you need backup my man... he drew his card. "You're right. I haven't been bringing it to you at all, nor have I been successful in whoopin on you. but it's time to change all of that right now."
I hope you're right. wondered Hermana.
"First thing's first, my Rampaging Rhynos was a piece of that golem. So I'll begin by putting him on the attack." Cappy's monster rose from his kneew and stood ready for battle. "Now it's time to move him over."
Roc Solid was confused. "What do you mean, 'move him over', Beastmaster?" he questioned.
"My Rampaging Rhynos has the ability to move into another space on the field. And as you can see, he's lined up for combat with your Millennium Golem. And I'll back him up with my Enraged Battle Ox." Cappy's new monster was placed in the spot where Rampaging Rhynos once was (1700/1000). For some odd reason, Cappy's two monsters acknowledged each other by clinging their axes together. The three duelists were a bit confused at the behavior, but it wasn't odd enough to sidetrack them.
That's odd, why would those two monsters do that for? Hermana wondered. I don't get it.
Interesting. A sign of the same coat of arms between two different monsters perhaps... Roc Solid wondered.
"Okay boys, you ready to get down?" Cappy asked his monsters. "Of course you guys are. It's time to clear the field your your monsters, Solid."
"Go ahead, entertain me." said Roc Solid.
"Let's do this. Enraged Battle Ox, take out that Rocket Jumper." Cappy's monster began the charge. "Feel the might of the Crushing Axe!"
Cappy's EBO swiped his axe, taking out the Rocket Jumper and finally doing some damage to Roc Solid's life points. "Better late than never as they say." Roc said with a smirk <7300>.
"Now for that golem. Rhynos, do your stuff."
Rampaging Rhynos moved in and swiped his axe at the giant golem. After which, it was destroyed. "What a waste of a good monster, I was expecting more to happen to my golem." Roc Solid began to laugh, but his laughter ceased when he saw that the swipe made a clean cut in the golem. The golem soon crumbled to the ground. Wait, what just happened?
"When the Rampaging Rhynos battles a monster in the same column as itself, it's power is boosted by 500 during damage calculation." Cappy explained.
"Well that was an unexpected twist of fate."
Maxwell was quite content with the last play. "Impressive move there, Cappy. Knowing that his Rampaging Rhynos was no match for the Millennium Golem out of column, Cappy moved his monster over before battle. And though it looked like an odd way to set a monster at first, it was only a guise that actually gave the card a power boost."
"A power boost by moving a card over into another slot, that was pretty slick." said Pepper.
"....I got nothing." Barrette was at a loss for words.
"That's probably the most interesting play in the whole tournament." Stan said to himself.
"That's a crazy effect." said Seamore.
"Crazy or not, it worked." Jam said.
"Ain't that a bitch? Cappy moves a card over and it gets 500 attack points." said Lazuli.
"Nice play, you sneaky little bastard." said Sparkle.
Pegasus was quite pleased with that move. Ah, the effects I put on my duel monsters. he thought. Good move my lad, you truly are the Beastmaster. But don't rest yet, you've got a lon way to go.
Well like they say, "Better late than never." thought Roc Solid.
"And now I'll play my Card Destruction since I don't truse those cards in your hand. So get rid of them."
Roc Solid started laughing..... "What a noble strategy. You were right to not trust my hand, I'll have to discard these monsters to the graveyard. But before I send these rock monsters of mine to the grave, their effects must be resolved... effects that you need to be aware of, so I shall show them to you."
With that said Roc Solid places his cards in his hand on the field. Cappy looks at the two monsters and is a bit amazed. "They're... elephants." he said.
"Yes and no, Beastmaster." said Roc Solid. "These are my Elephant Statues, and when they are destroyed from my hand to the graveyard by an opposing card effect, like your Card Destruction, they activate: First on your left is the Elephant Statue of Blessing. How about a shower my elephant?" The Elephant of Blessing flings its trunk into the air as it stands on its hindlegs and water leaves its trunk, showering the rock duelist. "Thanks to your card effect, this statue gives 2000 life points to me <9300>."
"Lovely, more bad news to deal with..."
"Yes, there is more bad news." Roc Solid clears his throat as he sends the blessed card to the graveyard. "Now the other one that you see isn't so kind, called the Elephant Statue of Disaster."
"Wait... a statue of Blessing and a statue of Disaster?"
"And unfortunately for you, the Disaster Statue is not someone you take away from you. How about a shower for the Beastmaster, my elephant?"
This Elephant Statue does the same thing as the one before it, standing on its hindlegs, flinging its trunk into the air and spraying water. When the shower came down on Cappy's side of the field, the shower of water fell as flaming meteors that bury Cappy. As the smoke clears, all that can be seen on his size of the field was his Enraged Battle Ox and a pile of large stones. "Cappy!!" the various hams yelled.
"Cappy! Say something!" Hermana yelled in a panic.
"It hurts to be buried by rocks." said Roc Solid. "It is punishment for angering the gods of the mountain. And while you dig your way from your stoning, the rain the this statues showered you with takes 2000 of your life points."
Cappy managed to pull a paw from the rubble. "Ouch..." he said <2900>. Cappy's monster tossed stones away so he could crawl out. "Man, that's not a pleasant shower to have..."
"Of course not. It's not a good feeling to be buried alive." said Roc Solid as he laughed.
"Are you ok?" Hermana asked.
"Yeah, I'm used to getting buried alive." Cappy answered.
"Look at your knight and shining armor mow you little wench." Roc Solid began. "How do you feel now, knowing that your rescuer has failed you? You have failed, Beastmaster. There's nothing left for you, all your hopes have been buried by the power of my rock monsters. But... you have shown such promise in this duel, so I will give you an altimatum. If you submit to me now, I shall give you a second chance. I will leave you with one seal to start over in your quest. The rest of the seals will belong to me, but I'll give you one seal to start fresh in your tournament hunt again. Just think, I'll give you the chance to start over again with your one seal. It'll be like we never even dueled after it all... and all you have to do, is simply give up. Think about it..."
"Don't listen to him, Cappy. You can still turn it around with the right cards." Hermana said, despite her worries. She still had faith in him. "Come on, it's still your turn to-"
"Shut up, will ya? I'm thinking here!" Cappy yelled at Hermana.
"Oopsie...." hermana trailed off.
"Don't take your anger out on her, Beastmaster. She's only trying to help." Roc Solid said, half truthful and half sarcastic.
Cappy took a deep look at himself. Roc Solid's right. Sure it sounds like a bad deal, but at least I'll get the chance to start all over again. I guess it's not so bad, I can start over again. Roc Solid has over nine thousand life points... and I'm just under three thousand life points. It's pointless to go on now.... Cappy was about to place his paw over his deck, the signal of a surrender in the dueling world, but he couldn't get over to it. What the... it's like someone's keeping me from quitting.
Someone is keeping you from quitting.
Cappy turned to see the familiar voice. Jam...
This rematch between you and Roc Solid is being broadcast all over the fun park. A lot of duelists are watching you, and probably Pegasus is watching as well. Jam explained to the young duelist.
Save it, Jam. Your basic motivational speech won't work this time. It's my duel and my choice, now let go of me.
True... But do you think your Battle Ox is ready to give up?
Cappy was now shocked. Wh-wh-what does that mean?
You just brought it out to the field and it only enguaged in one battle, he doesn't look ready to give up. I think he's just getting started.
Okay, now I'm even more confused...
When a duelist surrenders to an opponent, his monsters are forced to give up as well... even if they don't want to. So go ahead, ask your Enraged Battle Ox if he's ready to quit. Go on, ask him... What are you waiting for.
I.... I understand.
In all the duels you've seen me have, did you ever see me quit?
Then what makes you think that you can? Because you 'Choose to quit by your own will' Cappy? Are you going to let Pegasus' generosity go to waste because you want to quit?
But I-
No excuses! Only when your life points read 0 and only 0 are you allowed to quit. Jam let go of Cappy. But, if you feel that you have no other option in this duel, than go ahead and give up. Show the whole fun park just how much of a coward you really are. 'It takes a coward to know a coward.' Cappy. And with that, Jam left Cappy's mind.
"Well now, perhaps you're ready to take my offer, right Beastmaster?" asked Roc Solid.
"It's a good offer Roc Solid...." Cappy said.
"I know it is."
"But it's not good enough! Me giving up now will only show that I'm even more of a coward than you."
And at that very moment, though it was faint, Cappy heard applause. The applause of the other duelists who were watching on the big screens of the fun park; the applause of his friends and fellow duelists; the applause of Pegasus himself; it wasn't loud as he had expected it to be, but it was heard. "This duel will continue, so make your move."
"You didn't discard your hand from the effect of Card Destruction." Hermana said.
"Oh yeah, I almost forgot." Cappy sent the three cards in his hand to the grave and drew a fresh set of cards.
"Well Beastmaster, I tried to show you a bit of mercy," Roc Solid told Cappy, "something I normally won't do to others. But instead of taking my kindness, you spit on it."
"Kindness? You're never kind to anyone, I learned that in our last go-round." Cappy said. "You can't trick me twice, Roc Solid."
"So be it, Beastmaster. You had your chance to take whatever dignity you had last, but since you won't run to fight another day... I will bury you alive AGAIN! Foolish boy, you will pay for your pride. That pride of your dueling career will be your very grave, especially since the two cards in my hand are the cards that will bring forth your demise." Roc Solid drew his card. "Well scratch that, this might be your demise right here. I'll set this monster face down and end my turn."
Cappy drew his card. All right, I now have a renewable source of power to duel, so let's get it on. Cappy looked at the card he just drew, which happened to be his Blade Rabbit. Hello old friend, how have you been? To Cappy's amazement, the Blade Rabbit hopped out of the card and stood next to him. "Not yet, but in due time. So my EBO, are you ready to give up yet?" He asked his monster, only to get a battle cry from it. "Of course you aren't. If you feel lucky, go in for the kill. It's okay, I trust you."
Cappy's monster went in for the kill. Not bad, I feel lucky myself.
"What a foolish monster." said Roc Solid.
"Thanks for telling me you have a weak defending monster." said Cappy.
"Defense isn't everything, Beastmaster. Especially in the case of this monster."
The axe came down on Roc Solid's monster, but the sight of this flipped up monster wasn't a good one. "What is that thing?" asked Cappy.
"No! It's a Dice Jar!" Hermana yelled.
"What's a Dice Jar?"
"First the good news, the Dice Jar has only 300 DEF points. And since memory serves me well, your monster is gifted with a Fairy Meteor Crush ability, so I lose life points." Roc Solid began to explain <7900>. "It's a small price to pay for a powerful ability."
"What do you mean by that?"
"I hope you're good at craps, Beastmaster."
The Dice Jar spits out two six-sided dice, one for each duelist. Roc Solid continued to explain. "Since you took a gamble in attacking my monster, you now have to take a gamble on possibly losing the duel thanks to the effect of my monster. We'll roll our dice and the loser takes 500 life point damage times the difference of the dice rolled. So if you roll a one and I roll a four, you lose 1500 life. Now if there's a tie, we continue to roll until a winner is decided."
"That's not so bad."
"No, but the catch is. If the winner rolls a '6', the loser takes 6000 damage, reguardles if the loser rolls '5' or lower, and you can't afford to lose this gamble Beastmaster."
He's right, but I can take a one or two diffence loss. But I have to roll a six and win. Should that happen, I'll be able to mount a lovely comeback and retake this duel.
"Enough, we roll on three."
"All right, let's do it."
"This will be quite the interesting scenario." said Pegasus.
Cappy and Roc Solid grab their die and prepare to throw. "Count us off, wench." ordered Roc Solid.
"Here we go duelists...." said Hermana. "One.... two..... dice roll!"
Cappy and Roc Solid roll the dice, which end up in four. The dice return to the duelists. "One more time." said Cappy.
"Agreed." said Roc Solid.
"Okay, second roll." said Hermana. "One.... two.... dice roll!"
Roc Solid let Cappy get a slight throw edge on him this time and then it was Cappy's die to stop first. "Ha, I rolled a six." said Cappy.
Roc Solid's dice was still going. "Lets see what I roll." he said.
Two seconds later, his die stopped. "A three, you lose Roc Solid."
"Not quite."
"Says who?"
"Activate trap card, Dice Re-roll."
"Dice Re-roll?" Cappy and Hermana wondered.
"Dice Re-roll negates the roll I made and allows me to roll again."
"You cheater, that's not fair!" yelled Hermana.
"Let it go, Hermana." said Cappy.
Roc Solid's die returned to him. "Now let's see what happens this time."
Roc Solid rolls for a second time and managed to roll a 6. Hermana gritted her teeth, He's a lucky cheat, that's for damn sure. she thought.
"Nice save there, Roc Solid. Nice save indeed." said Cappy.
"Of course it is. I have great skill, Beastmaster." said Roc Solid.
Without even being counted down, the two duelists threw the dice. This time however, Roc Solid threw his die into Cappy's. And as his die was knocked backward and into a spin upon landing, Cappy's die landed on a 5. "That's a high roll, Cappy." said Hermana.
"Humble it out, Hermana." Cappy advised her.
"So true," added Roc Solid. "A six will still grant me the duel."
Yes, it could, too bad it rocked away and to Hermana's delight, landed on a one. "Serves you right for trying to roll dirty." said Cappy. "It may not be the result I wanted, but your taking 2000 damage is better than me taking 6000 damage."
"Looks like the Mountain God smiles upon thee." Roc Solid gritted his teeth <5900>.
Elsewhere, the other hams are having a sigh of relief. "Man, that was close." said Stan.
"Lucky roll, kid." said Sparkle. "Now let's see you make some real noise."
"Well Cappy, here's your break. Don't mess up." said Seamore.
"Easy my man... Roc Solid is up next to draw." said Jam.
"It's still Cappy's turn though."
Back to the duel. "I'll finish things up with one card face down. You're up, Roc Solid." Cappy finished.
Roc Solid drew his card. "You think you're really on the verge of something, aren't you?" he questioned. "Now for a little turn of coat. I'll set this monster face down, then I'll end my turn."
Cappy drew his card. "More hiding behind defenses. Attack my Enraged Battle Ox."
Cappy's monster went in for the attack, only to find two hands grab its axe. "Nice try, nicer fail."
"What the..."
Roc Solid's monster is revealed. "Say hello to my Legendary Jujitsu Master (1300/1800)."
"Man, I lost life points." <2800>.
"Not just life points, but a monster as well. But don't worry, you'll be able to play him again next turn."
"What do you mean, next turn?"
Cappy soon sees the Legendary Jujitsu Master, pick up and throw the Enraged Battle Ox. Roc Solid continued. "With that, your Ox returns to the top of your deck."
"Not cool, I needed him. Well, it still isn't time yet, but I don't have much choice now. You've put me in a tight spot, but oh well. I'll throw a monster in defense mode and that will do it for me."
Roc Solid takes his card. "The Besatmaster's monster have defense, but the only one of his monsters that actually has defense in his deck that I've seen able to withstand my monsters are two: Des Koala and Des Kangaroo. This set monster of his without tribute, is more than likely to be destroyed, so I might as well play this monster anyway. Well, let's take out a monster, shall we? I'll prepare to attack by switching my monster into offense." The Legendary Jujitsu Master assume an attack stance. "Well now, Beastmaster, I hope you're ready to bid farewell to whatever monster that is, because it's going to be flipped. Attack now!"
Roc Solid's monster attampted to grab Cappy's set monster, only to be knocked backward and sent flying to his side of the field as the set monster was flipped. "Nice call, Cappy. I actually didn't think I'd see Cappy play that monster again." said Jam.
"What is that monster anyway?" asked Seamore.
"Roc Solid, allow me to introduce to you, my Soul Tiger. And unlike most of my low leveled monsters, this one can take some blows." said Cappy (0/2100).
"When did you get this card?" asked Roc Solid <5100>.
"My Soul Tiger has been one of my original beasts. Though he's rarely pulled and or played, not many duelists get to battle it. Consider yourself lucky to even battle against it and fail to destroy it, only one other duelist has come across my common friend here, and that duelist is the Dragon Lord himself. So are you done?"
"No. My monster has served his purpose, so I'll sacrifice him. Say hello once again to my Hieracosphinx. (2400/1200) I'll destroy your monster next turn. Go ahead, Beastmaster."
Cappy drew his Enraged Battle Ox. "I'll reveal my Graceful Charity." Cappy resolved his effect, and of his three cards, he saw the perfect way to stop that sphinx, then discarded two cards. "I think I'll set my Ox now since he can't take out that sphinx. Your turn."
Roc Solid drew his card. "Perfect.... Hieracosphinx, get rid of that Soul Tiger!"
So long my tiger....
Cappy watched as his Sould Tiger was sent to the graveyard. "Your turn, Beastmaster."
Cappy laughed as he drew his card. "Man, you must've really like my Soul Tiger."
"Why, because I destroyed it instead of your damned Ox?"
Cappy smiled. "This monster ins't my Enraged Battle Ox. You fell for my bluff, Roc Solid. One that's gonna cost you."
"I don't see how, my Hieracoshpinx is too powerful for your low leveled beasts."
"Well then if you say so, I might as well show you what you should've taken out." Cappy flipped up his monster. "This little guy is a new addition to my deck, going by the name of Desertapir (900/300). And when he's flipped up, he has the ability to make one other monster on the field flip face down."
"What the...."
"Too bad, my friend. Down he goes."
Clever boy... Roc Solid turns his monster into set position.
"Now... Let's welcome back my Enraged Battle Ox. Take out that sphinx." The EBO went in for the attack.
"Reveal my Mirror Force trap card!"
"No, not Mirror Force!"
Cappy simply watched as both of his monsters were destroyed. Once they were gone, Cappy hung his head low and Roc Solid simply laughed at him. "I'm done, I turn it over to you." he then said.
Poor cappy, just when he was ready to turn everything around. thought Hermana.
"Good show, Beastmaster." said Roc Solid. "I had a lot of doubts about your prowess as a duelist thus far, but you have certainly shocked me." he drew his card. "I'll set this face down first off. and now it's time for my monster to hurt you." Hieracoshpinx goes in for the attack. And as it swipes its claw towards Cappy, a barrier forms around him... a barrier with a crest on the front of it. "And just what might that be?"
"It's my Draining Shield trap card." said Cappy.
"I don't know what this card does, but I'm glad you played it." said Hermana.
"Simple Hermana. Draining Shield alters this attack I just recieved, negating the damage and converting it into life points... much needed life points to be exact." <5200>
The gang was happy to see that play. "Good show, Cappy." said Maxwell.
"That's what you call a comeback." said Pepper.
"That's what I'm talking about, Cappy." Boss was very pleased with that move.
"Go Cappy!" Hitomi said, then whistled at the screen.
"Nice." is all that Sparkle had to say.
"Cappy's got the lead." said Seamore. "It's not by much, but he has the lead."
Good show, Beastmaster. thought Jam. And to think, this probably wouldn't have happened if he had decided to quit.
Others were not so happy. "This little novice has actually had some nice moves in the past few turns." said Blaze.
"He's worthy of a 'C' risk rating, 'B' at the most." said Kai.
"I wonder what else he has up his sleeve." Wondered Petal. "Brother Hiei, Sister Aqua, are you watching this?"
"Just watch the duel, young Petal." Hiei told her. "I'm aware of the boy's dueling progress."
"Are you two done with your Tension Moment yet?"
"No. Just watch the duel, Petal."
"You little bastard.... Yes, the Mountain God graces you still it seems." said Roc Solid.
"Call it whatever you want," said Cappy. "But regardless, this duel isn't over yet. You may have been able to cheap shot and cheat skate my life points away, but I've managed to take back this duel."
"Don't get cocky because you have a slight lead, Beastmaster."
"Shut up. Unlike you, I didn't need to cowar behind defensive monsters to turn this around. I used skillful playing of cards to get back on track. That's what differciates me from you."
"Tough talk for a brat..."
"Roc Solid, you wanted me to submit to you, but that will never happen no matter how many duels we have. If you truly want to win against me, to truly make me submit, then you'll have to go through my monsters and my life points."
"Keep burying yourself into a bigger grave, you'll soon change your tone of speech in due time. Again, tough talk for a brat."
"The Beastmaster is back, Roc Solid. And I hope you're ready, because it's time to really get down to dueling."
"You're right about that, Beastmaster."
"So, do you still think I've brought the fight to you?"
"Yes, yes I do still think so. But you have entertained me quite well."
"I see."
"My turn is over, but soon, this duel shall be as well."
"We'll see who wins this duel, Roc Solid. And to all the duelists out there who are watching this on the big screen and were ready to walk away, sit down. This duel just got good..."