Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Hamtaro Fan Fiction ❯ Return of the Duel Hams ❯ Trial of the Beastmaster ( Chapter 30 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Well everyone, I would like to make a nice little announcement before I get into the real deal.
The Yu-gi-oh Ultimate Edition is out. it features a few booster packs and come with the rare and powerful card, like the Dragon Master Knight fusion monster. Yu-gi-oh Ultimate Edition, in stores now.
Last time, our dueling Hamsters made their final preperations before the tournament. And after their quite impressionable arrival, Pegasus announced the beginning of the tournament where all of our hams went off to duel on their seperate ways. Some time into the tournament, Cappy ran into Hermana, who just lost a duel she was forced into by none other than a familiar face. Roc Solid, the very duelist that forced Cappy into dueling. With a sense of justice, Cappy vowed to win back Hermana's seals at the cost of his own.
At first, the battle seemed pretty well until Roc Solid's rock-hard dueling strategies wittles Cappy's life points so low, that he almost quit the duel. But thanks to a big long look inside himself and with some much needed motivation, Cappy managed to pull things together and turn the duel into a slight lead. At the end of this turn, both duelists have three cards in hand. And though Roc Solid has a face down and Hieracosphinx on the attack to Cappy's monsterless field and only one set card, the young Beastmaster has a the lead at 5200 life to Roc Solid's 5100 life with his turn up next. Can Cappy's cards live up to his words, or will Roc Solid bury him under the power of his rock deck?
The duelists and spectators at the fun park were glued to the screens as Cappy is having his rematch with Roc Solid. All eyes are on him as he prepares to make his next move. "I must say that you've proven your worth again, without a purpose of survival this time. You have quite the amount of dueling spirit, Beastmaster." said Roc Solid.
"More than you think." said Cappy.
"Well then, let's see what you'll do this turn, Beastmaster."
"So you shall." Cappy drew his card. Okay Cappy, you're back in this game... let's make your moves count now. he looked at his card. Not strong enough, but it'll have to do. "I'll throw this number face down and then I'll summon Indomitable Fighter Lei Lei in attack mode (2300/0). That's gonna do for now."
Roc Solid drew his card. That's a decent card to play in attack mode. he thought. Decent indeed, but I'll wait before I destroy you. "One card face down and that will do it for me."
Cappy drew his card. "Sweet. Combo time, say hello to Protective Soul Ailin (0/0)."
"That's not an impressive monster, Beastmaster."
"No, but he does help out Lei Lei. I will equip Ailin to my Indomitable Fighter Lei Lei, now it's your turn."
Roc solid drew his card. "Your turn."
Cappy drew his card. "Your turn."
Roc Solid drew his card. I'll set this monster on the defense, your turn."
Cappy drew his card. "I'll set this card face down. I'll need that one later. Your turn."
"You should've attacked me, but your caution will now cost you."
"How is that?"
Roc Solid drew his card. "I'll flip up my face down monster, Aussa the Earth Charmer (500/1500)."
"Aw, crap. That Charmer is a hazard to my deck."
"Of course she is, especially since many of your monsters are Earth attribute. Aussa, lure Indomitable Fighter Lei Lei to our side of the field."
Using the crystals on her magical staff, Aussa pulled Lei Lei to Roc Solid's side of the field. "This isn't good." said Hermana.
"Now here's a bit of irony for you; your own monster, added to the two of mine equal a total of 5200 attack points. Which is enough to polish you off and grant me the duel, Beastmaster."
"Well before you think about that, allow me to cancel your plans of wiping me out this turn. I have a trap to activate."
"And what might that be, Waboku?"
"Exactly." Cappy activates his card.
Roc Solid shrugged. "Fine, plan B then. It's time for me to sacrifice monsters now."
"Upgrading your Earth Charmer, are we?"
"No, dear adversary. But I am sacrificing your monster and my Charmer. Now I'll summon, Stone Dragon to the field."
With the tributing of the two monsters, and with Cappy's two monsters being sent to the graveyard. Roc's Stone Dragon rose up from the ground (2000/2300). That's an interesting card to call. thought Hermana.
"Well, I see you have another monster to play with defenses..." said Cappy.
"Worry not, I will finish you soon, Beastmaster. For now, I'll let you move."
Cappy draws his next card. "Showtime. Now I'll summon my Beserk Gorilla on the attack (2000/1000), but I'm not done yet. I'll add Invigoration to him and give him a better boost up (2400/600). Next, I'll reveal my Poison Fangs spell card." Cappy's spell card gave the Beserk Gorilla a purple aura.
Hmf, wretched primeate. thought Roc Solid.
"And as you remember, This monster has to attack whenever possible Roc Solid. Now, say goodbye to your Stone Dragon! Attack with Primal Flame!"
The Beserk Gorilla launched its attack at the Stone Dragon. Despite this, Roc Solid wasn't even flinching. "Reveal trap card, Spiritual Earth Art - Kurogane." he shouted.
"What does that do?" asked Cappy.
"First off, I'm sacrificing my Stone Dragon to summon an Earth monster from my graveyard."
The flames were blocked and when they cleared, Cappy saw a familiar monster. "What the..." said Cappy.
"You remember my Stone Statue of the Aztecs that I gave up earlier in our duel, do you? I had it defend on its summoning. Your play has been outsmarted, Beastmaster."
"Yes... that was very clever, Roc Solid." Cappy groaned. "My turn's over."
Roc Solid drew his card. "I'll reveal my face down Rock Bombardment." Into his deck he went. "Ah, My Moai Interceptor Cannons will now have some company, with The Statue of Easter Island. I hope you're ready for another shower."
"Oh crap." Cappy was soon hit with a melee barrage of rocks <4700>.
"Now I'll torment you with one card face down. Now I'll sacrifice my Hieracosphinx..." Roc Solid's monster was sacrificed.
"And just what do you plan on bringing out this time?"
"Something that will make you suffer. I call upon Exxod, Master of The Guard!"
The ground began to shake and rumble. And within moments, Roc Solid's monster arose from the ground (0/4000). Cappy and Hermana were in shock. Okay... didn't face that last time... Cappy wondered as he stood in awe.
"What's wrong, did you see a ghost Beastmaster?" questioned Roc Solid. "Or perhaps you didn't expect me to summon something with so much to offer?"
"That's not cool...."
"Well I'm done for now, Beastmaster. Let's see you deal with this monster, if you can that is...."
This is bad. The only monster I have with enough muscle to stop that thing is my Master of Oz, but I don't have the cards needed for his fusion summon. So much for my comback.... Cappy was mentally defeated.
Ah, finally the duel belongs to me. thought Roc Solid. But unfortunately for him, he will destroy himself. The Beastmaster's Beserk Gorilla must attack unless it's stopped by a card effect. And I'm quite certain that the cards in his hand won't help him either... Even with Invigoration, that primate is still 1600 points too weak to even scratch the defensive powers of Exxod. Three attacks and the duel is mine.
Cappy drew his card. This won't help me at all, it's just a throw away spell. But.... I'm not licked yet. Well old friend... it's time to work your magic again.
"You seem troubled, Beastmaster. Have you realized that you have lost yet?"
"Never! I still have something that can stop you. It's time to summon it to the field. I summon my Blade Rabbit in attack mode."
"Errr.... How I hate that wretched Rabbit!"
"Well you know what, he hates you too, Roc Solid. Now welcome him back to the duel (400/300)."
Seamore wasn't too pleased with Cappy's newly summoned monster. "This thing helped beat Roc Solid last time? What a joke." he said.
"Don't let Blade Rabbit's weak appearance decieve you, Seamore." Jam said. "This isn't that cuddly carrot eater that folks would see in a pet shop. Roc Solid's defenses were shattered by this monster when they last dueled. It's small, but very powerful."
"How powerful?"
"You know Roc Solid, things truly have come full circle." Cappy began. "The very monster that destroyed you last time will do it once more. And to all those watching in the fun park who are wondering how, I will explain. Sure this monster looks weak, but once I switch it to defense mode, it can automatically destroy one monster on the opposing side of the field."
"Is that so?"
"Hell yeah, it's so."
"Prove it."
"I will next turn, but unfortunately my battle phase comes up and my Gorilla has to attack now."
Cappy's monster attacks Exxod, but as the stats tell us, it's not strong enough and Cappy loses life points. <3100>
"Well now, that was a failed attempt." Roc Solid said in a mocking tone and started to laugh at Cappy. "Do you have anything else you wish to do, Beastmaster?"
"Unfortunately not, your turn."
"Well since this is the end phase, I'll activate my Book of Moon now."
The effect of Book of Moon, flips Blade Rabbit face down. Roc Solid laughs once again. After his laugh, he draws his card. "Now listen carfully, this is important. Each time an Earth monster is flip summoned, Exxod will deal 1000 damage to your life points. Something I'm sure you'll not object to losing... however, the monster I just drew will shatter those hopes. It's a monster known as Maharaghi."
Roc Solid summoned his new rock monster onto the field (1200/1700). He then continued to explain. "This rock is one of the spirit monsters, you've heard of them, haven't you?"
"Yes, they return to the hand at the end of the turn." Cappy answered.
"Well the spirit I just summoned also gives me another great ability, to see the next card before I draw it next turn. Now normally, I would've just set a monster, but I want you to suffer. Now destroy his face-down Blade Rabbit!" The spirit Maharaghi destroyed the Blade Rabbit, sending Cappy's trumph card to the grave. "My turn is over, but so soon shall this duel, Beastmaster." Roc Solid gave a loud, vindictive laugh as his spirit was returned to his hand.
"I'm not done yet." Cappy shot back.
"Oh, but you are, Beastmaster. You have lost this duel, so accept defeat with dignity and surrender."
"Hey, Maxwell. Please tell me Cappy can do something..." said Pepper.
"Cappy still can do something, Pepper." Maxwell said as he nodded. "But... it comes with a cost. One that Cappy may not be able to afford."
Cappy was lost in thought, his facial expression seemed dead. I'm stuck. he thought. Roc Solid has the perfect little setup going right here. He has it so that the only monster I can attack is his giant statue and I'm stuck with two throw away cards in my hand, a monster that can't control its own attacks a face down that won't help me. The only way I can stop my Beserk Gorilla is by placing it in defense mode. But in doing so, it destroys itself, leaving me wide open with nothing to protect me. And to make things worse, Roc Solid can see the next card before he draws it. He's forcing my hand and both options are dangerous. It's a well endowed strategy that he played this time around and I bet he had it all planned. He had it planned that I take the lead, only to stir my hopes up into a false sense of security, but he had planned to cut me down to size and pull out this... Exodia knockoff. He baited the trap perfectly and it worked.
"Jam, do you think Cappy can get out of this?" asked Seamore.
"I don't know." Jam answered. "But Cappy can't leave himself wide open, especially with Maharaghi's effect. If that next card is a monster with enough strength, it can finish Cappy off. It's crunch time for now."
"Hurry up and move before you're forced to surrender by default, Beastmaster!" Roc Solid yelled.
"Hold up, I need to calm my nerves." Cappy shot back.
"Blasphemy. Make your move or forfeit!"
Deck, I'm in a tight spot, but I still believe. I haven't lost faith in you, my cards. Pull through for me, for all of us. The Cappy saw something in his mind that he never thought he'd see. What the... is that a pogo stick? Wait... why am I seeing that? And why does my deck feel like it's pulsating on my arm.
Then a voice called out to him. Draw, my Beastmaster. And continue to believe in me....
But what monster would be on a pogo stick? That's when it hit him as he opened his eyes. Only one monster is on a pogo stick.... Cappy then tossed off his hat, which Hermana caught. "Come forth, Inaba White Rabbit."
Cappy then took his draw. And as the card was drawn, it left a white action streak, which soon formed a small orb of light and looped behind Cappy. The light then impaled him, I... I feel strange.... as the light passed through Cappy's body, it took the form of the card he called out and was now on the field (700/500).
Roc Solid was shocked. That monster... he called it from his deck and then drew it. It then just shot out of the Beastmaster's body..... What is this?
"Like your Maharaghi, my Inaba White Rabbit is also a spirit monster." said Cappy. "One who has come to me because of the way I believe in my cards. I learned from a friend that when you build a bond with the cards in your deck, they will cry out to you in your moment of need."
"Even so, but it won't save you." said Roc Solid.
"You doubt the trust of my deck? So be it. But I trust my cards and in doing so, they too trust me. Now it's time for me to lose some life points, by way of Beserk Gorilla." Cappy's gorilla attacks Exxod, making him lose more of his points <1500>.
"Ah, how naive you are. You can trust your cards for all their worth, like you trust that filthy primate, but his trust will cost you your run in this tournament."
"If that turns out to be the case, then it's my loss. But now it's my rabbit's turn to attack. But this guy's jet propelled pogo stick let's him bypass that giant Exodia knockoff and attack you directly. Boost Hopper attack!"
The Inaba White Rabbit fired off and attacked Roc Solid, but the attack didn't even make him flinch <4400>. "Whatever." he said
"My rabbit returns to me now. Make your move, Roc Solid." Cappy finished up.
To the suprise of Roc Solid, the Inaba White Rabbit card returned to Cappy's hand, but he saw something that was unreal. What is this? he wondered. The card is in his hand, but the monster stands next to the Beastmaster... How is this deception possible?
Cappy looked at the stunned expression on his opponent's face. What's up with him? he wondered.
"I don't know what trickery you plan on pulling, but it will not save you." Roc Solid told Cappy.
"Trickery, what trickery?" Cappy was confused.
"Though it's in your hand, I can see the Inaba White Rabbit standing at your left side, grasping at that damned pogo stick."
"Good. It's nice to know that you can actually see my 'Stand' is the Inaba White Rabbit."
"Your 'Stand', what the hell is that? And why can I see your monster?"
"Don't you have a card to see?"
"Answer my question, then I will see my card."
"Well Roc Solid, it all goes back to the origin of Duel Monsters. The monster that we use in the cards-"
"Once existed 5000 years ago, everyone knows that already Beastmaster."
"Yes, but those monsters weren't originally in the stone tablets. The monsters in truth, were actually the souls of other living beings."
"Is that so?"
"The Egyptians used the monsters we play as cards in a form of spiritual energy. This energy let a monster take a physical form called 'Spirit Ka' and appeared from the body which held 'Spirit Ba', the energy needed for the summoning of the Spirit Ka. Depending on the heart of the individual, their Ka would represent either a 'God Ka', or a 'Demon Ka.' The Ka, is the reflection of the Ba. An individual's Ka was placed in stone tablets and were summond from these tablets using a type of summoning magic called 'Heka'.
"Today, those with heka can use their Ba to summon their reflective Ka, which can take form that can be seen. This Ka is used to protect the individual. Now a person's Ka has the same weakness as the person: If the Ka is damaged, the individual is damaged as well from their Ba. If a person's Spirit Ka is destroyed, so to is the individual."
"So where does the 'Stand' come in?" asked Roc Solid.
"Everyone has a form of heka in which they can call their Ka from their Ba. However, our Ka today isn't as strong as those of ancient times. Because of this, people have a lower type of Ka called a 'Stand'. And when a Stand is destroyed, an individual can call upon another 'Stand' in battle and our Ba doesn't take damage from it."
"I think I get it." said Hermana. "Every time we duel, our Ba is represented in the form of life points, right? And when all of our life points are gone, we're....dead?"
"Exactly, but we don't really die of course."
As this was explained, others who were watching this were buying it. "Hiei, is this true?" asked Petal.
"To an extent, it is." Hiei answered. But how could those foolish hamsters know about it?
"There's more to them than what we see."
"I concur...."
"You know, Cappy said it in a way that's actually pretty cool." said Penelope.
"Oui, yes." Bijou agreed. "Nicely said, mon Cappy."
"I am intrigued by this knowledge," said Roc Solid as he picked up his card, "now I shall give you some that'll intrigue you, Beastmaster. This card that I hold has anough power to hurt your life points, so you were wisely foolish to leave your Beserk Gorilla on the field." The card was placed on top of the deck, then it was drawn. "Unfortunately, it's not strong enough to rid you of that primate, so I shall end my turn."
"Just like that, huh?" asked Cappy. "I guess I should be thankful...."
"Well the time has now come, Beastmaster. You're officially out of options, so how do you want to lose? With dumb faith and belief, or by surrender?"
"I still have 1500 Ba, I'm not done yet. Wait... did I just call my life points, Ba? Well, in a sense they are, but.... Oh well, let's move on anyway. Cappy drew his card. "Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about. Get ready for your defenses to crumble, Roc Solid. Your monster is about to be tured into rubble."
"That's the worst bluff you've made all duel. There's nothing left, so hurry up and attack me."
"I have cards to play, Roc Solid and I'm not bluffing. Your defenses begin to crumble here and now, and it begins with this card. I summon my Catnipped Kitty to the field."
Cappy played his card and out came his monster (0/500). But when it was played, it wasn't taken cautiously. "What the hell is that?" asked Aqua.
"That's a monster?" asked Hiei and Petal.
"Why would you summon that thing, it's useless?" asked Hermana.
Roc Solid just laughed. "I'm supposed to fear that thing?!" he shouted. "What the fuck is wrong with your deck? You went from fierce monsters, to household pets.... your desperation is insulting."
"Unfortunately, I agree with him. And I thought your Sonic Duck was weird, but this.... no more strawberry daquiri sunflower seeds for you."
"My Catnipped Kitty may not look like much, but she isn't to be taken lightly." warned Cappy.
"You've lost your mind, Beastmaster!" yelled Roc Solid. "Finish your turn already."
"You're impatient. I'll get to that in a minute, but first... I need my kitty to play with her bell. Let's hear your bell, my pretty Kitty."
Using its tail, Cappy's Catnipped Kitty swats the bell back and forth, eminating a soothing sound. Once that was done, Cappy rubbed that cat's belly. "Good girl." he said and then returned to his position. "Beserk Gorilla, prepare to attack Exxod."
"Yes, let's end your sufferring. Once this attack hits, the duel will end and victory shall be mine. Your faith has finally failed you, prepare to lose, Beastmaster." said Roc Solid.
"Beserk Gorilla, attack now!" Cappy yelled.
"Cappy, no! You'll lose the duel!" Boss shouted.
"He's gone mad." said Hitomi.
"Do we have to watch?" asked Pepper.
"Yes, we have to watch." Maxwell answered.
"The Gorilla has to attack, remember? It can't stop." paniced Barrette.
"I wanna turn away, but I'm paralyzed into watching." said Stan.
"I'm watching just to see what happens." said Lazuli.
"Ditto." said Sparkle.
"It's a shame it has to end this way." said Dexter.
"I can't watch...." Penelope said as she turned her head.
"Turn around, Penelope. You might miss somezhing good." said Bijou.
"Fine, I'll watch. But no good will come from this."
"There's no way in hell this is gonna work." said Petal.
"Yeah." agreed Aqua and Hiei.
"It's all over...." Hermana trailed off sadly...
The attack was now under way. "Yes, victory is mine." said Roc Solid.
The blast hit Exxod and soon dissipated. The giant statue stood there for a few moments and then crumbled. A lot of faces were stunned, but Jam and Maxwell were hootin and hollarin in delight. "That's the play of the game, right there. Yeah!" Jam cheered.
"Hip thrusts, baby. That's the shit." said Maxwell. "That.. is.. the.. shit.. that.. is.. the.. shit.."
"W-w-we should be happy, right?" asked Barrette.
"I'm still confused." admitted Pepper.
"I can't believe it actually worked." said Penelope.
"You don't have much choice." said Bijou.
"I've witnessed it with my own eyes, yet I still don't believe it." said Aqua.
"Can I get a ruling on this, because something is definitely wrong with this picture." Petal said.
So, this is what is known as 'Unorthadox Dueling' I see. Hiei thought. And though I disapprove of the monsters, it got the job done.
Hermana was at a loss of words, but Roc Solid was stunned... and upset. "What trickery is this?!" yelled the rock duellist.
Before Cappy could answer, the intercom sounded. "Bravo, bravo indeed young Beasmaster."
"It's Pegasus." Cappy said while smiling.
"I must say, that of the moves that I've witnessed, this is probably the best move that's happened all day. And before all those who are watching to boot. Now to everyone whose jaw haven't been picked up yet and to those who are still thinking or saying, 'How the hell did that just happen?', I will now explain. Despite it's small size and low level of points, the Catnipped Kitty has a very nice special ability which was activated: Once per turn, 'that darn cat' can change change the defense of one monster on the field to 0. Knowing this, the Beastmaster used her to weaken the otherwise unstoppable defensive powers of Exxod, Master of The Guard. And with no points on the defensive, Exxod was as good as gone."
"I could've explained it better myself, but you don't hear any complaints out of me." said Maxwell.
"So that's what happened." said Barrette.
"Well, now that we know how it happened, we can be happy for Cappy." said Pepper.
"Quite impressive, Beastmaster. Quite impressive indeed for a move. Third times really are a charm, aren't they?" and with that, the intercom signed off.
This time, Cappy was the one who laughed. "How do you like me now, Roc Solid?" he asked. "I may not have the best monsters in the game, but I make up for it with some very interesting effects. Do you still think something is wrong with my deck, Hermana?"
"....No comment." was Hermana's answer.
"And what say you, Roc Solid?"
Roc solid gritted his teeth. "Your cards have become rather irritating, Beastmaster." he answered. "However, that 'Deck of Misfit Duel Monsters' is just as effective as it is irritating."
"I'm glad you love my cards."
"I'll admit, you were able to defeat Exxod thanks the that mangy cat over there..."
"She doesn't have Mange, but I do have to give her a flea dip though, not to mention a few shots...."
"Regardless of your damned cat, this duel is over! For the fact that you've destroyed Exxod, it has all been for naught."
"Entertain me, Roc Solid."
"Prepare to be finished." Roc Solid drew his card. "First, I'll set this card face down. Next, I'll remove Exxod in my gaveyard from play to bring forth a new monster. I'll summon The Rock Spirit."
Unlike most of Roc Solid's monsters, this one just appeared normally (1700/1000). Roc Solid removed Exxod from his grave. "That's a nice monster." said Cappy.
"Yes, he is." said Roc Solid. "Now my Rock Spirit, attack the Catnipped Kitty."
The Rock Spirit went toward the oblivious Kitty. But before that cat could get bashed in, Cappy's Beserk Gorilla intercepted the monster and threw him back to Roc Solid's side of the field. "What is this trickery?!"
"You didn't expect to find my Kitty as an easy target, did you? As long as another beast exists on my side of the field, you can't target the Catnipped Kitty. What a waste of your turn."
"Not so. You may have delayed your demise, but be defiant all the way to your end. I'll sacrifice my Rock Spirit and place this face down. Your turn."
Cappy took his card "I'll set this face down. Well Inaba, it's go time again." Cappy's Inaba White Rabbit pogos onto the field. "Now I'll place my Kitty on the defense. Beserk Gorilla, do your stuff."
The Beserk Gorilla launched its attack at the face down monster. Once the flames died down, the monster was revealed, but still standing. "What the?" Hermana was in shock."
"Tch, Guardian Sphinx. At least you managed to use your defenses wisely." said Cappy.
"I'm glad you remembered my monster." said Roc Solid (1700/2400).
"No matter, you're still gonna take damage. Boost Hopper my Inaba White Rabbit."
Cappy's monster hits Roc Solid. "Eh." <3700>
"I'm done for now, your move." the Inaba White Rabbit returns to Cappy's side.
Roc Solid draws his card. "I'll set this face down and Summon my Maharaghi again. And then activate my Compulsory Evacuation device trap card." the monsters began to glow. "Once again, I can see another card before it's drawn. And I'll use my trap to return your Gorilla to your hand, ridding that feline of it's defenses." With the resolve of the trap, Invigoration is destroyed. "Now to end our duel by first putting my Sphinx on the attack. Now, you have run out of miracles and the time has come for you to finally lose. Maharaghi, destroy that meddlesome cat."
Cappy's monster was destroyed. "No, this is bad." said Hermana.
"And now to finish you off. Go my Sphinx, drain his 'Ba' and claim victory."
The Guardian Sphinx rose its stone paw and lowered it quickly over Cappy. "No, it's over." said Boss.
"Good duel though, Cappy." said Hitomi.
However, the attack couldn't go through. The attack was sent back and another "miracle" had happened. "Sorry, but my Spellbinding Circle says otherwise." said Cappy. "And now that it's trapped, you can't flip it face down, because flipping it face down changes it's battle position, which my trap card prohibits."
"Hmf, I have to end my turn now." Maharaghi returns to Roc Solid's hand.
"Of course you do."
"Now of this stand ordeal, why is it in the form of the Inaba White Rabbit? Was your stand always that way?"
"No. Each individual's stand is blank, so it has no form." Cappy drew his card. "I believe that Pegasus remade this game, not because he made a modern version of the Shadow Games, but for a different... more true purpose. I believe that purpose is for each individual, to find a stand from all of the thousands upon thousands of cards that exist in the game today. But that's all you need to know about stands." Cappy looked at his card. "I'll set this monster face down and end my turn."
How odd, he didn't summon the Beserk Gorilla. Roc Solid thought as he glanced at his next card. Hmm... Magical Mallet. It's not a monster or something to protect me, but it will do. Roc Solid drew the foreseen spell. "There are times where even we have to take hits for the team. Your move, Beastmaster."
I need to draw him out. Cappy drew his card. "This can help a lot. This goes face down. Next, I'll flip summon my face down Des Koala." Cappy's monster appeared in front of him (1100/1800). "To those who are wondering, Des Koala's flip effect take 400 life from my opponent times the number of cards in his/her hand. Like those three you have, Roc Solid."
"Lovely, 1200 life points gone..." <2500>
"But wait, there's more. I'll put my White Rabbit back onto the field once again. Attack him with Boost Hopper!"
As much as I want to activate this trap, I will wait.
Roc Solid take more life damage thanks to Cappy's monster <1800>. Everyone watching now, the hams in particular, were all smiles. "Cappy's had some close calls, but he's turned this into a duel." said Boss.
"Yes, he's doing well." agreed Hitomi.
"Well, well, well, looks like the runt has grown from a maggot to a grub." said Sparkle.
"Good show, Cappy. Now finish this guy once again." said Stan.
"So, am I still a disappointment to you Roc Solid?" Cappy asked.
"Yes, you still are." Roc Solid answered. "But at least you've made quite the duel out of this. Despite the mindless chatter, this duel has taken some time. You've entertained me well, Beastmaster."
"Good to hear it. Now it's your turn to entertain me, Roc Solid. Your move!" Inaba White Rabbit takes to Cappy's side.
Roc Solid draws his card, then he laughs. "You should've gotten rid of my Sphinx while you had the chance. Now I will sacrifice it, leaving your Spellbinding Circle to remain on the field. Criosphinx, I summon thee. (1200/2400) "Now I'll reveal my face down card. A trap called Compulsory Evacuation Device."
Cappy gritted his teeth as he returned his Koala to his hand. "Nice Move, Roc Solid."
"And when a monster is returned to someone's hand, the effect of my monster activates. So now you must discard a card." Cappy discards his Beserk Gorilla. "Now my sphinx, direct attack!"
Criosphinx charged Cappy, knocking him onto his rear <300>. Cappy's Inaba White Rabbit helped him stand. "I'm still alive... just barely, but I'm still alive."
"True, but this duel is about to be mine, like it once was. I remember the last duel we had together and you've become quite the clever duelist, Beastmaster. Now what do I know about duelists who have a leftover Spellbinding Circle? Ah yes, they use it as fuel for Emergency Provisions. Let's see, he has four cards in his hand. One is Des Koala, one is Inaba White Rabbit and one could be that damned Gorilla... no, he discarded that. So that means the other two cards are a mystery. However, he hasn't used the other two cards, so they probably don't have a use. I'd bet my bottom bottlecap that one of them is that Emergency Provisions and the other card can't help him. Probably a high leveled monster. No, if it was Emergency Provisions, the Beastmaster would've set it on the field already.
"Wait, the face down card, he hasn't activated it this whole time. That might as well be the Emergency Provisions all along. Yes, that's what that card is. No, it couldn't be, he would've activated it already. However, in the last duel, the Beastmaster set down cards just to save space. I used my Mystical Space Typhoon on a card he just set down, only to be a simple throw away card, a card used to bluff me. I won't fall for that mistake twice. I'll play my Magical Mallet spell card. I'll simply place my Maharaghi into my deck and shuffle it," Roc Solid did just that, "then I'll draw a new card." With his draw, came Mystical Space Typhoon. "What have I got to lose? I'll now play my Mystical Space Typhoon. Don't worry, you won't be needing your Poison Fangs, so I'll rid of it for you." Cappy's spell was then destroyed.
"Thanks for helping me out," said Cappy, "but you wasted a good card on something you should've just left on the field."
"Why, so you could use it against me later? Not a chance."
"You should've destroyed my face down card that's been on the field for quite some time."
"I fell for destroying your long since placed cards before, only to find out I wasted my Space on a bluff card. I will not be fooled twice by you."
Cappy shrugged, but played along. "You're right, I should've known better. Why would you waste a limited spell on a bluff card who's purpose is only to throw you off? Now if you're done, I'd like to take my turn."
"Go ahead, take your turn."
Cappy drew his card, which of course was The Big March of Animals. "I'll summon my Des Koala to the field now." Cappy's monster reappeared.
That's odd, why didn't he set this card face down?
Hermana was wondering the same thing as Roc Solid. Wait, letting this card flip would only damage 800 life on Roc Solid's turn, I don't get it.
"Your being desperate again, Beastmaster. You should've set that monster." said Roc Solid.
"Nope, I'm attacking with this monster." said Cappy.
"You are foolish, Beastmaster, you'll lose if you do."
"I love how you think you've got me figured out. It makes it all the more interesting to show you how wrong you are, and my trap card Rising Energy will do just that."
"Too bad you can't stop this because you have no face down cards to play. First I'll discard the card I just drew, now my Rising Energy trap card activates and it give my Koala a 1500 attack point boost this turn (2600 ATK). It may only be for one turn, but it's all I need to take out that Criosphinx. Attack my Des Koala!"
Roc Solid watched as his Criosphinx was destroyed by Cappy's Des Koala, bringing his life points down to the wire <400>. "You see Roc Solid, I may not have the best cards of me and my friends, but I make due with what I've got." Cappy explained. "I'm glad that my friends believed in me and gave me the strength to play this duel out. Because I'm glad I did... and I probably would've wondered how it would've turned out anyway. But I'm done making speeches, so make your last move."
"My last move..." Roc Solid said then laughed. "Beastmaster, I've been stringing you along this whole time."
"How so?"
"Throughout this entire duel, I've been fueling the weapon that will bring forth your armageddon. I let you have your glory and you took too much, but you will take no more glory. My last move, no, this is the final turn of the duel!" Roc Solid took his card. "Another Spiritual Earth Art... I have no use for it, but that's fine, since there's no use for it anyway. It's time for the time of my conquest. But first, I will remove every rock monster in my graveyard from play, to summon the ultimate weapon of your demise."
Every rock monster in his graveyard, he must be nuts.
"At long last the time of my victory has finally come."
The ground beneath the duelists began to shake. Cappy didn't quite understand, but he soon saw the monster awaiting his demise. "What... the hell... is that?" he asked.
"Behold the ultimate monster of my deck, and the being that will purge you of this tournament. Fear the force that is the Megarock Dragon!"
As the monster appeared, It gave a blood curdling roar at Cappy (?). Roc Solid laughed maniacally. "You see, Beastmaster? This monster is fueled by the rock I removed from the grave." he explained. "It's over, it's all over!"
Cappy held his head down. "You're right, it is over." he said. "Now I activate my Black Horn of Heaven." A black horn with bat wings appears before Cappy. He then takes the horn, breaths deep and blows into the horn. The horn blasts powerful winds towards Roc Solid's side of the field. When the blast subsided, the Megarock Dragon was gone. Everyone was stunned to see that such a powerful monster was literally blown away. "What the hell happened to the Megarock Dragon?" asked Petal.
"It's... gone." Aqua trailed off....
"But how?" Hiei asked
Cappy was gasping for air, as blowing in the horn almost winded him. "Such is the powerf of the Black Horn of Heaven." he explained. "This rare card has the ability to negate and destroy one of my opponent's special summoned monsters. I wanted to you this against Exxod, but something told me to keep it... I'm glad I did, because if I had used it earlier, I would've had to deal with that dragon."
Roc Solid was stunned. In just one blast, my Megarock Dragon is gone. he thought to himself. I have nothing left, my card that I hold won't help me and I have nothing to protect me. He's beaten me again.... again, I lost to the Beastmaster.....
"He's.... completely zoned out.... Hey, hey, are you okay over there?"
"I'm done.... I'm done....there's nothing left for me to do...."
Cappy drew his card. "It's sad in a way.... Attack now, Des Koala!"
And with that attack, the duel was over. Cappy had won... It took a lost of courage to muster, but he did it. Thank-q Jam... for everything. Cappy managed to mentally give off.
Good show, Beastmaster. You did well. was all that Cappy heard in his head.
Enforcers came along to where the duelists were. Another turn of events to happen. "Roc Solid, for your disorderly conduct in the tournament and for your unjust actions of forcing other duelists to duel against you, you are here by disqualified." one of the enforcers told Roc Solid. "Surrender your seals immediately."
"I... lost.... the duel...." was all Roc Solid could say.
"It's hopeless, he can't hear me." The enforcer took all of Roc Solid's seals. "Escort him off of the premises now."
"Yes sir..." said the other enforcers as Roc Solid was karted off.
"It serves you right for making people duel you!" Hermana yelled.
The main enforcer walked up to Cappy. "That was a fine duel you had there, a very close one at that. Pegasus is probably still applauding your successes." he said.
"Thanks." said Cappy.
"I'm sorry if I doubted you, Cappy." said Hermana.
"It's okay, I guess we're even for me yelling at you."
"It's time to go." said Aqua.
"Indeed it is." said Hiei. "Risk Rating: 'B+' for the Beastmaster."
Cappy looked into his paws and saw the seals that were in them. I did it, just like that. he thought. I don't understand why he gave all of them to me, but I won't argue. Cappy approached Hermana and presented four seals. "Here Hermana, these are yours."
"I.... I... I can't." Hermana was reluctant.
"Take them, they're yours. I dueled for you and lived up to my promise."
Hermana smiled. "Okay."
Hermana reached for the seals, but only took one. Cappy was confused, but as he saw the look on Hermana's face, he sort of understood. "Thank-q for the second chance, I won't let you down." Hermana said. "See you around, Beastmaster." and off she went.
Cappy looked at his seals. Well, since Hermana only took one, I guess these are the seal that I won. Plus the other seals that the enforcer awrded me for Roc Solid's DQ. he thought. And just like that, in an odd twist of fate, I have ten seals. I'm... I'm in. and that's when it hit him finally. "Yeah! I'm in the finals, and probably before everyone else too! Yeah, I rock! I'm off to celebrate my goal." Cappy turned his hat around. Well everyone, see you in the finals! Look out duelists, the Beastmaster is ready to go. Challengers, come and get it!