Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Hamtaro Fan Fiction ❯ Return of the Duel Hams ❯ who says Shadows don't have heart? ( Chapter 32 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Cappy and Sandy shook paws, their duel was over. "That wasn't so bad, you just need a little more confidence." said Cappy.
"Yeah, but I still lost." said Sandy.
"No matter, you still have life left in the tournament. Go and get 'em, and I might see you in the finals."
"Well, time tells all tales."
With that, Cappy and Sandy parted ways. Meanwhile, Howdy was walking through some brush. "This is the last time I try sneaking into places where I shouldn't be." Howdy wasn't sure where he was going, but onward he went. When he managed to clear the brush, he saw what appeares to be a blimp. Maybe I should check that out. Howdy approached the blimp and decided to go inside. "It's nice to see a new face."
Howdy turned around. "Pegasus... if you're here, than that means-"
"That's right my boy, you've found the secret location of the tournament." Pegasus finished Howdy's statement.
"Not bad, I found out where it is without the help of some stupid seals. Nothing a bit of sleuthing couldn't fix." Howdy was quite happy with himself.
"You are something else, you know that?"
"I get that a lot."
"I'm sure of that."
"Well, at least I know where it is. This way, I'll be able to get back here again once I get the rest of my seals. I'll be back, Pegasus." Howdy began to leave.
"Before you hop into the bushes and back the way you came, I have something I wanted to question you of."
"Go on."
"Of all of the hamsters duelists, why wouldn't you let me examine your deck?"
"No offesnse Pegasus, but I don't need you to rate my cards. The Full Charge Assault and its contents are only to be seen in duels, no other options."
"Fair enough. Now if you mind, I have a better way for you to get back into the proper park grounds. Follow me, or do you want someone to see where you come out of and get suspicious?"
Howdy simply shrugged and followed Pegasus to an easier route to the park. Meanwhile, Jam has had his shares of duels. "Another duel won, another duel for seals achieved." he said. I've gone through a lot of duels in this tournament, but not all of them were for seals. I still have to get more of them. And I better hurry up, for I sense the competition is starting to wittle down quickly. Upon his strolling, Jam bumped into Stan. The Dragon Brothers were together again it seemed. "Well, I know you're still alive in the tournament." said Stan.
"Of course I am," Jam states, "but I think I better up the pace if I want to get to the finals. Word around the park says that duelists have found the secret area, but they didn't have enough seals to get in."
"Tell me about it. That's all I've heard of in my hunt, but I have heard of something else too."
"Do tell."
"Duelist Ham is in the tournament as well, and he dueling everyone he finds. It doesn't matter to him if they've got seals or not."
"Really, that must be something. Say Stan, have you run into Croquet today?"
"No, I haven't seen him at all. How come?"
Jam got up to Stan's left ear. "I won't say exactly why, due to the chance of potruding ears of others, but I will say this; Croquet's looking for you."
"Well said. Have you seen a certain Dragon Soldier running about, I'm looking for him badly."
"Are you still not over that loss?"
"I've been over it, but my rematch with him is the main reason that's driving me into this tournament."
"Don't rush it, bro. Besides, he hasn't come across your 'devistator' yet, so keep your weapons ready."
"Of course, these weapons are ready to meet him and get back the face that we lost."
"Well, I'll leave you to your hunt, see you later."
"Yeah, later."
Stan and Jam parted ways, but Jam continued to keep his watchful eye out. You'll reveal yourself in time, but for now, remain hidden. he thought. You won't be hidden for long though....
Boss was enjoying his run of the tournament. Despite the fact that his time here was going up and down like a yo-yo, he was enjoying the many duels here. There are a lot of strong duelists here in this tournament. he thought. I'm loving my time here, it's great. Even those who don't much experience, I've seen them use some really powerful cards. There's a lot of stuff out there. Then Boss stops as he comes across a brown hamster with blue eyes wearing a white, long trench coat. "He looks serious. This is some tournament we got here, isn't it?" Boss tries to make small talk.
The hamster laughs. "Maybe to you, but my patience is very thin." he answered.
"I find that a bummer to hear."
"Tch, yeah right."
"That's an interesting duel disk you got there, is it a standard one like mine?"
"I don't have time to waste talking with a chump like you, now move aside before I move you out of my way."
"You've got some nerve acting like a big shot, who the hell are you anyway?"
"Who am I? Huh, you must be a nobody duelist to not recognize me."
"Lighten up already."
"I'd duel you, but I can tell a nobody like you isn't even worth my time."
"Forget it Boss, this asshole's not worth it. We'll see about not being your time later." Boss steps aside and lets the other duelist pass.
"That's better. As for your idle form of a challenge, keep having nightmares of challenging me."
"Keep walking, just keep walking. We'll meet again, I'm sure of it."
On the Shadow side of things, a white male hamster with water variable colored eyes roams around. "This is something else. My luck in this tournament runs slowly." This Clan member, going by the name of Rufus, searches the grounds of the fun park. Suddenly, the intercom of the park sounds. "Greetings duelists. I hope that all of you are doing well, and if your aren't, chin up."
Rufus was startled. "Crawford...." he snarled.
"I have the following announcements to make: First, I want to say that no finalists have made it, however there are duelists in the park who have found the secret area where the tournament finals will be held. If I haven't said it already, or if I have, let this be a reminder. Of the many participating duelists, only sixteen of you will compete in the finals. Since no one has yet to find the area with all ten seals in hand, none of the spots are taken, which is interesting because to those who have found the area and haven't returned were probably elimated from the tournament. Oh well; Second, I found out that there are a lot of people who use Fusion monsters and the fifteen fusion card limit isn't doing well. So from here on out, Fusion Decks can have a maximum of thirty cards. Not that some of you will need that many Fusion cards, but a skilled fusionist is always fun to have; now from what I've seen, a lot of duels have gone one unjustly, so I will remind you that thirdly, duels are monitored. And I do have enforcers around the park who haven't a problem ejecting unjust duelists from the tournament, as well as the park itself.
"Finally, I would like to give my thanks to all of you duelists out there for making this an important success. I will also like to promote the next structure deck. One full of Machine monsters to be exact, and they should go on sale shortly. Once again, good luck and I hope to see some finalists soon."
"Machines.... Rei will have a field day when that deck comes out." Rufus said to himself.
"Hey man, how are you doing?"
"Bad, I'm doing really bad."
Rufus saw two hamsters sitting on a bench chatting. One blue and one gray. "You say you're doing bad, huh?" asked the blue one. "Lemme tell you about this chick I dueled. A real looker too, a really cute nurse. She schooled me bad, I didn't stand a chance."
"She was that good?" asked the gray one.
"I was hurting myself for most of the duel, she only attacked me like three times. To make things worse for me, she had 20,000 life points. It's like everything she did wittled my life down and boosted hers. I never thought I'd get whooped by a nurse so badly. Then when things got like they couldn't get any worse, she pulls out Injection Fairy Lily and tears me a new asshole open."
"So you got beat by some broad in a nurse's getup, I got beat up by a brat."
"You're kidding?!"
"She used the Hero monsters to beat me?"
"You mean Elemental, or Destiny?"
That's when Rufus cuts in. "So a little wench weilding Heroes beat you? Which way did she go?" he asked.
"That way." pointed the gray hamster. "You're gonna face her huh?"
"Of course, but my outcome won't be like yours." Rufus answered.
"Get that little brat for me too."
And off Rufus went in search of this hero weilding brat, who we know as Penelope. And speaking of our nurse, Nurse Ham was having a meal. "This has been quite a nice tournament." Nurse Ham cleans up after finishing her seeds and off she goes. After a short walk, she comes across a little pink hamster with a pigtail sticking out from the front of her head. "Hello Nurse lady, would you like to duel with me?" her voice was high pitched, but soft.
"She's so young, almost younger than Penelope or Hermana. Hello there cutie, I like your eyes. They are very pretty." Nurse Ham greeted.
"Thank-q Nurse lady." the young hamster answered.
"So what might your name be?"
"My name? I'm Kerin."
"Well Kerin, Such a nice name... you look a bit young, but I'll take you on anyway."
Nurse Ham led Kerin to an open area and the two began their duel. Both girls drew their hands. "Don't go easy on me because I'm a little girl." Kerin said.
"I don't intend to." said Nurse Ham. She's so young, yet she's here in this tournament. But then again, if Penelope can duel, this little girl just might be able to as well. Dueling prodigies aren't out of the ordinary, but I'll soon see that for myself. "Okay Kerin, how do you want to do this?"
"Three seals is good for me."
"Three seals it is."
As odd as it felt for Nurse Ham to be dueling against a child like Kerin, whe wasn't about to go down quietly. But as fate would have it, this duel was on the big screen... and it caught the eye of a certain duelist. "Aw look, such a cute little duelist, and she's facing a cute looking nurse too." said Aqua.
"What are you musing of?" asked Hiei.
"Just this match about to happen."
"Hmm?" Hiei looked at the screen and his eyes were instantly stunned. I... Impossible. I saw her.... but here she is. She's alive....
Aqua noticed Hiei's expression. "Hey, are you okay?" she asked.
Petal soon looked onto the screen. "Wow, that little girl looks around my age, doesn't she brother Hiei?" she asked.
Still no response from Hiei. "Yo, Dragon Soldier, wake up already."
Hiei finally came around. "Let's watch this match, I've much about the way this Nurse duels." he said, making an excuse to see the duel.
"I don't see what's so great about a Nurse, but I guess I can tolerate one match." said Aqua.
"Looks like the little girls going to make the first move." said Petal.
"I'll set one card face down and summon my Dark Rabbit in attack mode." Kerin's monster takes to the field (1100/1500). "That ends my turn."
Nurse Ham takes her card. "I'll set a card face down as well." she said, "I'll now activate Poison of the Old Man and increase my life points <9200>. Next I'll summon my Cure Mermaid in attack mode (1500/800). Now attack that rabbit!"
The Cure Mermaid throws darts in the shape of fish at the rabbit and destroy it <7600>. Kerin looks a bit sad, bit otherwise is unphased. Nurse Ham simply yawns. "I need to drink more energy drinks. Your turn."
Kerin draws her card. "I'll play this monster in defense mode, then I'll set another card face down, that's all for me."
Nurse Ham takes her card. "Now my Mermaid's ability kicks in, giving me an extra 800 life on my standby phase <10000>. Now I'll summon Zolga to the field (1700/1200). Attack my mermaid.!"
As the fish flew, Kerin's monster is flipped. "Not this time, Nurse lady. My Toon Alligator can withstand your attack (1600 DEF)." she said and her monster swung it's little axe, cutting up the fish.
"No matter <9900>. Zolga, attack the alligator."
"Reveal Ordeal of a Traveler." Kerin shuffles the three cards in her hand.
"Now how does that work again? Oh yes, I choose a card in your hand and guess what type of card it is. Am I right?"
"Yup, that's right. Guess wrong though, and Zolga returns to your hand. So pick a card, any card."
"Hmm... I'll say the middle card in a spell."
Kerin pulls the middle card and shows it to Nurse Ham. "Wrong, the middle card is a trap. Too bad."
Zolga returns to Nurse Ham's hand. "I'll reveal my Solemn Wishes trap card and end my turn."
Kerin takes her card. "So she uses recovery cards, huh? interesting. I'll play Card Destruction, no using Zolga for you."
"That's smart, but also foolish." Both duelists discard their hands. "One of the cards in my hand was Skull-Mark Ladybug, and upon it's sending to the graveyard, I gain 1000 life. But I'll also get 500 life for each new card that I draw."
"That's not good."
"Not for you anyway, I myself enjoy it <12900>. It's still your turn, honey."
"I'll now play Toon World <6600> followed by Toon Gemini Elf (1900/900). Luckily for your Mermaid, My elves can't attack you this turn, but don't worry, I'll get you next turn."
Nurse Ham draws her card <13400>. "As you know, my Cure Mermaid kicks in now <14200>. And now I'll Summon Dancing Fairy in attack mode (1700/1000). Now it's time for my Mermaid to attack you..."
"But you have to guess my card first."
"This is too great, if I guess wrong, I'll have a clear shot of hitting her. Since Ordeal of a Traveler has her show me her card. So I actually have two chances of getting rid of that Allitagor card. Okay Kerin, your card is a monster."
Kerin shows her card. "Wrong, it's a spell. Bye-q, Mermaid."
Cure Mermaid returns to Nurse Ham's hand. "Now I'll attack with my Dancing Fairy. Destroy the Toon Alligator." The three fairies take out the axe-weilding reptile. "I'll set two cards face down and end my turn."
Kerin draws her card. "I'll now play the spell you just saw, Toon Table of Contents. This let's me take a Toon card from my deck and add it to my hand." Kerin places the hand card in her mouth and pulls her deck. After she takes the toon card and shuffles her deck, she shufles the two cards in her hand. "Toon Gemini Elf, direct attack!"
"Wait, a direct shot?!" exclaimed a stunned Nurse Ham.
"When Toon World is on the field, Toon Gemini Elf can attack you directly."
The cartoony magic of the Toon Gemini Elf does it's deal on Nurse Ham <11000>. Kerin laughs, "Toon Gemini Elf's special ability kicks in, so you have to discard a card, actually, discard the middle card."
"Whatever." said Nurse Ham. She discarded her Asura Priest. "I had to give up a good card because of you."
"I need 25CCs of 'Who cares?' STAT. My turn's over, Nurse lady."
"You'd better start caring, because you're not in any position to talk." Nurse Ham drew her card <11500>.
"I'm not afraid of someone who has a lot of life points."
"We'll see, reveal my Creature Swap spell card."
"Oh no..."
Both monsters switch positions on the field. "Now let's see how well you like your own medicine, all puns intended."
"You still have to make a guess."
"Oh yes, I forgot about Ordeal of a Traveler. Let's see, she used that Toon Table of Contents to bring a Toon card to her hand. But which toon did she bring? The left card is a monster."
Kerin shows the card. "Wrong again, it's a trap. But I must thank you for giving me back my card."
Nurse Ham growls. "I'll throw a monster in defense mode and end my turn."
"Kerin is actually doing a decent job of a duelist." said Aqua.
"This Nurse is a terrible duelist, what do you see in her?" asked Petal.
"Just watch the match young Petal. You might learn something." Hiei answered.
Kerin takes her card. Now, I'll bring back my Toon Gemini Elf in attack mode. Next I'll activate my Ultimate Offering and use it <6100>. I'll sacrifice your fairies and summon Toon Summoned Skull in attack mode (2500/1200) and I'll special summon Toon Dark Magician Girl from my hand on the attack as well. Ah, Toon World is a lovely card, isn't it? (2000/1700) Now she will attack your life points directly with Toon Dark Burning!"
The attack knocks Nurse Ham on her rear <9500>. "Ouch."
"Like I said, I'm not afraid of you because you have high life points. But at least you can take your turn and try to defend yourself."
Nurse Ham took to her feet and drew her card <10000>. "I'll play Graceful Charity." Nurse Ham resolves her card effects <11500>. "Now that my life points have been regained, I'll play Swords of Revealing Light and end my turn."
Kerin takes her card. "I hope you're ready to lose those life points again. I just drew Mystical Space Typhoon, no more swords to worry about."
Nurse Ham's swords were soon destroyed. Wow, so much for stalling. she thought.
"Now, Toon Summoned Skull, attack! <5600>"
"Wait, why did it cost her to attack with Toon Skull?" asked a confused Petal.
"Toon Skull is one of the original Toon monsters." Hiei answered. "The original Toon Monsters had a cost of 500 life points to attack, not to mention having to wait a turn before they could attack."
"Oh, well that sucked."
"Even so, they are still powerful." said Aqua.
Nurse Ham was once again knocked off of her feet from the attack <9000>. Kerin continued when Nurse Ham got back on her feet. "Now it's the Toon Dark Magician Girl's turn." Nurse Ham was knocked on her rear again <7000>. And when she rose to her feet.... "Toon Gemini Elf, knock her back down." And for a third time, Nurse Ham was knocked on her rear <5100>. Kerin simply laughed at the nurse. "Looks like you need medical attention, Nurse."
"I'll wait until you're done before I get back up." said Nurse Ham.
"While you're down there, discard the card on your left and then take your turn."
After TDMG's card effect was resolved, Nurse Ham took to her feet and drew her next card, which tied the score <5600/5600>. " Well, I understand that you actually had an interest in the girl now." said Petal.
"You've already learned, have you?" questioned Hiei.
You know, her style of prolonging her opponent's sufferring is familiar to Hiei's... I wonder why that is? Aqua wondered.
"It's time to be rid of these toons." said Nurse Ham. "I'll reveal my face down Dust Tornado. Say goodbye to your toons, little girl."
With a powerful wind-based trap activated, Toon World and its toon were purged from the field. "My toons..." Kerin felt sad.
"It's not Saturday morning, now it's time for a little punishment." said Nurse Ham. But then, Kerin saw something from the Nurse that was beyound belief, and Hiei saw it as well. Were those..... Kerin's thoughts in awe.
...wings? Hiei's thoughts were finishing Kerin's.
Aqua saw Hiei's face. "Is something wrong?" she asked him.
"That is no ordinary Nurse." Hiei answered.
"Don't get ahead of yourself."
Nurse Ham places one card face down. "Since you didn't destroy my face down monster, you're going to find out how badly you messed up. I'll flip up my Swarm of Locusts (1000/500)." When Nurse Ham flips up her cards, a lot of locusts appear.
"Eeeee, bugs." Kerin shrieked.
"When the Swarm of Locusts are flip summoned, they can automatically destroy one of your traps. Locusts, destroy Ordeal of a Traveler!" The accursed bugs ate the trap like a field of corn, then returned to Nurse Ham. "The Plague has come for you, but don't worry, you have some hope. Now I summon, Injection Fairy Lily!" Nurse Ham's new monster appeared next to the Locusts (400/1500). "Now, attack my Locusts, feast on her life points."
The locusts attack a screaming Kerin <4600>. Nurse Ham continued her attack, "Ordeal of a Traveler can't save your plague-infested body, but you don't have to worry, you will be saved. Lily, power up <3600> and attack her." Injection Fairy Lily threw her needle towards Kerin (3400 ATK).
"Not this time. Goblin Elite Attack Force, intercept that blow! (2200/1500)"
Using the effect of Ultimate Offering, Kerin reduced the amount of damage she took <2900>. "Nice save." said Aqua.
"So what you're learning from this match, young Petal?" questioned Hiei.
"Yes," Petal answered, "and I like what I'm seeing, despite the fact that the little girl is losing." Petal answered.
"This match is still close, keep on learning."
"Well Kerin, you have definitely proved your worth, haven't you?" asked Nurse Ham.
"I'm not licked yet." said Kerin.
"Well, let's just see you defeat my unorthadox style. I'll flip my Locusts face down and end my turn."
What card did she place face down? No matter, I have to recover from this. assault. Kerin drew her card. Now I'll play Smashing Ground, bye bye, Lily." A giant fist crushes Injection Fairy Lily. "Now I'll summon Goblin Attack Force in attack mode (2300/0). Squash those Locusts."
"Reveal my trap card, Draining Shield."
"Curse your healing hide to Hades!"
"Don't have a tantrum because you gave me life points, little Kerin <5900>."
"This is unbelievable!"
"Just when you thought you've won, victory's taste is snatched away from you. Life is cruel, not just to most of us, but all terrible feelings can be learned from."
"You have no idea, but your healing/punishing strategy is one that hurts no matter how you slice it. My turn's over."
Nurse Ham takes her card <6400>. "I'll play my Graceful Charity card."
"Great, more life points for the Nurse."
"Yes, more life for me <7900>." Nurse Ham resolves her card effect. "Now I'll flip up my Swarm of Locusts again." Nurse's Locusts appear again.
"Well, I'll activate my trap before it's destroyed <2400>. Come forth, Summoned Skull (2500/1200)."
With the appearence of Kerin's monster, the Locusts eat the Ultimate Offering. "I'll flip my Locusts face down and set the card in my hand. That ends my turn."
Kerin takes her card. "I play Nobleman of Crossout." Kerin's spell cuts the face down Swarm of Locusts. "I may be young, but I know how cards work."
"You destroyed my Locusts...." Nurse Ham trailed.
"Now Summoned Skull, Lightning Strike!"
Summoned Skull launched its bolts and Nurse Ham, resulting in creating lots of dust clouds around her area. Kerin was quite happy with the way she thwarted the loving Nurse. "And that's how we chop down the cherry tree." she said. But from the dust cloud came an attack that ended up destroying the Summoned Skull. "My monster... how did..." and that's when she noticed the syringe which flipped back to the Nurse's side of the field. "Heke? Injection Fairy Lily?" Kerin looked further. "Call of the Haunted!"
"Once again, your attack has failed." said Nurse Ham <5900>.
Kerin was stunned, "I lost life points and my monster...." <1500>
"Unbelieveable, she called her bluff." said Petal.
"Talk about timing... and a bit of dumb luck." said Aqua.
"No luck was part of that, Aqua." Hiei corrected. "That is what we call experience. Like I told you two before, that is no ordinary Nurse."
Kerin was at a loss for words, she thought that this was her moment to regain the lead she had, only to have it taken from her. The little pink hamster was simply stunned. Nurse Ham simply looked at Kerin, whose field and hand were both empty. After waiting a while, the nurse took her card <6400>. "You are a very skilled little duelist, Kerin." the Nurse began. "I am impressed by the fact that you have quite the cunning little style of yours, but like the rest of the duelists I've faced in this tournament, you share their same flaw: You were mistaken by a guise. All you managed to see was my increasing my life points, just like the other naive duelists I've faced, you all fell for a farce. Though it may seem like the purpose of my deck is to have an abundance of life points, it's purpose is to punish duelists by making them defeat themselves. Every time my opponent makes a wrong choice, it ends up in one of three ways: 1) my life points increase; 2) my opponent loses important cards; 3) you end up hurting yourself further in trying to cover up foolish decision of past turns and make even more foolish mistakes in present and sometimes future turns.
"The fact of the matter is that this deck is used for the sole purpose of having my opponents defeat themselves. Like they say, 'In the end, you are your own worst enemy.' In life, a wrong choice just might be the difference between a happy ending and a creul demise. You still have at least two more years to learn this lesson, but for now... you can learn in the form of dueling. Lily, <4400> pump up and attack! Consider this as a healthy dose of reality, Kerin."
Injection Fairy Lily flew towards Kerin and stuck the oversized needle dead into her chest, injecting her with defeat in the form of a holographic blue liquid. Hiei turned away from the screen, "Risk Rating, B+ for the Nurse. Let's get a move on you two, we have business to attend to." he ordered.
"That was a very interesting duel," said Aqua, "but I'll give that little girl credit, she could duel with those Toon monsters...."
"It's sad in a way that she lost." said Petal. "But I guess the better strategist won."
"No, young Petal. The better strategist lost that time." said Hiei. "This just goes to show you that a careless strategy, even ones without flaw, can still end you up as a casualty in battle. Hopefully when your battles begin to look bad, you will act swiftly like I've told you."
"Of course, brother Hiei."
Poor Hiei, he seems down because the little girl lost, I wonder why? Aqua was lost in her thoughts.
Kerin, my daughter, you are quite resilient in battle. Hiei mused in his mind. With proper training and more experience, such mistakes will not even exist in your cards... I am proud of you either way... and I'm glad you're still among the living in this world.