Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Hamtaro Fan Fiction ❯ Return of the Duel Hams ❯ hidden power among duelists ( Chapter 34 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The Shadow Clan, though with one member already lost, still maintained their cause. They had three main objectives: Find the last Blue-Eyes White Dragon; disable Bijou and other members of the Duel Hams; and capture Boss' deck. None of these task had been accomplished, but what the Clan didn't realize was that two of their tasks were about to be tested and a fourth task will soon appear before them. Penelope ran into Pepper and the two sat down for some grub. "So, has you quest to get seals gone well, Pepper?" Penelope asked.
"It could be better." Pepper ansered. "I've been readjusting my deck along with play. I sure can't run game with the cards like I used to."
"Well, maybe it's your monsters... What's your strongest card?"
Pepper flipped through her cards. "Here she is, take a look."
Penelope saw Pepper's card. "Cyber Prima? What happened to the Amazon cards?"
"I have them, but I figured that I'd add these gals with them too."
"Your monsters aren't too strong, Pepper."
"Strength isn't everything, Cappy told us that in his duel by Roc Solid. Remember, it's not all about powerful cards, but powerful strategies."
"I guess." Penelope gives Pepper back her card.
"And there she is. I've heard much about you, little wench." Rufus then appeared before the girls. "So you are the much talked about Hero duelist, I must say that you are something else. But remember this, there is only one Hero duelist, me."
"You got some nerve, take this guy out." said Pepper.
"Nah, he's not worth it." said Penelope.
"So I'm not worth losing to, then run away scared."
"You heard him, let's go." and off Pepper and Penelope ran.
"Hey, get back here." and Rufus went off to persue them.
"Voltanis, attack him directly!" Petal was also in her dueling competition... which had now come to a close. "You lose, chump, now fork over my seals."
"Yeah, yeah." said the defeated duelist as he tossed his seals to Petal. "For a little girl, you sure take this stuff too seriously. Lighten up."
"Be lucky you whiner, I was only going easy on you. If I was really dueling, you wouldn't have damaged me so much." Petal told him as she took her bounty.
"You aren't worth arguing with, see ya. Just remember that not every duel is worth winning." and off he went.
"Tch, obviously not. That loser was a waste of time and I was only messing around with him."
"Chill out, Petal. You're being way too headstrong about this." said Aqua. "Don't stress yourself out so early."
Petal placed her seals in tote and shuffled her deck. "I should've sealed his soul away, I really should've, but he wasn't worth wasting my amulet on." she told Aqua.
"You've been hanging around Hiei too long, his merciless style is rubbing off on you and it shouldn't be."
"So you say, but at least she has some of my better judgements rubbed off on her as well." Hiei rejoined the girls. "So you've defeated another rag duelist, young Petal?"
"He was lucky I toyed with him, the loser." Petal answered. "How was your duel?"
"Amusing, amusing indeed. Now I have my fill of seals, and a few extra for you."
Hiei gave Petal the extra seals. "Well with these extras added to my own, I now have ten seals."
"That makes three of us."
"So what do we do now?" questioned Aqua.
"Since our objective is complete, we can resume our other tasks." Hiei answered.
"Enough soldier work already, brother Hiei. I'm hungry." whined Petal.
"She makes a point, since we haven't had anything to eat in quite some time." Aqua agreed.
"We have more important things to do." said Hiei.
"But I'm hungry...." Petal trailed off.
"You're losing it." said Aqua. "None of us have eaten and you wanna soldier on... Well go on ahead without us, we girls need our stamina. Come on Petal, let's grab some food."
"Yeah, food."
Petal went with Aqua and the two girls began to seperate from Hiei. "Even soldiers need to eat, Hiei. Don't push yourself so hard." Aqua said and took Petal away to eat.
"Women.... Some things are more important than a meal...." and off Hiei went.
Hiei and Petal weren't the only ones finishing up a duel, Seamore had also wrapped up a duel as well. "Ah man, I have nine seals. I misjudged it again." the water duelist thought he would be in the finals after his duel, but he seems to be one short. "Well, I guess I just have to do one more duel then." and off he went. I hope everyone else is doing okay.
Hermana sat at a table in the food court. She was disappointed because of her loss. "Man, I got robbed." she sulked into her drink.
"Hey Hermana, why so down?" Maxwell joined Hermana at her table.
"I got robbed. I was ready to win a duel against some guy and just when I activate the card needed to win, he counters it with Solemn Judgement." Hermana answered. "He had 50 life points when he should've had none left. And after that, he turned around and stole the victory."
"Yeah, that sucks."
"Now I'm out of the tournament because of that loss."
"Welcome onto the Beat Boat."
"You lost too? Well, I haven't really seen you duel much anyway."
"You're right, I don't duel much. The only real reason for me deciding to duel is that everyone else was. So I made myself a deck using my research. I did very well in my opinion, but it looks like I'm going to have to duel more with the other hams."
"Well, here's to a better next tournament."
"Better next tournament."
The two clinged glassed and enjoyed their drinks.
On the shadow side of things, another member of the clan was enjoying his time. Jewel sat and kicked back watching the day go by. Man, I didn't even find Boss or get any phone numbers, this day was a complete waste outside of dueling. he thought. I guess I'm just too damn good to be reckoned with.
"Stop! Get back here you two!" yelled a familiar voice.
The peach colored hamster took to his feet. "That sounded like Rufus..." he said.
To Jewel's amazement, he saw Pepper and Penelope running away from Rufus. Hmm...
"Get back here and duel." Rufus shouted.
"But we're running away like you said we could!" cried Penelope.
"I didn't mean literally."
"Too bad." said Pepper.
The girls turned around the corner, thinking they would get away from Rufus, but instead the ran into Jewel. "Move it, we're being chased." Pepper called out to Jewel.
"No, you've been caught." said Jewel. "This is a roadblock, ladies."
Penelope and Pepper stopped. "You got some nerve." said Penelope.
"No, you just ran into a trap. Don't get mad, at least not mad at me anyway."
"Nice work, Jewel. Now they're surrounded with nowhere to run." said Rufus.
"No porb, Rufus." Jewel said back.
Jewel and Rufus closed in on Pepper and Penelope. "So much for trying to run away." said Penelope.
"Yeah, you said it." agreed Pepper.
"Since we're such nice guys, we'll throw you a couple of bones." said Jewel. "We'll let you pass, after you beat us in a duel."
"You two are nuts." said Pepper.
"I can't say the same for Rufus, but as for myself..." said Jewel, "I'm a little horny."
Rufus smacked Jewel upside the back of his head. "Grow up already, don't be a perv." he said.
"With lines like that, it's no wonder you suck at women." Rufus turned to the girls. "As for you two, I'm not letting you through until I've had my fun."
"You've got some sort of hit out on us or what?" asked Pepper.
"You can say that." Jewel answered.
"You can also say something else too." said Rufus.
"Time to duel." they both said as their duel disks activated.
And that's when it hit the girls. "Those duel disks...." Penelope trailed off.
"You're Shadow Clan members." said Pepper.
"Of course we are, what finally gave it away?" asked Jewel.
"Those duel disks." Penelope answered.
"Well I guess they found out about us, now let's have some fun." said Rufus.
"You should've mentioned that you were Clan members from the gate, then we wouldn't have run away from you clowns." said Pepper.
"I'll remember that next time." said Jewel.
"Pepper, let's drop these creeps tag style." Penelope said.
"You got it, Penelope." said Pepper.
"Tag Duel it is, ladies." said Jewel.
"You're gonna pay for what you did to my boyham's clubhouse." said Pepper. "Duel Start!"
"Hold on ladies, we didn't even go over the stakes yet." said Rufus.
"Oh yeah, I forgot." said Pepper.
Penelope looked over to Pepper. I have a few seals to spare if I lose, but what about Pepper? she thought. Well, I'll play it safe for her sake. "Okay you creeps, two seals each." Penelope said.
"Wait, I only have two seals." said Pepper.
"Well get ready to double 'em."
"Two seals it is." said Rufus.
"I'm game with two seals." said Jewel.
"Jewel, you can have the big one, leave the little girl to me."
"I take whatever I can get, you know that."
"Fine, but stick to the strategy."
"Penelope, this is the first Tag Duel I've been in, but I've seen how these work." said Pepper. "I want you to know that you have my trust and if need be, I got your back as well."
"Okay, Pepper. From what Pashmina has told me, Pepper uses Amazon monsters. In addition to that, she also has Cyber Prima, but all of those themes of cards aren't too strong and that worries me. But Pepper is a former champion, so it should be fine. I don't understand it at all, but I guess I'll have to cooperate with her. You can count on me, Pepper. I hope you can hold your own in this duel..."
"Well ladies, let's get it on." said Jewel. "Now if you would be so kind, decide which of you will start things off."
----------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
Tag Duel Gameplay:
The rules in a tag duel are as follows:
In a Tag Duel, a team of set duelists (2 on 2 in this case) share 8000 life points. Though the field is broken into four areas and each duelist to their area, the battlefield is still two sides.
Unless card effect say so, each duelist is allowed one turn to set up their part of the field without having fear of being attacked by the other players.
When all players have made their move, one turn passes. For example, if you play Swords of Revealing Light on your turn, the other three players' movements must finish before the swords can pass one turn.
If one member is left without a monster, his/her ally must let them get attacked (you can't save your ally with your own monster)!
Unless effects say otherwise, attacks can only be made to one of the two opposing members.
Allies are not allowed to chain off of each other's spell/trap cards, nor can they activate their allies' spell/trap cards. Spell Speed applies normally.
During the Battle Phase, unless monster effects state otherwise, one opposing monster/player can be attacked by only one of your monsters.
Certain spell/trap cards affect self/one opponent, both opponents, or all players on the field. Life increases/decreases affect the said side.
Unless the effects of Union, Shift, Fusion, or Creature Swap apply, allies can ony tend to their own monsters.
Said duel ends when one team loses all of their life points. Effects of Exodia the Forbidden One, Destiny Board and Last Turn still apply.
If said duel ends in a DRAW, said duel continues normally. Remaining monsters and active spell/trap cards stay on the field (face down spell/trap cards are not considered "acitve") and all decks are reshuffled. First turn rule applies with all active spell/trap cards negated for the turn and both sides are given 1 life point.
----------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
Everyone drew their hands. "Start things off, Pepper. I insist." said Penelope.
"Okay, I will." said Pepper as she drew her card. "Well, I could've asked for a better hand than this, but I gue it'll have to do. I'll set two cards face down and Amazoness Fighter in attack mode." Pepper's monster takes to the field (1300/1300). "Your move, fellas."
"You go ahead, Rufus." said Jewel.
"All right, I will." said Rufus as he drew his card. "I'll summon Elemental Hero Sparkman in attack mode." Sparkman takes to the field (1600/1400). "I'll place these two cards face down also and that's all for now."
Penelope drew her her card. "Hero for hero then. I'll set one card face down and call out Destiny Hero- Diamond Dude." Penelope's monster takes to the field (1400/1600). "Now I'll use his ability to look at the top card of my deck." Penelope reads the card and continues her turn. "Since this card is a normal spell, it's sent to my graveyard and can be used next turn. That'll do for now."
Jewel takes his card. "I'll set this monster and three cards face down, my turn's over."
"Now that everyone's all set up, the real battle can begin, wouldn't you gals say?" asked Rufus.
"I would say that, but I don't trust your cards." Penelope answered.
"Wow, that really hurts. I won't hurt you little girl, not much anyway."
"Anyway..." Pepper cuts in as she takes her card. "I'll summon a second Amazoness Fighter to back up my first one. Now attack that face down monster."
Amazoness Fighter goes after Jewel's monster. Though the punch lands, the monster is revealed and not destroyed. (700/1700) "Haha, nice way to mess up." laughed Jewel. "My Stealth Bird has enough defense to withstand the foolish assault of your burly broads."
"Oh well, no fur off of my back."
"What do you mean by that?"
"It's like this you horny hamster; anytime battle with my Amazoness Fighters are involved, I don't take life damage. So pretty much, it was a free shot." Pepper laughed at Jewel <8000>. "Not bad for a couple of 'burly broads' huh? Show him your muscles, ladies." Pepper's monsters flex their muscels for Jewel.
Penelope simply looks at the masculine-feminine display. Maybe I don't have to worry about her after all... she thought.
That's going to be a problem. Rufus thought. Jewel can destroy them, but the girls won't take life damage. I better dispose of them before this broad powers them up.
"That's all for me and the girls, take it away, boys." Pepper announced her turn's end.
"Can they do the pectoral thing with their tits?" asked Jewel.
"I duno, I never asked them." Pepper answered.
Rufus takes his card. "I'll summon Elemental Hero Wildheart in attack mode (1500/1600). Now it's time for a bit of man muscle for a change. Wildheart, cut up one of those Amazons." Wildheart goes on the attack.
"Activate my Magical Arm Shield trap card." Pepper plays.
"Hmf, Wildheart is immune to traps."
"So, Stealth Bird isn't."
As the action takes place, Pepper explains the whole deal. "Magical Arm Shield extends and grabs hold of Jewel's Stealth Bird, then it come back just in time for Wildheart's sword to cut up the bird." Stealth Bird cries out in pain.
"Dammit Rufus, you cut up my bird!" yelled a pissed Jewel.
"It's not my fault." said Rufus.
"Yes it is!"
"No it's not!"
"Well, it is your fault for losing life points." said Pepper.
"Like I said, Rufus. This is your fault." said Jewel.
"Oh, shut up." said Rufus <7200>.
Wow, that was clever, Pepper... thought Penelope.
"How do you like that, Penelope?" asked Pepper.
"I like it a lot." Penelope answered.
Rufus was now irritated. "Let's try this again. Sparkman, shock on of those Amazons!"
Sparkman launches his lightning bolts towards the Amazoness, however, it only resulted in more painful cries from the Stealth Bird. "No, my poor bird... not again." Jewel was ready to cry.
"Not possible, I hit the bird again?!" Rufus was mad.
"Man, talk about foolish..." said Pepper. "Magical Arm Shield lasts for an entire Battle Phase, not just one attack."
"Great, more life points lost." <6300>
"I gotta get me one of those cards." said Penelope.
Stealth Bird is returned to Jewel. "Man Rufus, not only did you cut my bird, you also fried him. This is a duel, not Kentucky Fried Chickie Chickie." Jewel said in tears.
"An error in judgement, I didn't know the trap lasted that long." said Rufus.
"Well ladies, now show Rufus your muscles." said Pepper, then her monsters turned to Rufus and flexed for him.
"Someone's having too much fun." said Penelope.
"I'll get you and your Amazons, you damn wench." said Rufus.
"Aw, you don't mean that." said Pepper.
"Now that it's my turn..." Penelope said as she took her card. "I'l set a monster in defense mode, then I'll activate Dark City." The field is changed accordingly. "Now I'll activate the spell from last turn, Graceful Charity." Penelope resolves her card's effect and continues.one card face down and now Diamond Dude, attack Stealth Bird." Stealth Bird is destroyed again, further lowering the Shadow Clan member's life points <5600>. "After that, I'll use Diamond Dude's ability again.... well, this card isn't a normal spell so it goes to the bottom of the deck. My turn's over."
Jewel takes his card. My poor bird, forget this. I'm on my own from here, forget you and your cards, Rufus. he thought as he looks at his hand. "I'll play a monster in defense mode and end my turn."
Pepper takes her card. "I'll set this number face down and summon Amazoness Tiger to the field." A bengal tiger appeared right next to Pepper's Amazoness Fighter (1100/1500). "Now here's the deal, as long as this Tiger is on the field, it gains 400 extra attack points from my other Amazoness cards and protects them too (1900/1500). Now I'll send one of my Fighters to attack the monster you just set."
Pepper's monster deal a good fist towards the face down monster on Jewel's side of the field, which is then activated. "Ack, a Tornado Bird."
"That's right, you've triggered my Tornado Bird." said Jewel. "Now pick up the card you just set down and you can pick up the card on your left, little Penelope."
"Whatever, that still doesn't save you, now you can go paw to paw with my Tiger. Direct attack." the tiger runs toward Jewel.
"Reveal my Draining Shield trap card. Thanks for the life points, babe."
"You're lucky the card I had to stop that went to my hand." Pepper said with a grunt.
"That's a boat I'm in." admitted Penelope.
The Amazoness Tiger clawed the shield and the attack was absorbed <7500>. "And just like that, the guys are back in business." said Jewel.
Pepper continued her turn. "No matter, I'll just set the card I originally had down again and end my turn.
Rufus took his card. "Thanks for bringing us back to par, Jewel. I promise the error of last turn will not occur again." he said.
"Damn straight." said Jewel.
Rufus stated his turn. "First off, I'll switch Wildheart into defensive mode. Pepper said that the amazon's Tiger protects the women. The probably mean that I'll have to destroy it first in order to attack the girls. My monsters aren't strong enough for that yet, so I'll go after my target for the time being. Sparkman, destroy Diamond Dude now!" Sparkman launches his attack at the Destiny Hero.
"Not this time, I came prepared." said Penelope.
Activate your face down card, gimme something to destroy.
"I'll discard Destiny Hero- Blade Master from my hand, whick activates its ability to boost up all of my D-Heroes on the field by 800 ATK points." Penelope discards her monster and Diamond Dude gains enough power that the bolts fly off of his crystaline body.
"Okay, I didn't expect that."
"Diamond Dude, counterattack now." With the help of Blade Master, Destiny Hero- Diamond Dude (2200 ATK) fires a spear made from the precious gem that pierces straight through Sparkman's chest, destroying the Elemental Hero.
"Lose all the life I just got us back, why don't ya?" Jewel nagged.
"Stop complaining." said Rufus <6900>.
"You really need to utilize your Heroes better." said Penelope.
"Moving on, I'll summon Elemental Hero Avian in attack mode and end my turn (1000/1000)."
Penelope took her card. "There will be no Wild Wingman today, Rufus. Diamond Dude, destroy Elemental Hero Avian." Diamond Dude goes in for the attack.
Rufus laughs. "Activate my Mirror Force!"
Crap, not that....
Diamond Dude is intantly destroyed, but not only that, the diamonds petruding from his body destroy Pepper's Amazon monsters as well. Penelope felt bad. "I really didn't mean for that to happen, Pepper." she said as an apology.
"No worries, stuff like that couldn't be helped." said Pepper.
"But I left you wide open..."
"We still have our life points, so it's no big deal. Don't sweat it something that isn't your fault."
"I guess so. Pepper seems so confident though... I really messed up and she isn't even mad at me. I still feel bad for leaving her wide open."
Penelope is spirited, but is still a young duelist. said Pepper. She still has a lot to learn, so I shall be patient with her. Because I trust her and I know deep down that she'll come through for us in this duel.
"Well Jewel, to make up for harming your monster, I destroyed all of those annoying broads, so you now have a clear shot." said Rufus.
"At least you've made some amends..." said Jewel.
"My turn's over." Penelope said sadly.
Her will is broken, now's my chance to begin the assault. thought Jewel as he took his card. "Reveal Giant Trunade!" The giant storm activated and blew all set spells and traps into the hands of their owners.
"Man, that's a powerful twister!" yelled Rufus.
"Jam was right, this is too strong!" yelled Penelope.
"Panda made the feels like a hurricane! Beautiful!" yelled Pepper.
Only three monsters remained on the field; Elemental Heroes Wildheart and Avian that are controlled by Rufus and Penelope's face down monster. Jewel continued his turn. "Now let's have a little fun, shall we? I activate Polymerization.
"I've got a feeling about this." said Penelope.
"What do you plan on bringing to the field?" asked Pepper.
"A powerful bird of course." Jewel answered.
"In fusion? Winged Beasts don't have many powerful cards, only a certain few."
"And we know a lot of those kinds of monsters, we are friends of the Beastmaster." added Penelope.
"Bah, you know nothing about Winged Beast-types, nor does your Beastmaster." said Jewel. "Faith Bird, Skull Red Bird, combine your powers!" As the two birds were called from Jewel's hand, they flew into the sun and moments later, a red and orange bird with purple wings and a purple crown landed on the field (2300/1800). "Behold the Crimson Sunnbird."
"Does Cappy have that card?" asked Pepper.
"I don't know." Penelope.
"Of course you don't know, but now this duel will begin to heat up. I'll power up my fine-feathered fiend with Burning Spear, giving it a bit more fire power, with a cost of course (2700/1600). Now burn a whole in their life points!"
With the flaps of its wings, the Crimson Sunbird imploded with fire and burned Pepper and Penelope's life points <5300>. "Pepper, are you okay?" asked Penelope.
"I'm fine," Pepper answered, "but I don't take kindly to things that are this hot to handle."
"Well if that's the case, then... Oh wait, you can't give up." said Jewel. "Since this is a Tag Duel, your forfeit means she forfeits as well."
"Sorry, but you have to earn your victories against us. The only easy fights we give out are from bad hands." Pepper takes her card. With a full hand now, I should have some options.... Pepper looks as her cards. "Well, this is a definite need right here.... It's time for a bit more of a graceful approach, don't you think? I'll summon Cybe Gymnast."
With a bit of masculine grace, Pepper's new monster takes to the stage (800/1800). She continued her turn. "I must admit that bird of yours is quite colorful, but it's time for it to leave." Pepper takes a card from her hand and discards it, then her monster charges forward. "With the discarding of one card in my hand, my Cyber Gymnast can destroy one of your attacking monsters. While we're on the subject, I'll let her destroy the Crimson Sunbird of yours Jewel, then she'll attack you directly."
And that's just what happened. "Whatever, just as long as she doesn't start doing all of the macho flexing." said Jewel <6100>.
"You're talking about me hurting your monster, yet you can't keep one on the field for one turn. What kind of deck are you running?" asked Rufus.
"Shut up, I'd have monsters if you weren't so careless with my Stealth Bird." Jewel countered back.
"I'll set two cards face down and end my turn." Pepper finished up.
"My turn." Rufus said as he took his card. "This Pepper chick, she is pretty much a strange duelist. Despite the fact that her monsters aren't too strong, she makes up for it with some unique abilities: First, there's the Amazoness Fighters, who when involved in battle protect her from recieving damage; the Amazoness Tiger, which strenghthens and protects the other Amazons; and now this horribly weak Gymnast that can destroy monsters by giving up cards in her hand. If anything, she's quite resourceful... using weak monsters with strong effects, then adds strong trap and spell cards to the mix. Such a flawed strategy that can actually work against an unprepared duelist. This bit of cunning was seen earlier with the Beastmaster, who won a match without having to tribute any of his monsters...
"Odd strategy, but at least it does her some justice. Now, I shall play my Polymerization as well." Rufus finally announced his play. "Come forth, Elemental Hero Wild Wingman!" Rufus' new fusion hits the field (1900/2300). "Like your Gymnast, fair girl, I too can discard a card to destroy one, only mine is a spell. Miracle Fusion will do. Now Wild Wingman, destroy the card on the left." With a flap of his wings, the feathers of Wild Wingman destroy Pepper's face down card, which brought a smile to Rufus' face. "Sakuretsu Armor.... you really are a clever girl, despite the fact that you have weak monsters...."
"Quit yapping and attack her already." said Jewel. "You're taking too long!"
"Fine, you baby. Attack the Gymnast!" Wild Wingman launched his attack at Cyber Gymnast.
"Activate my Shift trap card. This will redirect your attack to Penelope's face down monster." said Pepper.
"Wait, you can do that?" asked Jewel.
"Unfortunately, yes." Rufus answered. Penelope's monster was attack instead. "Oh well, I just don't get to do damage this turn."
"No, you'll take it this turn." said Penelope.
The attack connects and Penelope's monster is revealed. Our Hero duelist contiued to explain. "As you can see, only the incredibly strong can take out Destiny Hero- Defender (100/2700). I hope this has taught you something about my way of dueling."
"I may not be able to keep monsters on the field, but I'm not careless with our life points like you are." said Jewel.
"Bah, you would've done the same thing." said Rufus <5300>.
"Look at that defense, I'm glad I didn't go after that. That would've pissed me off."
2700 defense without tribute, I'll be adding that guy to my deck. thought Pepper. And I though Hamtaro's BSG was doing things, Defender owns....
"Pepper, try not to pull that trick off often, it might not work for us, next time." Penelope advised.
"2700 points on guard... I'll set one card face down and end my turn." said Rufus. "I'll say this for you, little girl, you are living up to your reputation."
"I have a reputation, since when?" asked Penelope.
"Actually, for quite some time as from what I've seen. Unlike most of you hamsters who have only been studied once at a meeting, my observation over you has been constant. While running my company, I heard about some up and coming duelist using Hero-type monsters. I was also around during the preview of not just Power of the Duelist, but also for Cyberdark Impact and one thing kept coming up as the talk ot the event: Some little girl duelist using Heroes to fight.
"I didn't think on it much, but then I found out some astonishing news about you. Pegasus himself has been watching over you battle style, intrigued by him, you were."
"I'm being monitored by Pegasus...."
"Even here in this tournament, duelists that you've encountered have talked about this 'Hero Duelist', wondering where she came from. Rumors began to fly around: A Hero prodigy in the dueling world; Hero Girl duelist takes matches by storm; could she be a Duel School underdog? Now I find that you are a member of Kingdom's most dominant division, Forbidden Brown.... Kingdom's outcast corm of duelists who took out Obelisk Blue, Slifer Red and Ra Yellow under the watchful lead of Exodia. Oh yes, you've been had quite some reputation, one that has intrigued me to find and duel you, so that I may see to these rumors for myself. But enough monologue, it's your turn. And since you have six cards in your hand, you are not allowed to draw."
Wait, he said that the other Shadow Clan members were studying us. Penelope thought. And that's when it hit her... It all makes sense now: These guys have studied us, not just our styles of dueling, but also how we duel... and the decks we use. That was the purpose of the raid on the Duel House, to take our best cards so we would be easy prey. Snoozer fell victim to these guys because our styles of dueling, strategies, and even the monsters we used were all studied by these creeps. Some of us have really unique and valuable cards: Like Bijou's Guardian Angel Joan; and Cappy's Sengenjin; Pashmina's Seiyaryu; Dexter's Serpent Night Dragon; Maxwell's Exodia cards; and many other rare and powerful card from everyone else.... including the stuff like Boss' and Jam's decks hold.
"Penny, you okay, sugar?" asked Pepper.
"Okay, you creeps are going down!" Penelope yelled. "Pepper, no more mercy on these jokers, they want our cards and they can't have them. That's the reason why they raided the Clubhouse from the beginning, to think we'll be at a loss of cards, but that was a waste. Our decks are different now, than they were before. Okay Rufus, you wanna see what I have in store, then you'll won't be waiting any longer. I'll start by playing my Fake Hero spell card."
"Fake Hero, what does that do?" asked Jewel.
"It allows me to special summon an Elemental Hero from my hand. And though it can't attack this turn, it'll still prove it's purpose. I summon Elemental Hero Bubbleman to the field in attack mode." Bubbleman take to the field (800/1200). "Next, I'll place D-Hero Defender on the attack as well."
"Well, someone's going after the weaker duelist." said Rufus.
"Defender, attack Jewel directly!"
Defender runs up and punchew Jewel in the face. "I'm not afraid of losing a mere hundered life, little girl." said Jewel <5200>.
Rufus simply laughed. "So Bubbleman couldn't attack, but you took such a powerful defensive monster into attack mode for that, what a waste of a good monster." he stated. "Defender is better off defending, what a foolish move."
"You wanna be a good Hero duelist like me, Rufus? Then listen and learn. You've had three E-Heroes on the field and only by themselves, but you call yourself a Hero duelist? Here's lesson one you, poser: When using Heroes, have the cards that go with them. Now I'll activate my Bubble Shuffle Spell card." A swarm of bubbles engulf the field. "Lesson two: Make big plays with multiple Heroes. Bubble Shuffle places my Bubbleman into defense position, but it also places an opposing attacking monster in defense as well, like your Wild Wingman." Bubble Shuffle's effect resolves. "Now here's the beauty, Bubbleman is now tributed and I can bring another Elemental Hero from my hand, which there is only one of now anyway. So say hello to Elemental Hero Bladedge (2600/1800). What's lovely about this is, it's still the Battle Phase and Bladedge has the ability of Fairy Meteor Crush, now attack his Wild Wingman!"
Bladedge goes in for the kill. "Nice lessons, now lemme show you what you missed. My trap card called Ring of Destruction." said Rufus. Rufus' trap is placed around Bladedge and it explodes just before the attack connected. "Here's a lesson for you, little Hero: Foolish attacks costs Heroes their lives. And although both teams are damaged, we have a monster that can do more damage. That's twice you carelessly rushed into battle, not a wise bit of judgement for a Hero." <2600> <2700>.
"Man.... Once again, my attack went against me. And Pepper felt that one too. I guess I should practice what I preach, huh Pepper?" asked Penelope.
"You should learn to look at what your opponent has on the field before you attack." Pepper answered. "Rufus is right, Penelope."
"How did I know you were going to say that?" Penelope held her head down in shame.
"The first time was an erroe in good judgement, this time however, you were just too cocky. Unless you're prepared to deal with an opponent's set field, attacks are best left undone. You're young, so your being reckless is expected, but remember that a reckless duelist won't always survive a duel. You must learn not only to attack, but also to excersice patience in battle. If this were reality, Bladedge wouldn't be around to join his bretheren. Being a good duelist means that you can also give your monsters, as well as yourself, a little bit of insurance on things."
"You're right, Pepper. I still have a lot to learn... so I'll throw this face down and end my turn."
Jewel takes his card. "Jewel, if the card you drew is right, destroy the Gymnast. Leave the Hero to me." said Rufus.
Jewel looks at his card. "Why, Defender is weaker?" he questioned.
"Because I can get rid of the defenses of Defender and we'll finish them on my turn. I may have mistrreated your monsters, but trust my plan for once."
"No way, you glory hog, I'm not passing up this chance." Jewel turned to the girls. "I'll activate Re-Fusion." <1800>
"Wait, Re-fusion?" asked Pepper.
"It's a Premie for fusion monsters." Penelope cleared up.
"That's right ladies, now welcome back my Crimson Sunbird." said Jewel. "Now attack and Destroy Defender! I hope you can take the heat."
Jewel's monster launched his attack. "You imbecile...." Rufus shouted.
"Reveal my Destiny Shield trap card. This trap card changes my D-Hero into defense mode and equips itself to him as well." said Penelope. "Your attack is blocked!"
"Great, that's just great." said Jewel <1400>.
"And with this new shield, my D-Hero can't be destroyed in battle."
"Congratulations, the one chance we had to destroy Defender is now gone, because you wouldn't listen." Rufus was now mad.
"Minor setback, Rufus. Minor setback." said Jewel.
Pepper drew her card. "No, major setback." she said. "Now I'll discard one card from my hand. Cyber Gymnast, destroy that Sunbird and send it back to the grave!"
Cyber Gymnast charged the Crimson Sunbird, destroying both of Jewel's cards. Then it returns to Pepper's side of the field. "Now my last card will do the trick. I'll sacrifice my Gymnast and summon Cyber Prima to the field."
With colorful and feminine grace, Pepper's monster takes to the field (2300/1600). And so ends our duel. thought Rufus.
"Cyber Prima, attack Jewel's directly and take the rest of his life points." announced Pepper. And with one grafeful attack, the duel came to an end.
"You lose boys, now how about those seals..." said Penelope.
"Man, that was a real shitty ending." said Jewel.
Rufus slaps Jewel in the face. "One that wouldn't have happened if you would've simply listened to me before you attacked." he said. "Now hand over two of your seals."
"Ow, here." Jewel gave his seals to Rufus.
Rufus walked over to Pepper and Penelope. "These belong to you." he told them.
Penelope took the seals. "You're a good sport." she said.
"I must say, you live up to your reputation. But, if you continue to be careless about dueling like you were, that reputation of yours won't last long."
"Don't worry about that. From what I've heard, there's a new set coming out, so I wanna be prepared for it." said Penelope.
"Enough talking, let's go already." said Pepper as she took two of the seals.
"Of course." The two girls walked off. Then, Penelope turned back to Rufus. "Even though we both know that things would've been different if this were a one on one deal, we'll use the purpose of a Tag Duel as excuse for this one."
"Agreed. When next we duel, I expect to see an improved Hero Duelist out of you... one that's less reckless to boot." said Rufus.
"Of course." Penelope nods and rejoins Pepper during their stroll.
"Man, it's good to have new life in ths tournament." said Pepper.
"That is always a good feeling." said Penelope. She then added up her seals. "Well, this is odd."
"How so?"
"I'm counting my progress and I have...." a second check of seals, "eleven seals."
"You're kidding. Lemme see." Pepper counted Penelope's seals. "Well buckin' broncos, you do have eleven seals."
Penelope took her seals back and placed them in her holder. "Pepper, take this one."
"I couldn't."
"I have one seal too many, and since you were the one to deal the winning blow, you can have it. It's also my way of saying thank for the lesson that you taught me."
"Fine." Pepper took the extra seal of Penelope's. "But not because of my gratitude. Now get one of those Defender fellas and we'll call it even."
"Come on, sugar. I know you have an extra one of those, let me get it."
Meanwhile, Rufus tured to Jewel. "The card I had in my hand was Confiscation." he started to explain. "If you would've simply attacked Cyber Gymnast like I said, Pepper would've lost 1500 life points, bringing their total to 1200. She would've drawn, probably had nothing to play, or set a card face down and then I would've moved."
"SO?" said Jewel.
"With one draw, I would've discarded my Confiscation spell, destroying the Shield of the little girl, then attacked with Wild Wingman, dealing 1800 damage to their remaining 1200 life and we would've won the duel. But because of your idocy, you lost the duel."
"Chill out, Rufus. That was just a lucky draw, period point blank."
"That excuse may work for Hiei, but it doesn't work on me." In one quick slieght of paw, Rufus sealed away Jewel just as Aqua sealed away her unworthy duelist. Jewel's spiritless frame fell to the ground and Rufus caught his coin-like amulet and tucked it away. "Hiei was right, you don't listen to anything. Now your pitiful excuse for a dueling sould will face atonement... indefinitely if need be." Rufus searched through the seals Jewel had and took them. What a waste, you'll never beat Boss with a deck like this. At least your seals compensate for the ones I lost... somewhat. I grow weary of this nonesense, so I will leave you to Hiei and resume my own agendas. Rufus collected Jewel's frame and off he went in search of Hiei.
Jingle was preforming at the fun park in a gig with everyone's favorite Mini Hams pop group. Because of this, there was a nice bit of entertainment, but Jingle couldn't compete in the tournament. And thanks to a little help from Jam, the sexette managed to pull out one amazing show. "Jam, you really live up to your name." said Jingle.
"I get that a lot." said Jam.
"You're a real lifesaver, you know that? I don't know how to repay you." said Merika.
"You girls can all autograph my pic of you." Jam answered.
"You're dueling in this tournament, right? Well, I want you to have my seal as thanks." said Jingle.
"Really? I don't know what to say." said Jam.
"Since I'm entertaining, I won't be able to participate in the duel, so I want you to have it. I'm sure you'll make better use of it then I will."
"Okay Jingle, I'll take it." Jam took the seal. "I now have five of them, halfway there. But I was involved in many duels which included fun and for seals. So I'll make sure to use it."
"No, you're going to lose it."
Hilde soon apperaed on stage, which was trashed since she ran through here. The Mini Hams got behind Jingle. "Who is this groupie?" asked Nonno.
"Relax, we've met before." Jam assured the performers.
Hild even took a mic. "We've seen how well you can perfom in a band, but I'm not impressed by music at all." said Hilde.
"Here, take this." said Aibon and placed her mic on Jam.
"So, what exactly do you want, beside the fact that you've been following me this whole time?" asked Jam.
"These hams came for a concert, and those like me who weren't impressed with the music can have something better to cheer for: A duel." Hilde answered. "Let's see if you can duel in front of a crowd like you can play in a duel, Dragon Lord."
"Wow, you're the Dragon Lord duelist I've heard so much about?" asked Nonno. "You're really good. maybe you can rate my dragon deck when you're done with her..."
"Hey!" someone shouted from the crowd. "I heard that you were the authority on Dragon-type monsters, is that true?!"
"Wow... I wish." Jam answered. "I mean, I know a lot about them, but the authority of Dragon monsters? Wow.... that's a tall tale there."
"Enough of your tales. Duel me, Dragon Lord... or are you afraid to lose your ever-so-cherished Horus?" questioned Hilde.
"You really are persistent, you know that?" Jam stated.
"Go ahead, run away from me. Cowar in fear of my dragons infront of all of these people. Some Dragon Lord you are, you're just scared. Don't telle me you have stage fright now..."
Jam shook his head. You'd think this girl would've learned from last time.... he thought.
"What's your deal, sister?" asked Nonno. "Show a little respect to the Dragon Lord, dueling someone of his prestige is only for the worthy."
"Worthy? Is this what you call worthy, letting your followers speak for you? You shouldn't be considered the Dragon Lord, you're a disgrace to all Dragon users around the world!" Hilde stated.
"You good for nothing..."
"Enough." Jam cuts Nonno off. "Hilde is it? Well listen here; For someone, who says I'm a disgrace to dragon-users, you aren't one to talk. Or did you forget that lesson from last time?"
"You won by Exodia, that's not dueling. You're just a waste!" Hilde responded.
Before Jam could respond, he hear a cry coming from his deck. The cries continued for a few brief moments. "....I see." Jam said.
"You see people, he admitted that he was a fraud." said Hilde.
"I wasn't talking to you, young lady." Jam stated. He then removed his deck from the clip of his duel disk and began looking through his cards. "I was in conference with my dragons, a skill that I have developed over time, trust and most importantly, respect. Unlike you, I have a better understanding of the dragons that I use, as we protect each other."
"Blasphemy." said Hilde.
"To you it is so, but I am not like you." Jam took a card from his deck, placing it face down on his duel disk and continued searching. "You claim to be a master of dragons, you probably are..." Jam places another card face down on his duel disk and continues searching through his deck. "However, master as you are, or say you are, I am nothing like you, nor like any other duelist of the dragons."
"You fraud, do not lecture me on how to weild Dragons, I will crush you with the dragons that I weild, then I will take the Black Flame Dragon from you. Once that has happened, I will be the real Lord of Dragons. One that isn't afraid to face every dragon duelist that dares challenge me."
Jam takes a third cazrd from his deck and places it face down from on his duel disk, then places his deck back into the clip. "You aren't going to be happy until you get your way... but a girl like you must learn about one's way." Jam opened up the area on his duel Disk where his side deck was held and added three cards to his main deck. "You are merely talk, just like you always have been. And until you learn your mistake, you won't grow to become a stronger duelist." The side deck slot was closed and the fusion deck slot was opened, checked, and two cards added to it. Then it was closed.
"Jam, are you okay?" asked Jingle.
"She didn't get to you, did she?" asked Nonno.
"No, she got to one thing and one thing only... she got the fact that she still has to grow up." Jam answered as he shuffled his deck.
"Grow? I need not any growing." Hilde responded.
"You are a naive little hatchling who still needs her thousand years to grow. But the problem is that you simply just don't know when to close your mouth. I blame myself for that, because I didn't teach you about dragonic powers that lie withing duelists of dragons. So I shall teach you what you should've learned." Jam takes the three cards from on his duel disk into his left paw. "4, 6, 8, this is Horus the Black Flame Dragon. Horus has spoken to me and shall now judge thee. Horus is the dragon that I myself confide in, and of the many duelists who have tried taking him from me, all of them have failed! And you too, shall fail, for the unworthy will never weild my dragons. And remember one thing... there are many dragon masters in the world, but there is only one Lord of Dragons. So for this lesson of yours, I will not use Horus against you, for I do not need him against you." Jam placed the cards of Horus the Black Flame Dragon in the field zone area of his duel disk. In doing so, a circle surrounded him and Hilde, creating the same markings on its outer ring as the ones behind the dragon, then Horus' face had appeared in the middle on the floor of the field. "Shuffle your deck and prepare for your lesson. This time, you will learn what it means to weild dragons. And to those of you who watch this duel and weild dragons, learn from this duel. My purpose is to teach...."
"Well 'sempai', three seals will be tuition for this duel." said Hilde.
"Agreed." said Jam.
"It is time, Dragon Lord. Time for you to be dethroned!"
"Still opening your mouth are you, well you can go first."
"Fine, prepare to lose." Hilde drew six cards and checked her hand. A powerful line-up for me, this duel is mine. I must remember not to take his soul, only his dragon. After I take Horus, Hiei can have his soul. I have no use for it afterward. Hilde looks over to see that Jam didn't draw his hand yet. "What are you waiting for, draw your hand." she ordered.
"I will draw on my turn." Jam responded.
"You will draw now, or forfeit!"
"So be it." Jam draws his hand, but places his hand at his left side, not even looking at the cards.
"What trickery is this? Must be a head game... well it won't work. I'll set two cards face down and summon the Mirage Dragon in attack mode. My turn is over."
"I'll summon Cave Dragon in attack mode." Jam says then draws his card and plays it. True to the game, it's the Cave Dragon (2000/100). When it hit the field, the crowd and Hilde were stunned. "I'll set two cards face down, then play Poison of the Old Man. I'll give myself life points and end my turn." <9200>.
"How did you do that?" asked Hilde.
"I didn't do anything." Jam answered. "My dragons call out to me and I hear them."
"That's impossible."
"Then you tell me how I was able to know which card was on the top of the deck?"
"Scented cards, I don't believe in psychics."
"Scent doesn't carry on sleeved cards. At least not on my sleeves anyway. Make your move."
"Jingle, has Jam done that before?" asked Nonno.
"Yes he has," Jingle answered, "and it's not cheating. Jam has the ability to sense his dragons. He usually does this by touch of the cards, but this time is beyond me."
"Maybe his dragons do cry out to him..." Merika wondered.
Hilde drew her card. "I'll play Dragon's Gunfire, say good-bye to your Cave Dragon."
"Reveal Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell."
"Heke? What is that?"
"A very powerful counter trap card. First, I'll give the spell card in my hand, The Shallow Grave, now my trap activates." A magic circle appears and magenta colored mist flows from it, destroying Hilde's spell. "And that takes care of that."
"So you've destroyed it, no big-" Hilde was then cut off by her duel disk reacting to Jam's trap card, lowering her arm. "My deck... what is happening to my deck, why does it feel so heavy so suddenly?"
"Of course, you have multiple cards. Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell is a suped up version of Magic Jammer."
"So you negated and destroyed my spell card..."
"No, not your spell card, that spell in general. And since your deck is reacting like that, it means that you have at least two of them. This trap card costs a spell to activate, but unlike Jammer, which works only for one spell, Seal prevents you from using that spell and any additional spells under that same name for the rest of the duel!" The crowd winced at that explanation.
"So I can't activate that card."
"No, you can't activate that spell. You won't be able to Use Dragon's Gunfire for the rest of the duel."
"Moving on... I sacrifice my Mirage Dragon and summon Kaiser Glider." Hilde's new dragon appeared on the field (2400/2200). "Destroy the Cave Dragon." Kaiser Glider destroys Cave Dragon and damages Jam's life points <8800>. "I end my turn."
Jam took his card. "My turn's over. For now, I will let you lead...."
Hilde took her card. "And this just keeps getting better for me. Come forth, Luster Dragon (1900/1600). Now my dragons, attack his life points directly!" Hilde's dragons launch their attacks.
"This is bad, those dragons will take over half of Jam's life points." said Merika.
"Stop the attack!" yelled Nonno.
"I can't." said Jam.
The attacks hit Jam sending him to a knee <4500>. "You truly are weak. You've only made one good move and now you have nothing." said Hilde. "Horus will be mine easy in this duel."
"Are you done yet?" asked Jam.
"Yes, and on my next turn, you will be too."
Well my friends, she is quite spirited, isn't she? Jam took his card. "Good. I'll play Graceful Charity, we all know how it works." Jam drew his cards, but the second one upon touch, cried out to him. This will work. He drew his third card. I'll set all the cards in my hand, one of which is a monster, face down and end my turn."
People in the crowd began to voice their concern.... "Something is wrong, I expected the Dragon Lord to be better than this..." one hamster said.
"Everyone gets a bad draw, don't give up, Dragon Lord!" shouts another hamster.
"You can still win!" another shouted.
"Shut your holes!" Hilde yelled at the crowd, then drew her card. "I know you're a fraud, because even your protogés could probably duel better than this, what an insult. You pull out one interesting trick and now you have nothing left, what a waste of time! It's time to end this duel, and take the prize that shall soon belong to me."
"You really are an arrogant little hatchling, aren't you?" asked Jam.
"You disappoint me, Dragon Lord. I expected a lot more out of you, but all you've done is one cheap trick. Perhaps things would've been better if Horus was in your deck... maybe then I would've had a better chance at things being challenging. I'll reveal my Stamping Destruction, destroy the middle card."
A giant dragon foot came down, stomping on the middle card and destroying it in the process. "Wise guess, I was going to use that against you next turn." <4000>
"This duel ends here. Red-Eyed Black Chick, hatch from your egg."
A red egg appears on the field, then it hatches revealing a baby dragon (800/500). "Baby Red-Eyes, how fitting that you would play the very dragon that you appear to me as." said Jam.
"Well, watch me grow into the powerful Red-Eyes Black Dragon!" The chick grows into its full form (2400/2000). "Now it's time for my victory. One that I must say I'm disgusted with, but it earns me my target dragon anyway, so it's not of any matter. Red-Eyes, attack with Inferno Fire Blast!" Red-Eyes launches its attack.
"I can't watch." said Nonno.
"Watch, this is where it gets interesting." said Jingle.
"I hope so, because the crowd is getting ugly..." said Merika.
"Relax, Jam won't lose." Jingle reassured them.
The attack connects, revealing two armor clad dragons. "What are those things?" asked Hilde.
"The cavalry." Jam answered. "The Troop Dragon have a lovely ability: When one batallion falls, another come in from my deck to defend." Jam searches his deck and special summons the monster in defense mode (700/800). He then shuffles his deck. "Care to try again?"
"I do, Kaiser Glider, attack!"
Good, that's just what I wanted you to do.
Jam's second Troop Dragon is destroyed. He then takes his third Troop Dragon and summons it to defend. He shuffles afterward. Once he places his deck back, he hears the cry of a familiar dragon. Jam soon smiles. "I don't understand why you're smiling for, but you won't be smiling for long. Luster Dragon, attack the last of his cavalry." Jam's last Troop Dragon is Destroyed.
Well now, I do believe I should start taking away that lead. Jam thought.
"You managed to save yourself, Dragon Lord. But it's still over for you. Everyone will see you lose, and you've done nothing about it. And whatever everyone thought of you as such a great authority on Dragon-types monsters, it will all be done with next turn."
Jam starts laughing. "Are you done, you naive little girl?"
"Why do you think I'm so naive, and yes I'm done with my turn?"
"Because you are. You've done nothing but help destroy monsters. And while you've been attacking me, you've been so obsessed with how I'm not doing anything. Yet, you don't have any idea that I've set myself up all of this time."
"What do you mean by that?"
"You never stopped to think, 'Why isn't he acting so worried when I've destroyed his monsters and worn down his life points?' All this time, I've been doing one thing."
"Yeah, losing."
"To the inexperienced eye, you have, and also some of the members of the audience of ours, have only seen my losing. However, there are those who have thought, 'You know, something isn't quite right with this picture.' and they are the ones who know what's going on."
"Quit talking and draw already!"
"You're right, I should draw. In fact, all I really need is one card." Jam drew his card. "Ah, an old reliable friend... so good to see you again. Lemme introduce you to my most valuable allies. Behold, the Blackland Fire Dragon!" Jam's dragon hit the field (1500/800).
Hilde laughed at Jam. "This is your almighty plan, what a waste!" she laughed some more. "That dragon won't help you, it's not powerful enough."
"You are a really lost hatchling, no matter. This is the very first dragon I ever recieved before, this one. This is the card that started it all for me, and just like it started the era of the Dragon Lord for me, it will start the beginning of your atonement."
"You still have that old ass card?" asked Jingle.
"Yes, yes I do Jingle. This card is old and worn out and it's been with my deck since the beginning of it, but I still treasure this dragon's friendship. And unlike how the card looks, this dragon is much older. Now it's time to show you why you are so naive... I reveal my Premature Burial." <3700>
"Hah, what a waste, the strongest monster you have buried is your Cave Dragon, what a waste of card." Hilde said and laughed.
"Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to revive my dragon. Are you ready?"
"Yeah!" the crowd cheered.
"You can't revive the Cave Dragon, you already have a dragon on the field." said Hilde.
"Jam's not reviving the Cave Dragon." said Jingle.
"He's not?" asked Nonno.
"Rise from the grave, Tyrant Dragon!" Jam yelled.
"Wait, that dragon?" asked Hilde.
Blackland Fire Dragon was sent to the grave, then Jam's Tyrant Dragon rose from the ground, spread its wings and gave its mighty roar (2900/2500). "Whoa...." said Nonno.
"I've only seen this play done once before. And it's always good to see." said Jingle.
Hilde's jaw dropped as she saw the dragon. "H-h-h-how did you get that?!" she cried.
"Good, you're learning." said Jam, then he began to explain. "When I played Graceful Charity, it granted me this card. Now that I'm done done letting you lead, it's time for your punishment. Giant Trunade, activate!" Giant trunade returned the set card to Hilde and Premature Burial to Jam. "Tyrant Dragon, destroy the Red-Eyes." Jam's dragon prepared its attack. "Feel the power of Tyrant Flame!" Jam's dragon destroyed Hilde's Red-Eyes, <7500> then Jam continued. "Since there are still targets left on the field, I get a second shot. Now Tyrant Dragon, destroy the Luster Dragon."
Hilde lost a second dragon and more life points. "That wasn't pleasant." she grunted <6500>.
"I'm done for this turn, now let's see you regain control of this duel." said Jam.
"Hilde is in trouble now." said Merika.
"This is what she gets for disrespecting the Dragon Lord." said Nonno.
"Get her once for me, Jam." said Jingle.
Hilde draws her card. I wasn't expecting that at all. she thought. I was warned about the variety of dragons that he uses, but not about the variety of ways he summons them. Hilde looks at the two cards in her hand. "It's about time you started doing something. I'll set this down and end my turn." she said.
Jam took his card. It's nice to see you're starting to understand the trouble you're in. Good for you. Hmm... Tyrant Dragon is immune to traps, so she probably set down a spell. Well, I guess I'll have to do more teaching. I'll set this face down and end my turn."
What did he play... Hilde took her card. "I'm well aware of how that dragon can destroy traps, so I will play my Hammer Shot and wipe out your dragon." A giant hammer falls down towards Jam's dragon, but instead of crushing the dragon, it hits a forcefield. "How in the..."
"Your Hammer Shot is blocked by my Spell Shield Type-8." Jam explained.
"Don't you have to discard your Premature Burial to activate that?"
"Not if the said spell targets a monster on the field."
"Oh. My turn's over then, make your move."
Jam took his card. "I'll set this monster face down and end my turn."
Hilde took her card. "What is he plotting... I'll set this monster in defense mode and end my turn."
Jam took his card. "She's waiting for me to attack Kaiser Glider, but I think I'll wait. I still have much to teach her.... I'll set this face down and end my turn."
Hilde drew her card. "I'll end my turn."
"I'll activate my Jar of Greed." Jam took his card, then drew his next card. "That's what I like. I'll activate my Swords of Concealing Light."
"No, not that."
Black swords fell from the sky, placing Hilde Kaiser Glider in set position. "Swords of Concealing light traps your monster so that they are face down on the field, and they will stay like that for two turns. And now I'll flip summon my good friend, Spear Dragon (1900/0). Spear Dragon, attack the monster on the left." Spear Dragon launches its attack.
"Activate Magic Cylinder." said Hilde. Spear Dragon's attack was caught ans redirected. "Right back at ya!"
Jam takes the damage in the chest. "Clever... for a naive hatchling." <1800>. "My turn's over."
"Wait, shouldn't the Spear Dragon be in defense position?"
"No. Since your trap negates the attack, the Spear's effect of position switching doesn't apply."
"I see."
"Jingle, why didn't Jam attack with the Tyrant Dragon?" asked Nonno.
"I don't know." Jingle answered.
"Interesting. Even with such a powerful monster, you're still losing. What a shame." said Hilde.
"I know..." said Jam, taunting his opponent.
Hilde drew her card. I'll sacrifice my face down monster and play Summoned Skull in attack mode (2500/1200). Now let's force his hand. Summoned Skull, destroy Spear Dragon with Lightning Strike!"
Summoned Skull fired bolts of lightning into the air and they crashed down on Jam's dragon. <1200> "I'll set one card face down and end my turn."
Jam drew his card. "Skull huh, not a bad card. Lend me your graveyard, would you?"
"You may see."
As Hilde removes the cards in her graveyard, Jam places his hand in the card holder clip of his duel disk. Hilde handed her graveyard to Jam, who lends his graveyard to Hilde. Three spells and a bunch of monsters... I wish she had my graveyard. thought Jam.
Wow... he has a lot of good cards buried here. Hilde thought.
after the looking, the graveyards were returned and Hilde returned to her side of the field. Jam placed his cards back into the graveyard, but paused. "Please to be returning my The Shallow Grave spell." he said.
"Clever." said Hilde and she tossed back the spell she took.
Jam took his hand again and looked at it. "I play Card of Sanctity #2. We'll each draw until we have six cards in our hands." Each of them draw full hands... Perfect, just what I needed.
"Before you go on, I better clear this up." Jingle started to explain. "There are two spells known as Card of Sanctity. The one Jam used is the second one, which allows bpoth players to draw until both of them have six cards. The first one and more common one used now, is the one where players draw only two cards."
"Good looking out, Jingle." said Jam. "Now this is the part of the duel where things get good. It's time for me to summon my favorite monster, the Lord of Dragons." Jam's favorite card stands next to his dragon (1200/1100). This is when Jam's stand now takes over. "Now, to play my Flute." the card spoke and Jam played accordingly. "Now I'll pull some artillery. First I'll summon the Luster Dragon (2400/1400) and the Element Dragon, who is now suped up (2000/1200). I'll set this card face down, now let's do some damage. Tyrant Dragon, lead the charge!" Tyrant Dragon destroys the Summoned Skull, destroying it.
"This isn't good." said Hilde <6100>. "His dragon can still attack again because my Kaiser Glider is on the field."
Jam continued his attacks. "Luster Dragon, destroy Hilde's face down Kaiser Glider with your Emerald Blaze!" Jam's Luster dragon takes out the Kaiser Glider.
"I'm still going to use its effect and return the Lord of Dragons to your hand." said Hilde.
"Fine." Jam returns his favorite card to his hand. "Element dragon, attack."
"You're lucky I can't stop any of this."
"Shut up and take it."
The Element Dragon's attack knocks Hilde off of her feet. "I'm glad that's over with." <4100>
"Now Tyrant Dragon, attack again!"
Oh crap, I forgot about his second shot. Hilde felt the Tyrant's flame dead in her chest. <1200>.
As Hilde got up slowly, the crowd went wild after this attack phase. "That's why Jam is the ham." said Jingle.
"Awesome duel!" said Merika.
"And to think that we were worried about him..." said Nonno.
"Man, this was well worth waiting for." said Aibon.
"Yes, yes it was." said Jingle.
"You don't look so good, but then again, one's atonement doesn't feel so good, does it?" asked Jam.
"You've proven your worth after all." said Hilde.
"What did you expect? I'm not your whipping boy, I'm your teacher. It's one thousand years too early for a hatchling like you to defeat an experienced dragon like me. This is your lesson that you must learn for trying to grow so quicky. A milinneum doesn't go by quickly you know, and you have only reached 125 years. My turn is over, but I want to see if you can control our duel again."
Hilde looked at her hand. "I can't draw, so I shall play Card Destruction." she announced. Both players drew new hands, and Hilde laughed at her draw. "Well, well, well, it's time for me to retake this duel. I activate the Dragon's Mirror spell card."
"That's the fifth spell card she's activated. So, what will be removed from play?" asked Jam.
"What do you mean removed from play?!" someone shouts from the audience.
"Dragon's Mirror allows me to fuse a Dragon-type monster, but the materials are removed from play instead of being graveyard bound. Speaking of which, I can and will be using FMMs from the graveyard."
"I don't like the sound of that." said Nonno.
"Me neither." agreed Jingle. "And who knows what she just put into her grave due to Card Destruction."
"Now is the time to finish you off." said Hilde. I'll use my Red-Eyes Black Dragon and Summoned Skull. Now rise from the grave, Black Skull Dragon!" Hilde's monster were removed from play and then up from the ground rose the Black Skull Dragon (3200/2500). "Destroy the Tyrant Dragon with Molten Fireball!" Hilde's dragon destroyed the Tyran dragon, damabing Jam's life points <1500>. The crowd got silen as this new monster did it's damage. "Jam's in big trouble." said Nonno.
"Jam doesn't have anything that's stronger than that in his deck, he's probably gonna lose." said Jingle.
"This is horrible, and after such a great comeback, now Jam has to face this..." said Merika.
"Well, that's a very strong dragon, you even took out the strongest dragon currently in my deck, aside from Horus that is... Well done." said Jam.
"Now I'll play Mystical Space Typhoon on your face down card." The effect of Space is resolved. "My turn ends."
Jam takes his card. Man, this looks bad. he thought. My monsters can't take getting hit by him. and there's nothing in my hand that can stop that card. Jam looked at his hand. "I'll set one card face down. Next, I'll switch my dragons into defense mode."
"No, there is no running scared now. Reveal my Final Attack Orders trap card."
All monsters on the field are placed into attack mode. "Okay, I'm in trouble... I didn't see that coming."
"Of course you didn't. You're a powerful duelist, one who despite having a rocky start, kicked it into gear and made this duel worthy. But in the end, I was just a better duelist." Hilde laughed madly. "Soon it will be over for you, then I will have your three seals and your Black Flame Dragon."
"I end my turn."
"Of course you do, you have nothing left." Hilde took her card. Since Tyran Dragon is gone, The Element Dragon is returned to it's original 1500 points. But if I know you, you're planning on saving that dragon should I attack it. Not that it matters, I will win anyway. "You're quiet, Dragon Lord. I guess you have realized, just as the crowd has, that you're going to lose. How does it feel to let all of you many followers down?"
"I didn't let anyone down, young hatchling. All of them are proud to see how well I have dueled and how well I have taught them."
"You will teach them what life will be like without your precious Horus the Black Flame Dragon after this duel ends. Black Skull, destroy the Luster Dragon."
Hilde's dragons takes out another target <700>. "You are a greedy young hatchling." Jam said.
"Now I will play Stamping Destruction and take out that face down card of yours."
Jam lost another card and more life points. "So much for my last resort." <200>
"My turn is over."
"You've done a fine job playing this duel, I'll give you that."
"Looks like my thousand years have come early. And now that this duel won't end until I kill that last dragon of yours, because you never surrender, all of your followers will know that I, the Shadow Dragon am the new and rightful LORD OF DRAGONS! Hah hahahahaha!"
Jam just stood there. Looks like I was proven wrong. he thought as he closed his eyes. I'm not mad at the fact that I lost, the better duelist won I suppose. But she doesn't really understand the power of dragons... I failed to teach her this lesson... No, she refused to learn, because of her greed. Suddenly, Jam heard the cry of a dragon, one he hadn't heard before. I hear you, but I don't know much about you... Jam touched the next card, and as he did so, he saw in his eyes what appeareed to be a glimmer, then a yellow eye. Of course. Jam removed his paw from his deck. "Yes, I hear you, and it is time. Hilde, you play your dragons only for greed. Greed in which will never be satisfied by my own resources. Because of this, you are blinded by the tru power of dragons and the bond that they have with their users." he began to explain.
"My dragons are my slaves, they are simple cards that do my bidding." said Hilde. "They don't have feelings, hearts, souls, like many idotic duelists claim that they have. They, the dragons I mean, have one purpose; to serve their ruler."
"You are a misguided hatchling."
"Enough, draw your card or forfeit. I will have a new slave once you're done."
"You want to know how I called the Cave Dragon as I drew it, I will tell you. It because of the respect that I show my dragons. I can bond with my dragon cards and feel them, to be united with them. When one bonds with his/her dragons, DSP is formed and many other dragonic powers."
"No matter, you have many rare dragons in your arsenal, and I will enslave your most cherished."
"Well I have someone that says otherwise. One, that you've probably heard of, but haven't yet seen. He requires a sacrifice, which my Element Dragon will be." The Element Dragon 's esper is lifted from the field. "Now behold the dragon that will finish you off...." Jam drew his card, which left a white trail behind it as it was pulled. "Ladies and gentlemen, I debut my new friend, the White Horns Dragon!"
As Jam played the card, a bright white light glimmered above him. "Man, that's really bright." said Jingle.
"Wow, illuminating..." trailed Aibon.
"I hope this is a strong enough card." said Merika.
As the light cleared, there was Jam's dragon. It was red and black-trimmed with yellow eyes, white talons and of course a white horn sticking out from above its eyes. The inside of its wings were black and was built like the Red-Eyes Black Dragon. "Whoa, look at that thing." said Merika.
"Ooh!" came from the crowd.
"Welcome to the Duel, White Horns." said Jam. (2200/1400)
"What an amazing dragon, you have very good taste." said Hilde. "But with only 2200 ATK points, it's still too weak to take on my Black Skull Dragon. What a waste of turn...., but at least you'll give me the honor of destroying a rare dragon. I will take this one off of your hands as well once I've won."
"You've lost this duel, you greedy hatchling." said Jam. "Now I will tell you about his special ability." Jam began to explain. "Upon his summoning, I can remove up to five spells in your graveyard from play, which I plan on doing now. White Horns, let's do this!" Jam's dragon roared and it rose Hilde's duel disk upward. "I... can't... control it...." she said as her arm was forcible being held up."
"First card to be removed.... Card Destruction." The named spell card is shot out from Hilde's Graveyard; "Dragon's Mirror." another card removed; "Mystical Space Typhoon." another card removed; "Dragon's Gunfire." removed as well; "and finally, Stamping Destruction!"
Hilde's arm was lowered as the effect subsided. "My arm..." she said. "No matter, you removed those five spells, so what?"
"Watch and learn." Jam continued to explain. "Now each of these spells, that have just been removed will now increse the power of my dragon, by 300 points."
"No way!"
"White Horns, absorb those spells and increase your ATK power." Hildes five spells were turned into light, which was absorbed by the White Horns Dragon (3700 ATK).
"O-kay, I was wrong about that." said Hilde.
"One more card to play... the Spell card Megamorph."
NO!!!! Hilde mentally panicked.
"And Jam's life points are lower than Hilde's, so that means..." said Aibon.
"Yup, double the attack power." said Nonno.
"White Horns, power up even further!" Jam yelled and his dragon roared with power (7400 ATK).
"Impossible, I can't lose...." said Hilde.
"Not to punish you for your greed. Seal of the Sun, activate!"
The dueling field began to glow the colors of the sun. "Wh-what's going on? Explain yourself." Hilde was in panic mode.
"Seal of the Sun, bind Hilde's soul to her Black Skull Dragon, and release all of her dragons. Free them from her rule!"
The magic of the field shattered. As it shattered, every dragon-type monster in Hilde's deck and graveyard scattered, and formed the dueling field. "Man, look at all of those cards." said Jingle.
"I don't get it, that much power from a spell like that?" asked Nonno.
"I don't want to know..." is all that Merika said.
All of the many dragons activated and surrounded the two duelists. The crowd was stunned at the sight of all the dragons in the area. "My dragons..." Hilde trailed.
"White Horns Dragon, ram your Pearl Horn right through the heart of the Black Skull Dragon! Attack now!" Jam yelled.
The White Horns Dragon drove it's horn into Hilde monster, destroying it. Hilde felt the blow in her heart and bowled over, her duel has ended. "The pain.... it hurts..."
"Know the pain of the dragons you consider as slaves." Jam told her. "Your greed is why your heart is filled with pain, and your selfishness is why you lost."
"I... lost.... but I..."
"Be slient." Jam removed the Blade of Ra and took it into his left paw. "You are lucky to be here, especially when you should be sealed away. However, these dragons, prevent such a cruel fate to befall upon thee. Cruel as you have been, they are the ones who protect you. That is their purpose, to protect their weilder, not to be their weilder's slave."
"Well said."
All of Hilde's cards vanished and from the field, Horus the Black Flame Dragon stood before Hilde. "Look upon my eyes, dear girl. I shall judge you myself." said the dragon.
Hilde looked up to Horus. "Wh-who are you?" she asked.
"I am the son of Osiris and Isis, the Price of the Hell's Judgement King and Fertility Queen; I am the ruler over that which warms the world; I am Horus, The Black Flame Dragon and God of the Sun. But to you... I am your judge, jury, and controller of your soul."